Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Remote Sensing

2015 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Remote Sensing (EERS2015), the annual flagship conference of Environmental Engineering and Remote Sensing, was held in Phuket, Thailand during August 23-24, 2015.

The idea of EERS2015 is to bring together researchers from two fields: environmental engineering and remote Sensing, and to help accelerate the advance of science in these two fields. The scope for EERS2015 ranges from environment protection, environmental resources, GIS technology to information collecting/processing. Environmental Engineering refers to the science and technology which are engaged in the research and prevention and control of Environmental pollution and improvement of the Environmental quality. Remote sensing refers to non-contact, long distance detection technology, generally means using the sensor/remote sensor to detect electromagnetic wave radiation, reflection characteristics of an object. With all results out of these researches, the world would become friendlier to us.

EERS2015 has welcomed many excellent authors. At this conference, they have given brilliant speeches and exchanged new and inspiring opinions. And I am sure that this experience will be treasured and valued by all our participants.

To guarantee the high quality of this published book, we have made much effort as preparation. All submissions to us have been reviewed by our reviewers; each paper was sent to at least 2 reviewers for reading after removed of the author information. Papers accepted by all reviewers were accepted; those with conflicting opinions would be reviewed again by another reviewer specially assigned by the TPC chairs.

Accepted papers will still be revised by the contributor according to the reports from the reviewers. Through this way, quality and academic value of this book is assured.

In this proceedings, all the 34 accepted papers on EERS2015 are presented. To make this book easy to read, we have specially arranged all the papers according to their research fields. There are 3 main chapters in this book. They are Chapter 1: Environmental Pollution and Protection, Chapter 2: Energy and Power System, and Chapter 3: Remote Sensing Technology and Application

Finally I’d like to give my special thanks to all our contributors. Great gratitude also goes to the Atlantis Press, the organizers, the reviewers and the committee for their support.

EERS2015 Committee