Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

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3D molecular dynamic simulation of fracture behavior of bcc iron

Bo Ma
The fracture behavior of bcc iron is investigated by means of 3D molecular dynamic simulation with EAM potential. The crack propagation is studied under the condition of specific temperatures and loading. The results show that the formation of dislocation is different according to the strain rates. The...
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A Method of Noise Control using in Shearography Inspection System

Jian ZHANG, Huijuan FENG, Xiaoyan WANG
The shearography inspection technology is extremely fitting for the non-destructive testing of composites, tyres, panels of vehicle or airplane. But the testing image of shearography includes much speckle noise, so noise control is a very important task. A method called real time integrated porcessing...
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Research on Failure Probability of Vehicle Equipments Based on Fuzzy Statistics Method

Wancheng YANG, Huijuan FENG, Xiangkai LIU
The type of vehicle equipments is varied, which usually used in complex environment. So it is difficult to statistics its failure probability. Fuzzy statistics method was proposed in this paper to subjectively analyze, statistically modeling and quantitatively calculate the failure probability of internal...
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The Life Prediction Model of Vehicles Engine Based on Cylinder Wear-law

Yanfeng TANG, Huijuan FENG, Jian ZHANG
The wear-law and the life prediction model of mechanical components were analyzed. Supposing the mean wearing rate of cylinder during the stable wear period obeys normal distribution, the samples of cylinder life was acquired applying the time-step Monte Carlo simulation method, and the life distribution...
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Design for Novel Appearance of Mini Electric Car

Zhongyao Wu, Jianbo Cao, Qifen Gu, Tianfeng Zhao
With the rapid development of global environment protection, the development of electric car has been more popular as well as the appearance design of electric car has been given an extensive research. A novel appearance of mini electric car was designed by studying the basic theory and method of electric...
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Simulation Research on Brushless DC Motor of Electric Car

Hanpin Luo, Jianbo Cao, Zhongyao Wu, Chuhang Yang, Yangyang Zheng
Environmental protection and energy issues have already become the two most prominent themes in the new century. Electric car becomes one of the ways to solve these two problems. Aiming at working out how to apply the brushless DC motor to the electric car, a control system was designed after a series...
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Design of Laboratory Bench for Fluorescent Lamp Power Factor

Hanpin Luo, Facai Qiu, Jianbo Cao, Qifen Gu, Zhongyao Wu
The circuit experiment and the power factor improvement experiment of fluorescent lamp are the two traditional experiment items in electrotechnics. They are quite important for students to master the basic theory and acquire the experiment skills. A new kind of convenient fluorescent lamp power factor...
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An Aggregation Method for Mission Reliability of Equipment Support Object System

Huijuan FENG, Xiangkai LIU, Wancheng YANG
Mission reliability is an important parameter of equipment support object system. This paper proposed an aggregation method for mission reliability of equipment support object system: Firstly this paper studied the mission reliability aggregation method of single equipment and multi-equipment, and on...
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the Applications of Inductive Method in the Construction of Fault Trees

Qinghe MENG, Qin SUN
Fault tree analysis is a method for both reliability assessment and fault diagnosis. Generally, the deductive method is adopted in the construction of fault tree model. In this way, some of the undesired events may be omitted. This paper provides an inductive method. It is based on the working principle...
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Research on Wear State of Vehicles Engine Based on Matter-Element Method

Yanfeng Tang, Jian Zhang, Xiangkai Liu
An evaluation method based on matter-element analysis theory was purposed in this paper, because of the method to evaluate the engine wear state monitoring based on oil spectrum analysis presently had the shortage such as too many human factors and uncertainty weight calculations. According to the various...
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Research of Cloud Computing in Application of University Information

Bin Li
There is a huge contradiction between the cost and the application in the context of accelerating University information, this paper proposes a way to resolve by making full use of the large number of idle computing resources to build cloud computing platform.
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On the Semantic Attrition of High Degree Adverb in Mandarin Chinese

Yong Yang
The thesis studied the semantic attrition of traditional degree adverbs based on the natural language processing. The usage of new-generation adverbs of high degree such as “bao, chao, ju, kuang, qi” is explored in detail. Finally, the semantic compensation mechanism was also briefly studied.
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Automatic Postal Parcel Turning Machine Experimental System Design

Tieyi Zhang, Zhenliang Huang, Xue Huang
Automatic postal parcel turning machine experimental system has a design background that the parcel automatic sorting needs postal parcel automatic turning. It is the multidisciplinary integration of mechanical, electronic and computer technology. The article describes how the experimental system mechanism...
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Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm in Reliability Optimization of Multi-agent Intrusion Detection

Shaokun Liu, Lina Yu, Yi Fang
Detection agents in a dynamic network environment has difficult to optimize the reliability , and this problem is a typical Nondeterministic Polynomial Completeness puzzle.This paper proposed an improved genetic algorithm to solve the optimization problem, conscientiously introduced the greedy algorithm,...
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Network Security Assessment Model of Coupling Empowerment

Bin Luo, Jingwei Chang
By means of accelerating the fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) screening index of genetic algorithm, this paper constructs evaluation index system of computer network security, puts forward the information entropy with objective and subjective empowerment and improved AHP coupling weighting, sequences...
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Research of D-S Evidence Method in Network Attack Intention Recognition

Yajing Zhang, Lina Yu, Wei Li
When the network security threats alarm as evidence appeared, from these alarm properties were then able to predict the future attack important information, such as attack source, is the object of attack and attack port, etc. But the information is not enough to reflect the invaders attack intention....
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Application of Fuzzy AHP Method in the Effect Evaluation of Network Attack

Zhicheng Sun, Mingyuan Liu
For effect evaluation on the network attack (NA), the essentiality of the application of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and Fuzzy synthetic evaluation method (Fuzzy AHP method) were introduced. With the help of AHP method, an index system was established, and then a judgment matrix was constructed,...
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Research of Network Behavior Hazard Assessment Method based on the Dynamic Area Method

Caihua Zhang, Jun Ren, Zhenliang Dong
The harm degree assessment of network behaviors is a measure of network security management. It provides key reference for formulating security policy, creating information system and safe running system. It also guarantees the security of network and information to the utmost. Present a method of calculating...
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Application of Nonlinear Combination Prediction Model for Network Traffic

Aitao Zhao, Yingchun Liu
To improve the network traffic prediction result, the paper put forward a nonlinear combination prediction model of network traffic flow. First, the single models of ARIMA, ARMA, GM (1, 1) were used in the prediction of characteristics of network traffic, Then three predicting results were input to a...
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Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based on Game Theory and its Application

Jian Chi, Yanfei Liu
Mufti-objective optimization has been a difficult problem and focus for research in fields of science and engineering. There already have a lot of classical methods for solving mufti-objective optimization problems before evolutionary algorithms were introduced in 1985. Classical mufti- objective optimization...
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A Genetic Algorithm with Local Searching Strategy and its Application

Yingchun Liu, Aitao Zhao
A new genetic algorithm wit h local searching strategy is proposed in t his paper , which over comes the disadvantage of t he GA. It combines GA wit h BP algorithm. The global convergence of the new genetic algorithm is p roved by using Markovian chain theory. And the new GA proves that it is efficient...
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Improved Genetic Algorithm based on Search Parameters Dynamically Adjust and its Application

Yongsheng Jia, Xiujian Lv
Practical application of genetic algorithm is easy to premature convergence and accuracy of search results is not high. Optimal value for the premature convergence and low accuracy to dynamically adjust the search parameters to optimize the calculation, the whole process of evolution, the algorithm always...
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Improved Support Vector Machine Wireless Network Security Detection Algorithm Model

Xiujian Lv, ZhiCheng Sun, Jing Wang
This paper proposed a support vector machine SVM algorithm for WLAN intrusion detection, first calculates the information gain of network intrusion data, and selects the characteristics of properties having a greater impact on the classification from the raw data to optimize the parameters of SVM, Finally,...
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Design of Body Slip Angle Observer for Vehicle Stability Control

Minghui Liu, Yongsheng Zhang, Liang Chu, Wenruo Wei, Jianwei Cai
Body slip angle is important for Vehicle Stability Control. Due to using sensors to measure body slip angle is very expensive, it is necessary to estimate it from other variables measured easily. A novel method based on non-linear robust observer is proposed for estimation body slip angle. Firstly, full-dimension...