Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Remote Sensing

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Aligning Interferograms from Single-baseline InSAR by Local Frequency Estimation

Jiao Guo, Shenglan Wang, Baofeng Su
It is feasible to obtain multibaseline InSAR data with repeat passes of existing single-baseline InSAR systems. Due to high coherence, the single-pass pair of SAR images can be accurately aligned using existing methods. However, there exist great difficulties in alignment of multiple-pass SAR images....
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Effects of the Long-effect Additive (NAM), Dicyandiamide (DCD), and Organic C Additions on N Transformation in Soil

Shaobo Fan, Wantai Yu
A 30-day incubation experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of a long-effect additive (NAM), dicyandiamide (DCD), and glucose additions on N transformation in soil. The results showed that both NAM and DCD enhanced N transformation into soil microbial biomass N and fixed NH4+. Glucose addition...
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Analysis on the Heat Efficiency of Hot-Air Drying System

Sangan Ha, Dongkyun Kim, Jeipil Wang
Conveyor-belt hot-air drying equipment was developed and used in this study to investigate the feasibility of new heat-efficiency-improvement technology. This novel technology reduces the amount of heat generated by the heater in the new hot-air drying furnace. Sludge sample types A and B used in the...
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Research on Vegetation Cover Change Detection of the North-South Mountains in Lanzhou City

Quanfu Niu, Yingxue Zhang, Junmei Kang, Xiuxia Zhang
Based on three periods(year 2000, 2008 and 2013) Landsat images and basic geographic data of the region, the vegetation cover change detection of the north-south mountains in Lanzhou city was quantitatively analyzed and dynamically monitored with calculating of the normalized difference vegetation index...
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Study of Vessel Oil Spill Damage Evaluating Model Based on the ANFIS

Yuanyuan Li, Pengjun Zheng
Considering the randomness and complexity of vessel oil spill accidents, the oil spill quantity, clean-up response, the oil spill area and the environment sensitivity were taken as the influencing factors through the analytic hierarchy process. Based on the study of the Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference...
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A Study on the Public Identity for the Sustainable Water Resource Use for the Taichung Metropolis

Shihchung Lu, Minghsun Chan, Hanchien Lin
With the need of environmental conservation and the global climate change, the issue of water resource use becomes one of the main environmental problems. Based on the pre-studies for sustainable human habitats by using the expert questionnaires, the water resources and public perception are the most...
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Study on Efficiency of Remediation of Seepage Containing Uranium with Phosphate as PRB Material

Jian Shen, Junwen Lv, Zhenping Tang, Yang Lv
The efficiency of remediation of seepage containing uranium using phosphate as PRB material was investigated by batch experiment and column experiment. The batch experiment showed the uranium concentration in leachate was gradually decreased with the increase of Ca3(PO4)2 dosage and contact temperature,...
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Preparation and Modification of PU Membrane and Its Swelling and Pervaporation Properties

Hong Ye, Jian Yu, Zhongguo Zhang, Boyu Song, Yiping Liao
PU material is promising in pervaporation application. Polyether-based PU prepolymers were used to prepare a series of PU membranes. Then, the structure and properties of the above-prepared membrane materials were characterized by means of FTIR and swelling experiment. And the performance of pervaporation...
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Evaluation on Indoor Air Quality Using a Modified Contribution Ratio of Pollution Source

Janghoo Seo, Sunwoo Lee, Seonghyun Park
Many studies using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis have been performed on the concentration distribution of indoor contaminants generated in building materials. This study was an attempt to quantitatively evaluate the effect of the contaminant emission source on the concentration and breathing...
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Hydrogen Storage in a Potential Well for Room-Temperature Applications

Jaehyun Bae, Yea-lee Lee, Jeongwoon Hwang, Dongwook Kim, Jong Hyun Jung, Seungwook Son, Jisoon Ihm
Hydrogen has a gravimetric energy density nearly 3 times that of gasoline, and yet does not emit carbon dioxide at all in burning. However, since hydrogen exists in a bulky gas form at ambient conditions, the problem in the safe and efficient storage of hydrogen is a serious obstacle to the commercial...
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A Home Power Aware System

Shangyuan Chen, Zhenlun Hu
Because of the development of a smart grid and smart meter infrastructure, smart homes can use various energy management approaches. This study proposes the use of a Home Power Aware System (HPAS) and intuitive user interface to help household occupants to be aware of the state of electricity use involving...
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Energy Consumption and Economic Development Based on GEP Model in Hebei Province

Huifang Cheng, Jianli Zhao, Haihua Qing
This paper explorers the causal relationship between energy consumption and economic growth using data of Hebei Province. The study covers the period of 1980 to 2011.We have applied gene expression programming to analyses how they evolved together. Two ways adopted in the forecast, the one is based on...
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Gold Oil Field Reservoir Characteristics

Xiang Li
Reservoir characteristics has always been one of the many core study petroleum geology, it is because the reservoir is the exploration and development of the most immediate target layer, gas-water as the fluid, they exist and sports venue is the reservoir, thus storage layer of oil and gas reserves,...
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Comparative Statics Analysis on Cubic Mechanism

Jianguo Luo, Maoyan He, Yuanyuan Liu
Present a new type of cubic mechanism, which based on the traditional serial manipulators and parallel manipulators, given the position and orientation of the whole mechanism and the output shaft force screw, theory of wrench of multi-rigid body adopted to find the inverse solution of force screw of...
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Kinematics Analysis on Cubic Mechanism with Auxiliary Joints

Jianguo Luo, Maoyan He, Yuanyuan Liu
A new type of hybrid cubic manipulator with six degree of freedom(DOF) suggested based on traditional serial manipulator and parallel manipulator, analytic geometry method adopted to find its forward solution of position, simple expression and exclusive result obtained, as well as its inverse solution...
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Full-Wave Rectifier with Zero Standby Current for Vibrational Energy Harvesting Systems

Eunjung Yoon, Minjae Yang, Chonggun Yu
In this paper, a full-wave rectifier (FWR) with zero standby leakage current for vibrational energy harvesting systems is presented. Conventional active FWRs where active diodes are used to reduce the diode voltage drop and increase the system efficiency are usually powered from the output. Nevertheless,...
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A Novel Traffic Generator for Switch Testing

Yiwen Wang, Yunyi Li, Xiaoting Wang, Zhao Xiaohui
Traffic generator is a key component in the verification and test platform for network switches. It can produce packets for different network protocols, and the generated traffic can simulate the real internet traffic. A novel traffic generator, different from general traffic generator structure, is...
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Research of Crossing Underneath Construction and the Subway Station Integration Feasibility Analysis

Kewei Ding, Yunhao Feng
Taking the Crossing Underneath construction and the subway engineering as the background ,considering the Crossing Underneath construction and the subway station structure located in the upper and lower two layers structure will influence each other, which has caused great difficulties of the excavation...
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A Network Technique Based Feature Extraction Method For Remote Sensing Images

Wei Xia
For hyperspectral remote sensing, the dataset usually contains hundreds of spectral images, which generates a rather large amount of data. To reduce the computational complexity of image analysis, feature extraction is often adapted. This paper presents a new approach for unsupervised feature extraction...
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Simulation and Monitoring Brightness Temperature from LANDSAT TM Images in Urban Area

Fu Chen, Jing Ma, Min Tan, Yuanwen Zeng
Brightness temperature (Tb), an effectively reflect the real surface temperature index, were quantitatively derived from LANDSAT TM images in Xuzhou city, China. Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) spatial model and normalized difference built-up index (NDBI) spatial model were also established...
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Parameter Optimization in Multi-scale Segmentation of High Resolution Remotely Sensed Image and Its Application in Object-oriented Classification

Lan Zheng
With the widely use of high resolution remotely sensed image, the methodology of object-oriented classification emerged and became an active research area. Two basic steps of object-oriented classification method is segmentation and classification, and the effect of segmentation will directly affect...
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Crop Classification Using Imagery of Drone

Jin-ki Park, Jonghwa Park
Drone have several advantages over conventional remote sensing techniques. They can acquire high-resolution images quickly and repeatedly. And with a comparatively lower flight altitude i.e. 80~400m, they can obtain good quality images even in cloudy weather. Therefore, they are ideal for acquiring spatial...
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Effective Message Authentication Method for Performing a Swarm Flight of Drones

Yun-seok Lee, Eun Kim, Young-sub Kim, Dong-chul Seol
Recently, various types of aircraft are flying in the sky. Especially, Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle(UAV) called drones can operate with from aerial photography to unmanned delivery thus, utilization is very high. Drones are classified as Quad, Hexa and Octa copter depending on the number of rotor. However...
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Satellite Monitoring of Land and Vegetation around Salalah City, Oman

ELnazir Ramadan, Abdelrahim Salih
The present study illustrates a method for monitoring the urban vegetation around Salalah city, in Dohfar region ,Southern of Oman. Monitoring spatiotemporal changes in urban areas has become increasingly important as the number and proportion of urban residents continues to increase. The synoptic view...
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Modeling for Estimation of Algal Bloom in Daecheong Lake Using the Satellite Imagery

Shincheol Back, Jinki Park, Jonghwa Park
Blooms of harmful algae and phycocyanin represent a significant and expanding threat to human health and aquatic resources throughout the South Korea. Algal blooms can be seen in a variety of phenomenon in nature, ranging from massive accumulations of cells that discolor the water, to dilute, inconspicuous,...
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Study on Classification of Land Use Based on TMETM+ Image

Mengtong Li, Xiaojing Sun, Lingbin Yang
The use of remote sensing classification technology can quickly obtain land use change information. Supervised classification and classification method, In the study area, the change of land use was analyzed. The classification effect depends on the classification scheme. The main purpose of this paper...
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The Modeling and Simulation of WSN Triangular Array Sound Source Localization Method

Jing Tian, Yinghui Cao, Chengquan Hu
The sound source localization method that based on triangular array of wireless sensor networks (WSN) is proposed to locate the sound source and research the error distribution. Using the Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) algorithm, the proposed sound source localization method can be used to locate...
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Effective Verification Method for Origins of Aircraft and Aircraft Authentication Method Required for the flight of Drones at City

Yun-seok Lee, Eun Kim, Jong-min Kim, Sung-yun Kim
Today, various types of aircraft are being operated within the city. Especially, most users who buy the drone for entertainment are living in the city. Also demand is increasing for drones it can be used in transport logistics, the limit is needed about illegal activity of these drones. Because, there...
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Studies on the Construction of Integrated Display Platform about Three-dimensional Geological Mapping Model

Xiang LI, Mei Zhu
Three-dimensional geological survey was based on the surface geological mapping, which was to solve the major geological problems; it was a comprehensive three-dimensional geological survey, which used modern geological theories, advanced integrated exploration methods and three-dimensional visual information...
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The Simulation of the Interplanetary Travel of the Solar Sail Spacecraft to the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid

Roman M. Khabibullin, Olga L. Starinova
This paper discusses interplanetary travel, especially flight to the asteroids, by means of spacecraft which use solar sail instead of an engine and a propellant. The design model of the solar sail spacecraft “Helios” which created in computer-aided design system is described. The mathematical motion...
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The Stepwise Control Laws in the Problem of the Motion Optimization of the Electric Powered Transfers in the Earth-Moon System, Including L1-L2 and L2-L1 Missions

Fain Maxim, Olga Starinova
This paper outlines the optimization of the L1-L2 and L2-L1 missions using electric propulsion. The optimization criterion is the total flight time. The optimal control laws are obtained using the Fedorenko method to estimate the derivatives, the gradient method to optimize the control laws and the Runge-Kutta...
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The Driving Source Design of Differential Susceptibility Detection System Based on ATmega16

Liuci Zhou, Shangkun Ren
To search the ability of detect metal cracks by differential susceptibility technology, a sawtooth wave driving source system are needed. This driving source is composed of sawtooth wave generator, control unit, summator and amplifier. And solved the problem of other driving source can’t output sawtooth...
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Existence and Blow-up Properties of Solutions for A Non-Newtonian Filtration Equation

Zhongyang Qiao
In this paper, a non-Newtonian filtration equation with nonlinear boundary condition and a localized source is considered. The existence and blow-up properties of solutions are given under some conditions.
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Internal Model Control for Singular Multivariable Systems Based on Kronecker Canonical Form

Qibing Jin, Qi Wang, Beiyan Jiang,, Meiying Jiang, Yan Huang
The internal model control design method for stable plants has enjoyed much popularity due to its simple yet effective procedure. In this paper, a robust IMC method is proposed for multivariate singular systems on the basis of Kronecker canonical form, which allows us to analysis and control of a singular...