Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

1602 authors
Fan, Yong
A new method of page standardization based on DOM
Fan, Zhen-nan
Loss and Temperature Computation of Damper Bars at Asymmetric Load Condtions of a Large Tubular Hydro-Generator
Fang, Buling
Design of the Large Rotary Wheel Declining Nozzle Range Theory Research Based on Fluent Simulation Software
Fang, Li
The Features of Mechanical Engineering English and Its English-Chinese Translation Principles
Fang, Pei
The Price Forecast Model of China-made Large Aircraft Based on Partial Least Squares Regression
Fang, Pei
Research on the Distribution of the Repeaters
Fang, Xiaoshan
Study on Zhongshan’s Urban Construction in Modern Era under the Influence of Xiangshan Commercial Ideologies
Fang, Yi
Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm in Reliability Optimization of Multi-agent Intrusion Detection
Fang, Zhou
Research on application of Compactly Supported Biorthogonal wavelet in image Matching
Fei, Yingchao
Impact of natural ventilation strategies on IAQ and energy consumption for residential building in Shenyang
Fei, Zhigen
The positioning errors detection and compensation of translational axes for five-axis measuring system based on VDI-3441 criterion
Feng, Chenlu
Research on Random Vibration Control Algorithm Based-on EV Model
Feng, Guoyu
Modal Analysis on Cab Body-in-white of Heavy Commercial Vehicle
Feng, Hongwu
Preparation of Bi-doped TiOB2B modified by TEA and Its Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties under visible light illumination
Feng, Hongwu
Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytic Performance of Ag-deposited TiO2 film electrodes in solution containing Cl- ions
Feng, Liang
The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Distribution Grid
Feng, Mingyue
Corner Detection for Intelligent Vehicles Based on a Four-Layer Radar
Feng, Na
Structure and luminescence property of Eu2+,Dy3+-doped SrO-MgO-SiO2 glass
Feng, Nenglian
Integrated Control of Electric Power Steering and Active Suspension System Based on LQG Theory
Feng, Shengqiang
Study on Effects of Heat Treatment on Morphology of Al Coating on the Surface of Mg Alloy by Cold Spray
Feng, Shengqiang
Study on mechanical properties and microstructure analysis of welded joints of 7A05 aluminum alloy by laser-MIG hybrid welding
Feng, Shuang
Design of Mobile Teaching Platform Based on Android
Feng, Yan-xia
Sustainable product design strategy based on product service system
Feng, Yuewei
The Application of UG Secondary Development to the Calculation of Dimension Chain
Feng, Zhicheng
Optimization of poly-silicon deposition process for switch
Fu, Hongyuan
An Integrated ANP Modle for Decision-making of Urban Regeneration Projects
Fu, Hui-kai
Performance analysis of the six-phase induction machine based on trapezoidal phase current waveform
Fu, Hui-kai
Performance analysis of Permanent Magnet Assisted reluctance synchronous machine
Fu, Jinxiang
The Research on Operation Parameters Optimization of BAF
Fu, Rongrong
Research on the method of UG secondary development to the calculating plane dimension chain
Fu, Xiaofeng
Research on Construction Program of Logistics Base of Shenmu West
Fu, Xiuzhuo
The effects of machining parameters on machining time in piezoelectric self-adaptive micro-EDM
Analyzing of Reinforcement Effect of Bolt-Grouting in Squeezing Tunnel
GAO, Cui
Research & application on Residential parking facilities of Stereo garage
GAO, Xiangdong
Analysis of Welding Stability Based on Plume Images during High-power Disc Laser Welding
GAO, Xiangdong
Image Enhancement of Laser Welding Molten Pool Feature in Frequency Domain
GAO, Yan
Capacity study on flexural strengthening of RC beams with Near Surface Mounted helical rib steel wire
GE, Shao-yun
The Planning of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Urban Area
GE, Xiaoyu
Trajectory Planning of the live-line maintenance robot manipulator
Injection Mold Cavity Stiffness and Intensity Analysis Based on ANSYS Workbench and MOLDFLOW
The Numerical Simulation for Heat-transfer process of Photovoltaic Rolled Glass in Forming Stage
GOU, Jian Xia
Growth and Self-Assembly of One-Dimensional Magnetic Particles Chain of Polycrystalline Nickel by Chemical Reduction in the Presence of a Magnetic Field
The Impact of Residual Stress Relaxation on Fatigue Life Enhancing Effect of Cold Expansion
GUI, Yongliang
Microstructure of the Cast Iron Materials for Sintering Machine Trolley
GUO, Hong Qiang
Torque Distribution Control Strategy for Electric Vehicles with Axles Separately Driven
Gan, Deqing
Retention goaf stability influence comprehensive analysis on existing building
Gao, Baohong
Study on chemical mechanical ultra precision process technology of Aluminum Interconnected Line for ULSI
Gao, Haiyu
On-line Tuning Algorithms Design and Validation for MCU Based on TMS320F28335
Gao, Huali
The barrier-free design of kindergarten buildings
Gao, Jie
Video Object Extraction Integrating Temporal-Spatial Information
Gao, Jing
Research on the Open Space in Urban Areas of Taiyuan
Gao, Jing
Research on the key points of revetment design in water-deficient areas
Gao, Liying
The effects of machining parameters on machining time in piezoelectric self-adaptive micro-EDM
Gao, Mingzhi
Analysis on dynamic failure behaviors of steel double-layer cylindrical latticed shells supported by steel columns used in a gymnasium under earthquake action
Gao, Pingmei
The Design of the Active Heave Compensation System of the Lifting
Gao, Qing
The Study on Measuring Method of Heat Exchange Pipe Deformation and Displacement Based on Thermal Strain
Gao, Qing
The Finite Element Simulation Study on Thermal Deformation of Ground Heat Exchange Pipe
Gao, Xiang-Dong
Numerical Study of Keyhole Centroid Infrared Image Based on Fixed Threshold Method during High Power Fiber Laser Welding
Gao, Xiangdong
Extraction of Weld Pool Feature Based on Visual Sensing during High-power Fiber Laser Welding
Gao, Xiangdong
Investigation of Laser Welding Seam Tracking Based on Visual Sensing
Gao, Xiangdong
Identification of Laser Weld Penetration Based on Fuzzy C-means algorithm
Gao, Xiangdong
Elucidation of Seam Tracking Based on Keyhole Characteristic during High-Power Fiber Laser Welding
Gao, Xing
Anti-acceleration Disturbance Method for Pendulum Tiltmeter
Gao, YanMin
The change of electron energy loss spectra in NiTi2 alloys
Gao, Yao
The Magnetic Chemical Preparation and Properties of the Al3Zr/6A02 Aluminum Matrix Composites
Gao, Yinjuan
The Research of Vibration Suppression Method for Silicon Micro-machined Gyro Driven by the Rotation Aircraft
Gao, Yongqing
Design of Smart Power Socket based on FreeRTOS and STM32F103
Gao, Yu
Failure Analysis on HPT Blade of CFM56-7B
Gao, Yuan
Study on Clinching of Magnesium Alloy Sheets with Different Lower Die Parameters Based on DEFORM 2D
Gao, Yuebing
The Design of the Active Heave Compensation System of the Lifting
Gao, Zhenhai
The Study on the Membership Function Shape of Fuzzy Controller Optimization
Ge, Chongyong
A comparative study of anode properties of two ordered mesoporous carbons with tailored crystalline structure for lithium ion batteries
Ge, Ping-Shu
Model Reference Adaptive Control for Perforated Mill
Ge, Rui
Residual stress determination on U-sheet pile using stress free method
Ge, Shao yun
The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Distribution Grid
Gong, Binyao
Virtual optical image encryption based on double random amplitude encoding
Gong, Gangjun
A Communication Scheduling Scheme for UHV Transmission Line Construction and Security Mechanism Research
Gong, Jianchun
(60)Flow Analysis and Experiment of Pressure-regulating Valve Used in Wet Friction Clutch
Gong, Jinfeng
Design of Automotive instrument cluster Based on OSEK Standard
Gong, Tao
Numerical Analysis of Influence of Large-Diameter EPB Shield Tunneling on Ground Deformation in Beijing Area
Gu, Liang
Study on the fractal gradation optimization of ATB-25
Gu, Qifen
Design for Novel Appearance of Mini Electric Car
Gu, Qifen
Design of Laboratory Bench for Fluorescent Lamp Power Factor
Gu, Shangxuan
The Auto Parts Road Simulation Vibration Test Platform Design
Gu, Yundong
A Prioritization Algorithm for Crime Busting based on Centrality Analysis
Guan, Guangfeng
Research on Random Vibration Control Algorithm Based-on EV Model
Gui, Qiaoling
A Probe into the Utilization of New Materials in Naxi Residential Door Trim of Lijiang Yunnan Province
Gui, Weihua
Transient Hydraulic Pressure Fluctuation Analysis of a Hydroturbine via Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
Guo, Endong
Research on reinforcement of soft soil by geotextile
Guo, Fuxiang
Flow Field Simulation and Performance Analysis of HVAC Defrosting Duct
Guo, Gengyi
Physicochemical characteristics and antioxidant activity of the intracellular melanin from Lachnum sp. YM-236
Guo, Hongjian
Investigation in Effect of Nano-WC powder on wear resistance of Fe/ WC coating
Guo, Liying
Study on Modification of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Adhesive with Ionic Liquid
Guo, MEI
An Algorithm of three-Dimensional Sensor Network Deployment for Petroleum and Gas Pipeline Monitoring Systems
Guo, Nan
Calculation of slab-column middle connection under combined shear and unbalanced moment
Guo, Pengzeng
Double Wires Submerged Arc Welding Temperature Field Simulation
Guo, Rongchun
A study about fault diagnosis of automobile engine based on neural network
Guo, Shaoshuai
Improved Genetic-ant Algorithm for the Optimization of Rapid Prototyping Contour Path
Guo, Shuai
Design and Calculation of the Transmission System for Sintering Furnace
Guo, Suxuan
Analysis of distributed generation system and the influence on voltage distribution