Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering (ECAE 2017)

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Improved ADRC of Airborne Electro-optical Stabilized Platform

Qixuan Zhu, Honggang Zhang, Junke Gao
This paper proposed a method for perameter setting of traditional nonlinear extended state observer using Back-Propagation neural network .This method simplified the complicated nonlinear extended state observer parameter setting process. This paper simulated the active disturbance-rejection control...
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Enhancement of Power System Performance with UPFC under Steady and Dynamic Conditions

Lei Han, Jianbo Yi, Lin Zuo, Binbin Dong
Accompanying with many flexible AC transmission system(FACTS) devices put into operation, the safety and reliability of power system operation have been suffering more serious influence and unprecedented challenge. Moreover, it's always difficult to comprehensively and accurately analyze the impacts...
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The Improved PASTd and ESPRIT in Power System Harmonic Estimation Application

Feng Liu, Ligong Sun, Zhihao Cheng
The paper analyzes the current power system harmonic estimation algorithms which have a considerable number of shortages. In order to improve detection precision and reduce the computational complexity, we can combine the ESPRIT algorithm with improved PASTd algorithm, consequently, achieve the rapid...
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Automatic Diagnosis Technology of Lightning Fault in Transmission Line

Chao Yang, Xin Su, Haiyan Yuan, Yangyang Liu, Wanjie Zhang, Xin Wang
Lightning fault is the main fault of transmission line. Accurate and effective diagnosis of lightning fault can effectively improve the reliability level of transmission line. At present, the determination of lightning strike fault and the location of the lightning strike are determined by manually inquiring...
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Fast Identification of Short Circuit Fault Based on Average Curvature of Current Waveform

Shaogui Ai, Xiuming Hu, Yongning Huang, Hui Ni, Zhiguo Hao
Using fault current limiter (FCL) is an effective way to solve the problem that short circuit current exceeds the standard. How to quickly identify short circuit faults is one of the keys. Thus, this paper presented a fast identification method for short circuit fault based on the average curvature of...
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PD Detection on Power Cable with Peak-Correlation Method

Lihui Zhang, Yanda Li, Mingjia Zhang, Hechen Liu, Yunpeng Liu
Oscillating voltage is an effective method for PD detection in XLPE cable. In this paper, it mainly described the principle of oscillating waveform test system (OWTS) for PD detection and proposed the peak-correlation method for the location of partial discharge points. Then, an oscillating waveform...
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Design of Multi-channel Wavelength Demultiplexer Based on Asymmetrically Coupled Nanodisk Resonators

Weici Liu, Faqiang Wang, Ruisheng Liang
A novel multi-channel wavelength demultiplexer (WDM) consisting of metal-insulator-metal waveguides and asymmetrically coupled nanodisk resonators is designed and simulated. The results show the WDM can export any single mode while undesirable modes are suppressed.
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Evaluation of Distributed Generation Access to Distribution Network Considering Reactive Power Optimization

Shaotang Xie, Ruiming Fang, Binbin Chen
The operation of distribution network will be greatly affected when distributed generation (DG) is accessed to the network. The degree of influence is closely related to the location and capacity of distributed generation. Therefore, it is of great significance to evaluate the consequence of installing...
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Systematically and Fast Processing Fault on Power Distribution Grids Based on a Simplified Model Part II: Advanced Approaches

Yusheng Zhang, Jian Xue, Zhihua Zhang
This is Part II of a two-part paper which presents a methodology for fault location and isolation and service restoration (FLISR) for power distribution grids. The Criterion 1 discussed in Part I is adapted to locate faults when distributed generations (DGs) exist. For DGs with larger capacity, faults...
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The System of High Current Full Fiber Detection

Chengjun Guo, Ning Pei, Jixiang Lu, Jin Wang
Current and voltage measurements play an important role in the power industry and provide necessary information for power systems to measure, control, and relay protection. At present in the national 110 KV, 110 KV, 330 KV, 750 KV power grid has been fully tested by optical current transformer, at the...
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Research on Rural Distribution Network Reactive Power Dynamic Monitoring and Auto-Compensation System

Xiujie Zheng, Jianbo Yi, Qian Wang
This paper proposes a novel reactive power dynamic monitoring and auto-compensation system for rural distribution network. The proposed system employs advanced reactive power measurement, Data Transfer Unit (DTU) and hybrid network communication. The technology based on Internet and General Packet Radio...
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Current Hysteresis Control of High Step-up Current-fed DC-DC Converter for Haptic Application

Zhen Wu, Shizhen Huang, Nan Li, Tao Zeng
The steady accuracy of output waveforms is a core index for judging the performance of DC-DC converter and it is mainly determined by the control scheme of DC-DC converter. This paper studied a PWM current hysteresis control scheme to improve the performance of the high step-up current-fed DC-DC converter...
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An Optimal Reactive Power Control Scheme for Rectifier Station of LCC-HVDC System during High Power Transmission

Hongsen Zou, Zijia Hui, Xiaojun Yu, Zhiyuan Liu, Zhiguo Hao
When rectifier station of LCC-HVDC has power fluctuations running at large load, AC filters controlled in groups at rectifier station are switched frequently. That problem potentially has impact on service life of corresponding circuit breaker and threatens the safe operation of the DC system. In this...
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Automatic Configuration Method of Smart Substation Process Layer Network

Qing Yang, Hui Ren, Guoqing Zhao, Haidong Zhang
This paper analyzes the problems in the process network configuration of smart substation. A method for automatic configuration of process layer network in smart substation based on SDN is proposed. First, establish a physical port model that defines the configuration information for the process layer...
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Bifurcation Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems with Multiple Time-Delays

Li Zeng
A unified frequency-domain approach to analyze Neimark-Sacker bifurcations and flip bifurcations of discrete-time systems with multiple time-delays in the linear feed-forward and the nonlinear term is presented. The technique relies on the harmonic balance approach (HBA) and feedback systems theory....
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Power System Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Multiple Proportions Smoothing Method

Ye Tang
Aiming at the problem of short-term load forecasting in power system, this paper propose a load prediction method based on multiple proportions smoothing method. We perform multiple linear regression analysis and partial correlation analysis on the load with respect to the weather, and found the meteorological...
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Improvement Research on Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) Can-Hammering Mechanism Control of Three-Piece Can

Zongtan Zhou, Xu Zhou
Three-piece can is also known as SPTE three-piece can. Due to the whole can being composed of can body, bottom and cap, it is called three-piece can. It is the common metal container used in food, beverage and other industries. Three-piece can making technology has been applied and developed for almost...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Distributed Power Quality Based on Improved Entropy Method

Binbin Chen, Ruiming Fang, Shaotang Xie
With distributed generation access to the grid, power quality problems become increasingly prominent. These problems can threaten the safe and stable operation of the power grid. This paper establishes a distributed power quality comprehensive evaluation system. The improved entropy method is used to...
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The Uniform Asymptotic Stability of MMC under Open Loop Operation

Chaoying Xia, Jiali Yu
With the wide application of modular multilevel converters (MMC) in high voltage and high power areas, many open loop methods are proposed for MMC. However, the stability of MMC open loop control system has not been solved so far. Aim at this problem, on the base of Lyapunov theory and persistently and...
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Researches on Flow Field's Dynamic Features of Vacuum Switching Arc Based on Optical Flow Field

Huajun Dong, Chunxiao Li, Yingjie Guo, Jie Li
As a kind of fluid, the motion of vacuum arc is complicated and various. Its structure and distribution have a significant effect on vacuum interrupters' comprehensive properties. A method to analyze of arc flow field's dynamic feature based on optical flow is proposed aiming at complicated flow field...
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Cloud-based Assisted Decision Making Scheme for Electric Power Dispatch System

Bingquan Zhu, Zhongming Xiang, Qifeng Xu, Yajie Tang, Cuiyang Wang, Jian Tang
Cloud computing is one of the key enablers for modern electric power dispatch systems, in which many assisted decision making applications are involved. This work focuses on one important decision making scenario, i.e., providing suggested actions for alarming signals from electric component in both...
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Research on SOC Estimation Algorithm for Lithium Battery Based on EKF Algorithm and Ampere-hour Integration Method

Bo Fan, Xinyu Luan, Rui Zhang, Tianlin Niu, Yijing Xie
Accurate estimation of state of charge (SOC) in power battery is the key point of electric vehicle management system. In this paper, the problem of accurate estimate of the SOC for lithium battery is considered. The composite model of the battery is established, and the parameters of the model are identified...
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Analysis of Three-phase Short Circuit Current by Three Elements Method

Ye Tang
In this paper, we use the knowledge of the three elements method to analyze the steady-state and transient conditions of three-phase short-circuit current. The method combine actual power system conditions with the circuit subject knowledge. Compared with the traditional solution of three-phase short...
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Establishment of an Online Design for Failure Diagnosis through Simulation of the Equivalent Model of LiMn2O4 Battery

Wenbing Yin, Xihao Tang, Xiao Ma, Danfeng Qiu, Gang Bu, Yongjun Xia, Bin Zhao, Zixia Lin, Yi Shi
In electric vehicles (EVs), the lithium-ion battery is used as the main energy storage because of its large capacity and high power density. The traditional battery management system (BMS) simply measures battery voltage and current. Most battery damage is caused by failure of the battery's sensor or...
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Algorithm of Differential-protection on Rectifier Valve Group of the Electrolytic Aluminum Rectification System

Xiaodong Zhao, Ya Zhang, Bei Tian, Xutao Li, Di Zhang, Zhiguo Hao
The rectifier group is an important equipment for the electrolytic aluminum rectification system. The valve short circuit and valve breakdown failure, which would cause serious accidents, often happened. The sensitivity of the existing arc protection action is affected by the fault position, and the...
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Cognitive Radio Spectrum Assignment Based on Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm

Wu Xie, Xiao Li, Chuanji Zhu, Liangjie Yang
According to the problem of the optimization of overall performance of idle spectrum assignment for cognitive radio, it proposed a spectrum assignment method for cognitive radio based on binary weed algorithm. Considering maximizing total network efficiency and fair effectiveness as a criterion, the...
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Robust Finite Time Control for Stabilization of Rigid Spacecraft

Yaohua Tang, Yuanli Cai, Jiwei Gao, Huaizhong Hu, Weimin Guo
This paper investigates finite-time attitude stabilization of a rigid spacecraft in presence of external disturbance and model uncertainties. Based on Modified Rodriguez parameters (MRPs), attitude kinematics and dynamics are converted into state-space-like form, and then robust finite-time controller...
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H_∞ Consensus Control of Multi-Agent Systems: a Static Output Feedback Controller with Time-Delay

Dun Ao, Guoan Yang
This paper addresses the H_∞ consensus problem for networks of multi-agent systems subject to external disturbances. In particular, a distributed static output feedback controller with time-varying delays is provided, which based on the relative out-puts of neighboring agents. By using Schur complement...
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A Novel Drive Scheme of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control

Jianxin Ren, Rui Zhang, Tian Zang, Xinghui Yang, Xiaodong Tang
In this paper, a digital-analog drive system based on adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control is developed to improve the performance of the Coriolis mass flowmeter (CMF). Analog control module is composed of self-oscillation circuit and automatic gain control (AGC), and digital module is designed based...
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H∞Control for Markovian Jump Delay Systems with Distributed Delay

Tao Wu, Lianglin Xiong, Jinlong Shu
This paper aims to design the H∞ controller for continuous Markovian jump systems with distributed delay. First, a new integral inequality is proposed. Next, based on the constructed Lyapunov functional, the new introduced inequality is used to investigate the delay-dependent stability condition for...
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The CVT's Speed Ratio Control Research When the Vehicle Bending at High Speed

Xinhua Yang
When the speed ratio of the vehicle equipped with CVT changes rapidly, the acceleration of the vehicle will change synchronously, that means to exert an extra force on the driving tires. Using this feature, the desired results can be obtained in certain specific conditions, such as vehicle cornering...
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Robust L1 Model Reduction for Linear Parameter-Varying Systems with Parameter-Varying Delays

Yan Liang
In this paper, we investigate the problem of robust L1 model reduction for linear parameter-varying (LPV) systems with parameter-varying delays. It is essential that the design of reduced-order system guarantees LPV error system to be asymptotically stable and satisfy peak-to-peak performance constraint...
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The Research of Train Energy-Efficient Operation Strategy Based on Multi-Objective Optimization

Yunzhen Luo, Mi An
In order to reducing the energy consumption of the train running between the stations, ensuring punctuality and the comfort of the passengers, this paper studies the train energy-efficient operation strategy. After taking account of the slope and the speed limit of the line, the model of multi-objective...
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An Unequal Clustering Algorithm with Load Balance for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yinliang Jia, Kangwu Liang, Chiyu Zhang
Good clustering algorithm can effectively reduce the energy consumption of a wireless sensor network (WSN). The random in clustering will reduce the performance of clustering algorithm. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes an unequal clustering algorithm with load balance (UCLB) for WSN. UCLB...
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Multi-Source Information Fusion Based on Neural Networks in Air Quality Forecasting

Xiaoqiang Zhao, Yubing Chen, Qiang Gao, Dan Deng
To forecast the air quality accurately, the model of air quality using multi-source information fusion technology based on neural network is proposed. The back propagation (BP) neural network models with time-series and no time-series training samples, the nonlinear auto-regressive (NARX) neural network...
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A Comparative Study of Time Series Prediction Based on Neural Network and the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process with Jumps

Yaohui Bai, Yan Tu, Huayang Li
The research of stock price prediction is very important. Traditionally, the stock price is usually processed as a time series. However, the modelling of such time series is extremely important and vital, and has been attracting the attention of both practitioners and researchers. In this paper, the...
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Estimation of Vehicle Sideslip Angle Based on Feedback Observer

Shaosong Li, Luping Guo, Shunhang Zheng, Guangjun Li, Xu Yan, Yusheng Yang, Zhixin Yu
Vehicle sideslip angle is a significant parameter for vehicle stability control. Based on the 2-DOF vehicle dynamic model, a feedback observer is built with the correction item. The estimation accuracy of the sideslip angle is improved by adjusting the feedback gain of the feedback term in the feedback...
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Sparse Direct Robot Localization Method Based on RGB-D Camera

Rongbo Hou, Wu Wei, Yeboah Yao, Ting Huang
In order to address the current challenges associated with feature-based RGB-D SLAM, this paper puts forward a novel sparse direct localization algorithm. Contributions of the paper are manifold. Firstly, the proposed algorithm achieves rapid feature-point detection as well as camera pose estimation...
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Control System Basic Design of Wall Climbing Robot for Hull Plate Spraying in Dock

Yuping Li, Zhengyao Yi, Yan Lin, Zhuoshang Ji, Xiaoning Jiang
According to the design index of hull plate spraying in dock, a wall climbing robot for hull plate spraying in dock (WCR-HPSD) is designed, the functional requirements of the robot is discussed, the robot control requirements and control properties are analyzed, and the robot control models are established,...
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Water Monitoring Robot with Double Layer Structure Design

Shuai Zhao, Boyun Liu, Yuanju Jian, Yi Yuan, Shangxuan Xiao
A surface patrol robot with separate upper and lower structure and equipped with a water meter and lifesaving equipment throwing device is proposed. The robot can patrol scheduled water area, monitor water quality in real-time, rescue drowning persons and perform other tasks. The robot is modular designed...
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Multi-Parameter Based Calibration of Long-Link Flexible Manipulators

Zhao Liu, Libin Song, Xing Li, Bozhao Pan, Junzhang Yu
Geometric parameters, reducer stiffness, and link flexibility have significant impacts on the absolute positioning accuracy of the terminals of long-link flexible manipulators. This paper introduces a multi-parameter based calibration method which can improve the absolute positioning accuracy. The experiment...
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Improvement of Deadbeat Control for PV Converter

Liyue Zhang, Fanzheng Zeng, Weiliang Zhang, Yun Su, Chunjie Zhou, Shunde Pan, Chenge Ye
In this paper, the deadbeat control of single-phase photovoltaic(PV) grid connected converter is studied, and the mathematical model of the control model is derived. The application of a large number of power electronic equipment will be reduced, considering the direct power supply of the DC load by...
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Complementary Filter Design Based Error Allocation for Attitude Estimation with Low-Cost Sensor

Longhe Yang, Jianxin Ren, Kaiyue Song, Xiaofei Ma, Xinghui Yang
This paper investigates complementary filter de- signed for attitude estimation for low-cost inertial measurement unit and magnetometer. An error allocation strategy which focuses on two weight parameter matrices regulated according to output modulus of accelerometer and magnetometer auto-matically,...
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Modification and Simulation of Noncircular Gear Reversing Mechanism of Pumping Unit

Rui Zhang, Linfang Lu, Fang Li, Tingting Wang
There is a very broad application prospects in incomplete noncircular gear reversing mechanism in the pumping unit, because of its advantage of automatic reversing and intermittent variable speed movement. Incomplete noncircular gears are usually based on empirical formula design, without considering...
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Experimental Investigating of Rotary Ultrasonic Grinding for Ceramic Edging

Zhiguo Li, Zhen Yao, Yongjun Zhang, Gang Guo, Caihong Chen, Hangjian Liu
In order to reduce the grinding force, cutting heat, grinding wheel abrasion and improve the qualities of the ceramic production, my paper describes the ceramic edge grinding machine spindle with ultrasonic vibration. The order of influencing factors (such as spindle speed, feed speed, grinding amount...
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Study on Influence of Cooling Mode on the Permeability of High Temperature Damaged Concrete

Qing Su, Kunfa Li
Two experiments of capillary suction and chloride penetration were carried out on the concrete specimens after exposure to natural cooling and spray water-cooling, and absorption coefficient and permeability coefficient were used to estimate the combining influence of cooling mode and temperature. The...
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Nonlinear Dynamics Model of Crowd Panic Propagation under Disaster Conditions

Rongyong Zhao, Daheng Dong, Qianshan Hu, Cuiling Li, Dong Wang
In disaster conditions, people often fall in panic. When the population panics raise to a certain extent, they can aggravate the confusion degree of crowd evacuation, leading to greater casualties further. Therefore, this paper proposes a non-linear dynamic model describing crowd panic propagation, to...
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Research on Hysteretic Behavior of Steel Reinforced Concrete Frame with Angle-Steel Concrete Columns

Xiaoqin Jiang, Dafu Cao, Kun Wang
This paper describes a theoretical research on the hysteretic behavior of steel reinforced concrete (SRC) frame structure with angle-steel concrete columns based on the Park tri-linear model. The theoretical results were compared with tests, and main parameters effecting on the mechanical performance...
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A Precision Spraying Mission Assignment and Path Planning Performed by Multi-Quadcopters

Baihui Du
This paper proposes a hierarchal approach to solving a spraying mission assignment and path planning problem by using multi-quadcopters in an upland area. A mathematical model of the mission assignment and path-planning problem has been established. An inner-and-outer loop structure is employed in the...
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Analysis on the Copy-move and Splicing Forgery of Fragile Watermarking Based on Local Binary Pattern

Peifei Song, Zhen Yue, Rundong Yang, Jie Shi, Zichen Li
In the process of transmission, the various factors can effect easily the multimedia information. The receiver can't distinguish whether the received multimedia data has been tampered. The fragile watermarking can authenticate the authenticity and integrality of the multimedia data. The paper analyzes...
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The Establishment of Young Women Jogging Pants Suit Dynamic Type Version Based on Three-dimensional Human Body Data

Xian Li, Minghai Cui
Through three-dimensional scanning technology, the dynamic human body data of young women jogging is obtained. This paper applies Auto CAD plug in, and aims at the wire-frame model of scanning action to carry out a experiment which transforms three dimensions into two dimensions. The sample plate obtained...
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Research on Crotch Structure of Fitted Man's Trousers Based on 3D Scanning Data of Human Body

Zhongqian Guo, Minghai Cui
It's very crucial for men to have a fit trousers since wearing it is an only option in their daily life. Fit trousers represent comfort and aesthetics. As an essential part of structure in trousers, crotch has deeply influence on the fitness of trousers. This paper focus on the crotch shape of male's...
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A Secure and Efficient Scheme with Batch-Verification for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

Fuyuan Tan, Fei Tang, Wenjun Luo, Zhong Hong
Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is a special kind of Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) which can improve the traffic control systems. Due to the limitation of wireless communications, efficiency and bandwidth are two important issues need to be considered for its design. In this work, we design a secure...
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An Access Algorithm Capable of Predicting Contention Window in LAA Networks

Kuochih Chu, TzuChi Huang, YuHong Deng
In recent years, various novel services appear in Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks to attract many users but cannot satisfy requirements of users with the available network bandwidth. However, most countries have no licensed spectrum available to LTE networks. To resolve this problem and compete Wi-Fi,...
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Detecting Applications with Malicious Behavior in Android Device Based on GA and SVM

Ning Liu, Min Yang, Shibin Zhang
In recent years, mobile technology and mobile-device have been rapidly developed. Since mobile devices collect and transmit large amounts of private information about users, malicious applications will pose a significant threat to the privacy and property security of the individual. Openness is a crucial...
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Performance Evaluation and Simulation of Embedded WEB Server Based on ARM Platform

Xian Zhang, Dong Yin, Yiwen Liu, Jia Liu
With the wide application of embedded devices and Internet of things equipment, embedded WEB server has become an indispensable part of its intelligent equipment. In order to select and build the embedded WEB server efficiently, this paper presents the performance simulation evaluation of three kinds...
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Research on Multi-level Inverter of Multi-terminal Switch Network and Extension Topology

Hongling Lei, Yunxiang Xie, Li Cheng, Yanshen Hu
Due to multilevel inverters can have more levels of output voltage at the output waveform, closer to sine waves, and with small output waveform THD, and low voltage stress, low system advantages of EMI, multilevel inverters are widely recognized, and get a certain application. Based on the analysis of...
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Wisdom Safety Monitoring System Based on Risk Map and Location Service

Xiaoyu Wang, Xiongjun Yuan, Jun Liu
To construct Wisdom Safety Supervision and Emergency System (WSSES), it is necessary to solve the three key issues include that the risk prediction based on the regional hazards, the safety information based on the location service, and the wisdom technologies for the emergency-assisted decision. In...
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Study on Spatial Distribution Pattern of Medical Facilities Based on POI Data-A Case Study of Panyu District, Guangzhou City

Fanglong Cheng, Guanwei Zhao
Medical facilities as an important part of urban public service facilities, its spatial distribution has a direct impact on the residents of the convenience of medical treatment and quality of life. Getting the POI data of Panyu District's medical facilities from Gaode map, combining with GIS spatial...
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Data Analysis System of Oblique Photography Based on OpenSceneGraph

Lei Shi, Xiaopan Zhang, Xiaoyan Ma, Kai Ye, Yaowu Liu
Oblique photography technology is a new earth observation technology which is developed in the international field of surveying and mapping in recent years, and it can reflect the features of the real situation of the surrounding. Besides, oblique photograph can greatly promote the application of remote...
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Research on Small File Processing Technology Based on HDFS

Rui Gu
With the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid growth of Internet users, the Internet data is also a sharp expansion. The emergence of cloud computing is a good solution to the large data computing and storage problems, massive data storage and analysis has become a very popular research field....
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A Novel Lightweight Middleware for Distributed Massive PMU Data Mining

Jianbo Yi, Binbin Dong, Qi Huang
PMU data is facing with the problems of processing and application caused by the massive, distributed, multi-source, high redundancy existing in data. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel lightweight middleware to process and mine distributed massive PMU data. There employs light sampling parallel...
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Dynamic Load Balancing Method Based on PBT Tree

Zhijie Lin, Chonghui Ren, Haifeng Huang, Xiaoyong Li
With the development of computer technology and GPU technology, hardware and software technology has been greatly developed, but a single PC machine still cannot meet the real-time computing requirements of high-complexity scenes. In this paper, we propose a dynamic load balancing strategy based on PBT...
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Pattern Design and Embroidery Based on the Intelligent System

Yingxia Lin, Yujie Wu, Lei Hao, Yi Wu, Huixin Chi, Yuanyuan Chen
Embroidery is a kind of world-wide art with a long history and a splendid culture. Crafts-making of the embroidery in China can be traced back to over 3,000 years to ancient times. However, modern techniques for creative embroidery is characterized by using embroidery machine instead of traditional crafts....
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Synonym Relationship Discovery for Knowledge Organization System Based on Paired Translation Information

Yunliang Zhang
Synonym relationship is one of the most important relationships for knowledge organization systems. In this paper, we propose a series of methods on synonym relationship discovery based on paired translation information already in knowledge organization systems. The translations amount and the translation...
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Research on Combined Air Collision Prevention Technology

Hao Nie
As number and frequency of flight is increasing, the safety of air traffic becomes important issue of concern. Currently what is used to ensure the safety of air traffic contains air traffic control (ATC), airborne collision avoidance system (TCAS) and automatic dependent surveillance technology (ADS-B),...
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Design of 1553B Protocol for Improving the Fault Diagnosability

Shuai Feng, Yingfa Zhang, Mingchao Song, Biao Cai
1553B system is described and an application layer communication protocol based on 1553B is introduced in this paper. The protocol adopts the 'broadcast-and-echo' strategy, which can provide lots of fault information of the system in many ways to improve the ability of fault diagnosis. The validity of...
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A Feedback-based Optimization Method for Uncertain Batch Processes

Jing Zhu, Lingjian Ye, Wanqing Tao, Xiushui Ma
Optimal control of batch processes is often implemented in an open-loop manner with an online optimizer. In this paper, a feedback-based optimization method is proposed for batch processes which suffer from parametric uncertainties. Firstly, the optimality conditions and the expression for optimal input...
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Risk Analysis of Collective Forest Right Transfer in Post-Forest Era

Zujun Liu
The analysis of the economic risks of the circulation process is from the perspective of the forest transfer of the out of the party and the transfer of the turn to the party. It is believed that the social risk of circulation is mainly reflected in the increase in the gap between rich and poor residents...
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Developing a Software to Evaluate Hydrological Effect of Forest Change

Zuozhu Meng, Mingfang Zhang, Yiping Hou, Le Yu
Water conservation is one of the most important functions of forest ecosystems. An efficient assessment on changes in water conservation capacity of a forest watershed, especially for a large watershed is essential for water resources and forest management. In order to simplify the assessment procedures,...
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Leakage Detection in Pipelines Using Decision Tree and Multi-Support Vector Machine

Zhigang Chen, Xu Xu, Xiaolei Du, Junling Zhang, Miao Yu
In order to solve the problem of leakage detection in the case of complex conditions and limited training samples, a multivariate classification recognition model was built by using Decision Tree and Support Vector Machine, which has advantages of rapid speed and high efficiency in classification and...
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Stabilization for Markovian Jump Systems with Additive Time-varying Delays

Haiyang Zhang, Zhipeng Qiu, Lianglin Xiong, Yanmeng Wang
In this paper, the problem of stabilization for Markovian jump systems with additive time-varying delays is considered. First of all, by constructing a new Lyapunov functional with triple integral terms, using new inequalities, convex combination technique and combining with other analytical techniques,...
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An Analysis and Scheduling Strategy for Water Resources

Yiwen Wu, Xiaofei Wen
This article mainly Analyses the Strategy for Water Resources. First, we provide a model to discuss the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its population. We pick Egypt to investigate why and how water is scarce in that region. We set the coefficient of the ability as (t)...
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Short-term Passenger Flow Prediction on Bus Stop Based on Hybrid Model

Zhijian Wang, Chunlei Yang, Chao Zang
Short-term passenger flow prediction on bus stop is an important base and technical support for bus dispatch strategy. In this paper, a new hybrid prediction model including two single models of BP neural network and time series model was proposed according to the periodicity and randomness properties...
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Construction and Prospect of Water Distribution Network Information System in Central Areas of Shanghai

Shihu Shu, Minqun Meng, Lijian Zhang, Xinyue Liu
The overview of water distribution network information system in central areas of Shanghai was described in this paper. Existing problems were analyzed and further applications of hydraulic model and water quality model to the water distribution network were discussed as well. The development and application...