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The injection mold design of handle parts based on HS CAE

Yan Qin ZHANG, Zhao Hu DENG
In this paper, the process was discussed with CAE analysis and CAD design together to complete plastic mold design, with handle parts as example. CAE simulation can be used to analyze the best gate location, filling, pressure maintaining, cooling, warping and other problems. With the combination of mold...
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Improved SURF Algorithm Based On ACO

Chao Chen, Xiaohong Wang, Shizheng Zhou
SURF (Speeded-Up Robust Features) is a scale- and rotation-invariant algorithm, which has a better repeatability, distinctiveness, robustness, and a faster computing and comparing speed. In this paper, we propose an improved SURF algorithm based on ACO (Ant Colony Optimization). First of all, the algorithm...
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The Design and Analysis of an Improved Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on Distributed System

Yan Chen, Zhimei Li
Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a powerful global optimization search algorithm imitating natural selection and genetic mechanism, but it has low search efficiency in the late evolving period. Parallel genetic algorithm (PGA) can improve computational efficiency and accuracy greatly, so it has become one of...
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Improved generic acceptance function for Multi-point Metropolis algorithm

Yinghua Zhang, Wensheng Zhang
The key of designing MCMC algorithm is the choice of acceptance function. In this work, Selection criteria of acceptance function is given, and an improved Multi-point Metropolis algorithm with generic acceptance function is proposed, which is called GAF-MPM. Then GAF-MPM is showed to satisfy Detailed...
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The Price Forecast Model of China-made Large Aircraft Based on Partial Least Squares Regression

Pei Fang, Lu Wang, Shuhua Mao
This article adopts partial least squares regression method to forecast the price of domestic (China-made) large aircraft C919. With analysis of the pricing background and the relationship between performance index and price of foreign aircraft, we build preliminary model. And comparing with other modeling...
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An Improvement Method of Duplicate Webpage Detection

Chengqi Zhang, Wenqian Shang, Yafeng Li
As Internet is very easy to implement the diffusing and sharing of resources, duplication of pages on the Internet is very large. The search engine as an index tool of Internet resources is facing a serious repeat testing, its crawler will encounter a large number of links of duplicate content. If these...
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Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Connectivity in Different Cislunar Satellite Constellations Networking

Xiaobo Wu, Xianwei Zhou, Fuhong Lin
Architecture of cislunar communication networks, which focused on the requirements of lunar full-coverage and continuous cislunar communications, is presented based on Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) satellite networks relaying. In order to analyze the dynamic connectivity problems, a dynamic network model...
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Mathematical Model for the most Efficient Elevation of Leaves Absorbing Sunlight

Dongwen Zhan, Zhengwei He, Yongtao Wu, Xiaoying Xiong
The changes of leaves elevation are mainly influenced by sunlight. This paper makes the ASD (Area exposed to the Sunlight per Day) exposure model of leaves, which is analysis respectively from the tree only a leaf and two leaves, further proving more pieces of the leaves. We get the conclusion that the...
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An improved Algorithm of Generating Network Intrusion Detector

Li Ma, Yan Chen
On the basis of the analysis of the current algorithms on generating detector, an algorithm of generating network intrusion detector is proposed to avoid the disadvantages of negative selection. The algorithm takes advantage of the strategies such as gene library (GeneLib) etc to improve the efficiency...
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Research on the Image-target Recognition Technology

Guang-li CHU
The image-target recognition technology, which can be widely used in military and civil fields, is the researching focus in the modern image-processing field. The paper detailedly introduced its current researching situation and application, discussed the problem of its classifying, analyzed and compared...
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Research on Video Object Segmentation Method

With the advent of video standard MPEG-4 and MPEG-7, the video motion object segmentation becomes extremely important. The paper firstly introduced some basic concepts and the common methods of the video object segmentation technology, and then analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each method,...
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The Research and Solutions to the Multi-constrained Concurrent Optimization Problem in Automatic Test Paper Tasks

Xin Zhang, Mianrong Yang
The problem of the multi- constrained concurrent optimization is a difficult artificial intelligence one that exists widely in the real life and confuses humans for years. Such as: the operating frequency of planes and trains, the course arrangement in school and the test paper grouping etc. This paper...
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The Research on Combination Forecast Method of Order Quantity Based on Grey Neural Network

Yewang Zhou
order quantity forecasting in modern enterprise management occupies an important position, order quantity is influenced by many uncertain factors. this paper put forward a prediction method to predict the order quantity based on the combination of grey forecast and artificial neural network, the combination...
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The design and implementation of intelligent mobile message Alarming system

Faying Li, Shanquan Hu
At present, housing security is essential to people’s daily life, so the application of monitor system is becoming more and more common. According to the background, the schema of transmission of alarming information to mobile call is introduced .The alarming system is composed of monolithic module and...
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Design and Implementation of the Network Examination System Based on B/S

Fanqi Meng
Today the changes of the test mode are common. Many exams have adopted computer test, so the reform of text mode will be a trend in universities. Based on the working practice, the paper showed a project about the reform. It improves the work’s efficiency greatly.
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An Actual Verification and Comparative Experiment on Fabric Defects Automatic Detection System

Jie Song, Qing Song, Shuping Yin, Ya-na Zhang
This paper presents a fabric defects automatic detection system which uses firstly local entropy to detect roughly and then single adaptive wavelet analysis, finely, and reports an actual verification and comparative experiment. The experimental results verify the feasibility and effectiveness of this...
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The Research of Vibration Suppression Method for Silicon Micro-machined Gyro Driven by the Rotation Aircraft

Zengping Zhang, Fuxue Zhang, Wei Zhang, Yinjuan Gao
With the practical application of silicon micro-machined gyro driven by rotation aircraft, it is found that the rotation aircraft’s rudder surface vibration significantly influences the performance of the gyro. In this paper, as the background of the silicon micro-machined gyro, the vibration mechanism...
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A Multi-functional Micro-machined Gyroscope for Rotating Aircraft

Qingwen Yan, Fuxue Zhang, Wei Zhang
In this paper, we present recent work on the design, fabrication, and packaging of a new gyroscope, by silicon micromachining, for the autopilot of rotating aircraft. The multi-functional micro-machined gyroscope generates the gyroscope effect driven by the roll of rotating carrier, and sense the roll...
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A Curve Choosing Algorithm and Its Distributed Improvement of ECC with Fixed Order on Binary Field

Xinchun Yin, Jinliang Zou
In the elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC), curve choosing directly affect the various factors of ECC, such as the speed of encryption and decryption, efficiency, security and even the length of the length of key. Therefore, it has a great importance in choosing a well performed curve in ECC. This paper...
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Research and Prospect of Automobile Magneto-rheological Fluid Dual Clutch Transmission

Demin Chen, Jinhao Xu, Jingwen Pan, Xiaolin Guo, Wei Sun
The magneto-rheological fluid Dual Clutch Transmission (MDCT for short) adopts the magneto-rheological (MR for short) effect of magneto-rheological fluid (MRF for short) and the working characters of Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT for short), and combines the characteristics with long service life, no...
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Experimental Investigations of Force Character of Extra Vehicular Activity Glove in Different Pressure Levels

Hanjun YANG, Chunhui WANG, Peng TENG, Li WANG, Shihua ZHOU
This article researches the force characters of the Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) glove under different pressure conditions using an ergonomic experimental method. First, 20 male subjects are selected to operate a series of operation actions with their bare hands. Some typical operation actions, such...
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Typical Muscle Endurance Force Analysis of Upper Limb Pre and Post the Bed Test Using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

Chunhui WANG, Shanguang CHEN, Fan LI, Haoting LIU, Zheng WANG
In order to evaluate the state change of the muscle force of the upper limb for the astronaut after a long time space flight, a bed test is designed to analyze the human performance of this ergonomics problem. The Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) technique is utilized to evaluate the change situation...
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Research on data analysis of scientific leteracy online survey

Jue Li, Haifeng Zheng
Scientific literacy has been regarded as the science education especially the basic education stage of the important goal of education of science. In 1990, the internationally accepted research methods had been introduced into our country, and now it has formed a survey of ideas and index system suited...
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Micro-mechanical Pendulum and Application Technology in The Attitude Control System of The Rotating Body

Fuxue Zhang, Zengping Zhang, Qingwen Yan, Hui Zhao, Wei Zhang
Author found that the micro-mechanical pendulum mounted on a rotating body has gyroscopic effect, which can be sensitive to yaw, pitch and spin angular velocity of the rotating body at same time. It has the function of the three traditional gyro. This paper reported the principle of micro-mechanical...
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Anti-acceleration Disturbance Method for Pendulum Tiltmeter

Hui Zhao, Fuxue Zhang, Qingwen Yan, Xing Gao
With the practical application of silicon micro-machined gyro driven by rotation aircraft, it is found that the rotation aircraft’s rudder surface vibration significantly influences the performance of the gyro. In this paper, as the background of the silicon micro-machined gyro, the vibration mechanism...
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Temperature Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Semiconductor Bridge in Constant Current

Wenchao Zhang, Xiaowei Wang, Guihua Wang, Baoqing Yin
The temperature of electric initiating device under constant current has the vital significance to security and firing performance of electrical explosive initiator. Semiconductor bridge which is representative in electrical explosive devices has been widely used for excellent performances. In this study,...
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Study on HMM Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection Using System Calls

Shang-zhe SHI, Mei-feng SUN
In order to improve the detection accuracy, we study on the HMM model based on system calls anomaly detection. We starting from the program semantics issued system call, analysis that the state hidden behind system calls is the program execution state. Then put forward that hidden state must greater...
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Heat Simulation of High-speed Train’s Brake Disc Considering the Wind Speed of Disc Surface Influence on Convection Coefficient

Xiaobiao Wu, Jianyong Zuo, Mengling Wu
With the continuous improvement of train speed, disc braking are widely applied due to its high-power of braking, reliable working, etc. In this paper, relative wind speed of different locations on the brake disc surface during braking has been calculated, and the equivalent wind speed coefficient is...
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Research on Random Vibration Control Algorithm Based-on EV Model

Haoyang Yu, Guangfeng Guan, Chenlu Feng
In order to improve the accuracy of random vibration power spectrum playback experiment The traditional FRF H1 estimation has improved .The methods of FRF estimation have been proposed based on EV model for the H1 under-estimation problems. The FRF H1 estimator is updated based on the power spectral...
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A Prioritization Algorithm for Crime Busting based on Centrality Analysis

Yundong Gu, Wentao Li, Liwen Zhang, Mingke Shen, Binglei Xie
Detecting conspirators, which often relates to organized crimes, represents a major problem for many investigation bureaus. A prioritization algorithm based on centrality analysis was introduced. The correlation between suspects was modeled as a social network, and the degree, betweeness and eigenvector...
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The Design and Implementation of Workflow Simulation based on the Theory of Discrete Event

Kehe Wu, Shuo Shi, Gang Ma, Shengzhuang Wang
With the development of workflow technology, operation simulation of workflow is becoming a new hot spot of the workflow technology. In order to further promote the construction work of the enterprise standardization and process. The present study establishes a workflow operation simulation model based...
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Attribute Reduction Algorithm for Information System without Decision Attributes

Hong-Chan Li, Hao-Dong Zhu
The classical attribute reduction algorithm and its extended algorithms base on information system with decision attributes and can not be applied to attribute reduction for information system without decision attributes. So, based on rough set theory, this paper studied attribute reduction for information...
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Design of Automotive instrument cluster Based on OSEK Standard

Yanwen Li, Jinfeng Gong, Wei Zheng
An automotive instrument cluster was designed based on OSEK standard. The system includes hardware and software. The instrument module connects high and low speed can network, and the software is developed on OSEK standard, which makes the system designed has the following characteristics: universal,...
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Operating principles and experimental research on the hydraulic retarder of automatic transmission

Guangsheng HAN, Wei ZHENG
Through analyzing the operating principles of the hydraulic retarder of automatic transmission, it is indicated the necessity of hydraulic retarder in heavy vehicles. From testing the operating procedures and retarding ability of the hydraulic retarder, it is verified that the hydraulic retarder could...
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Design of Network Control System for Car Lights based on CAN Bus

Wei ZHENG, Guangsheng HAN
Aiming at the requirements of reducing the wires and cost of vehicular electrical systems, it is presented a scheme of the network control system for car lights. It is firstly introduced the characteristics of Controller Area Network (CAN) bus which is generally implemented in control systems for modern...
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Calibration of Equivalent Tire Cornering Stiffness for Vehicle Reference Model in ESP Based on Fminsearch Method

Zhanqi Li, Fei Li, Quanzhou Liu
The 2-DOF vehicle model is generally used to be reference model of automotive electronic stability program (ESP), while the equivalent tire cornering stiffnesses of front and rear axles are key parameters to build it. A 2-DOF vehicle model is built, and a direct searching unconstrained nonlinear optimization...
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Research Progress Reviews of Digital Design for Automotive Products

Guangsheng HAN, Wei ZHENG
For adapting the change in requirements of the products, the modern digital design has becoming one of the most important methods which could improve the sensitivity to the market, and meet the requirements for the functions, quality and development cycle of products. In this paper, it is firstly presented...
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Lane Departure Warning System for Vehicle Active Safety Perception Platform

Jia HE
The vehicle active safety perception platform is a effective way to prevent vehicle accident. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is one of the most important aspects of this system. In this paper, a set of image processing method which can give results fast and accurately in the non-ideal conditions...
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Research on Load Balance Strategy Based on Grey Prediction Theory in Cloud Storage

Yu Mao, Jie Ling
In the HDFS cloud storage environment, the existing replica strategy is not able to adopt the optimal replica according to the current system environment dynamically, which affects the performance of the Cloud Storage system. This paper aims at the replica selection strategies in the load balancing problem,...
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Using PSO Algorithm to Optimize Linking Structure of E-commerce Sites

Dingying Tan, Pingping Chen, Xiufeng Liu, Huiling Liu, Bin Sun
In order to facilitate user access to e-commerce site, improve site access rate, meet the needs of users and maintain website performance, this paper is to establish a structural optimization model and to provide algorithm for ecommerce business by starting from structural optimization and adjustment...
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The Application Conception of OTN&PTN in the Power Distribution Automation

Qing-gang Bi, Yang Li, Xian-nan Luo
The Optic packet transport is the ideal technology, that realizes seamless connection of the optical transport network and electric layer IP network. The paper studies two kinds of current mainstream technology, include the optical transport network and the packet transport network, and discusses the...
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Research on the Similarity Algorithm of Chromatographic Fingerprint Based on Information Entropy

Hang Wei, Li Lin, Pingping Chen, Dingying Tan, Qinqun Chen
In order to reduce the error of interangle cosine method or correlation method in the chromatographic fingerprints analysis, an improved similarity algorithm that assigns different weight according to information entropy was proposed in this paper. In this way, 23 samples of Exocarpium Citrus Grandis...
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Structure-Control Design of a Parallel Robot Based on Multi-Objective Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm

Qing Mei Meng, Hui Ping Sheng, Ruo Bin Zhong, Shi Yue Pan
This paper presents a method based on a multi-objective self-adaptive differential evolution (MOSaDE) algorithm to improve the parametric reconfiguration feature in the optimal design of a parallel robot. We propose a MOSaDE algorithm, in which both trial vector generation strategies and their associated...
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A Multi-model Kalman Filter Clock Synchronization Algorithm based on Hypothesis Testing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiali Li, Shaona Yu, Yuan Lin, Min Xi
Accurate and efficient clock synchronization algorithm is very important in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Considering the physical nature of sensors, a multi-model kalman filter clock synchronization algorithm based on experiments and hypothesis testing theory is proposed. The sensor experiments on...
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Research on optimization and parallelization of Optimal Binary Search Tree using Dynamic Programming

Bo Han, Yongquan Lu
The classical algorithm uses Dynamic Programming to construct an Optimal Binary Search Tree. In this paper, we research into the dynamical process of building an Optimal Binary Search Tree and present an optimized solution. Time complexity is reduced from O (n3) to O (n2). Meanwhile, three feasible parallel...
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A Simple and Efficient Image Pre-processing for QR Decoder

Weibing Chen, Gaobo Yang, Ganglin Zhang
In order to lower the consumed threshold, a practical image preprocessing method was proposed for Quick Response (QR) barcode recognition. It could increase the speed of recognition by this decoder so as to embed this algorithm into mobile terminals. Instead of using the traditional methods such as edge...
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The Sensitive Information Identification for Internet

Wenqian Shang
With the rapid development of Internet, online information has greatly enriched. The Internet becomes a vast treasure of information, but simultaneously it is also flooding with various trash information, such as: viruses, Trojans, violence, pornography, gambling and so on. The hostile forces outside...
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Preparation and application of a new material used in precision machine tool based on uniform design

Liang Wang, Junhua Che
With the rapid development of high-precision machining technology, materials used in foundation structure of machine tool plays an important role in alleviating vibration and keeping machining precision. In this article, a new material design and the corresponding simulation analysis of resin concrete...
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Mechanical Characteristics of Basic Actions in Simulated Space Operation Conditions

Fan Li, Chunhui Wang, Haoting Liu, Zheng Wang, Ming Lv
The objective of this paper is to elucidate how the ergonomic experiment is designed to simulate the space operation conditions and evaluate the influence of these conditions on mechanical characteristics of basic actions. The ergonomic methodologies and data analysis technologies are translated into...
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Improvement and Application of Median Filter Algorithm

Zhenzhong Wang, Pengcheng Zhu, Yao Wang
For improving the effect and efficiency of image enhancement, an improved version of median filter for binary fingerprint image is realized. First, the times of compare during ordering process is reduced by the divide-and-conquer method. In addition, it makes the best use of direction of fingerprint...