Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Humanities Science, Management and Education Technology (HSMET 2018)

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On the Writing Features of the Scholarly Writer Cao Wenxuan

Jirong Zhang
As a scholarly writer, Cao Wenxuan pursued the eternal classical beauty in his creation and created a series of poetic and graceful texts under the consideration of this literary conception. The juvenile growth theme, children’s perspective and beautiful scenery constitute the core of the textual beauty....
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Bilingual Education for Ethnic Koreans in China

Junshu Jin, Mingxia Gao
Bilingual education for Chinese minority nationalities is an organic and important part of Chinese national education. As a part of China’s ethnic minority education, bilingual education for ethnic Koreans becomes more and more important because the demand for the talents mastering different languages...
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Research on Enterprise Economic Management Mode from the Perspective of Marketing

Yining Qu
This paper focuses on the problems existing in the enterprise economic management and discusses the innovation of the enterprise economic management model under the marketing angle from four aspects, such as strengthening the management of human resources training mechanism, perfecting the economic management...
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Is the integration of pop art an important factor in giving birth to the art market?

Yao Wang
Pop art is a new style of art. Its characteristics are popular, popular and mass production, and the characteristics of the art market are to serve the masses and retail a large amount of cheap daily necessities produced in mass production. Pop art is closely related to the supermarket. Andy Warhol is...
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A study on the architectural art of " Yi Ke Yin " in traditional buildings in Yunnan

Yao Wang
The quadrangle has a long history and the most extensive distribution in Chinese folk houses. It is the typical form of the Han folk dwellings. It is inseparable from the cultural infiltration of ancient Chinese Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. At present, the Beijing quadrangle and the Shanxi courtyard...
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The Research Demonstration and Transformation of the Marxist Theory of Contemporary China

Dong Shen
These three research demonstration were restricted by the triple positioning of Marxist theory with ideology, theoretical system, social practice, it is reflecting a mutual independent and decisively separating status in the research, which will affect the development deepening of academic research and...
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A review of the motivations of corporate strategic change - based on the perspective of senior management

Xiaoxiao Kong, Lei Zhu
Based on senior management perspectives, this article reviews the representative literature on the causes of corporate strategic change from the perspectives of senior management traits, CEO changes, and entrepreneur cognition and psychological capital, and finally the paper draws the conclusion, points...
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Internet plus innovative service platform to boost poverty alleviation

Shaobin Huang, Weisheng Wu
Targeted poverty alleviation has entered the sprint period, and needs to be boosted by taking the advantage of the Internet. The "Internet plus" Innovation Platform, based on the Internet, leverages the advantages of university talents in management and technology to carry out innovative and entrepreneurial...
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Research on Promotion of Young Teachers’ Ability in Private Universities

Yan Li
. Under the circumstances of vocational education, this paper was carried out to investigate current situation of young teachers’ ability development in private universities through the methods of questionnaire and interview. The result shows that young teachers can not fully understand components of...
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Research on Retailer’s Advance Selling Strategy Considering the Influence of Advertising on Demand

Lijun Yang, Huimin Li
Based on considering the impact of advertising on demand, this paper constructs advance selling model to explore the retailer's strategy and gives the optimal decision under the relevant conditions. The research shows that under the influence of advertising on demand, retailers are more willing to pre-sale...
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Learning from Real Life -- A Case Study of an Autistic Student in a Mainstream Secondary School

Guo Zhang
Based on the case of how a Secondary 2 student with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) adapted to the life in a mainstream secondary school, the author shares the application of Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication handicapped Children (TEACCH) and effective ASD approved and effective intervention...
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Discussion on the New Concepts of Chemistry Teaching Adapting to the Requirements of Talent Cultivation

Chunyan Yan, Wentao Yi
The flexible teaching contents and methods, especially the updating of teaching concepts are needed in order to meet the requirements for cultivating the talents of innovative, practice and complex types under new situations. In this paper, new concepts of chemistry teaching were discussed, and several...
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Research into Linyi’s rural precision poverty relief model driven by the government, market, and society

Yu Zhang
Precision poverty relief requires participation of not only the government, but also the society, market and public. This is the idea of diverse coordinated precision poverty relief. Currently, Linyi’s rural precision poverty relief has the following problems: weak basic conditions and inadequate industrial...
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Research on the development strategies of Wuhan local tourism based on sports events

Zhong Wu
In recent years, sports events promote the development of local tourism industry as a new platform. In this paper, it explores the Wuhan sports events and the present situation of the development of the tourism industry in Wuhan, analyzes Wuhan sports characteristic and impact on the local tourism development,...
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Analysis of the influence of "business tax to VAT" on financial management of enterprises

Yan Cheng, Qun Liu
As an important measure of China's tax system, the "business tax to VAT" plays an important role in reducing the overall tax revenue and enhancing the vitality of enterprises. It can provide strong support for the development of enterprises to explore actively the impact of "business tax to VAT" on the...
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The Reform of Consumption Tax from the Perspective of Functional Orientation in the New Era of China

Yang Liu
Consumption tax is an important auxiliary tax with multiple functions. As time goes, it can be given some new orientations: such as replacing some functions of personal income tax to improve the progressiveness of the taxation system; replacing some of the functions of business tax to implement industry...
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Research on Status Quo of Recycling and Reusing of Scrapped Vehicles and Countermeasures for Energy Saving -- Based on the Analysis of Wuhan

Hui Cai, Xin Gu, Hongming Fu, Jixin Gao, Yiqun Kou, Xiaoxu Wei
It is revealed that, on average, for each scrapped automobile, one ton of fuel oil, 1.8 tons of standard coal, 2.4 tons of scrap steel and 45 kg of non-ferrous metal can be saved. The recovery rate of end-of-life vehicles in Wuhan continues to decline, the current status of reuse is not optimistic, and...
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The Research of “Meng xue” training in Preschool education

Miao Yu, Jing Li
As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, Meng xue has become an educational mode which is based on the profound traditional Chinese culture in the past thousands of years. At present, preschool education industry values professional quality more than cultural quality. The kindergarten attaches...
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Research on personality characteristics and presentation characteristics of Elite Archers

Jiahuan Lin
in order to explore the characteristics of 16PF personality characteristics and SIQ movement appearance of excellent archers, the literature, experimental and mathematical statistics were used to investigate and analyze. The results show that excellent athletes are good at dealing with interpersonal...
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The safety factor analysis and countermeasures of campus orientation movement

Jun Wang, Song Gu, Ni Lu
From the international perspective, the development of orientation movement in our campus is still in its infancy. Compared with the traditional school sports activities, the phenomenon of experience deficiencies still exist in many ways.For example, improper teaching methods, poor choice of sports venues,...
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Study on the Economic Effects of China-SAARC FTA: Based on GTAP Model

Rongbo Wang, Jun Zhang
SAARC countries are the important areas in the construction of " the Belt and Road Initiative ". Promoting trade liberalization between China and SAARC will inject new vigor into the economic and trade development of both sides. GTAP model was used to evaluate the prospects of trade liberalization between...
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A Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Grid Management Performance of Urban Community Party Building in China -- Take Z Community as an Example

Guihua Liu, Yuanting Wei
With the rapid development and profound changes of China society, traditional social management is encountering with serious challenges. It has become a trend to innovate the ideas and mode of management. Grid mode produced in the practice of grass-roots management is applied to community Party building....
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An Analysis of the Credit Service System in Chinese Public Libraries Based on Sesame Credit -- A Study on Hangzhou Public Library

Weiran Zhang, Jens Mathis Rieckmann
Recently, the construction of a social credit system has become a hot topic and has gotten a lot of public attention. Public libraries, as an important part of the public service system in China, have launched credit services to promote the establishment of Credit City by cooperating with Sesame Credit...
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Study on Inventory Control Strategy of Beijing Fresh Produce Distribution Center

Dongyu CUI
The establishment of a distribution center provides a place for storage and processing of fresh produce, which directly affects the quality of fresh produce and food safety. The effective control of the inventory of fresh produce in the distribution center will help reduce the uncertainty of the supply...
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Research on Blood Supply Chain Simulation Based on Cost and Shortage Rate

Wenjuan Fan
Based on the MBB case in India, this paper takes the cost and the shortage rate as output variables, considers five events including demand events, collection events, storage events, shortage events, and overdue events in the blood supply chain, and establishes a blood supply chain simulation model....
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Cultivation of Data Literacy of University Students in the Era of Big Data: Contents and Countermeasures -- Taking Consumer Behaviour Course Teaching as an Example

Qiuhong Zhang
This paper used qualitative research method , depended on teaching characters, studied how to cultivate data literature of university students through course. Firstly, based on the researches of predecessors, determined the concept and the associated concepts of the data literacy, and analysed the reasons...
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Construction of Blended Learning Model Based on Reciprocal Peer Tutoring

Sujuan Xiong
With the rapid development of modern education technology, the blended learning mode has attracted more and more attention from the scholars at home or abroad. On the basis of Reciprocal Peer Teaching, constructing the blended interactive learning model can make full use of the advantages of both in-class...
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On Wu Jingzi's Ideological Tendency from the Shaping of Dushaoqing

Yan Wang
The novel of Unofficial History about Scholars as a class is one milestone of Ancient Chinese vernacular satirical novels. Du Shaoqing,the orthodox Confucianism ,the fashion of Wei and Jin Dynasties,and the Advanced and Ideological Trend of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There-fore, the analysis of the...
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The contemporary interpretation of Laozi's thoughts on War and Peace

Dianqing Niu
The Five Thousand Words of the Tao Te Ching contain Laozi’s concept of war and peace in the world. He believes that as long as the country “does not take the military as its strength to master the world”, war can be avoided. In addition, Laozi believes that seeking peace in the world is the way for countries...
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Research on the design innovation and transformation mode of outdoor public recreation facilities on campus

Yepeng Qi, Xiaofan Zhao, Jiahui Dong
Social development has prospered since the 21st century.Based on the prosperity,our material and cultural needs growing continuously.In terms of material needs, when people use goods, the demand is not only about function,they are eager to have a better experience.In terms of cultural needs, there should...
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The spirit of the craftsman and the cultural consciousness of the Vocational Education

Ling Liu
Advocating the spirit of craftsmen has become the mainstream value and subject consciousness of our society. The practice of vocational education culture calls for the craftsman spirit. The reasons for the lack of cultural consciousness in vocational education are that the culture of vocational education...
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An Analysis of "One Belt and One Road" under the Perspective of the Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind

Zhaohe Chen
From September to October 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed " One Belt and One Road " initiative and received the support and participation of more than 100 countries and international organizations. “One Belt and One Road” initiative contains China's profound historical and cultural heritage, and...
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The Influence of Haptic Sensations on Prosocial Behavior

Dongjie Wu
The studies of prosocial behavior have been wide and various, but few researchers use embodied cognition theory to study prosocial behavior. As important sensations to individuals, the influences of haptic sensations on cognition have rarely been studied. In this study, embodied cognition theory is used...
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Evolutionary game analysis of enterprise R&D decision-making in the production and learning alliance

Yan Wang
In this paper, the evolution game model is used to investigate the difference of the profit and game strategies of the cooperative innovation of enterprises participating in the cooperative innovation of enterprises under the constraints of enterprise cooperation and non-cooperation (competition). Results...
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The paths of improving the effectiveness of emotional education for postgraduates in universities -- based on the summer social practice

Weiwei Liu, Leifeng Wang
The emotional education of postgraduates is an important part of the postgraduate education in colleges or universities, which consists of three parts of moral sense, sense and beauty, which has the characteristics of excitation, guidance and concealment. As an important supplement of classroom theory...
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The Influence of User Network Environment on Reward Sharing Behavior in Social Media

Bing Guo
For the study of user sharing behavior in social media, the network environment and incentive mechanisms are two important aspects. Based on the social network theory, this paper put forward the hypothesis, using crawler technology to grab user data on Sina Microblog platform. Based on 1774 samples,...
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Research on the Relationship between Air Transport Capacity Upgrading and Economic Growth from the Perspective of Externality -- Take Guizhou Province for Example

Zheng Lv, Wanping Bai
How is the dependence on air transport in the post-development area? Does it exist and what spillover effects exist? It is not enough in theory and experience. On the basis of reviewing the theoretical relationship between transportation infrastructure and regional economic growth, taking air traffic...
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Green University: the Important Influencing Factor of Regional Development

Jun Tu
Green university construction not only has practical significance to the Regional development, but also has far-reaching educational significance to the ecological civilization. Firstly, with the basic elements of regional development, a brief path analysis of regional development using a relevant theory...
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The Deficiency and Remedy of Language Course Features in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaomei Li
Curriculum design is the core content of teaching planning. However,higher vocational colleges lack their own characteristics in language courses. The author thinks that integrating language and teaching contents; giving attention to the depth and breadth of students’ language knowledge; combining majors...
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A Comparative Study of Tea Culture and Its Connotation between Chinese and English -- Based on the Matter, Behavior and Spirit

Qian Luo
Based on the matter, behavior and spirit, this document compared the similarities and differences of tea culture between Chinese and English so as to deepen the realization of Chinese and English tea culture and improve the diffusion and communication of tea culture in two countries.
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An Analysis of the Influence of QFII Shareholding Tendency on Stock Returns Volatility: from the Perspective of Industry Life Cycle

Siyu Du, Pan Xie
From the perspective of industry life cycle, we examine the influence of variations in QFII shareholding tendency on the stock returns volatility of 19 industries in Chinese A share market by establishing GARCH, TARCH and EGARCH models. The analysis results show that: (1) There is a significant asymmetry...
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The Digital protection and Inheritance Research of Intangible Cultural Heritage against the Background of “Internet Plus”

Jiajue Fang, Hong Yu, Shanyuan Ge, Zhihui Mo
The advent of the time of “Internet Plus” has triggered the profound changes in many social dimensions, which has brought the opportunity of innovative development to culture and offered technological support to the manner of the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage (hereinafter...
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Study on the Dynamic Factors of Collaborative Innovation in Cultural and Technological Integration Demonstration Parks

Tianwei Huang, Xiaoqi Li
As a type of cross-industry cluster, the construction of demonstration parks is the integration of social economy, science and technology. The paper introduces the quantitative analysis on the source and mechanism of the dynamic factors of collaborative innovation in demonstration parks and it found...
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The application of ethnographic method in the research of social work in enterprise

Shi Du
In research of social work in enterprise, the method of ethnography makes researchers understand the enterprise effectively, A combination of methods like documentation, interview and participant observation should be employed. This method can also be applied to the preliminary investigation of the enterprise...
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A Probe of Correcting The Wrong Tendency and Innovating The Ways of Cultivating and Practicing The Core Values in Colleges and Universities From The Perspective of The Internet Plus

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
In the Internet plus age, in the process of cultivating the core values, colleges and universities have the wrong tendency with different degree of attaching importance to emerging content and despise existence, attaching importance to form and despise content, attaching importance to sermon and despise...
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Accurately Grasp The Main Characteristics of The Cultivation of Socialist Core Values in Colleges and Universities in The Internet Era

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
The cultivation of core values in the Internet plus age requires an accurate grasp of its main characteristics to ensure effectiveness: the complexity of the process and the flexibility of its advance, the consistency of direction and the diversity of advances, the totality of planning and the synergy...
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The Transformation from civic consciousness to cultural confidence -- based on the analysis of college students' cultural confidence

Zeng Shi, Yuan Hu
Cultural self-confidence is an important part of a country's comprehensive national strength, and also plays an important role in the healthy growth of college students. However, there is a certain degree of lack of cultural self-confidence in our country, so strengthening college students ' cultural...
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Research on the development of accounting industry in the Internet + era

Yang Wang
In the era of "Internet +", the accounting industry must combine with big data and cloud computing, faster, more efficient process mass and rapidly changing accounting data, various accounting data will be not only applied to financial accounting, more is going to analyze and interpret the information...
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Study on the problems and countermeasures of accounting in network economy

Yan Wang
With the rapid development of network economy and continuous progress of science and technology, Internet technology and its popularization in various industries, accounting work has become more and more important.And with the rapid development of global economic integration, enterprises are facing new...
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High-speed rail impact on urban economic growth -- Based on grey prediction model

Yiping Wei
With the rapid development of high-speed railways, China has entered the era of high-speed rail. High-speed railways inject new impetus into the economic development of the city and enable the economy to achieve a new leap-forward development. This article takes Changsha City as an example to evaluate...
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Research On The Comprehensive Governance Of Telecommunications Network Fraud

Chang Li, Xiao Liang
The development of science and technology has brought great convenience to our work and life, but also allow the illegal elements to take advantage of them. Telecommunications network fraud is a frequent crime in China in recent years. There are numerous victims. The amount of fraud is huge, and the...
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Analysis of the Causes of Low Fertility Rate and Study of Family Social Security System Against the Background of "Universal Two-Child" Policy

Qian Yang, Xinran Liu
The main causes of low fertility rates analyzed,which are heavy economic burdens as well as stress to families, and there is no corresponding family social security system. We compared with the existing fertility system in China and the family social security system in Western developed countries, and...
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Strategies for mobile Internet publishing in the era of global economic downturn

Feng Yao
The economic downturn has brought a huge negative impact on China's media industry, but also to see its (but it still has its)own development opportunities. In particular, the mobile Internet, which has been treated as a new media form of media, not only gradually toward the mainstream, but also in the...
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The Use of Christian Humanism in Callaghan’s "The Loved and the Lost"

Yang Yang
The paper aims to elaborate Morley Callaghan’s use of Christian humanism in his fiction creation, which is generally known as Callaghanese fiction. Influenced by Jacques Maritain’s moral and political philosophy, Callaghan expresses his moral theme through “Integral Christian Humanism”, a definition...
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A Research on the Reentry Types of the Chinese Migrant Laborers Returning from South Korea

Jing Cheng, Jinrong Zhang
This paper explains and demonstrates the returning types of the Chinese migrant laborer returning from South Korea from a perspective of time dimension. Qualitative and Quantitative analytical method are used in this paper. 500 questionnaires were sent out and 465 valid pieces were collected. Through...
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A Study on the Reentry Motivation Types of the Young Chinese Migrant Workers Returning from South Korea

Jing Cheng, Kun Zhu
This paper explains and demonstrates reentry motivations of the Chinese migrant laborer returning from South Korea . Qualitative and Quantitative analytical method are used in this paper. 500 questionnaires were distributed out and 465 valid pieces were collected. Through the analysis, it is found that...
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Feasibility Analysis of PPP Mode in Rural Household Garbage Disposal -- Based on the empirical analysis of regional differences

Ruijiao Liu
This paper adopts a questionnaire survey method to obtain micro-data, summarizes the differences in the way households deal with household garbage in three different regions, establishes a binary logistic model, and empirically analyzes the influencing factors that affect the treatment effect of domestic...
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An International Comparative Study of the Connotations of Social

Lan Su, Ting Xiong
Social responsibility is a moral indicator of national modernization and social civilization. It is also an integral part of individual modernization and an important guarantee for social progress. For the connotations of social responsibility, domestic research focuses on three perspectives, including...
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Composition and Development of Dance Body Language

Xiaoge Xie
Dance is a kind of art that accompanies human origin and development. The main manifestation of human body movements is the presentation of characters, stories, emotions, and ideas to the audience. Human body movement is the material carrier of dance, together with meaning constitute dance language....
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A new method of motor control

Jian Huang
During the control of the DC motor, it takes a period of time to speed up the motor from the motor to the predetermined value. If the error between the set value and the current value can be calculated each time, a variety of control methods can be used to control it, such as a typical PID algorithm....
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The Dilemma of Urban Domestic Waste Classification and Its Solution

Jia Zuo
China has a large population and is a big country with garbage. Rubbish not only pollutes the environment, but also threatens health. Garbage problem is one of the most real people's livelihood issues. Garbage disposal is not good enough to meet the needs of people's growing good life. Urban household...
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The Aesthetic Image of "Circle" in Chinese Classical Dance

Fan Yang
" Circle " is one of the morphological characteristics in Chinese classical dance . At the same time , it is also the presentation mode of the movement line . The pursuit of " circling " round Chinese classical dance in aesthetic image not only includes philosophical meaning , but also covers the national...
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The effect and Prospect of the Joining of Linguistic Theory and Chinese Teaching

Jiugen Xiao, Mengwei Huang
Linguistic theory is the foundation of Chinese teaching, while Chinese teaching is the practice of linguistic theory, both of which have close relationship. In recent years, though the linguistic theory and Chinese teaching practice has jointed together to a certain degree, we still need to advance towards...
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Applications of association rule mining in Teaching Evaluation

Lihui Zhang, Zhifang Lu
Now the student’s evaluation of teaching online is the most methods used in colleges and universities. Teaching Quality Evaluation System (TQES) has collected a lot of teaching information, but most of them have not been mined and researched very well. In this paper, the technique of associate rule mining...
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Construction and Thinking of Safety Engineering Talent Training under the Concept of “big E” Engineering

Yu Dong, Lianhua Xie, Gang Liu
The paper expounded the general situation of the safety engineering education in our country, including the curriculum and training mode. And the paper made a brief introduction to safety engineering in Shandong Technology and Business University. Secondly, according to the training demands of higher...
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Research on Evaluation System of University's Talent Competitiveness -- A Case Study of 211 Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province

Lei Zhu, Xiaoxiao Kong
To realize the strategy of building a strong country in colleges and universities, it is necessary to improve the competitiveness of university personnel. A reasonable and effective evaluation of the talent competitiveness of colleges and universities is an important basis for measuring talents' work....
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Research on the Construction of Social Credit System Based on Big Data Technology

Mingle Zhou, Yang Li, Yumei Li, Zhengqian Feng
With the rapid development of China's economy and the Internet, credit data is continuously accumulating, and the trend of credit data diversification and magnanimity is obvious. Facing the diversified and massive credit data, it is necessary to analyze the credit data quickly and effectively, find the...
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Accounting Professionals, Earnings Judgments, and Tone: Based on the Undergraduate Educational Perspective

Chia-Hsin Cheng, Chia-Ching Chang, Mao-Chao Wang
To reduce the investor’s confusion from the financial reports, the key point is to explain the manager’s perception embedded by tone and by accounting professionals. This mission should be put into the goal of undergraduate education. Thus, this paper empirically disclosures how the accounting educationand...
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An Analysis of Competitiveness and Complementarity between China and Guinea Trade under the "The Belt and Road" Initiative

Xiangyu Wei, Ze Tian
With the continuous advancement of the “The Belt and Road” initiative and the continuous development of China-Africa trade cooperation, bilateral trade development between China and Guinea has also ushered in new opportunities. At present, China has become one of the largest trading partners and largest...
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The reform of e-business courses in vocational colleges that focus on the ability of Innovation and entrepreneurship

Wen Zhang
The introduction of e-business is one of the core courses in vocational colleges of majoring in finance and economics. However, most training program settings neglect cultivating students' the ability of Innovation and entrepreneurship. This paper makes a compare between vocational colleges in China...
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Education in the new era should focus on strengthening moral education and cultivating people's overall development as the key direction

Yang Han, Yanling Tang
In the new era, educational work should pay more attention to the moral education of people and the overall development of people. china has an excellent traditional culture, and we have made remarkable achievements in the decades of reform and opening up. In the face of the problems in the current education...
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The role of teachers in developing students' autonomous learning ability

Maohua Sun
Autonomous learning is influenced by many factors, such as teacher autonomy, learning strategies, learning styles and learning. Learning motivation, culture and society, and technical assistance. Among these factors, the role of teachers is more important. Because it is closely related to autonomous...
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Exploring the sustainable development of College Students' autonomous learning ability

Maohua Sun
This paper discusses how to foster the students' self-learning ability. Through the research on the establishment of the "people-oriented" educational concept, the construction of a new teaching model, and the establishment and improvement of the training mechanism of autonomous learning, the problems...
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New goals and new models of College English Teaching

Maohua Sun
The development of information technology is changing with each passing day, the demand of national strategy is constantly updated, the guide of College English teaching guides the direction, and the national evaluation system is gradually reformed. Against this background, different colleges and universities...
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The Change of Government Functions in the On-line Fundraising Development -- Qualitative Analysis Based on 30 Personal Interviews

Hui Cai, Hongming Fu, Hua Song
With the development of the Internet era, the whole society is facing new opportunities for development. As a new type of charity participation model that has grown up with the help of the Internet web 2.0, Online fundraising promotes the popularization and normalization of public welfare activities....
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A research of Service-oriented Industrial Engineering Specialty Core Curriculum Configuration

Yongqiang Zhao
The integration service science to industrial engineering is necessary because of manufacturing servitization. First, the ability of industrial engineering is analyzed, the results show that the ability of communicating, the use of knowledge management for service innovation ability, application ability...
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Research on the Influence of Corporate Social Capital on Cash Flow Risk

Ling Li, Qian Yang
The stable output of cash flow is an important indicator to measure the business conditions of enterprises, and it is also an important guarantee for promoting the growth of enterprises and improving market competitiveness. This paper takes China's A stock as a sample, introduces the degree of product...
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Opportunities and Challenges for Management Accounting in the Era of Big Data

Penglin Li, Jiali Zhao
In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet and information technology has created a new era of information, and spurred the advent of the era of big data. Tremendous changes have also taken place in enterprises in terms of data collection, processing, and use, which has made management accounting...
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Video Game Livestreaming: Is it legal?

Fei Xie
Where video game shows its vitality to prompt the world, the livestreaming industry, as a new phenomenon, improves dramatically throughout the world. When they cooperate with each, it is a powerful and huge market, without legal restriction. Therefore, this market has demonstrated many legal issues waiting...
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Legal Issues in Free Trade Agreements

Fei Xie
Free Trade Agreement, especially Bilateral FTA, has become a solution to the improve international trade situation since the suspension of Doha Round, and it is adopted by many countries. As one the biggest developing country, China has developed trading relationships with many countries by FTAs in order...
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Reflections on Improving Teaching of Accounting Practice Courses -- Take Tianjin college,University of Science &Technology Beijing for Example

Junjing Han
The courses of accounting practice play an important role in strengthening practice teaching and improving students' ability to adapt to accounting work. Accounting Informatization and Artificial Intelligence have brought new challenges to the accounting profession. This paper discusses the optimization...
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A Comparative Study of Bertha Mason in “Jane Eyre” and “Wide Sargasso Sea” from a Feminist Perspective

Qian Jiang
Both Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea, which are novels written by Charlotte Bronte and Jean Rhys, represent the women in any historical period of protesting patriarchy and oppression. This paper is a comparative study of the female character, Bertha Mason, in these two novels from a feminist perspective....
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Reader-response Approach Used in Chinese EFL Context: An Alternative Approach to Teach Literature

Qian Jiang
Literature is used as an authentic material to teach English reading and accelerate the language acquisition in Chinese EFL context. This paper provides an detailed analysis on the reader-response approach which is based on reader-response theory to demonstrate that by putting the relation between reader...
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Influencing Factors of Online Shopping for Young Consumers based on SEM Model

Yongqing Li, Li Ma
With the construction of "One Belt And One Road" in China, more and more people are beginning to participate in online consumption. However, the complexity of consumption in the online environment becomes the main reason for the network shopping. Based on the hypothesis model of brand image and service...
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The Practice and Research of Orff's Music Teaching Method in Contemporary Chinese Music Teaching

Wei Guo
As the greatest music research method in the world, Orff's music teaching method is praised by many countries in their own music education. But in the process of advocating and developing, it is more important to pay more attention to the combination of Orff music teaching method with the national conditions,...
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On The Point of View in "Heart of Darkness"

Ye Jun
This essay studies the point of view in Joseph Conrad’s work, “Heart of Darkness”, especially the use of multiple narrators. By analyzing those narrators one by one in the novel, it is found that multiple narrators have some advantages than a single narrator. This writing skill used by Conrad helps him...
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Study on the Evaluation System of Higher Vocational Education Curriculum Based on Entire Process

Qingyue Zhang, Juan Wen
The reform and practice of the evaluation system of higher vocational education curriculum is the key point of higher vocational education reform. Taking the reform and practice of the theoretical core curriculum evaluation system of the higher vocational education as samples, this research establishes...
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Analysis of International Students' Education at Hebei University of Technology in “Double First-rate” Construction

Jiangnan Zhang, Kewen Xia, Chunyan Niu
Under the trend of the “Double First-rate” construction, promoting the international students education in China is the key to advancing the construction of world-class universities and disciplines. In this paper, the background and degree of the internationalization of Hebei University of Technology...
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The innovative research of university ideological and political education in the view of marxism-leninism

Bingyang Yao
Both of our country's socialist construction and the ideological and political education in colleges and universities are based on marxism-leninism as the basic guiding ideology on the basis of, in terms of the present stage, as the basis of our country enterprise education career, with the development...
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Business Ethics in Price Discrimination in the Automotive Industry

Yizhe Wu, Xingjian Wang, Danni Shen
There is a huge price difference between Chinese and foreign car prices. The gap of price between different models is different. There is price discrimination behind it and harms the interests of domestic consumers. At the same time, there is business ethics behind such price discrimination. The monopoly,...
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The Going-concern Ability Evaluation of Information Transmission, Software and Information Technology Services Industry -- Based on the Factor Analysis Method

Yacui Gao, Dandan Wang
For continuing operations of enterprises, investors will be according to the current financial position and operating results to predict the future situation and make investment decisions, thus establishing the going-concern ability evaluation system is particularly important. Article selected the information...
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Research on Audit Management in the “Internet +” Age

Lan Wang, Jiayi Pang
In recent years, the rapid development of China’s Internet technology has had a huge impact on traditional industries. For audit, compared with the traditional audit model, the “Internet +” audit is a brand new type of audit model. In this paper, meaning and characteristics of “Internet +” were discussed....
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The Application of BP Neural Network Model Based on Grey Relational Analysis in the Forecast of Automobile Demand in China's Provinces

Zhiping Lu, Zijuan Zhao
Using the principle of grey relational analysis, the influencing factors of automobile demand in various provinces of China are screened, and then the BP neural network model is used to predict the demand for cars in various provinces in China, which greatly improves the prediction accuracy of neural...
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Research on Business Model Innovation in the Era of Big Data

Yahong Feng, Yuli Guo
The rapid development of information technology has led to explosive growth of data, and the era of big data has come. The use of big data and the development of Internet technology have made people realize that data is value and take various ways to tap into the economic value embodied in the data....
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Review on the marketization of social capital participation in ecological environment protection

Dongmin Yang, Yu Pan, Yan Liu
Social capital participation in ecological environment protection has become one of the most important research fields in recent years. Based on different perspectives, scholars at home and abroad discussed the role of social capital in the protection of ecological environment, which provided a theoretical...
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Study on the Countermeasures for the Development of City Clusters in Guanzhong Plain

Dongmin Yang, Jiaxin Shang, Panpan Zhou
As a gateway to the west of China, the Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration opens up the rise of the central and western regions. It has the advantages of advancing east and west, but its economic aggregate is small, the development quality is not high, and the urban clusters are in the cultivation period....
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Study on the countermeasures of Xi 'an eco - city development from the perspective of green development

Wenxuan Yang, Jiaxin Kang
The concept of ecological city is a reflection on the original urban construction mode and development mode. Based on the summary of Xi 'an eco-city construction resources, this paper analyzes the present situation of Xi 'an eco-city construction. aiming at the problems of eco-city development mode with...
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A study on the issues of undergraduates’ Time Management: Take TUFE as an example

Jianyu Zhang, Jiayu Ye, Xiulin Zhang, Rui Yu, Yu Hu
Currently, undergraduates’ time is free besides the compulsory courses. Therefore, undergraduates have much options for their time allocation. Existing Research shows that arranging time reasonably will promote undergraduates’ future’s career. Taking 232 sophomore students from Tianjin University of...
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Study on the relationship between economic development and air pollution in Shaanxi Province Based on GPI index

Yuze Sun
With the rapid development of China's economy, the conflict between environment and economic development is also constantly occurring. As the central region of Western China, economic development and environmental pollution in Shaanxi are becoming more and more prominent. For this purpose, this paper...
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Exploring the Cultivation and Management of Graduate Students in the Public Laboratory Environment of Scientific Research Institutions

Zhiling Ma, Changbin Wei
As a basic unit of postgraduate training, the public laboratories play an important role in the management and cultivation of graduate students. This article proposes several suggestions on how to train and manage graduate students under the public laboratory environment of scientific research institutes...