Proceedings of the International Conference on Art and Arts Education (ICAAE 2018)

It’s a great honour and privilege for us to welcome you all to this Second International Conference on Art and Arts Education (ICAAE-2018), which brings “Interdisciplinary Approach to Art and Arts Education” as its theme.

On this nice occasion, firstly we would like to announce that this international scientific forum was organized by Arts Education Departments of Yogyakarta State University (YSU), in collaboration with the Language and Arts Faculty and the graduate program of YSU. Therefore, as the proceedings editors, we would like to extend our gratitude to YSU for funding this event through the Vice Rector IV.

Secondly, let us inform that the number of ICAAE 2018 participants reached 150 people, who has presented interesting and inspiring ideas related to Art and Arts Education with projection to be published in international proceedings series of Atlantis Press. The participants are not only from internal YSU but also from various Universities in Indonesia and ASEAN countries, who mostly are studying in Yogyakarta.

Thirdly, on behalf of the committee and Yogyakarta State University, I thank the representatives of Yogyakarta Special Region's government who wished to deliver the keynote address. To the invited speakers: Prof. Suminto A. Sayuti of YSU, Dr. Eddy Chong of the National Institute of Education Singapore, Dr. Noor Azlam of UiTM Malaysia, Dr. Sal Murgiyanto of the Arts Institute of Jakarta (IKJ), and Dr. Alex Dea of Wesleyan University, USA. We thank you for your willingness to share your valuable knowledge and insight in this conference.

Finally, we also need to deliver our great thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm to join this conference who have enjoyed this conference until the end and hopefully it will give us much benefit. Thank also goest to all committee members who have been working hard to make this conference run succesfully.

October 2018
The Editors
Dedy Sartono
Ayu Niza Machfauzia
Dwi Retno Sri Ambarwati
Tutut Herawan