Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Education Reform and Management Science (ERMS 2018)

The 2018 International Conference on Education Reform and Management Science (ERMS 2018), will be held on April 22-23, 2018 in Beijing, China. ERMS2018 will invite scientists in Education Reform and Management Science fields from many countries to participate in this conference.

ERMS 2018 is co-sponsored by Advanced Science and Industry Research Center and Science and Engineering Research Center in Hong Kong. By inviting support from scientists in universities and other research institutes, we believe this conference will be successful. Education reform has been focused on changing the existing system from one focused on inputs to one focused on outputs. Management science (MS), is the broad interdisciplinary study of problem solving and decision making in human organizations, with strong links to management, economics, business, engineering, management consulting, and other sciences. The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for academic exchanges between university scientists, academics, engineers and students around the world to promote research relationships between universities and industry.

In organizing ERMS 2018, we spare no effort to gather together plenty of outstanding scholars to communicate ideas and it takes lots of energy and time to make considerable arrangements for this conference. Substantial supports and assistance have been received. Firstly, we invited professors and experts with professional knowledge to join ERMS 2018 as reviewers. With their support, we get a number of papers of high quality finally. Besides, a strict reviewing process is adopted to ensure the quality of ERMS 2018. We will remove the author information for the paper first. Then the committee chairs will assign at least 2 reviewers for each submission. If both reviewers have recommended to accept the paper, then it will be accepted for publication. If two reviewers have different opinions, the paper will be transmitted to the third reviewer assigned by the chairs. All papers will still need revising before publication.

ERMS 2018 has received about 356 papers until the submission deadline. To prepare for the publication, great efforts have been made by us. We have finally accepted 104 submissions. In this book, the accepted submissions are included in 4 chapters.

Chapter 1: Education and Education Reform Research
Chapter 2: Economics, Management and Applied Social Science
Chapter 3: Teaching Innovation and Educational Research
Chapter 4: Business, Finance and Enterprise Management

It is our honor to work with these excellent people on ERMS 2018. My sincere thanks to the cosponsor for opening this conference, to the committee members and chairs, the contributors and reviewers, and the Atlantis Press for publishing all these papers. I also look forward to working with you again.

ERMS 2018 Organization Committees