Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Humanities Science, Management and Education Technology (HSMET 2018)

Conference General Chairs

  • X. Guo

    Inner Mongolia University, China

  • F. Gabriel

    University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland

  • B. Achour

    University Mohamed Khider of Biskra, Algeria

Technical Committees

  • Z.M. Rong

    University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

  • Y. Zhang

    Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce, China

  • J. Xu

    Dankook University, South Korea

  • C.G. Jiang

    Jiangnan University, China

  • X.F. Si

    Lausanne Management Consulting, USA

  • R.B. Ge

    City Institute,Dalian University of Technology, China

  • N. Cai

    Northwest Minzu University, China

  • J. Xu

    Dankook University, China

  • C.X. Feng

    Henan University of Science and Technology, China

  • W.M. Li

    Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, China

  • G.H. Zhao

    Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, China

  • C.Z. Zhang

    Xi’an University of Technology School, China

  • H.B. Dai

    Xiamen University, China

  • Z. Zhang

    Changchun University of Science and Technology, China

  • K. Zhang

    North China Electric Power University, China

  • Z.J. Pan

    Wuchang Shouyi University, China

  • Y.Z. Lv

    Qingdao University of Science &Technology, China

  • Z.X. Yu

    Jilin University of Finance and Economics, China

  • J.G. Xiao

    Jiangxi Normal University, China

  • M.L. Wang

    Jinan University, China

  • Y.L. Huang

    Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China

  • H.L. Cheng

    Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, China

  • C.H. Lin

    National Cheng Kung University, China

  • Z.L. Wang

    Jilin University, China

  • W.X. Su

    Huaqiao University, China

  • X.F. Xie

    Tongji University, China

  • Y.G. Dong

    Yanshan University, China

  • J.F. He

    Xijing college, China

  • B. Lai

    Chengdu Polytechnic,China

  • Y. Liu

    South China University of Technology, China

  • J.J. Yang

    Xi 'an hi-tech institute, China

  • G. Zhang

    Fujian Normal University, China

  • G. Wang

    Hefei University of Technology,China