Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2017)

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Research on model for grain storage and transportation security and construction of information network integration platform

Jing Zhang, Zhong-Liang Guan
Grain is perceived as the strategic material affecting the national economy and the people's livelihood, and its security lays the material foundation for building a harmonious society. As the key part in the grain logistics, grain storage and transportation work to guarantee the food security, which...
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Is entrepreneur's photo a crucial element in a crowdfunding webpage?

Xin Wang, Huaxin Wang, Yu Zhao
This study investigates the impact of entrepreneur’s photo used in a crowdfunding webpage on investor’s initial trust, and further, the impact of initial trust on perceived risk and investment intention as well. Laboratory experiments were used to collect data. Results show that entrepreneur’s photo...
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Subsidy strategy analysis of operating system vendor with network externality effect

Xiaofeng Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Chunhui Cao, Hongcai Dai, Haixu Song
Owing to network externality effect is key characteristic of smartphone operating system, the vendor subsidizes app developer or consumer to extend market share. In this paper, using a two-period model framework, we study performance in cases of subsidizing developer and consumer separately. Then, the...
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Supply chain coordination of altruism in information sharing

Qing Dong, Xiangqing Liang, Gengxin Dai
The altruistic preference of the decision maker is introduced into the supply chain model, and the supply chain of retailers and manufacturers is established under the condition of information sharing. In a state of information sharing, the introduction of altruism can better analyze the operation patterns...
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Analysis of information industry's influence on manufacturing industry in China

Xiaodong Yu
Information industry has become the pillar industry of a country .Information Industry's rise and fall decide the change of the whole economy. "Made in China 2025" project indicates the directions of manufacturing industry in China, information industry has important influence on the growth of manufacturing...
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The selection of input and output variable for performance evaluation of DEA

Chien-Min Huang
This study constructed a model for assessing the operational efficiency. The cause-effect relations of the input and output variables in the efficiency assessment were examined with Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory(DEMATEL). Amongst the many methods for testing causality in recent years,...
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The effect of organizational behaviors on employee job performance: The moderating role of CSR and cultural values

Shuyang Wang, Hoi In Veronica Fong, IpKin Anthony Wong
Employee performance significantly affects the growth and profits of firms in the service firms because of their service quality. This study aims to fill the gap in the literature by presenting an empirical framework delineating how organizational attributes, such as corporate culture, leadership behavior,...
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Operation risk and control strategy of international freight forwarder

Xiaowei Lin, Hong Lin, Shiming Ou
In the process of international freight forwarding operations, often because of internal or external causes of the freight forwarding industry exists many potential risks, these risks may lead to the loss of freight forwarders. In this paper, DEMATEL method is used to analyze the data. Then we analyse...
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Screening and scoring process in M&A deals of serial acquirers: evidence from the Russian and international markets

Emil Martirosyan, Teimuraz Vashakmadze, Anastasia Sergeeva, Margarita Krechun
M&A deal market is growing every year. Most of the deals look absolutely lucrative in further on companies' integration but from the other hand majority deals declare unsuccessful integration due to many reasons and factors. This paper presents a study on the screening and scoring process as part of...
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Construction and test of forecasting push-pull demand model of urban emergency supplies

Xiaowei Han, Gaofeng Yue, Fachang Li, Xiaoliang Song
The research of demand forecast of city emergency supplies is of great significance to the management of urban emergency logistics. Taking the city public health emergency as the background, the paper will establish a model of push - pull demand forecasting about solving the problem of emergency supplies...
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The concept of corporate fundamental strength assessment model based on fuzzy logic

Tomasz L. Nawrocki
The main aim of the paper is to present a theoretical concept of corporate fundamental strength assessment model based on combination of fuzzy methodology and financial ratios, which can be an alternative to dominant in the literature solutions based on taxonomic methodology. Due to covering a wider...
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Will entrepreneurial intention directly lead to entrepreneurial behaviour?: a study based on the intermediary effect of entrepreneurial implementation plan

Man Hou, Dong Liu, Aizhen Wu, Zhang Yan
The phenomenon of "strong intention but weak action" between entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behaviour attracted scholars' widespread attention. This paper examines the mechanism of cognitive dissonance in the process of entrepreneurial intention to entrepreneurial behaviour. Based on the...
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Research on efficient implementation of ERP in small and medium-sized breeding enterprises in China

Yong Li, Bing Liu
In China, for most small and medium-sized breeding enterprises, the implementation effects of Enterprise Resource Planning (abbreviated as ERP) are unsatisfactory. This paper discusses features of small and medium-sized breeding enterprises first, and then gives the key to implement ERP effectively in...
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Does perceived insider status affect individual performance?--To the perspective of the mediating role of members "Team Boundaries"

Xiao-qiang Ma, Shi-pan Yang
Whether the identity of the team's insiders is recognized is an important factor that affects the behavior of employees and the performance of the staff, but the research on the impact of insider's cognition on performance is lacking. This paper explores the relationship between Perceived Insider Status,...
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Managing organizational trust - orientation towards trust in an enterprise

Felicjan Bylok, Piotr Tomski, Dorota Jelonek, Elzbieta Wyslocka
The herein paper is a theoretical discussion on trust management in an enterprise and an empirical presentation of the role of a manager in terms of building trust in enterprises. In the first section, the authors at hand concentrate on various approaches to the definition of trust. However, in the second...
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Internet based social networks as the resource supporting International new venture creation

Piotr Tomski, Felicjan Bylok, Dorota Jelonek, Elzbieta Wyslockaa
The internationalization process is important both for new ventures and established enterprises. The information obtained from international contacts of the entrepreneur (using internet based social networks) may be useful and may support the internationalization process. The aim this study is to analyze...
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Young consumers behavior in the market of electronic banking services

Elzbieta Wyslocka, Dorota Jelonek, Felicjan Bylok, Piotr Tomski
The paper presents theories regarding characteristics of consumer behavior of young customers on the basis of relevant literature and development of electronic banking in the world and in Poland. Aim of this article is to determine attitude of young consumers towards electronic banking based on a survey...
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Dual-class firms: a comprehensive literature review

Abdullah, Jia'nan Zhou
Going public with Dual-class structure is a controversial way of accessing capital market as it deviates from one share one vote regime therefore; it is greatly criticized by investors and academicians. It is believed that insiders choose this structure to expropriate minority shareholder's wealth and...
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Social and psychological analysis of students'representations on innovative activity

Bykova Elena, Tokarev Yulia, Tokarev Alexandr
Innovative economics has made the modern education system face the problem of identifying socio-psychological factors in the formation of students' innovative ways of thinking and acting, as well as their ideas about innovation. The study involved students from various faculties aged from 18 to 25 years...
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Corporate corruption and governance--from the perspective of China

Hong Wang, Sichang Wang
Corruption is a difficult problem that troubles developing and developed countries. With economic development and globalization, the number and extent of corporate corruption have increased to gain advantages over competitors in commercial transactions. This article introduces the definition, and causes...
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Evaluation of cultural creative industry efficiency in Dalian based on DEA model

Xiaonan Fan, Mengmeng Sun
Based on the theory of data envelopment analysis (DEA) model, this paper selected ten cities as study samples, and studied their input and output index values of cultural creative industries in 2014. Firstly, it builds a culture of evaluation index system from city level, and next evaluates the efficiency...
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Study on the collaborative development of the cultural consumption industry in Liaoning province under the view of industrial convergence

Xiaonan Fan, Qiligeri Lai, Xiaona Bao
The economic attributes of culture are symbiotic with the cultural properties of the economy. Industry integration is a form of industrial organization and new industry development mode of current economic and social development in China. Through industrial integration, all sectors of the industry can...
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Public values' reconstruction of the change of governance concept, the realization of citizen's cultural rights and the cultural industry-- the field of urban community public cultural service in the national governance system

Yufan Yan, Yuhui Liang
Presenting the field of urban community public cultural service practice in the national governance system truly is helpful to grasp the practice structure and operation mechanism of the system. Public cultural service is an effective carrier to transport public ideology at the national level, and it...
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Analysis of the influencing factors of voluntary disclosure of internal control deficiencies--empirical test of listed companies in Guangdong Province

Na Liu, Jiaojiao Liu
This paper selects 2014-2015 annual disclosure of listed companies in Guangdong province listed company internal control evaluation report as samples, analysis of the influencing factors from three aspects of finance, corporate governance, internal and external supervision of internal control deficiencies...
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Research on shared-savings contract of online shopping supply chain based on risk aversion

Xiaohui Hu, Lu Wu, Fuchang Li, Wei Lu
In the real life, most of the suppliers and retailers are risk aversion. This paper discusses the supply chain collaboration incentive problem based on the secondary supply chain composed of a single risk aversion supplier and a single risk aversion retailer. Firstly, we study the impact of the risk...
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Preliminary study of generation expansion planning- For provincial power grid

Xun Lu, Jie Wang, Yong Lin
Under the new stage of the economic development pattern being transformed, the scale of renewable energy was increasingly expanded and the ecological environment constraints gradually were enhanced. Scientific and reasonable power generation expanding planning (GEP) of turned out to be the significantly...
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Analysis for the one-stop logistics management of fresh agricultural products

Yan-Jun Wang, Hong-Mei Gao, Yu-Chuan Liu
Issues and concerns for food safety, agro-processing, and the environmental and ecological impact of food production have been attracted many research interests. Application of one-stop logistics service focused on the supply chain process integration for fresh agricultural products is studied. A collaborative...
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Dual-channel supply chain operations with working capital constraint: constant vs increasing marginal costs

Zhuang Xiao, Yixiang Tian, Zheng Yuan
This paper builds a two-stage game model to capture the operations of a dual-channel supply chain consisting of one supplier and two retailers where one of the retailers is constrained by its working capital and the other is not. With this model, we identify the different effects of the capital constraint...
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Implementation of maintenance employees' work time scheduling

Michal Zasadzien, Bartosz Szczesniak, Bozena Skotnicka-Zasadzien
The article presents the method of scheduling work time for maintenance workers. The purpose of the method is to implement the scheduling process in organizations where it has not been used, and the maintenance work consists only in removing failures. The method uses a scheduling table, helpful in scheduling...
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Exploring a two-criterion order scheduling problem by using five heuristics

Win-Chin Lin, Carol Yu, Shuenn-Ren Cheng, Tzu-Yun Lin, Yuan-Po Chao, Shang-Chia Liu, Chin-Chia Wu
Recently the order scheduling (OS) problem is concerned by the research community. However, the OS study with more than one criterion is only few. In view of this limitation, we address an OS problem in which the objective is to find a schedule to minimize the sum of total flowtime and the maximum tardiness....
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Use of quality engineering tools and methods for the analysis of production processes - case study

Bozena Skotnicka-Zasadzien, Radoslaw Wolniak, Michal ien Zasadzien
The article presents the application of selected quality engineering methods for solving a problem with product quality in the production process of plastic bags. Defects present in the product were identified and hierarchized by the number of defects in the total production volume. Next, using the Ishikawa...
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3D public pipeline regulatory standards--a case study of Taiwan

Scarlet Liu, Tony Li
Complex underground pipeline makes it difficult for management. In recent years, along with the gradual implementation of various construction projects of the government, public underground pipeline are constantly changed and expanded. Most pipelines are buried layer by layer. However, currently they...
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Research on quality assurance in production of ready-mixed concrete in Poland

Robert Grygo, Jolanta Harasymiuk, Andrzej Rudzinski
The concrete mix is one of the most common materials used in building structures. Starting from 1 July 2018, concrete for construction purposes in Poland must be produced as a part of the Factory Production Control (FPC). A literature review as well as a study of current control practices among the ready-mixed...
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Using R language and open source software architecture to build a high efficient enterprise market integration platform

Tung-Shou Chen, Jeanne Chen, Li-Hsuan Lai
Currently, there are many types of software for website information analyses. However, there also are some problems which include security issues using third party software, expansion weaknesses and operational complexities of software. The marketing integration platform proposed in this research, has...
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A detection algorithm of customer outlier data based on data mining technology

Jia Ren
For the outlier data detection problem of customer transactional retail data in a large-scale chain supermarket, customer transaction data are detected by data mining technology and database technology, the sample data of abnormal customer behavior have been chosen in the customer transaction database,...
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Standardization of 3D pipeline management--a case study of Taiwan

Scarlet Liu, Lony Li
The 3D pipeline management regulation and technical requirements had been put forward years ago. However, because of the lack of deep and detailed pipeline information, the positions of underground pipeline cannot be managed better. Thus, it will be a significant task of future pipeline management to...
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The problem of practice teaching of financial management and the necessity of reform

Xiaofang Wang, Dongdong Weng
In today's society, with the process of science and technology and the development of economy, new requirements have been put forward by financial management talents in colleges and universities in order to provide convenient conditions for the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities. And...
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The countermeasures and measures of the financial management professional teaching reform

Manping Weng, Dongdong Weng
With the development of global economy, the rapid progress of science and technology, more and more applied talents are needed by the society and enterprises. For the sake of providing convenient conditions for the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities, new requirements have been put forward...
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Research on blended teaching model based on web-based autonomous learning—taking the course of Excel formula and function as an example

Xiaoyan Cai, Wei Shen, Lina Lu, Chuizhen Zeng, Xianyu Meng, Jie Gao
In view of the current teaching situation of many Excel functions, learning difficulties and individual differences, this paper constructs a blended teaching model based on Web-based Autonomous Learning. Before class, students study autonomously through the online learning manuals and micro-lectures....
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The effect of women's distance employment on the development of the parenthood institution

Alena Fedorova, Natalia Tonkikh, Olga Koropets
The article presents the results of a pilot sociological study conducted in one of the largest Russian metropolises in April 2017. The aim of the study was to determine the impact of growing women's distance employment on the institution of parenthood, as well as on women's reproductive behaviour. The...
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Research on the improvement of migrant workers employability from the perspective of decent employment

Jing Chen, Shubin Jin, Hongyan Jia, Qing Zhang, Shiying Ai
The employment problem is a common concern for people all over the world. Achieving decent employment for all the people is a new idea that embodies only the goal of high quality of employment also the goal of the full employment goal. The paper selected some core keywords from enterprise recruitment...
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Effect of superior-subordinate Guanxi on job performance in China

Xiao-qiang Ma, Jie Liu
In this article, 327 employees were chosen as the sample and tested using hierarchical regression, in order to examine the impact of the SSG orientated subordinate relationship to their job performance, as well as to analyze what difference proactive personality will make. Conclusions can be drawn from...
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Advanced human resource management model based on complex system and agent-based modeling

Yang Yu, Jun Wu
Managing human resource of a company efficiently is always a popular topic all the time. Former researches usually use qualitative methodologies. Therefore, we design a model based on graph theory, statistics, team science, complex system and agent-based modeling.The structure of our model is a multi-layer...
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A comparative study of the manipulation effects of CEO ownership on executive-employee pay gap between the fresh CEO and the senior CEO: Evidence from the knowledge-based enterprises

Changzheng Zhang, Qian Guo
Facing the research gap in the relationship between CEO ownership and executive-employee pay gap, drawing on the insights from the tournament theory and behavioral theory, the paper empirically examines and compares the effects of the ownership of the fresh CEOs and senior CEOs on executive-employee...
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Exploring mechanism between social support and proactive career behaviors--based on self-verification theory

Chen-lin Liu, Siwei Sun
This paper was designed to quantitatively identify how social support affected proactive career behaviors based on self-verification theory through analyzing 220 valid questionnaires collected from newcomers in several companies in Mainland and Macao. The result showed that social support was positively...
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HR-management tools as the elements of labour market adaptation mechanism

Alexandr Kokovikhin, Ivan Borisov, Natalia Sharapova, Valentina Sharapova
This paper shows that national specifics of labour market determines management tools of labour market adaptation mechanism. The aim of the research is to identify management tools of labour market adaptation, using data of Russian Federation. Methodology research includes publication research, an in-depth...
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Dancing with little dragons: matching potential hires' aspirations with expectations of businesses

Poh Wah Dennis Lee, Shaomon Estelle Zheng, Jens Mueller
Gen Y/Millennials employees have become an important part of enterprise development. Compared with previous generations, this new generation shows higher expectations of work context and participation in management. Globalization and the explosion of new technologies have led to a situation where new...
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A study on the threshold effect of different types of environmental regulations on FDI

Kuanqi Du, Mengmeng Li
The environmental regulations are divided into three types including command-control (CER), market-incentive (MER) and public-participation (PER) in this paper. Based on the panel data in 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China from 2003 to 2014, the threshold plate regression model was...
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Empirical analysis of the impact of RMB offshore market in Hongkong on monetary policy in China

Yiqing Jiao, Lixin Ye
Combined with the Markov regime switching vector autoregressive model (MS-VAR), this paper empirically analyses the nonlinear relationship between the RMB Offshore Market in Hongkong and monetary policy under different regional regimes. The research finds MSIH(3)-VAR(2) model can better describe the...
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The study of industrial structure change and economic growth in China's new economic based on optimal control model

Tifang Ye, Yanli Zhou, Xiangyu Ge
The rapid growth of knowledge-based economy driven by the information technology revolution has had a profound impact on China's economic growth and industrial structure change. This paper re-examines the relationship between China's economic growth and industrial structure change based on the optimal...
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The innovation union within the Slovak business environment

Marcel Kordoš, Eva Ivanová
This paper deals with the issue how innovation is implemented into EU Innovation policy processes, how important role it plays within the Slovak Business environment to assure the rapid development of SMEs and to enhance Slovak competitiveness within the international economics environment. By means...
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Analysis on article 15 of China accession protocol after expiration

Yan Yang
In 2017, with the expiration of Article 15 in China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the issue of China's full market economy status has received significant attention from public and government. This paper makes an objective interpretation of the content about Article 15 in Protocol...
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Industrial structure change and regional creativity: mechanism analysis and empirical study

Yong Qi, Xing Zhou
The regional innovation system is an important part of the national innovation system. This paper expounds the mechanism of the regional innovation. The empirical results show that the industrial structure change has a significant positive effect on the regional innovation system.
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"The economic model of New Normality" and "the Nelt and Noad initiative": perspectives on intellectual property rights

Zhixiao Wu
China's economy development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. A rough and fast way of economy development should change in China. The new normal state of economic development is preferable. The Belt and Road initiative is a strategic which adapt to the new normal economic development...
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A review on one belt one road-China Pakistan economic corridor and its policy implications

Faiza Manzoor, Longbao Wei, Abdul Latif, Syed Irshad Ali Shah
The Belt and Road Initiative aims to promote the connectivity of Asian, European and African continents and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of its key ventures aiming for mutual cooperation and development of both the countries. Being termed as a "life-line" the project mainly focus on energy...
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Analysis on the operation mode of China online short - rent enterprises under the sharing economy

Shuxia Dong, Yadan Luo, Xiaoxuan Zhang
Guided by the Sharing economic mode, so many companies, at home and abroad, have already developed rapidly, such as Mayi, Tujia, Xiaozhu, and so on. Online rental industry is the outstanding representative of the sharing economic development model.This paper aims to analyze both the development model...
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A study on network sales carnival from an economics perspective

Wei Weng, Shan He, Jiahui Jiang, Fei Li, Shiying Lu
Shopping online has become an inseparable part of people's life, with the development of internet technology. This thesis takes the consumer group of Taobao "Double 11" Carnival as research subject and attempts to find out the reasons for the quick development of shopping online and its occupation of...
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An empirical study on the financial competitiveness of A-share listed companies in Shanghai stock market under the reform of supply side

Jinlei Yang, Tiantian Sun
This paper takes 968 listed companies in A shares of Shanghai Stock Exchange as an example. Through the construction of financial competitiveness system and the use of factor analysis method, this paper systematically studies the basic situation of the overall financial competitiveness of Shanghai A-share...
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Study on the improvement of capital utilization efficiency of China's listed power companies based on the effectiveness of internal Control

Jie Yao, Huan Ma
Along with the reformation of electric power system, power companies are losing their monopoly advantage and facing great challenges. The sample of this paper is the data of 58 listed electric power companies from 2014 to 2016.And the paper studies the correlation between the effectiveness of internal...
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Research on internal control audit, internal control deficiency and audit fees

Ting Pan, Yu Song
With the development of the internal control system, the internal control audit has received more attention.This paper takes the A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen as a sample, to study the effect of the disclosure of internal control audit report, the opinion of internal control audit...
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A study of intra-national consumer behaviours in China: the role of regional wealth

Xiaoyu Wu, Hoi In Veronica Fong, IpKin Anthony Wong
The objective of this article is to respond to the need for intra-national research through multilevel analysis and to assist scholars and managers to better understand individual, cultural, and socioeconomical attributes in consumer purchase decisions. We develop an empirical model to examine the role...
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The importance of behaving in a proactive way for marketing management: the case of thorntons PLC

Guochao Lin, Qinping Chen
Thorntons was positioned as luxury chocolate brands, however, it has continued to operate with a weak business performance in 2010-2012. The growing of products' volume and improvement of in-store service cannot provide clear differences compared with its competitors. This paper took Thorntons as the...
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Research on marketing strategy: case study of Disneyland

Jia Yao
In April 8, 2011, Shanghai Disneyland starts construction, Shanghai Disneyland will be the second Disneyland in China, at the same time, China will be the only country which has two Disneyland in the world besides the Unite States. This shows the economic strength of China is rapidly growing. Firstly,...
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Research on the mobile library marketing service of university library under the new media environment

Xiuli Li, Chunyue Liu
With the development of new media technology, mobile library service has become the main mode of University Library service. This paper introduces the concept of mobile library, service model and marketing strategy to improve the service quality of University Library and enhance service effect.
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Agricultural meal docking service based on the electronic commerce platform

Li Guo, Shuangshuang Su, Danni Hao, Hao Shen
There are some problems in traditional agricultural products circulation channels, including too many links, exorbitant cost and huge loss, which can't adapt to the developing of modern agriculture and related industries. In recent years, with the development of the work about "Agricultural Meal Docking",...
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Service Performance evaluation of China expresses delivery companies based on a MCDM model

Qigan Shao, Sungshun Weng
Multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) is used in various fields because of its advantages in qualitative and quantitative assessment of decision making. This paper applies best and worst method (BWM) and gray relational analysis (GRA) to evaluate service performance of private express delivery companies....
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Is there gender discrimination in the marketplace of short-time rental?: the case of

Xinting Bian, Hongcheng Wang
In the past few years, the model of P2P was introduced to the area of short-time house rental. Online marketplaces often contain information about products and the people who sell the products. In this paper, we test for gender discrimination against landlords in the online rental marketplace
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Analysis of the O2O marketing model about "old network" website

Wenrong Jiang
The Old Network is a portal website used for second-hand information in local life. It has rich information on second-hand trade and serves for life station around the country. Firstly, this paper gives some advice on marketing of the Old Network by SWOT analysis of the Old Network e-commerce. Meanwhile,...
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Problems and countermeasures of performance management in precision poverty alleviation in big data era

Hongyu Li, Shengling Gao, Shuyan Wang
Performance management of precision poverty alleviation projects is not only a basic way to improve the efficiency of poverty alleviation project management, but the only way for the government to build efficiency as well; meanwhile it is also an important step to implement poverty alleviation project...
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Could earnings momentum crash?

Min Zhang, Wenbin Bao
It is already accepted by researchers that price momentum has crashed. How about earnings momentum? Does it also have crashed? In this paper we used two methods--- standardized unexpected earnings and the cumulative abnormal stock return to measure earnings momentum which are supposed to put into ten...
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The impact of OFDI reverse technology spillovers on the China's export technological complexity

Meijia Fang, Yongjian Zong
This paper, by utilizing the inter-provincial panel data from 2009 to 2015 and the two-step system GMM, examines the impact of OFDI reverse technology spillovers on the export technological complexity in China. The result is that OFDI is a driving force for the export technological complexity. By further...
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Revealed comparative advantage and competitiveness of clothing sector: Balkan countries vis-à-vis the EU-28

Simona Tripa, Sunhilde Cuc, Liliana Indrie, Hajnalka Barna, Simona Dzitac
This paper presents an analysis of Balkans countries' relative competitiveness of the clothing industry and a comparison its trade vis-à-vis the EU-28. The RCA is analysed by two indices: the Balassa index and the Vollrath's revealed competitiveness during 2000–2015. Both evaluations of the RCA indices...
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The empirical analysis of relationship between cross-border e-commerce & trade facilitation

Nina Zhu
This article presents a current situation of China's trade facilitation and cross-border e-commerce at first, and then makes some comparison between China and the other countries, based on the above analysis the paper makes an empirical test of relationship between China's trade facilitation and cross-border...
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The eve of the 20th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan's membership in the WTO: priorities, consequences and prospects

Aizhan Ismailova, Yulan Du
Having gained independence, the Kyrgyz Republic not only qualitatively changed its status in the world, but also imposed upon itself certain obligations arising from such status. Confirming its own sovereignty, the country was actively involved in international processes, including entering the World...
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The evolution of manufacturing trade network structure of the belt and road

Jian Yang
This paper makes research on evolution of trade network structure of "the Belt and Road" based on export data of national manufacturing industry from 2000 to 2014 with adoption of UCINET software and social network analysis method. Research has found out that the trade link of "the Belt and Road" national...
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The risk of exchange rate fluctuation and path choice in rmb internationalization

Hongcheng Wang, Xinting Bian
At present, China has great influence in the world economy , the status of the RMB is also increasing rapidly. However, the level of internationalization of RMB is still lagging behind China's economic status. In recent years, internationalization of RMB has made great progress, the RMB has been included...
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A comparative study on cross-border merger performance for Chinese and American commercial banks

Ruibo Liu, Xiaojun Niu
Faced with competition and pressure in the international banking, Chinese had to consider how to use the cross-border mergers and acquisitions to realize their own rapid development and growth and to enhance competitiveness. This paper selected the cases of cross-border mergers and acquisitions for Citibank...
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Socio-economic impacts of Chinese government financed infrastructural development projects in nigeria.

Salisu Gidado Dalibi, Bello Sani Bello
Nigeria is a West African country, often referred to as the "Giant of Africa" due to its population of over 177 million and an estimated GDP of over US$587 billion; abundant natural resources including one of the largest natural gas and crude oil reserves. Despite these strong fundamentals, Nigeria has...
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A study on the trade environments and efficiency of factor markets of The Belt and Road regional countries

Hongyi Bi, Lu Jiang, Mingwei Guo, Tianjian Sun
Through the construction of the index evaluation system of trade environment competitiveness of The Belt and Road regional countries, this paper estimates the index of trade environment competitiveness of the 52 countries among The Belt and Road regional countries by using the factor analysis. And this...
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Research on the growth effect of "the Belt and Road" strategy based on international trade perspective

Ting Cui, Jiaqi Liu, Zhiguang Zhang
This paper demonstrates that China's investment in "the Belt and Road" countries is beneficial to improve GDP of China and "the Belt and Road" countries by constructing the mathematical model. And on this basis, the empirical test was carried out in combination with relevant countries' data from 2000...
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A comparative study of national innovation efficiency based on SFA

Shu Zhu, Yong Qi
Based on the two-stage theory of innovation, this paper divides the innovation efficiency into R & D efficiency and output efficiency.Using the stochastic frontier analysis method (SFA) to evaluate and compare the innovation efficiency of the world's major innovative countries and BRIC countries.It is...
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The effects and problems of the supply side reform of cotton production in Xinjiang

Yawen Yu, Guoxin Yu
Document No. 1 of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2016 propose that, increase the innovation drive in agricultural modernization, change the mode of agricultural development, push the reform of the agricultural supply side, maintain farmers' income and develop agriculture steadily1....
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Research on mutual driving relationship between industrial agglomeration and talent gathering in Jiangsu

Ying Zhang, Zhengxuan Zhu
How to drive and influence each other between industrial agglomeration and talent gathering is an important proposition that industrial economics and human capital theory are very concerned nowadays. In this paper, taking the high-tech industry agglomeration and high-tech talent gathering in Jiangsu...
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New approach to defining family enterprises – results of empirical research in Poland

Ewa Wiecek-Janka, Adrianna Lewandowska
The paper presents theoretical foundations for developing the definition of a family enterprise in the world. The main outcome of the research is a new approach to defining a family enterprise based on a five-level model. The model was applied in the study of the share of family enterprises in Poland's...
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Research on regional development of China under the new normal--based on the regional coordinated development of the Yangtze River delta

Jie Chen, Junwen Feng
The 13th "Five-Year plan" emphasizes the regional coordinated development, for it is the key to coordinated development. Considering that China is in the economic new normal, this paper mainly studies the regional coordinated development under the new normal. We select the Yangtze River Delta region...
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An empirical study on the relationship between the development of MICE industry and regional economic growth

Haiqin Fan
After analyzing the development of MICE industry to promote regional economic growth from the two aspects of qualitative and quantitative, the mathematical model is established in this paper. After then taking Guiyang Convention and exhibition industry as an example, the related data are brought to verify...
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An analysis of China's regional capital flow: based on the perspective of the relationship between investment and savings

Chong Li, Jingyuan Di
This paper analyses China's regional capital flow based on the relationship between investment and savings. We make panel data analysis of China's 29 provinces (Considering the completeness and availability of data, we remove the data of Chongqing and Tibet) from 1979 to 2015 using fixed effect model,...
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Research on the optimization of Chinese counterpart assistance policy based on the perspective of growth pole theory

Xiang Chen, Xiaodong Song
Counterpart assistance is a policy helping undeveloped areas to develop economy since the Reform and Opening. This policy plays an important role in boosting economy, public service, and education at the assisted areas. However, the present assistance model pays little attention to the growth pole at...
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Research on the impact of implementing performance of China 's innovation - driven development strategy on technology innovation index

Yong Qi, Mingyang Wang
In this paper, the principal component analysis is used to analyze the performance of China's innovation strategy. We build a scientific and technological innovation evaluation system, The research shows that most provinces have lower technological innovation capability in our country. The regression...
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Migration processes as a factor of labor market regulation

Vladimir Polovinko, Anna Arbuz
This study examines the trends of migration processes in Omsk region related to the increase in the outflow of the indigenous population, including young representatives, as a rule, well-educated.These developments of situation will contribute to increasing disparities at the regional labor market, the...
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Spatial dynamic co-relations between economic development performances and major factors: evidence of coastal regions in China

Shuguang Liu, Tingyu Liu
The dynamics of coastal economic regions in China need to be studied in the visualized way. Through the data analysis of China's three major coastal economic regions from 1994 to 2014, the authors of the paper utilize the standard deviation ellipse and cosine similarity methods to explore the evolution...
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Selection factors of seaport type logistics center of fujian free- trade zone

Dan Liu, Xiulian Hu, ShihMing Ou
According to the characteristics of Fuzhou harbor type logistics center, using PEST analysis to find out the competitive advantages, and listed factors that have a major impact on logistics center location selection, and then uses DEMATEL analysis to establish the initial matrix, such as normalized matrix...
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The research on joint venture between China and Kazakhstan in energy and transport cooperation

Daniya Garafutdinova, Yongjian Zong
The purpose of this empirical analysis is to investigate, based on gravity model, FDI flow from China to Kazakhstan during 2008-2016 year and NLS model. The estimation is controlled for the importance of gravity variables (GDP, per capita GDP, Distance, Common border and Common organization the latest...
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The rural financial ecological environment analysis of Jilin Province in the background of land circulation

Chunhui Wang, Nan Wu, Siyu Yao
Jilin province countryside is in the key period of the land circulation, however, the rural financial ecological environment has shown an unharmonious with economic development. From Jilin province rural financial ecological environment present situation, this paper analyzed rural economic development...
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Research on performance evaluation system of poverty alleviation project --- a case study of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, China

Shuyan Wang, Shengling Gao, Hongyu Li
The article construct the "performance evaluation system for poverty alleviation projects" from four aspects: project investment, process, output and influence. With the principle of efficiency, comprehensive, dynamic and feasible, the principal component analysis is applied to the poverty alleviation...
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A study on the development of cultural tourism products in Tianjin --a case of new year paintings in Yangliuqing

Zhongxiu Hao
The folk custom tourism has become an important form of cultural tourism in the international leisure tourism market. Yangliuqing new year painting is a typical representative of cultural and artistic inheritance in Tianjin city. It is urgent to analyze how to effectively promote the development of experience...
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The military management in colleges and universities

Xianyu Meng, Xiaoyan Cai, Lina Lu, Yu Ge, Jie Gao
Problems existed in management of college students under the popularization of higher education and traditional education has difficult to satisfy the educational management in colleges and universities, this paper discusses the militarization of management model in university management application.
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The trend of price fluctuation in China and its influence on the living standard of residents: take the first-tier city shanghai as an example

Qu Xu
In recent years, price has showed the tendency of increasing. Taking Shanghai as an example, the trend of price changes is analysed in this paper, from which we learn the impact on residents' living standards. Firstly, this paper analyses the trend of rising speed, and then brings all kinds of reflections...
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Research on the paths of business model innovation

Shengzhou Wang
Management must transform enterprise-centric into customer-centric with the big changing of the business environment. Business model is redefined. It is customer value demand-centric and constituted with value creation, value realization and value proposition. Business model interface is described as...
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Research on total factor productivity of manufacturing enterprises in the Yangtze River economic belt

Hua Yuan, Yun Zhang, Hongzhong Zhao
Manufacturing, the important industries in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, is a hot issue for many scholars to study. In this paper, Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA) method is used for calculating the total factor productivity (TFP) of enterprises in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The results show that...