Proceedings of the 2017 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology (FMSMT 2017)

739 authors
Zhong, Shouming
New passivity criteria for discrete-time neural networks with leakage and time-varying delays
Zhou, Yan-min
Research on Anti-vibration Control of Optoelectronic Servo System
Zhou, Yan-min
Research on Face Recognition of Large Capacity Coherent Photoelectric Hybrid
Zhou, Huayanran
Research on Oil-immersed Transformer Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Improved Extension Set on Intervals
Zhou, Ding
An Intelligent Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Architecture
Zhou, Shengshi
Research On Supplier Selection Of Home Appliance Industry Supply Chain Based On Entropy Weight And TOPSIS Method
Zhou, Yibin
Urban Development Evaluation By Using AHP
Zhou, Yibin
Take an Energy-saving And Comfortable Hot Bath
Zhou, Zhaofa
Application of a hybrid least squares algorithm in astronomical positioning
Zhou, Jianzhong
Analysis of hydro-turbine non-stationary vibration signals based on CEEMDAN and Wigner-Ville Distribution
Zhou, Shujun
Study on Methods for Fish-eye Image Correction Based on Spherical Projection Model
Zhou, Jian
Experiment on marine floating start of ESGM
Zhou, Shengjie
The Analysis of Multichannel Dual Clock Probability Detection CSMA Random Multiple Access
Zhou, Peng
Research on Modified SVM for classification of SAR images
Zhou, Qinghua
Global attracting set for a class of delayed Hopfield neural networks
Zhou, Xueyang
Strategy for Load Balancing Task Assignment Based on Traffic Load
Zhou, Fengming
The application of the median filter in image restoration
Zhou, Wuqiang
Research and Development of "Experiment Cloud" Platform Based on OpenStack
Zhou, Ruo-yi
Retrieving Collocation Frameworks for Entity Attribute Knowledge Acquisition
Zhou, Yue
Generation of 8QAM-OFDM Optical Access Signals Using DMT Modulation Method
Zhou, Junyi
Generation of 8QAM-OFDM Optical Access Signals Using DMT Modulation Method
Zhou, Di
WKNN indoor location clustering algorithm with triangle correction
Zhu, Junhua
Heater Component Modal Analysis of Electronic Gun under High Temperature Condition
Zhu, Qing
Feature extraction of smiley facial expression based on AU sequence optical flow
Zhu, Qing
Automatic location of facial acupuncture-point based on facial feature points positioning
ZHU, Wenyong
Application of a hybrid least squares algorithm in astronomical positioning
Zhu, Donghai
A Performance Test Device for Thermostat Dehumidifier Based on Air Enthalpy Contrast Method of Wind Tunnel
Zhu, Zhanxia
Numerical Simulation of Neutral Buoyancy Experiment for Spacecraft
Zhu, Jianjie
A Review of Gun Barrel Observation and Detection System
Zhu, Siyu
The Model of Water Temperature Change in the Bathtub
Zhu, Siyu
Intelligent Evaluation of City Development
Zhu, Hong
Alarm Correlation Analysis Method for Smart Power Distribution and Utilization Communication Network Based on Bayesian Networks
Zhu, Jinhui
A Novel Online Cleaning System for Shell and Tube Oil Heat Exchanger
Zhu, Jinhui
Research on the Online Cleaning of Heat Exchanger in Crude Oil Processing System
Zhu, Hongjun
Video Shot-Boundary Detection based on Matrix sequence Grey model
Zhu, Liyan
Dual-band polarization-independent metamaterial absorber for radar stealth technology
Zou, Yang
Zou, Shuilong
Reliability design of three mode redundant system based on dynamic reconfiguration
Zou, Qingyun
An Excellent Wavelet for Image and Video Compression