Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Energy, Power and Electrical Engineering

EPEE 2016, an international conference on Energy, Power and Electrical Engineering, will be held on October 30th -31st in Shenzhen, China. It focus on the hot-spots in the field the Power and Electrical Engineering. Great support has been received from experts and scholars at home and abroad. EPEE 2016 will provide participants a rich program and presentation certificate will be granted.

Influenced by the society development and market needs, power demand is increasing, which leads to higher requirement to the stability, reliability and safety of power supply. This conference provides a forum to experts and scholars to discuss the challenges they may face in daily work and find out the solutions together. They can not only witness the latest technology applied in power generation and control, but also know the new development trends of power systems. Participants are invited and inspired to contribute papers on these topics before the conference even begins.

What’s more, Electrical Engineering is one of the conference themes. EPEE 2016 will bring together experts from industry, government and academia who are experienced in engineering and related fields. The innovation of electric motor is a main driving force in the area of industry. Nowadays, it has been applied in many fields. There are many theories worth being studied and explored. And the achievement exhibition of motor is also exciting.

By the end of the contributing deadline, we received in total 264 contributions. All submitted papers went through a strict and rigorous reviewing process in which one paper was reviewed by at least two reviewers with both the author and reviewers being anonymous. The paper was accepted when the two reviewers both identified with it. The paper was reviewed by the third person if without two-side recognition. In the end, 76 papers of high quality are included in this book, which is divided into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: Alternative Energy and the Environment
Chapter 2: Power Generation and Transmission
Chapter 3: Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Industry Applications

Finally, we would like to give our appreciation to the organizer and the publishing house. Also, we are grateful to the devoted authors and reviewer who gave us great support. It is a privilege for us to have this opportunity to work with these outstanding people. We are looking forward to cooperate with them again in the future.

The EPEE 2016 Committee