Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

1602 authors
Liang, Jianbin
Identification of Laser Weld Penetration Based on Fuzzy C-means algorithm
Liang, Peng
The Stability’s Influencing Factors and Active Control of Hydrostatic Journal Bearing
Liang, Qi
Influence of Laser Incident Energy on Chemical Composition, Crystal Structure, Morphology and Band Gap of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Liang, Zhaoxin
Research on the Optimized Uprooted Speed Model of Cassava Root
Liao, Chun-lan
The Effective Length of Elastic Supporting Bars
Liao, Weifeng
A Blade Surface Flatness Measuring System Based on Laser Displacement Sensor for Knives and Scissors
Liao, Yujuan
An Integrated ANP Modle for Decision-making of Urban Regeneration Projects
Lin, Cheng
Matching Design of Power Coupling for Two-Motor-Drive Electric Vehicle
Lin, Fuhong
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Connectivity in Different Cislunar Satellite Constellations Networking
Lin, Li
Research on the Similarity Algorithm of Chromatographic Fingerprint Based on Information Entropy
Lin, Niu
Monitoring of a Frame Structure Model for Damage Identification using Artificial Neural Networks
Lin, Xiaojun
Investigation in Effect of Nano-WC powder on wear resistance of Fe/ WC coating
Lin, Xinyan
Process Data Management Based on Teamcenter Manufacturing
Lin, Yilin
A Hybrid P2P-based Rendering System on WAN
Lin, Yiying
Calculation of slab-column middle connection under combined shear and unbalanced moment
Lin, Yong
Measuring method and sample size selection for the magnetostriction measurement of silicon steel
Lin, Yuan
A Multi-model Kalman Filter Clock Synchronization Algorithm based on Hypothesis Testing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lin, Zhongcan
3D Manufacturing Feature Based Integrated Information Model and its Modeling System Development Based on XML and NX Platform
Lin, Zhongcan
Intelligent Navigation Oriented Mechanical Product CAD System Based on Knowledge Fusion
Ling, Guoping
Study on Effects of Heat Treatment on Morphology of Al Coating on the Surface of Mg Alloy by Cold Spray
Ling, Jie
Research on Load Balance Strategy Based on Grey Prediction Theory in Cloud Storage
Ling, Weng
Model Test On The Settlement Controlling Effect Of New CFG Pile-board Structure Composite Foundation Based On Similar Theory
Liu, Baoye
Improved Genetic-ant Algorithm for the Optimization of Rapid Prototyping Contour Path
Liu, Changxin
Framework of Closed-loop Optimization System for Operation Management in Plant-wide Production Process
Liu, Chao
Study on the performance of the new high-strength steel-encased Concrete composite beam (SCCB)
Liu, Chunming
The Whole Process Cost Management for Construction Projects in Higher Vocational Colleges of China
Liu, Di-chen
Power Flow Automatic Adjustment Based on Reactive Power Distribution Factor
Liu, Di-chen
Application of Transient Energy Function in Regional Power Grig
Liu, Dichen
Analysis of distributed generation system and the influence on voltage distribution
Liu, Gang
The application of multiobjective programming with regard to the problem of bandwidth distribution
Liu, Gen-cai
Fault Diagnosis for Power Transformer Based on SVM Information Fusion
Liu, Haoting
Mechanical Characteristics of Basic Actions in Simulated Space Operation Conditions
Liu, Hong
The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Distribution Grid
Liu, Hongquan
Corner Detection for Intelligent Vehicles Based on a Four-Layer Radar
Liu, Hongwei
Study on mechanical properties and microstructure analysis of welded joints of 7A05 aluminum alloy by laser-MIG hybrid welding
Liu, Hui
Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and its Application in System Identification
Liu, Huijuan
A Comparative Analysis for a Flux-Modulated Permanent-Magnet Motor with an Improved Structure
Liu, Huijuan
Co-Simulation of 600KW Traction Induction Motor Fed by PWM Inverter
Liu, Huijuan
Field-Circuit Coupled Analysis of an In-Wheel Switched Reluctance Motor with Outer Rotor for EV Applications
Liu, Huilian
Accelerometer Static Calibration based on the PSO algorithm
Liu, Huiling
Using PSO Algorithm to Optimize Linking Structure of E-commerce Sites
Liu, J.
Analysis on dynamic failure behaviors of steel double-layer grids used in a hexagon gymnasium under strong earthquake action
Liu, Jianhua
Image Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Lifting Stationary Wavelet Coefficient
Liu, Jing
Study on dynamic failure behaviors of steel double-layer grids 36X42 m supported by circumjacent steel columns used in a gymnasium under disaster earthquake action
Liu, Jing
Analysis on dynamic failure behaviors of steel double-layer cylindrical latticed shells supported by steel columns used in a gymnasium under earthquake action
Liu, Jing
Research on elastic-plastic failure behavior of steel double-layer grids structure system 36X 48m2 used in the badminton practice gymnasium under strong earthquake wave
Liu, Jingang
Amelioration and Finite Element Analysis for Oil Groove of a Wet Clutch Friction Disk
Liu, Jinli
Vibration Resistance Structure Optimization Design on Special Vehicle of Fuel Tank
Liu, Jinru
Digitized Resources Management System Design for Unfolding of Sheet Metal
Liu, Juan
Analysis of Internal Fraction Property of Corn Stalk Powder under Triaxial Compression Test
Liu, Jun
The Research on Operation Parameters Optimization of BAF
Liu, Jun
Research and Application of the NX-Based Computer Aided Tolerance Design (CATD)
Liu, Jun
Finite Element Analysis of Static and Dynamic Characteristic on the Turnover Device Main Spindle of Aluminum Ingot Stacker Based on ANSYS WORKBENCH*
Liu, Jun-bang
Application of Neural Network in the Evaluation of Equipment Maintenance Quality
Liu, Junjie
Research on Decision of Equipment maintenance and support task scheduling
Liu, Kemin
Design and Research on tower escape apparatus based on the principle of escapement mechanism
Liu, Lian
A Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process for Multiple Equipment Maintenance Decision
Liu, Liang
The Whole Process Cost Management for Construction Projects in Higher Vocational Colleges of China
Liu, Libing
Design and Implementation of Digital Integral Interpolator Based on LabVIEW
Liu, Minghui
Design of Body Slip Angle Observer for Vehicle Stability Control
Liu, Mingyuan
Application of Fuzzy AHP Method in the Effect Evaluation of Network Attack
Liu, Nan
Vibration Resistance Structure Optimization Design on Special Vehicle of Fuel Tank
Liu, Peng
Preparation and ionic conductive mechanism of novel electrolyte for automobile oxygen sensor
Liu, Qicheng
Preparation and ionic conductive mechanism of novel electrolyte for automobile oxygen sensor
Liu, Quanzhou
Calibration of Equivalent Tire Cornering Stiffness for Vehicle Reference Model in ESP Based on Fminsearch Method
Liu, Rongfang
Preparation of Simvastatin Loaded TiO2 nanotube arrays and its release behavior
Liu, Shaokun
Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm in Reliability Optimization of Multi-agent Intrusion Detection
Liu, Songshan
Analysis of Nonlinear Damping Characteristic of Regenerative Damper
Liu, Wei
The Research of Capacity Control Standard in Bridge Transition Section Subgrade Based on Measured Dynamic Stress
Liu, Wenling
Heat Transfer Model of Underground Heat Exchanger in the Aquifer
Liu, Xiangkai
Research on Wear State of Vehicles Engine Based on Matter-Element Method
Liu, Xiaoxia
Dynamic Scheduling Optimization of Job Shop Based on OCTPN and Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
Liu, Xiufeng
Using PSO Algorithm to Optimize Linking Structure of E-commerce Sites
Liu, Xiuqi
Preparation and Electrical Properties of CB/PVC/EPDM Conductive Foam Composite
Liu, Xiuqi
Study on NTC Electrical Behavior of Carbon Black / PVC Composite
Liu, Y.J.
Study on countermeasures of the maintenance spares storage based on AHP
Liu, Yanfei
Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based on Game Theory and its Application
Liu, Yanhong
Design and Implementation of Networked ATS Based on Function Interface
Liu, Yanlong
Using ultrasonic treatment on wood veneer dyeing
Liu, Yanlong
Reactive dyes on the wood veneer dyeing research
Liu, Yanxia
Research on Route Optimization Problem of Road Transportation
Liu, Yingchun
Application of Nonlinear Combination Prediction Model for Network Traffic
Liu, Yingchun
A Genetic Algorithm with Local Searching Strategy and its Application
Liu, Yonghong
Experimental design of EDM pulse generator based on VB and SCM
Liu, Yonghong
A New Method for Electrical Discharge Machining of Non-Conductive Engineering Ceramics
Liu, Yonghua
Elucidation of Seam Tracking Based on Keyhole Characteristic during High-Power Fiber Laser Welding
Liu, Yongjian
A moving body recognition method based on self-adaption weighting meanshift algorithm
Liu, Yongping
The Application of UG Secondary Development to the Calculation of Dimension Chain
Liu, Yongping
Research on the method of UG secondary development to the calculating plane dimension chain
Liu, Yongtao
Design of Lane Departure Warning System Based on ADSP-BF561
Liu, Youxin
Research on Sustainable Development Evaluation method of City Road-Network
Liu, Yu Ling
Effect of different reagents on stability of Alkalinity silica sol
Liu, Yuan
The Research and Development of Remote Interactive Engine Room Resource Management Simulator
Liu, Yuan Zhen
The Durability Research of Thermal Insulation Glazed Hollow Bead Concrete under the Sulfate Attack
Liu, Yuancai
Mechanical analysis of symmetrical driving the movement of the lifting platform
Liu, Zhentong
Study on Dynamic Shift Schedule of Automated Mechanical Transmission in a Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Liu, Zongqi
Early Failure Study of Gearbox Input Shaft Bearing on Damage Rate
Lu, Changhou
The Stability’s Influencing Factors and Active Control of Hydrostatic Journal Bearing
Lu, GuiLin
study on Calculation method of Adhesion of cancer cells with Tumor thrombus
Lu, Hongjian
Retention Goaf Stability Influence Numerical Analysis on Existing Building