Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

1602 authors
Chen, Yan
Heat Transfer Model of Underground Heat Exchanger in the Aquifer
Chen, Yan
Two thermolysis routes to ThO2 nanoparticles from thorium nitrate
Chen, Yang
Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID Control and Simulation
Chen, Ye
Facile fabrication of monodisperse fluorescent polystyrene composite microspheres
Chen, YiDuan
A Comparative Analysis for a Flux-Modulated Permanent-Magnet Motor with an Improved Structure
Chen, Yiduan
Co-Simulation of 600KW Traction Induction Motor Fed by PWM Inverter
Chen, Yiduan
Field-Circuit Coupled Analysis of an In-Wheel Switched Reluctance Motor with Outer Rotor for EV Applications
Chen, Yiran
Planning Strategy for the Omni-directional Movement Path of the Four-wheel Differential Robot
Chen, Yirong
Preparation of Simvastatin Loaded TiO2 nanotube arrays and its release behavior
Chen, Yu-Quan
Numerical Study of Keyhole Centroid Infrared Image Based on Fixed Threshold Method during High Power Fiber Laser Welding
Chen, Yunfeng
3D Manufacturing Feature Based Integrated Information Model and its Modeling System Development Based on XML and NX Platform
Chen, Yunfeng
Intelligent Navigation Oriented Mechanical Product CAD System Based on Knowledge Fusion
Chen, Ziqin
Extraction of Weld Pool Feature Based on Visual Sensing during High-power Fiber Laser Welding
Cheng, Guorong
Design of Intelligent Temperature Control System for Iron Ore Reduction
Cheng, Hengguo
Development of Feature Recognition and Extraction System Based on NX Platform
Cheng, Jun
Image Denoising Based on Hybrid Fourier and Neighborhood Wavelet Coefficients
Cheng, Wen Long
Research on elastic-plastic failure behavior of steel double-layer grids structure system 36X 48m2 used in the badminton practice gymnasium under strong earthquake wave
Cheng, Xiaofang
Preparation of Bi-doped TiOB2B modified by TEA and Its Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties under visible light illumination
Cheng, Xiaofang
Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytic Performance of Ag-deposited TiO2 film electrodes in solution containing Cl- ions
Cheng, Xin
Comprehensive Evaluation of Air Conditioning Cold/Heat Source System Based on Fuzzy Mathematics Theory
Cheng, Xingguo
The barrier-free design of kindergarten buildings
Cheng, Yin
The testing research on horizontal bearing capacity for the cast - in - place pile socketed in rock
Chi, Jian
Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based on Game Theory and its Application
Chi, Qingdi
Finite element analysis of working mechanism for full hydraulic backhoe loader
Chi, Xiang
The study on soil moisture monitoring based on water-cloud model
Chu, Liang
Study on Control Strategy for Regenerative Braking in a Pure Electric Vehicle
Chu, Liang
Coordinated Control of Regenerative Braking System for a Hybrid Electric Bus
Chu, Liang
Design of Body Slip Angle Observer for Vehicle Stability Control
Cui, Jiaqing
Applied Mechanics and Engineering Model on Raindrops falling
Cui, Shumei
A new assessment method based on fuzzy linguistic of Engineering bidding risk prediction model
Cui, Shumei
A New Way to Determine Engineering Cost Price in the Construction Engineering Tendering
Cui, Zhanbo
The Research of Cylindrical Billets Induction Heating Based on Finite Difference Method
DENG, Zhao Hu
The injection mold design of handle parts based on HS CAE
DI, Man
Research on the Fire Evidence Identification Method of Electric Water Heater
DONG, Ping
A novel Scheme on the Seamless Handover on Vehicle
DONG, Zhichao
DU, GuoChen
Effects of Solid Lubricants on hard turning
DU, Jianhua
Effect of Sintering Temperature on Friction Performance of Cu-based Nanometer Composites Reinforced by Nano SiO2 Particles
The forming technology and use of titanium alloy elbow made by diameter-expanding and pushing
Dai, Anlun
Effect of strain rate on cyclic deformation behavior of a beta phase containing TiAl alloy at elevated temperature
Dai, Qin-ling
Several Color Appearance Phenomena in Color Reproduction
Dai, Wen
The offshore spill oil recovery monitoring system based on the wireless communication
Dang, Ningyuan
Measuring method and sample size selection for the magnetostriction measurement of silicon steel
Dang, Xiangying
Effect of Heat Input to Mechanical properties of Joint for 16MnR and S31803
Dang, Xiangying
Study on EDMn-B-00 Electrode and Surfacing Process
Dang, Xiangying
A New Kind of Seam Tracking System for Laser-MIG Hybrid Welding Based on Image Process
Deng, Daquan
Research on IETM Development Technology for Industry Equipment
Deng, HengNing
Design and Realization of Domestic Smart Gateway Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Deng, HengNing
Design of Smart Power Socket based on FreeRTOS and STM32F103
Deng, Jiao
Design of the Large Rotary Wheel Declining Nozzle Range Theory Research Based on Fluent Simulation Software
Deng, Qun
Effects of Phosphorus on tensile and stress rupture properties of GH4169 alloy
Deng, Xinhua
The analysis of aircraft fuel system ground test simulation turntable's structure
Deng, Yonghe
Exploring Again The Principle of Level Surveying
Deng, Yonghe
Study on GM(1,1) Boundary Model based on Surveying Engineering
Deng, Yubin
A Blade Surface Flatness Measuring System Based on Laser Displacement Sensor for Knives and Scissors
Deng, Yunshui
The synthesis of SSZ-13 with mixed template and it's catalytic performance for methanol to olefins reaction
Ding, Deyun
Numerical Analysis of Influence of Large-Diameter EPB Shield Tunneling on Ground Deformation in Beijing Area
Ding, Deyun
Seismic Performance Analysis of Three-Arch Double-Deck Metro Station Based on Response Displacement Method
Ding, Jie
The Stability’s Influencing Factors and Active Control of Hydrostatic Journal Bearing
Ding, Yahong
Capacity study on flexural strengthening of RC beams with Near Surface Mounted helical rib steel wire
Dong, Bao-Xiang
The modelling and simulation of 12/8 SRM and SRD Based on Simulink
Dong, En’guo
Dynamics Simulation on Vehicle Steering Mechanism
Dong, En’guo
Robust design of valve spring based on Taught method
Dong, Fengchun
Application of activators for hydrogen peroxide bleaching at low temperature
Dong, Maojin
Study on Properties of Silicon Oxycarbide Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Dong, Maojin
Design and Preparation of New Type Day and Night Filter
Dong, Weizhi
Study on the fractal gradation optimization of ATB-25
Dong, Wenhui
Dong, Xin
Experimental design of EDM pulse generator based on VB and SCM
Dong, Yan
Influence of Laser Incident Energy on Chemical Composition, Crystal Structure, Morphology and Band Gap of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Dong, Zhenliang
Research of Network Behavior Hazard Assessment Method based on the Dynamic Area Method
Dou, Peng
Fault Diagnosis for Power Transformer Based on SVM Information Fusion
Du, Canxun
Transient Hydraulic Pressure Fluctuation Analysis of a Hydroturbine via Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
Du, Jie
The Video System for Imaging to the Bottom of Deep Pipe
Du, Jie
The Straightness detecting of deep pipe
Du, Jinhui
Effects of Phosphorus on tensile and stress rupture properties of GH4169 alloy
Du, Leyi
A research on bonding mechanics of butt welding joint of deformed Zn alloy
Du, Yuxiang
Design Research on the Display of Revolution Museum
Duan, Zhen-zhong
Study on the Effect of Design Coefficients on Load-bearing Capacity of Circular RCFT Columns
E, Da-zhi
Research on the Fire Evidence Identification Method of Electric Water Heater
FAN, Gangqiang
A methodology for task decomposition and conflict resolution to support product design
FAN, Jian-jian
Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Halbach magnet
FAN, Yujin
The Study of Bending Forming Using Finite Element Discretization
FENG, Ansong
Trajectory Planning of the live-line maintenance robot manipulator
The earthquake to one folding plate space truss structure roof lower chord nodal displacement influence
FENG, Dian-yi
Design and Research of Control System of the Large-Scale Accumulator Blow Molding Machine Based on PLC
FENG, Huijuan
A Method of Noise Control using in Shearography Inspection System
FENG, Huijuan
Research on Failure Probability of Vehicle Equipments Based on Fuzzy Statistics Method
FENG, Huijuan
The Life Prediction Model of Vehicles Engine Based on Cylinder Wear-law
FENG, Huijuan
An Aggregation Method for Mission Reliability of Equipment Support Object System
FENG, Liang
The Planning of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Urban Area
Study and Development of Positive Testing System for Screw Drill
FU, Bo
A Moving Body Recognition Method with Background Robustness
Fan, Guangchong
Design and Realization of the Monomer Battery Monitor Module in the BMS
Fan, Guoquan
Refrigerator cabinet foaming mold accurate design and manufacture based on the vacuum Deformation mechanism
Fan, Jianxun
A research on bonding mechanics of butt welding joint of deformed Zn alloy
Fan, Min
Research On Decision Support Of Whole Process For Mega And Complex Projects
Fan, Xincan
Medical cloud platform for efficient flow control technology
Fan, Xincan
Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery research and implementation of measurement techniques
Fan, Xiying
Optimization Design of Cooling Channel