Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Energy, Power and Electrical Engineering

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Sustainable and Renewable Energy Application: From Green Buildings to Green Sustainability

Te Fu Chen, Tsai-fong Tan, Chieh-Heng Ko
The study aims to explore sustainable and renewable energy application via a case study from green buildings to green sustainability. Therefore, first of all, the study reviews definitions of sustainable energy, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, smart-grid technology, green energy and...
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The Interaction Design of Outdoor Fitness Facilities Based on Solar Energy

Xiyin Gao, Yue Han, Ke Su
At present, the functions of outdoor fitness facilities are single, and the modeling is stiff and bulky, so the user experience is very boring. The interaction design can not only enhance interaction between fitness facilities and persons, which add lively and interesting experience to users, but also...
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Wind Power Accommodation by CHP Based on Electric Boiler and Heat Accumulator

Liguo Fan
The new method of accommodating wind power based on electric boilers and heat accumulators with combined heat and power(CHP) is presented in the paper. Firstly, the cause of tremendous wind power curtailment in the north power grid of China is introduced. Secondly, thermoelectric characteristics of CHP...
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Automatic Tracking System of Solar Panel Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Danping Jia, Yang Wang
In order to improve the utilization rate of solar energy, A STC89C52 SCM to control the core of solar panel automatic tracking system is designed in this paper. It adopts the method of photoelectric tracking and sun angle tracking. The system judges sunny or cloudy by the weather detection circuit. When...
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Comprehensive Evaluation and Influence Factors of Environmental Pollution in Manufacturing Industry of China

Xiao'e Qu
This paper constructs a comprehensive evaluation model of environmental pollution with the characteristics of "three dimensions", then calculates the environmental pollution comprehensive index of 28 industries of China manufacturing industry from 2001 to 2013, and analyzes the influencing factors of...
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The Numerical Simulation and Study on Gymnasium Indoor Thermal Environment of Airpak

Feng Qian, Li Yang
The paper chose the design of activity center of the gymnasium located in Dangtu County as an example, based on the structure characteristics of the stadium. The software Airpak 2.1 is used to simulate air flow organization (airflow velocity and temperature) and thermal comfort of the sports games hall...
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The Effect and Countermeasures on the Missile Equipment in High Temperature and Damp Environment

Wengeng Pan, Tao Li, Hua Wan, Yijun Chen, Yanlei Zhang
Missile equipment maintenance of the security work under high temperature and humid environment is a system engineering, everything is the decisive factor, it directly affect the quality of missile battle and training security. In order to ensure the quality of ammunition storage and safe use, it can...
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Research on Poisson Point Process Model of Transmission System and Its Reliability

Yonghua Zhu, Chenglin Chen, Tian Zhang
This paper mainly discussed the system reliability with the new isolated circuit breaker and the traditional equipment in operation process. Firstly, we established the Poisson marked point process model of the outage time and derived their mathematical expectations. And we used the expectations as the...
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The Research of Electric Energy Measurement Algorithm Based on S-Transform

Xiyang Ou, Bei He, Xiang Du, Jin Zhang, Ling Feng, Chang Ji, Wanjun Lei
Considering the present electric energy measurement algorithm with the defect of low accuracy of measurement and unable to separate the fundamental wave and harmonic signal power when measurement the electric energy. This paper devises a fast and accurate electric energy measurement algorithm based on...
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Spatial Pattern and Forecast Analysis of Urbanization Growth Rates in Henan: 2011-2015

Kaiguang Zhang, Mingting Ba, Hongling Meng
Urbanization growth rate is the conversion speed of agricultural population to non-agricultural population along with the regional population structure transformation process caused by productivity development, modern scientific and technological application and industrial structure adjustment. In the...
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Research of Potential Distribution Defect about 220kV Porcelain-clad Arrester for Heavy Contamination Areas

Lina Geng, Yafeng Zhong, Hui Geng
This paper used 220kV porcelain-clad arrester defect at heavy contamination areas as a case, to research potential distribution by the means of high-pressure test and simulation. It has comprehensive analyzed the reasons that the defect of the arrester design is unreasonable. The paper reseached potential...
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Research of Equivalent Testing Intensity Between Proving Grounds Based on Rain-Flow Technique and Miner Theorem

Weiqiang Yue, Chuanxue Song
Use the LMS data acquisition terminal and the PCB acceleration sensor, get the loading spectrum of two typical proving grounds by the same truck, and then make a contrast analysis of the distributing character by the rain-flow counting technique. At the same time extrapolate the two spectrums into the...
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Wind Power Forecasting Based on Extended Latin Hypercube Sampling

Xianbing Ding, Minfang Peng, Meie Shen, Liang Zhu, Hongwei Che, Sheng Zhou, Guangming Li, Rongsheng Liu
With the rise of distributed generation, such as wind power and photovoltaic (PV), it is necessary to consider the effect of distributed generation's output randomness. Using the method of Latin hypercube sampling (LHS) can effectively fit output scenario. Considering the sampling number of conventional...
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Research on Green Systems of the Historical Buildings Protection

Li Yang, Feng Qian
Natural ventilation is a technique that utilizes the natural environment. Compared with air conditioning, it can reduce the energy consumption and maintain good air quality at the same time. However, in past research methods, wind environment design was ignored. In this paper, the ventilation system...
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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Ag3VO4 NPs Decorated PAN Nanofibers

Jin-Pyo Lee, Prem Singh Saud, Mira Park, Hak-Yong Kim
This report presents synthesis of well-dispersed Ag3VO4 nanoparticles@polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanofibers by an easily controlled, template-free method as a photo-catalyst for the degradation of methylene blue. Their structural, optical, and photocatalytic properties have been studied by X-ray diffraction,...
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Analysis on Wind Power Plant Voltage Quality and Design of STATCOM Control

Cai Liang, Tuo Liu, Li Ma, Shangdong Yang
Due to the randomness and volatility of wind power, the problems of voltage fluctuation, harmonic and so on will have a serious impact on the power quality of power grid. (Which produces a voltage fluctuations, harmonics and other power quality problems will severely affected power grid.) The wind turbine...
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Control of a Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC System for Wind Power Delivery

Mohamed Tawfik Eladl, Yasser Gaber Dessouky, Ezz Eldien Zakzouk
Among the most developed renewable energy sources, wind energy attracts the most research attentions. Wind energy is easily captured far away from the places where wind energy is used. Because of this unique characteristic of the wind, the generation and delivery systems of the wind energy need to be...
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Research on IGCC Power Generation Technology Using High Sulfur Pet Coke

Hongtao Liu, Li Xue, Dengfeng Xu
High sulfur pet coke power generation through Integration Gasification Combined Cycle technology is discussed in this paper. Compared with coal, high sulfur pet coke has characteristics like high carbon content, high sulfur content, high heat value, low ash content and low volatile matter. IGCC power...
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Uncertain Reasoning of Distribution Network Planning for Distributed Generator

Jiong Yan, Fei Wang
In order to study the impact of distributed generation (DG) in distribution network planning, a fuzzy programming approach is proposed. Triangular fuzzy numbers are used to describe the uncertainty of DG. Based on credibility theory, the network planning model is established. Fuzzy power flow is calculated,...
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Risk Assessment of Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation

Yuxiang Hou, Minfang Peng, Hongwei Che, Jingying Hou, Liang Zhu
Based on risk assessment theory and "N-1" safety criteria, aiming at the situation of fault and power recovery in distribution system with distributed generation (DG), load bus loss and line overload and they comprehensive risk index are proposed to assess the risk degree of system, and find the vulnerable...
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A Novel Stabilization Method of the Islanded DC Microgrid

Zhonglin Yang, Xiaoming Zha, Leping Pu, Xuanfang Yang
DC microgrid contains a large number of tightly regulated closed-loop converters, which performance for the constant power loads and may cause stability problem of bus voltage when used as a load since they trend to draw constant power. In order to improve the stability of DC microgrid, this paper proposes...
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Modeling and Simulation Research on the Influence of Dynamic Process of EV Charging Station on Transient Voltage Stability of Distribution Network

Wenhuan Hao, Aina Tian, Yiying Gao, Lize Ran
The promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) has eased the shortage of fossil fuels, but also brings challenges to the grid. Load modeling of EV is an important technical reserve to deal with the challenge. From practical application, this paper built the model of charging system consisting of voltage source...
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Real-Time Three-Phase Line Loss Calculation for Distribution Network Based on Electric Characteristic Measuring Terminal

Jian Li, Chenxi Wang, Yuancan Zhuang, Jiangwen Yi
Line loss rate is an important economic index of distribution network. In the paper, a new real-time three-phase line loss calculation method based on characteristic measurement is proposed for calculating the line loss of distribution network. The state characteristics of distribution network is measured...
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Research on the Control Strategy of the Inter-provincial Electromagnetic Loop Network in Hubei Power Grid

Haiguang Liu, Defu Cai, Chu Zhou, Kan Cao, Wentao Huang, Hang Dong
Hubei-Henan transmission section is the first 1000kV/500kV/220kV three-level electromagnetic loop network in China and the most complex loop network in Hubei. According to the present situation of Hubei-Henan transmission section and Hubei-Hunan transmission section electromagnetic loop, the characteristics...
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Discussion on Several Safety and Stability Problems of Large Receiving-End Power Grid after AC UHV Access

Guangyao Yu, Tianhao Wang, Guodong Li, Jian Zhang, Zhiqiang Chong
With the UHV power grid into a period of rapid development, bi-coupled electromagnetic loop network or even 1000kV/500kV/220kV tri-coupled electromagnetic loop network will be widely formed by the receiving end after UHV project landing. Changes in the structure and operation characteristics of grid...
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Research on the 220kV Line Single-phase Reclosing Time Effect on the Stability of Power Grid

Xinyuan Liu, Xiaojia Zhai, Huiping Zheng, Shuyong Song
Based on equal-area criterion, this paper analyzed in 220kV line single-phase reclosing time effect on the stability of power grid under different failure modes in theory. It also analyzed the optimal reclosing time period and the optimal reclosing time, and its validity is verified by simulation. Combining...
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The Security and Stability Analysis Of 500kV West Channel To Shanxi Datong Power Grid

Xinyuan Liu, Xiaojia Zhai, Huiping Zheng, Weiwen Duan
This paper researches the limit of Shanxi Datong power grid static stability, transmission capacity, security and stability of power grid characteristics under the serious fault by simulation after the commissioning of 500kV west channel. Then compared with the pre production, the importance and necessity...
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Research on Synchronous Grid-Connected of Micro-grid by Using Kalman Filter

Xiaobing Xu, Bing Li, Jianping Wang, Chengqiang Zheng, Xiaojia Qin, Wei Sun, Qin Wang
The coordinating control of distributed power and smoothly grid-connected strategy is the key to well grid-connected. In this paper, a strategy of synchronous grid-connected control based on Kalman filter estimation is put forward. By calculating the difference between the previous and the present state,...
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A New Islanding Detection Method for Grid Connected PV System

Ke Jia, Hongsheng Wei, Yaoqi Lin, Yujin Wang, Guoqing He, Bohan Liu
Active detection methods are mostly employed in existing islanding detections for grid connected renewable energy, but there might be non-detection zone in multi-PV system due to mutual interferences of the disturbance signals. In addition, traditional active methods may bring bad influences to power...
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Control Strategy of Energy Storage Buffer System for Charging Station with V2G Function

Shuguang Liu, Huawei Xie, Wenpu Zhao
Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations based on the V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology support bi-directional energy interaction between grid and electric vehicles. The energy flow from the grid will be injected into the battery when the battery needs to be charged. While the electric vehicle is in a...
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Application and Research of Integrated Model Between Substation and Dispatch Center

Ning Jiang, Lin Li, Ning Kang, Guodong Li, Lingxu Guo, Jian Chen
This paper realizes cooperative modeling between intelligent substation and dispatch center based on IEC 61850 standard. The functions of the System Configuration Utility of Substation Automation System is regulated; The equipment and signal description in SCD file is regulated and expanded. The measuring...
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Application and Research of Integrated Information Exchange System Between Substation and Dispatch Center

Ning Jiang, Lin Li, Yao Wang, Guodong Li, Lingxu Guo, Jian Chen
This paper realizes direct communication between intelligent substation and dispatch center based on IEC61850 standard. An integrated information exchange system is established to achieve the above content. The communication uses Client/Server mode. An intelligent data gateway is used to integrate functions...
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Effects of Harmonic Pollution on Electrical Three-Phase Power Transformers

E. Darie, R. Pecsi
In this paper there are described the effects of the current and voltage variations' distortion on the three-phased power transformers; the methods of evaluating the additional power losses in the three-phased power transformers given by the harmonics and some records necessary for the evaluation and...
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Transformer Health Status Evaluation Method Based on the Association Rule and Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xun Wan, Kunyu Tan, Yun Liu, Huisheng Ye, Shihua Zhao, Ping Peng, Minfang Peng
In order to build the transformer evaluation model both with objective laws and subjective initiatives, a transformer health status evaluation method is proposed based on association rules and analytic hierarchy process (AHP). By analyzing the degree of association of each individual transformer operation...
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Deep Peak Load Regulation Compensation Mechanism of Thermal Power Units Incorporating the Change of Object and the Capability of Subject of Peak Load Regulation

Zhen'an Zhang, Junzhe Lei, Zicheng Zhou, Quansheng Zhu, Haixia Wang, Quan Lv, Weidong Li
A deep peak load regulation compensation mechanism of thermal power units is presented to encourage the units to actively participate in peak load regulation and improve their peaking capability. The compensation mechanism consists of two sections. In the first section, the method of dividing basic peak...
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Design and Realization of AC Charging Spot for Electric Vehicles

Shuguang Liu, Gang Cheng, Huawei Xie
Electric vehicle as a new kind of transportation vehicle has broad application prospects in our country. Charging facilities which provide energy with electric vehicles are important infrastructure in vehicle industry development. The equivalent model and working principle of AC charging spots are studied...
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Modeling Scheme of Supervisory Control System for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on IEC61850

Shuguang Liu, Wenbin Lu, Huawei Xie
Electric vehicles with zero pollution, zero noise, driving a simple advantage has become the focus of attention, but the battery life is weak and charging is not convenient and so on, has become a major obstacle to limit the use of large-scale. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the charging pile...
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Study of SVM-DTC Strategy on Drive Motor of Cable Winch

Lawu Zhou, Xiong Deng, Bonan An, Jun Gao
Cable winch is a crucial component of the shore power system, and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with high efficiency and good maintainability is always used as the drive motor for ship cable winch. In order to deal with the various and complex ocean environment, it is rather important for...
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Electric Power Big Data and Its Applications

Defu Cai, Hongxun Tian, Yi Wang, Honggang Wang, Haifeng Zheng, Kan Cao, Chu Zhou
With the comprehensive construction of smart grid, electric power data resources rise up sharply. Make full use of electric power big data can provide an effective way for the safe operation of power grid and high-quality power supply. In this paper, the electric power enterprises' big data was divided...
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The Economic Analysis on the Electric Universal Services

Jianhui Liao
The electricity universal service is an important public welfare policy. In this paper, the general economic analysis framework of electric universal service is constructed, the necessity of monopoly supply and government regulation is demonstrated, and the attribute of electricity universal service...
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Enhancement of Power System Dynamics through STATCOM

Narendra Kumar, Vipin Jain
In FACTS devices auxiliary signals are widely used to enhance damping and mitigation of Subsynchronous Resonance in Power System. Choice of auxiliary signals is indeed a difficult choice. In this paper STATCOM is installed in the middle of Power system and it is shown that computed generator internal...
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Research on Infinite Bus System Model in the Power System dynamic Simulation

Fengge Zhang, Dexian Yang
The author analyses the infinite bus power source model used in the power system dynamic simulation lab, and make further study on the industry standard for the Dynamic Test of the Power System Protective Products, then introduced a design scheme for the infinite bus system dynamic model, based on which...
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Capital Structure Evaluation Model on PPP Power Projects

Liping Wang, Pu Zhang, Yi Liu, Yi Wang, Hongbing Wang
In recent years, more opportunities is provided for Chinese electric power group to participate overseas power projects along with the application of public-private partnership(PPP), and how to evaluate asset structure became to be a crucial for the smooth implementation of these PPP power project. This...
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Contradiction Between Electric Power Market-oriented Reform and Sustainable Development: Evidence from China

Shuo Yin, Jing Yan, Hongkun Bai, Jiangbo Wang, Dawei Song, Junhui Liu
In this paper, by constructing a 3-phase pool game, instructions that large industrial electric power direct purchase will leads to price distortion under the condition of imperfect regulation, increase the electricity price cross-subsidy that general industrial and commercial users to large industrial...
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The Feasibility Analysis of Communication Service Model for Power Wireless Private Network with 4G Technology

Hao Zhang, Jiming Yao, Hao He, Xin Li
Smart grid is a high-speed, two-way, real-time, and integrated communication system, which can real-time monitor and control grid operation, prevent accident and clear fault timely. A key component of the Smart Grid is a communications infrastructure for data acquisition, monitoring, control and protection....
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Condition Assessment of High Voltage Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism Based on Coil Current Waveform

Xiaoli Duan, Hongcai Lei, Min Fan, Lihua Zhao, Rongrong Fu, Qiang Rong, Hao Zhang, Zhong Wang
In order to evaluate the condition of the high voltage circuit breaker (HVCB) operating mechanism, a method based on the coil current (CC) waveform of the operating mechanism has been studied in this paper. A finite element method (FEM) with high accuracy has been used to establish an electromagnetic...
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Design and Implementation of Mobile Intelligent Terminal Network Communication in Smart Home

Shulin Yang, Nan Yang, Jieping Hu, Guyang Wang
Aiming at the demand of smart home application, the smart home control system is analyzed and researched. We proposed a low cost and expandable home control system as well as the network communication solution. Based on the Android mobile phone platform or tablet computer, a set of control system is...
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The Design of Micro Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Machine Control System Based on DSP

Jin Chen, Xiaogang Xie, Mengjia Dai
This paper built the simulation model of vector control system of permanent magnetic synchronous machine based on MATLAB SIMULINK. The simulation results verified the feasibility of the vector control system on PMSM. The hardware circuit of motor control and driver board which used digital signal processor...
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Capacitance of MnO2 Micro-flowers Decorated CNFsin Alkaline Electrolyte and Its Bi-functional Electrocatalytic Activity Toward Hydrazine Oxidation

Seong-Min Ji, Zafar Khan Ghouri, Mira Park, Hak Yong Kim
Well dispersed MnO2 micro-flowers were grown directly on carbon nanofibers via a simple hydrothermal technique without any template. Structure and morphology were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) equipped with rapid EDX (energy dispersive...
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The Electromagnetic Protection Method on the Guided Ammunition

Wengeng Pan, Hua Wan, Guangrong Bian, Hu Chao
In response to the quality and the ability to survive for the guided ammunition in a complex electromagnetic environment, the guided ammunition quality for storage and use are analyzed from the design of the ammunition, structure wiring and protective material for the static electricity, lightning electromagnetic...
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Analysis of Fracture Porosity of Coalbed with NMR Experiments and Resistivity Logging Data

Mingshun Zhou, Xiao Liang, Lin Ai, Diren Liu
Coal bed methane(CBM) exists in the pore of coal, and the fracture of the coal seam also provides the seepage path for mining. The correct evaluation of the pore is the key to the exploration and development of coalbed methane, which is also a difficult point. In this paper, we use NMR experiments to...
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Application of Mathematical Morphology in GIS PD Signal Analysis

Qi Liu, Qiang Gao
In order to solve the problem that with the interference of on-site GIS to PD signals, the type diagnosis and fault location of insulation defect are affected. This paper proposed a new morphological filtering algorithm based on morphological filtering theory is proposed, which combines the basic operations...
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The Design of ETC System Based on RFID and Image Identification

Zhaoxia Tang
This paper first analyzed the current situation of highway ETC system of domestic and international, then depth researched on some key technologies of RFID and image identification, established ETC system of city application, on the one hand, it can greatly improve vehicles management efficiency, prevent...
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Parasite Ovum Automatic Recognition in the High Noise of Microscopic Image

Fengshou Zhang, Xin Meng, Zhigang Hu, Siwen Li
An automatic recognition method of parasitic ovum under the high noise is studied in this thesis. Considering the status of the complex background in the parasitic ovum images, firstly, the corresponding method is applied to image preprocessing, then, the noise removing and edge segmentation combined...
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Camouflage Effect Evaluation of Pattern Painting Based on Moving Object Detection

Xianhui Rong, Qi Jia, Weidong Xu, Xuliang Lv, Jianghua Hu
There is lack of effective method of camouflage effect evaluation of pattern painting of moving object. To evaluate the camouflage effect objectively and quantitatively, the method camouflage effect evaluation of pattern painting based on moving object detection is proposed. Three moving object detection...
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A Study on Crowdsourcing Geospatial Data Mining Based on Spatial Statistics

Jiyuan Geng, Weidong Song, Shangyu Sun
By analyzing and mining the source geospatial data, provide a reference for the government macro decision-making and public opinion monitoring and provide the basis for enterprise precision marketing and the individuality service. The experimental results show that, within the scope of the study area...
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Underground Pipelines Wireless Sensor LNA Circuit Design and Simulation Based On ADS

Zhengshan Xu, Changwen Liu, Tao Chen, Fan Yang, Xu Wang
LNA (Low-noise amplifier) is RF front-end major device for receiving the signal, which is used to amplify the signal close to noise. Stability, gain, input and output VSWR and noise are the most important factors to be considered in the LNA actual design. In this paper, we use the ADS software for the...
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MMC-STATCOM Control System Research Based on Equivalent Parameter Model and Carrier Pulse Phase-Shifting Modulation

Hui Chen, Yukun Sun, Weiwei An, Yonghong Huang
To study the components and parameters relationship between MMC - STATCOM and traditional STATCOM, the mathematical model of MMC-STATCOM is established. Then, the equivalent expressions for MMC-STATCOM module capacitance and inductance bridge arm are derived, compared with traditional STATCOM. On account...
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The Analysis of GIS Defect Model Partial Discharge Test

Liqiang Liu, Jiao Wang
In order to achieve the pattern recognition of gas-insulated switchgear GIS defect types of partial discharge, in this paper, the analysis of gas discharge theory and ANSYS simulation software are used to qualitatively analyzed the defect type. Based on the PD characteristics caused by four typical insulation...
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An Improved Formation Control Algorithm in Vicon 3D Motion Capture System

Qiu Tang, Chenxiao Cai, Lei Ma
In this paper, an improved leader-follower configu-ration control algorithm is proposed to solve the formation problem in Vicon 3D motion capture system. Firstly, an appropriate velocity filter with weight is designed and the acceleration gain matrix is reconstructed to reduce noise and oscillations...
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Fabric Defect Identification Based on 2D Empirical Mode Decomposition

Shuaijun Wang, Ye Yuan, Hongli Dun
Fabric defect identification has constituted a key part in the online quality control regarding the textile manufacturing process. Focusing on the limitations of conventional fabric defect identification methods in representing local geometry of fabric defects, a fully adaptive image processing technique...
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The Application of 3D Laser Scanning Method in Monitoring the Quality of Pressure Vessel

Huizeng Yin, Xinwei Yang, Ruilan Tian, Xiuzhi Sui
Pressure vessel is widely used in the industrial engineering and will deform when working in the long time. Large deformation will do great harm to people and property. 3D laser scanning method uses non-contact measuring method and can directly obtain the point cloud data of the mass surface which can...
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Interaction Design of Smart Home Mobile Control Terminal

Jieping Hu, Nan Yang, Shulin Yang, Bin Wang
With the wide application of mobile terminal in smart home system, the interaction design of mobile terminal becomes more and more important. Interaction design is different from a simple interface design, it will combine interface view, process logic, interactive manner, taking into account the beautiful...
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Function Projective Lag Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Systems via Impulsive Control

Jingui Liu
In this paper, we consider function projective lag syn-chronization of two identical hyperchaotic systems. Impulsive control method is employed to design a controller to achieve function projective lag synchronization. Based on the Lyapunov stability theorem and impulsive control theory, a sufficient...
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Dynamic Performance Simulation of Hybrid Excitation Claw-pole Alternator

Jiapeng Li, Changqing Zhu, Min Cong, Yiming Shen
In order to analyze the dynamic performance of hybrid excitation claw-pole alternator, this paper models and simulates a GA fuzzy self-adaptive PI control system for the alternator based on the derived mathematical equations. According to the simulation results, compared with traditional PID control...
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Design of Digital Fast Corrector Power Supply for TPS Storage Ring

Yuanchen Chien, Baosheng Wang, Yongseng Wong, Chenyao Liu, Kuobin Liu
TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) is a 3rd generation synchrotron light source, which is aimed to provide high brightness beam source for various novel scientific researches. Beginning from the start of 2016, to improve the beam orbit stability, fast orbit feedback system (FOFB) is installed and tested to eliminate...
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MTG: A High-Speed Malicious Traffic Generating Method and Implementation for Future Networks

Yiwen Le, Jinghan He
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has been one of the most promising candidates for future Internet architectures, and it may be one of the best candidates for the future communication system of Smart Grid. Moreover, SDN facilitates a variety of technology innovations in network security area. In this...
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Tasks Scheduling Method Based on Competitive Co-evolutionary Algorithm

Haijie Yu, Sheng Su, Qingguang Guo
In previous studies about cloud computing scheduling algorithm, people usually ignore impact of data transmission between tasks, but data locality and data transmission have a great influence on the data-intensive task, especially for scientific workflow scheduling. This thesis explains importance of...
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Study on the Method of Complex Lines Selection and Automated Processing for Railway Marshalling Yard

Chengming Li, Xixia You, Xiaoli Liu, Pengda Wu
As the central of railway hub, railway marshalling yard is the base for vehicle distribution and disintegration. Time-consuming of operation and residence for vehicle is common to spend 70% of the goods turnover cycle, thus the railway line here is extremely complex. Meanwhile, there are few articles...
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Opening Optimization and Diameter Matching for Back Pressure Valve in a High Pressure PEMFC System

Fengxiang Chen, Ying Liu, Yang Yu, Jilong He, Xiaoyu Chen
In air supply sub-system, the stack pressure influence the stack efficiency as well as air compressor power consumption. In order to improve system global efficiency, the optimization of system efficiency based on the two inputs manipulation variables such as opening position of back pressure valve(BPV)...
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The Inequality of Work Derived from Clausius Inequality and Carnot Theorem

Chengshu Jin
According to the Clausius inequality, it can be proven that the quotient of work-temperature in the real process is no less than one in the reversible process. On the basis of the Carnot theorem, it can be proven that the work in the real process is no less than one in the reversible process, or the...
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Downhole Pressure Controlled Plunger Gas Lift Research and Application in Block Su75 of Sulige Gas Field

Lina Wang, Gang Cheng, Lianchi Ye, Yongxiang Yang, Xiaofeng Xu, Jixiang Ma, Shengli Zhang, Baohong Zhao
Block Su 75 of Sulige gas field belongs to low permeability, low pressure, and low abundance gas reservoir and the number of the wells producing water has been arising year by year, which means the problem which is called as liquid loading has become the main factor influencing the gas well deliverability....
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Direct Calculation and Evaluation of Structure Strength for Offshore Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Catamaran

Chao Chen, Zhi Liu
A wind power operation and maintenance ship is one kind of the important equipment to maintain the offshore wind farms. In this paper, the whole structure of operation and maintenance of catamaran is introduced firstly, finite element model of the catamaran and a hydrodynamic calculation model are established,...
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Comparative Analysis of Single and Three-phase Dual Active Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Based on the Phase-Shifting Control

Gangui Yan, Yonglin Li, Qi Jia
In order to analyze and compare the operating characteristics of high frequency isolated single and three-phase DC-DC converters under the same traditional control method. Firstly, comparisons on single-phase dual active bridge bidirectional DC-DC converter (DAB) and three-phase DAB based on the traditional...
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Interval Power Flow Analysis Based on Type-II Fuzzy Logic Forecasting

Ruihua Bi, Li Tao, Dongli Xu, Xiang Wang
In the traditional power flow analysis, the output of generator is controllable and certain. While due to the intermittence and randomness of new energy resources, the output of new energy generator is uncertain, traditional power flow calculation cannot deal with this kind of uncertain power flow problem,...
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A Practical System and Procedure Enabling Battery Trading in Real-World Industry

Victor K. Y. Chan, Sok Lei Leong
The article documents a practical system and its procedure to estimate batteries' remaining energy storage capacities, which are determinants of batteries' economic values, in a bid to facilitate fair-price battery trading. Such trading is in strong demand given today's burgeoning electric vehicles of...