Proceedings of the Environmental Science and Technology International Conference (ESTIC 2021)

The International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ESTIC) is a biannual event where scientists and researchers from different countries gather and discuss the most recent environmental science and technology trends and solutions. This year ESTIC2021 is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of modern scientific organization in Mongolia and the 60th anniversary of establishment of Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

ESTIC aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars, government organizations, research institutes, universities and international development organizations to present findings, exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Environment, Nature, Restoration and prevention technology, Geography, Socio economy and Sustainability.

This year’s international conference is being organized in difficult period due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. With this situation, we considered discussing new norm topic of COVID-19 related emerging challenges, issues and opportunities in details under the four main topics and the proceeding contains studies from below main topics, namely:

1. Post COVID-19-Environmental Research Trends
2. Inter and Transdisciplinary research
3. Environmental Innovation and Technology
4. Science-Policy pathways

Moreover, the conference has special future by inviting reputable international scientists and complimenting with their keynote speeches. The papers presented at the international conference are published in conference proceedings and this year we have planned to publish the conference proceeding for the Atlantis Press of Springer Nature.

As a result of the conference, organizations will have the opportunity to initiate new collaboration and develop joint projects and scientific activities, especially in Post-COVID-19 research trends.

ESTIC2021 conference will be attended by scientists and researchers from Russia, China, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, France, Philippines, Afghanistan, Inner Mongolia, Buryatia and Mongolia including leaders and representatives from government organizations, research institutes and universities.

May your knowledge and inspiration flourish!

Dorjgotov BATTOGTOKH (PhD)
Director General, The Institute of Geography and Geoecology, MAS
Chair, Future Earth Mongolian Committee.