Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Education Reform and Management Science (ERMS 2018)

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Research on Expansive Learning Model Design in E-schoolbag Environment

Xiao-xiao Dong, Hong-hua Wang
With the rapid development of education informationization, our country's education informationization has stepped into the stage of effectively supporting teaching and learning and promoting the individualized development of students. Engeström, the founder of the Third Generation Theory of Activity,...
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Construction and Practice of Collaborative Education Platform for Civil Engineering Professionals in Local Universities

Zai-bo Li, Tu-sheng He, Yong-ping Zhang
The basic current situation and existing problems of the practical teaching of civil engineering major in local universities were analyzed in this paper. At the same time, the Shaoguan University’s recent reform experience of the civil engineering specialty in practical teaching was introduced, and the...
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The Applied Talents Training Mode of Material Engineering Specialty in Civil Engineering Background

Zai-bo Li, Tu-sheng He, Yong-ping Zhang
Nowadays, many school-running concepts of local universities and talents cultivation can’t combine closely with market requirements and labor employment, so the supply-demand contradiction in difficult employment for college graduates and difficult recruitment of specialized talents for industrial development...
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The Method for Improving the Undergraduate Ability of Electrical Specialty under the New Background of Power Industry Development

Xiao-fang Meng, Li-di Wang, Ying-nan Wang
In order to improve the undergraduate ability of electrical specialty, this paper studies the way of training undergraduate ability by means of graduation design. In the logic order of raising problems, analyzing problems and solving problems, based on the necessary survey and broad references, the undergraduate...
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Discussion on the Application of Information Teaching Methods in E-commerce Courses

Fang Zhou
The course of e-commerce needs the support of the Internet because of the particularity of its research field. However, the application of information-based teaching methods in e-commerce courses is undoubtedly a new innovation point. The application of information technology in E-commerce courses helps...
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Analysis on the Cultivation of Students' Professional Ethics Education in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education

Hong-da Zhang
General secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the national conference on ideological and political work in colleges and universities that we should insist on making moral education the central link, which is the regulation of the direction and inner soul of higher education. Ideological and political education...
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Construction and Experimental Application of Large Data Platform in Colleges

Hai-dong Lv, Shan-kun Wang, Yong-sheng Yao, Xiao-liang Zhang, Guang-chao Liu
This paper provides fully analysis to illustrate the potential and importance of big data technologies and its application, as well as the importance and necessity of building big data laboratory at colleges and universities. The paper also discusses the key aspects on building a big data technology...
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Constructing the Teaching System of Military Academy and Improving the Quality of Military School Education in an All-round Way

Jiu-ling Zhao
This paper mainly introduces how to build a military school teaching system scientifically, and guarantee and enhance the teaching quality of military academies, and cultivate more competitive military academy elites in the new situation, in order to meet the preparations for military struggle needs...
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Research on the Influence of Badminton Micro-curriculum Course Development and Teaching in Application-oriented Universities

Hong-jun Ma
With the continuous development of Internet technology, information-based teaching has become an indispensable form in modern Chinese teaching. As a new product in the information age, micro-curriculum has become a way for students to conduct autonomous learning and teachers to improve classroom teaching...
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A Student Centered Method for Teaching Professional Paper Writing

L. Paul Mantha, Zi-qi Liu, Dan-dan Wang
Publish or Perish has arrived in China and for students it is more imperative than ever that they learn how to design their own projects and present their research. This paper presents a student centered project based method for teaching professional paper writing. In this course students will conduct...
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Exploration of Medical Students' Health Literacy Cultivation under the Strategy of "Healthy China"

Jin Wang
As a special group in the "healthy China" strategy, medical students are playing an important part to spread health knowledge and concepts and to improve the health literacy of Chinese people. This paper attempts to clarify the inevitability of the cultivation of medical students' health literacy, to...
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Review on Business Models of Online Education in China’s Private Educational Institutions

Bin Lv, Jian-xin Shi
There has never been as much interest in business models as there is today. A good business model is very important not only for a company but also for an educational institution. Based on the literatures review and the analyses of the education industry condition in China, this paper proposed a new...
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Using Oral Presentations to Improve Task Response in Writing

L. Paul Mantha, Zi-qi Liu, Dan-dan Wang
International Language Tests such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOFEL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) in their long writing component employ Task Response as one of the four scoring criteria. Task Response operates at a global level, it examines how well an argument...
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The Role of Higher Vocational Education in National Innovation Chain

Li-ping Wang
What position and what to do in the national innovation chain for higher vocational education, is the question we are studying. We investigated the division of knowledge production and the types of talents in different types of universities to establish the orientation of higher vocational education....
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Improving the Examination System of Medical Non-Degree Courses and Enhancing the Innovative Ability of Postgraduate Students

Jian-gang Wang, Leng-xin Duan
The improvement of the non-degree curriculum assessment system is conducive to the standardization of the teaching behavior of the teachers, which is beneficial to the cultivation of the postgraduate students' creative ability, and which is beneficial to the correct evaluation of the postgraduate students'...
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Exploration on the Reform of "Integration of Theory and Practice" Teaching Mode of Professional Undergraduate Curriculums --Taking the Example of Undergraduate Majors in Vehicle Engineering

Qing-de Zeng, Long Wang
At present, the strong inertia of "subject center" of the specialized courses in undergraduate education of teachers creates the disjunction between theory and practice. It is hard to improve the teaching quality with the teacher as the classroom form with students listening as the principal manifestation....
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A Case Study on Master Students with the Textile Background in Tackling Fiber Identification Problems

Yue-qi Zhong
The identification of Wool/Cashmere fibers is an extremely challengeable problem since both fibers possess highly similar morphological features. In this research, we monitored two group of master students with the textile background in tackling this specific task. Both groups have no experience on machine...
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Exploration on Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Architecture

Hai-yang Ren, Fang Zhou, Huo-rong Huang
Innovative talents in architecture in colleges and universities have become inevitable trends and requirements to promote the progress of construction industry. However, there are still a series of problems in innovative talents cultivation, such as lack of innovative awareness, aging of curriculum system,...
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Research on Education Quality Assessment Based on Campus Online Community

Yong-chao Shen, Zhong Yao
In recent years, the campus online community has become a new technology platform for gathering graduate students' attention. The discussion on how to use the campus online community for digging a new method to measure the graduate education quality has become a heated topic for scholars. This article...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of the Development of Chibi's Primary and Secondary School Football

Gen Li
The main contradiction faced by Chinese football is the contradiction between the growing material and cultural demand of the people and the development of the football. To resolve this major contradiction, you must start with a "soccer ball from the doll". The youth is the future of the country, the...
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Analysis on the Present Situation of Patent Transfer in Hubei University

Wei-wei Song, Jie Chen, Xiao-tong Lv
In order to speed up the construction of innovative country, we must promote the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, colleges and universities are the main body of technological innovation and transformation...
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Educational Reform Practice of the Course "Urban Comprehensive Plan" in Context of Three Policies

Zheng-min Wen, Hai-bo Wang
Policies of Sponge City, Multi Planning Integration, and Ecological Restoration and City Mend, have raised new educational requirements to the course "Urban Comprehensive Plan". As such, a group of Guilin University of Technology have initiated educational reform practice consisting of: 1) prioritizing...
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International Educational Market for Chinese Students: Marketing from Perspective of USA High Schools

Michael Nathanael Luetke, Wen-ti Xu
Studying in the United States has become very popular among the Chinese. As a result colleges and high schools in the USA have been enrolling record numbers of Chinese. According to the United States studies report more than 30% of the international student population in the US are from China. Through...
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Exploration and Application of AAR in Practical Teaching of Higher Vocational Education

Xin Zhang, Zheng Liu
This paper aims to explore effective ways to improve the quality of practical teaching in higher vocational education, the capabilities of practice and life-long development of students in China. Through extensive research, this paper analyzes problems in practical teaching of higher vocational education...
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Introduction of Innovative Teaching Platform for Rome's Micro-Urban Space in 18th Century

Jian-wen Huang, Ying Xu
The research team led by professor James Tice in Department of Architecture at University of Oregon has developed an innovative teaching platform "Imago Urbis: Giuseppe Vasi's Grand Tour of Rome". This network platform provides a geo-database map for the micro-urban space analysis to the eighteenth-century...
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Total Quality Management (TQM) or Continuous Improvement System (CIS) in Education Sector and Its Implementation Framework towards Sustainable National Development

Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
Sustainable national development (SND) is a kind of national development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability and efficacy of future generations to meet their own needs [@25,26,27 Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer, World Engineers’ Convention(WEC) 2004, Shanghai, China]. Total quality...
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Research on Management Strategy of Network Public Sentiment in Chinese Universities

Jin Wen
With the rapid development of Internet information technology, the position and role of network public opinion in the work of security and stability in Colleges and universities is becoming more and more prominent. When the network public opinion occurs in universities, the result of university management...
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Investigation and Study on the Improvement of University Students' Employment Ability in Liaoning Province from the Perspective of Supply Chain Management

Yue Qi, Wei-hua Yang, Yang-yang Si
Under the popularization of higher education, the supply chain management of higher education is an important way to improve the efficiency of education. Based on the research on the employment of college graduates, this paper introduces the theory of supply chain management into the personnel training...
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Research Supervision Team: Structures, Responsibilities and the Collaborative Roles for supporting Interdisciplinary Research

Santhi Kumaran, Nelson Ijumba, Senthil Kumaran
Generally, they say that Universities must produce true knowledge and are centers of excellence for research, and it is the private sector that creates the wealth of a nation through the commercial exploitation of the research. But, this has been changed in today’s University context. Universities are...
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The Development of MOOC and Its Impact on Higher Education in China

Hua-liang Lu, Hui-ying Huang, Qiu-yu Ye
The rise of MOOC changes the way of higher education in China and worldwide. This paper introduces concept and the development of MOOC in China, followed by the explanation of the educational feature of MOOC. This paper ends with the impact of MOOC on higher education in China.
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Evaluation Studies of Private College Educational Efficiency Value-Added Performance

Xiao-yi Li, Yue Deng
Educational efficiency is the contribution rate of education to individual development and national development. Traditional educational evaluation ignored the role of many factors, such as environments, students backgrounds and management ability. As an important measure to improve the evaluation system...
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The Cultivation of Talents in Application-Oriented Universities in the Context of New Engineering

Xing-liu Hu, Hai-fei Si, Zhong Yang, Nan Xu
The development of new economy challenges the cultivation of engineering talents. Application-oriented engineering talents of the new economy should have the characteristics of cross-disciplinary and cross-industry integration. All these require engineering talents to construct the thinking mode that...
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Research on the Sharing of Urban and Rural High Quality Educational Resources under the Background of Big Data and Smart Education

Yu-jiao Wang, Hai-yun Lin, Jun-wei Wang
Big data and smart education have brought new opportunities for the ecological construction of high quality education resources. Combined with the present situation of the sharing of high quality education resources in urban and rural areas, this paper analyzes the promotion of the big data and smart...
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Teaching Method Reform Exploration of Professional Basic Theory Courses in Universities --"Taking “Signals and Systems” as an Example

Chao-jin Qing, Wei Wang, Qing-yao Yang, Dong-qin Wan
This paper explores the teaching method reform of professional basic theory courses in universities. A series of reforms have been carried out on basic theoretical courses, such as information and communication professional basic theory course “Signals and Systems”. The reform contents include making...
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Specifics of the Organization of Group Learning in Large Student Groups

Yu-min Sun, Elena Mikitchenko
The paper substantiates the necessity to improve the methods of group learning of foreign languages (in this situation, Russian) in large student teams and outlines the difficulties that instructors of foreign language may face on this way. The authors give recommendations not to be apprehensive of organizational...
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Exploration and Practice of International IT Project Education

Dan Yu, Jing Sun, Ming-hao Ning
With the globalization of education’s development, the internationalization program education plays an important role in engineering education. This paper mainly focuses on innovative exploration and practice of international IT project education from the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Research on the Innovation of Military Professional Education Mode in the Internet Era

Yan-mei Wu, Kai Guo
Military professional education in the Internet age needs new methods to meet the requirements of the trainees' individualized learning. MOOC, Inverted Classroom and Micro Lecture provide useful means for the innovative development of the military professional education. With the help of these new methods,...
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Research on GE’s Organization Innovation and Its Enlightenment

Pei-jin Li, Liang Tan
Joseph Schumpeter’s innovation theory includes the following five categories: development of new products or improvement of original products; adoption of new methods of production; exploration of new markets; discovery of new ingredients or semi-manufactured goods; and creation of new industry organizations....
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Research on the Teaching of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics for Non-statistics Majors

Feng Wang, Xiao-ping Xu
Probability theory and mathematical statistics is a complicated course, which has the characteristics of systematic and logical. Currently, the teaching of probability theory and mathematical statistics for Non-statistics Majors is an important problem in engineering mathematics education of our country....
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A Review on Studies of Library Efficiency Evaluation by Using DEA Method

Li-zhong Tian, Ai-chen Zhang
Chinese public cultural undertakings are increasingly developing and the input level is gradually improving. In such context, more and more studies began to focus on how to evaluate public cultural service organizations such as public library. The aim of this paper is to analysis papers on library efficiency...
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Higher Education Coordination in the Background of Beijing --" Tianjin --"Hebei Regional Integration: Bottleneck and Breakthrough

Jie Bao, Yu Wang
Higher education coordination is expected to facilitate the regional integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in terms of human resources and intellectual support. The study analyzed the data collected from authority websites and field research in order to investigate the present situation of...
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Comparative Study of the Spillover Effects of Hong Kong and Macau's Educational Investment on Regional Economic Growth Based on Feder Model

Lin Xu, Jun Zhu, Yan Liu
In this paper, we use Feder model to compare the contribution of education investment to economic growth and spillover effects in Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region in the past 2002-2015 years. The study shows that the educational input of the two places has an obvious boost to economic...
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Rural Resident Consumption in New-type Urbanization Process in Sichuan Province

Miao Wei
In the past 30 years, although the impetus of economy growth in Sichuan Province mainly comes from investment, the contribution of consumption is slight. Consumption rate, especially rural household consumption rate keeps falling. Urbanization is primary method to expand domestic demand. The development...
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The Developing Model of Aviation Economy to Support the Destination as a Hub City

AmyMya Menghua Liu, Shun Yi, Shan-shan Yuan
With the deepening development of National Airport Economic Zone in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other cities during China’s ‘13 Fifth-Year Plan’ period, the impact of the aviation economy on cities has become increasingly important. The aviation economy has a rapid growth in the regional economy,...
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Research on Development Status Matrix of Technology-based SMEs Sustainable Development

Lian-bo Pan, Yu-zhen Li, Zi-wei Zeng
Technology-based SMEs are important for the realization of innovative nation. In growth stage, Development Status Matrix of Technology-based SMEs' Sustainable Development consist of two variables --"strategic planning and performance appraisal. Technology-based SMEs shall combine these two variables...
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Two-tiers Consolidation - The New Public Management in Action

Marian Kachniarz, Zbigniew Piepiora, Piotr Rogala
In many countries, they are implemented public sector reforms inspired New Public Management. The main motivation are effectiveness policy, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. They often involve reducing bureaucracy by reducing the number of administrative levels. The main goal of paper is to...
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Research on Quality Model of Human Resource Management in Public Security Colleges

Liang Hu
In the study field on the human resources management quality of the Chinese public security college, college teachers' evaluation and performance appraisal research is more and more, but the management and service education of teachers is not high, less research results. This article from the perspective...
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Impact of the Participation of China's Service Industry in the Global Value Chain on Employment

Yan-gang Chen
According to China's macro service industry data, this paper estimates the extent of its sub sectors' participation in the global value chain. Based on this, a linear regression model is applied to make quantitative analysis of the impact of the change of industrial structure and global value chain on...
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Analysis of the Clean Development Mechanism in China: A Deduction of Key Success Factors Using a Comparison among Implemented Projects and the Adaption to the Paris Agreement

Sönke Nissen, Guan-wei Huang
The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a key action for stabilizing the global temperature at a tolerable level for mankind. International cooperation rolled out several mechanisms for the mitigation of climate change. This paper analyses the Clean Development Mechanism in regard to its impact...
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Analysis on Safety and Risk Management in an Alteration Project of Elevators

Yong-nan Zhang
These years, economy has been developing at a fast pace, more and more elevators will be degraded. Consequently, this article through the analysis of the safety of the elevator renovation project risk and the reasons for the safety accidents, conclusion safety and risk management is based on the regulation...
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On the Systematic Innovation and Transformation of Guangzhou Convention & Exhibition Industry

AmyMya Menghua Liu, Min Zhao, Shun Yi
Through inspections of famous convention and exhibition cities worldwide, “Hong Kong’s all-round development exhibition”, “Shanghai inbound tourism model based on the conference ambassador”, and “double drive model in Xiamen” , we found out that convention and exhibition are all encouraging large and...
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Does Disclosure of Internal Control Deficiencies and its Repair Contribute to the Promotion of Enterprise Value?

Na Liu
The internal control of listed companies may have defects in the process of operation, and Information disclosure is the process of information transformation and transmission among different interest groups, or it can be understood as the process of information reprocessing and value appreciation. So...

RETRACTION: A Methodology for the Investigation of the Producer-Consumer Problem

Hang-kun LING
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Servant Leadership and Voice Behavior: Self-efficacy as a Mediator

Qing Tian, Da-feng Peng, Jun-long Zhang
In a sample of 73.56% response rate of 662 employees in 21 work units among 9 industries, across multiple organizations, by using questionnaire with convenience sampling and stratified sampling to get data collection, the relationship among servant leadership, voice behavior and self-efficacy were examined....
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A Tentative Study on Tax Planning for Corporate Income Tax of PPP Projects

Cong Li
At present, the taxation of PPP projects in China is mainly reflected in the VAT and Corporate income tax. Problems with the Corporate Income Tax Treatment of PPP Projects are mainly reflected in the amount of taxable income, which is the starting point. Combined with the types of PPP projects, this...
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Promoting the Rejuvenation of the Wuhan-style Culture with the Training and Education of Equestrian Talents

Gang Yu, Wei-ping Xiong
This paper from the connotation of the Wuhan-style culture, analyze training of equestrian talents can provide talent support to Invigorate the Wuhan-style culture, and can Forming characteristics by itself, Become the new bright spot which in Creating Wuhan-style culture, Discuss the significance of...
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Design of the Basic Data Structure of the Management Simulation Platform of Commercial Eco-sphere Sand Box

Shi-jun Tang, Xin-rui Nie, Hu-bing Zhang, Yan-feng Hu
This article discussed what is the business eco-sphere sand table for simulation management, what are the core elements of it, what is the structure of it. Besides this article preliminarily answered the design ideas of the basic data structure and elaborated the logic of data flow of the new business...
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Inter-provincial Resource Allocation Efficiency in Chinese Manufacturing Industry

Zheng-xuan Qin
The article examines how to measure the progress of resource allocation efficiency among provinces under the assumption of changes in firms’ scale of returns, and uses the LP semi-parametric method to estimate the output elasticity of each subdivided industry in the manufacturing sector to reflect provincial...
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Research on the Development of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry in Jing-Jin-Ji

Ying-zi Wang
The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration has risen to the national strategy. The promotion of the integration of environmental protection in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is the top priority. At the same time, with the continuous changes in the economic situation at home and abroad, the environmental protection...
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Does the Process of Population Urbanization Affect China’s Economic Growth? --"An Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Panels

Yuan Zhang
Based on the provincial panel data from 2003 to 2015 in China, an empirical study of the impact of population urbanization on economic growth and regional differences was conducted. The results show that the process of population urbanization has significantly promoted China’s economic growth,after controlling...
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Opportunities for German Companies in the Onshore Wind Power Market of the Russian Federation

Andreas Becker, Guan-wei Huang
This paper intends to analyze the opportunities for German companies in the onshore wind power market of the Russian Federation. The model will consist of the following methods: Pestel Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces and the SWOT Analysis. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, yet in combination,...
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Material Demand Combination Forecasting Model Based on EMD-PSO-LSSVR

Hua Mo, Lin Xiong, Ruo-yu Lu
The time series data of material demand of manufacturing companies are often non-stationary. Paper uses empirical mode decomposition (EMD) to convert non-stationary time series into a series of intrinsic mode function (IMF) and a residual term (RES), and then digged out more information combined with...
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A Novel GA-BP Based Bidding Prediction Algorithm for Contract Logistics of Road Freight Transportation

Ci-yong Wang, An-ding Zhu
In this paper, we propose a novel bidding prediction algorithm based on the hybrid GA (Genetic Algorithm) and BP (Back Propagation) model for contract logistics of road freight transportation. Seven factors of GDP, fuel price, market requirement, cargo weight, transportation distance, carrier, and truck...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Tourists' Cultural Tourism Decision-Making

Yu-fei Zhang, Hui-ying Chen
A total of 500 tourists with cultural tourism experience or motivation were investigated, of which 466 were valid. Using SPSS 19.0, the factors Pearson correlation and regression analysis were carried out on the data collected from the questionnaire. The results showed that tourist's cultural tourism...
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Empirical Research on Competitiveness of Strategic Emerging Industries in Guangdong

Jian-yun Cao, Hong Fang, Jin-ping Tian
The paper evaluates the competitiveness of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong by constructing a comprehensive evaluation system for strategic emerging industries' competitiveness and adopting analytic hierarchy process. The results show that the competitiveness of the strategic emerging industries...
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Analysis on the Impact of Modern Information Technology upon the Professional Development of College English Teachers

Yong-mei Li
With the development of modern information technology, great changes have taken place in teaching concepts and teaching methods. This paper analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by college English teachers in the information age and demonstrated how to use modern information technologies to...
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Strengthen and Improvement of Specialty Characteristic under the Background of Engineering Education Accreditation

De-chun Sun, Zu-jun Liu, Yong-jun Sun
Engineering education accreditation provides omnibearing quality control standards and mechanisms for the university engineering specialties, and hence has been widely applied. The engineering education accreditation in China adopts comprehensive, reasonable and operable graduate attributes that are...
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The Cultivation of Mechanical Innovation Talents in Local Colleges and Universities

Hui-mei Chen, Jian-ning Xu, Gui-fang Xu, Hua Zhang
The cultivation of innovative talents is the need of social development as well as the fundamental task of personnel training in colleges and universities. The purpose of this paper is to train students majoring in innovation and practical ability of mechanical engineering, and to understand the mode...
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Case Study of Hierarchical Mixed Teaching Model Based on Data Analysis

Gang Chen, Hua Xiang, Zhi-cheng Li
Based on the hybrid teaching of "Computer Fundamentals of Universities" in Jianghan University, this paper constructs a teaching mode of mixed teaching based on the integration of super-satellite system (online platform) and self-developed computer system (offline platform). The computer system includes...
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Exploration and Practice of Innovative Education in the Comprehensive Experiment of Inorganic Materials

Ya-li Wang, Su-ping Cui, Ying-liang Tian, Jian-hua Yan, Xiao-yu Ma
In our university, 'The comprehensive experiment of inorganic materials' is professional courses of inorganic material specialty. It trains the ability and quality of students to solve the problems of engineering and scientific research. By improving the teaching content, the teaching plan, evaluation...
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Talent Cultivation Mode on Accountancy and Bilingual Teaching Reform of Accounting Education

Dan-qing Pan
China released its 13th five-plan on education to deepen reform and promote the modernization of education, which is pursuit of transforming China from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. The application oriented colleges play the significant role in implementing the objective. This template explains...
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On Analysis and Prediction of Universities’ Research Competitiveness Using Scientometrics Methods

Yan Zhang, Yan-shuo Zhu, Man Wu, Xiao-mei Zhou, Xiao-chuan Yin, Guang-xu Li, Yu-tao Zhao, Kang Sun
How universities make decisions based on scientific and technological information and allocate resources effectively is an important guarantee to promote the construction of "Double First-rate" in China. Based on Pearson correlation and least squares linear fitting, this paper compares, analyzes and...
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Research on the Effective Mechanism of Transforming Scientific Research Results of Business Administration to Teaching Case

Wen-he Lin, Wen-bao Wang, Rong-rong Zhao, Lu-bin Ke
The transformation of scientific research achievements of industrial and Commercial Administration into teaching cases is beneficial to combine the scientific research and teaching functions of teachers and improve the teaching quality of colleges and universities. The transformation of the scientific...
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The Practice Session Teaching Should Be Strengthen in the Course of Mechanical Design

Dong-wei Wang
Mechanical design is a basic professional course of mechanical design for manufacturing and automation specialty. It is also a required course. Mechanical design plays a very important role in mechanical engineering technicians and mechanical industry. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance to...
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Analysis and Assessment of Physical Chemsitry Examination Proposition with Educational Measurement

Qing-wei Tian
This paper introduces the specific method of educational measurement by analyzing and evaluating final examination proposition of polymer chemistry. Long-term teaching practice shows that this method could guide and improve the teaching effects and should be widely applied and mastered among teachers.
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The Application of Project-based Teaching in Information System Courses

Qing Zhou
With the rapid development of information technology, it is necessary to adopt appropriate teaching models to cultivate students' self-learning ability and independent exploration capabilities. Therefore, in the information system curriculum, it is necessary to explore effective teaching methods and...
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A Human Culture Based Discussion and Class Practice to Statics Friction

Ke-sheng Wang
Nowadays, the higher education class is transforming from knowledge transfer base to ability cultivating place. How to make full use of Chinese tradition culture and let it play a role in the classroom teaching has become a serious research topic. This paper is to investigate a connection between a classical...
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A Knowledge Graph for Curriculum System

Ying-bo Dong, Xia Hou
In view of the large number of college courses, complex content and complex system context, it brings a lot of inconvenience to the course arrangement and analysis. A method of constructing a curriculum system based on knowledge Graph is proposed on This paper, by analyzing the attributes of the course...
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The Reform and Practice of Production Practice Course Based on School-Enterprise Cooperative Education Mode

Ying-hua Shao, Xiao-bing Ma, Xi Yang
With the rapid economic and social development in China, the state and society have put forward higher requirements for high-quality innovative talents. Under the encouragement of the state's policies and the active participation of enterprises, colleges and universities are also actively promoting teaching...
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Analysis of the Promotion of MOOC to the Development of College Dancesport Teaching

Jun Liu, Xiao-ling Wang, Yao Hou
The aim of this paper is to discuss how to use MOOC to improve the teaching quality of contemporary sports dance and to promote students' ability on the morality, intelligence and physique. The development status of MOOC in college physical education courses was investigated by means of literature and...
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The Study of "Implicit Learning" in Sports Skills Learning Based on Cognitive Psychology

Xiao-ling Wang, Jun Liu, Su-yan Zhang
To explore the role of "implicit learning" in sports skill learning and internal connection between it and task accepting, compressive force, follow-up hard work and others’ influence, we studied the phenomenon of "implicit learning" in the study of dancesport skill. Through questionnaires, we found...
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A Review on Student Satisfaction Research in the Area of Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools or Education Programs

Yue-han Fu, Li-ping Xia
Student satisfaction is increasingly becoming an important scale to evaluate and measure the education quality of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools or education programs in recent years. This paper attempts to review the student satisfaction research in the area of Sino-foreign cooperation...
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The Difficulty and Countermeasure of MOOC in China Higher Education

Yu-lu Wang, Li-qiang Jin
Recently, the MOOCs which developed rapidly in China higher education are facing with some difficulties. Firstly, the congenital defects of MOOCs in skill training, educational ethics and organizing forms were reviewed. Then the differences between liberal education and professional education, natural...
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On the Professional Literacy and Innovation Ability of the Library Librarians in Colleges and Universities

Jing Zhang
At present, there is no consensus on what kind of professional literacy that university librarians should have, which results in the lack of professional spirit and belief of university librarians, furthermore the lack of professional core competence and professional skills. To this end, this paper constructs...
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Environment Education-An Example of a Comprehensive Experiment of Preparing Drilling Fluid Using Guar Gum Fracturing Backflow Fluid

Gang Chen, Fan Zhang, Chao Chen, Jie Zhang, Dan Xue, Shi-jun Chen
To enhance the comprehensive experiment ability and provide environmental education, an applied chemistry comprehensive experiment of preparing drilling fluid by fracturing backflow was designed in this paper. This experiment combines the basic oilfield chemicals theory, test skills and oilfield practice,...
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Could Government's R&D Funding Improve Innovation Output of Public R&D Institutes in China?

Jian-wen He
Based on co-integration model and Granger cause test,by using data from 2002 to 2016,this paper empirically analyzed the relationship between government's R&D funding and innovation output of public R&D institutes in China. The empirical results indicate that a long-term, stable and equilibrium relation...
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Exploration of “Three Types” Talent Cultivation of Material Speciality Based on Open Laboratory

Tu-sheng He, Zai-bo Li, Yang Liu
Applied type, innovative type and entrepreneurial type "Three Types" talent is the target of cultivating talents based on the development orientation of Shaoguan University, and the opening laboratory is the key to achieve the goal of the "Three Types" cultivating talents. Firstly, the main problems...
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Study on the Design and Teaching Reform of Urban Cognition Practice

Shu-li Ma, Chao Wang, Fang Luo
It is greatly significant for students to learn humanistic geography courses and cultivate students' humanistic quality. Aiming at the main problems existing in practice teaching in the past, this paper takes jinan as an intern research object, and proposes to optimize the internship route and highlight...
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An Example of Application of Statistical Analysis in Teaching Quality Evaluation

Shi-dong Li, Zhi-fang Cai
A widely used teaching quality evaluation method is based on comparison of the mean values of the student’s exam results. However, if the students with great diversity are not grouped randomly, this method may lead to unfair and incorrect results. As an example, this paper studied data from a primary...
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The Transformation and Updating of Service of Regional Industries Featured as “One Town-one Product-one Major”

Gen-rang Zheng, Yi Wen
In order to improve the ability of major-serving for the regional industrial development, Zhongshan Polytechnic takes the major-serving for regional economic development as its research project, and has defined the outline of major developmnent. The college has also set up the cooperative education system...
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Evaluation on Development Capacity of Overseas Chinese Enterprises Based on Improved BP Neural-Networks

Ke Ma, Xian-shui Sun
An approach based on improved BP neural-networks is proposed for the evaluation on the development capacity of overseas Chinese enterprise. In order to cope with the slow learning speed and local minimal problems of BP neural-networks, an adaptive learning rate selection method based errors is presented....
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Financial Performance Evaluation of Listed Commercial Banks in China

Guang-yin Tong, Zhen-yu Liu, Can Huang
A comprehensive and objective evaluation of the financial performance of Listed Companies in banking industry is great significance not only for their own profits and long-term development, but also for building a prosperous and orderly financial environment. This paper selected 20 commercial banks listed...
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An Empirical Study on the Economic Development of Cultural and Creative Industries Park --" an Example of Haidian District in Beijing

Hao-lin Di, Chun-lin Tian, Ju Guo, Ze-ping Hu, Yang Yang
In this paper, it selects four cultural and creative industry parks in Haidian district as the research objects. The statistical data comes from government department and questionnaire survey including more than 1500 organizations. It calculates the index of the total labor productivity, tax rate, profit...
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Function Evaluation System of Cross-border B2B E-commerce Website

Wen-zhuo Zhang, Rui Dong, Lu-lian Zou
This paper mainly studies the function system of cross-border B2B e-commerce websites, and establishes a complete cross-border B2B e-commerce website function evaluation system by selecting specific indicators. The indicators mainly include the following seven aspects: basic functions, advertising, global...
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Probe in Researching Course of Functional Polymer Materials

Xiao-dong Li, Yu-chuan Li, Xiao-meng Li
This paper discuss the research teaching of functional polymer materials. Students improve their literature review and writing ability by literature search, paper writing, subject seminars, PPT display and visiting instruments and equipment. It stimulates students' interest in learning polymer materials,...
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Operational Evaluation System of Cross-border B2B E-commerce Website

Man-chen Li, Rui Dong
The evaluation of the operational status of cross-border B2B E-commerce is of great significance in standardizing the construction of its operating system. The article, applying AHP, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, evaluates the four aspects, which are activity operation, content operation, user...
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Evaluation System of Cross-border B2B E-commerce Website Service Quality

Rui Dong, Lu-lian Zou, Wen-zhuo Zhang, Man-chen Li
The article aims to explore the service quality evaluation system for cross-border B2B e-commerce websites. By using service quality related theories based on the classic service quality evaluation model SERVQUAL and combining the service characteristics of cross-border B2B e-commerce websites., the...
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Performance Evaluation System of Cross-border B2B E-commerce Website

Lu-lian Zou, Wen-zhuo Zhang, Rui Dong
Under the environment of globalization and the increasingly vigorous development of e-commerce, B2B cross-border e-commerce websites has increasingly occupied a prominent position in the industry, and the study of evaluation system of B2B cross-border e-commerce websites has triggered a discussion.This...
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The "Four Principles" and Its Practice of Talent Cultivating in Cross-Border E-commerce

Mei-yu Fang
There is a serious gap in cross-border e-commerce personnel. In fact, there are many related international trade and e-commerce major in Chinese universities, but the college students who have been recruited can't finish the tasks from their enterprise as required. The training of university cannot be...
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The Effect of the Zero-Difference Policy on the Financial Situation of Public Hospitals in Different Grades

Chun-li Liu
Based on the different levels of public hospitals in zero price difference before and after the visits, both times cost data were analyzed, such as study drug zero price difference influence on hospital financial situation, and improve the hospital reform of financial advice is put forward.