Proceedings of the International Conference on Art and Arts Education (ICAAE 2018)

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Teaching and Learning Music through the Lens of Computational Thinking

Eddy K.M. Chong
In recent years, many countries around the world have intensified their efforts to introduce computational thinking in schools. This paper supports this educational move not by proposing the teaching of computational thinking as a subject per se but by taking inspiration from the nature of such systematic...
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Study of the Value of Yogyakarta Batik Character and Its Implementation in Learning Batik in Vocational School

Retnowati. Dedy, Dedy Sartono, Trie Hartiti Retnowati.
Identify the study of character values in the meaning of Yogyakarta batik motifs and describe the implementation of character values through the Yogyakarta batik vocational school. This type of research is qualitative research and Research and Development (R and D). The subject of the product trial was...
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The Creation of Ceng-Ceng Krinceng Dance as Therapy of Wiraga, Wirasa, Wirama on Autistic Children with Kinesiology Approach

Kuswarsantyo Cindy, Cindy Trisnawati, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
The objectives of the research were to increase the wealth of innovative and creative dance for autistic children and increase the target of skills therapy in dance learning to exercise wiraga, wirasa, wirama with Kinesiology Approach. This study used Research and Development (R & D). The object was...
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The Use of Media Audio Visual Learning Appreciation of Visual Art at Junior High School Class IX

Martono Wahyuddin, Wahyuddin Ridwan, Martono Martono
This research is an experimental research in the form of a pre-experimental design of One-group pretest-posttest design. The research sample consisted of 30 students in grade IX of Junior High School in Parepare, Indonesia. This research aims to find out the model and effectiveness of appreciation learning...
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Creative Network in Hand: Instagram’s role in building the Creative Industry Network for SMSR Students Yogyakarta

Retnowati Nawung Asmoro, Nawung Asmoro Girindraswari, Trie Hartiti Retnowati
Information technology facilitates human life in many ways. One of them is social media. The presence of Instagram not only triggers war and fame in social media, it is more about expressing the creativity of users with the platform or social media used. In addition, Instagram also encourages vocational...
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Developing a Learning Media of Múa Rối Nước as an Introduction of Vietnamese Culture for Art Extracurricular Teaching in a Yogyakarta State Primary School Indonesia

Retnowati Pham Tran Minh, Pham Tran Minh Thi, Trie Hartiti Retnowati
Vietnam and Indonesia are not only two members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), but they also have the same root of culture, which is the ancient Southest Asian culture. However, there is generally a lack of knowledge about Vietnam or even Vietnamese culture in the perspectives of Indonesian...
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The Influence of Yogyakarta Style Classical Dance Technique Mastery towards of Limpapeh Dance Learning Achievement on Semester V Educational Dance of Faculty of Languages and Arts Students

Sumaryadi Muharam Bunga, Muharam Bunga Mayang, Sumaryadi Sumaryadi, Suminto A Sayuti
The research was to find out the Influence of Yogyakarta Style Classical Dance Technique Mastery Towards Limp Dance Learning Achievement on Semester V Educational Dance of Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts Students. The nature of research is a quantitative research and is conducted using correlational...
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Efforts to Improve the Ability Technique Play Music Keroncong Uses the Drill Method in Extracurricular in SMAN 1 Pemalang

Astuti Rintik Fidya, Rintik Fidya Pasha, Kun Setyaning Astuti
The research was distributed by duration and extracurricular learning instrument which is still lacking. This research aims to know the technical upgrade play Keroncong music instruments using the drill method in extracurricular Design of this study using the Kurt Lewin model in the second cycle consisting...
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Batik Tembe Renda: Straightening Out Misconception about Culture

Sunarya Fathurrahman, Fathurrahman Fathurrahman, I Ketut Sunarya, Nurnaningsih Nurnaningsih
Batik is a noble culture belonging to the Indonesian nation which has been recognized by UNESCO in 2009, since then batik has been increasingly loved and known in the world. However, pride and love are not accompanied by an understanding about the real batik, because most people do not know that the...
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Application of Design Method in Attempt to Improve Creativity in Drawing Learning for Students in Junior High School

Pamadhi Rizqi, Rizqi Allam, Hadjar Pamadhi
­Limitation methods that are given for students to be used in creating artworks, make the value of results study not optimal. This study presents experimental research result descriptively about the utilization of design method which is simplified and adjusted to be applied for Junior High School students...
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Jazz in Capital Industry: The Dynamic of Bourgeois and Proletarian Classes

Sumaryadi Akbar Andrian, Akbar Andrian Syah, Sumaryadi Sumaryadi, Utari Anggita Shanti
Jazz programs in Indonesia have experienced changes in the perception of how it is organized.  Jazz music mostly known in its exclusivity, as the music of bourgeois society caused jazz music itself to be fragmented with other music. First, capitalism based on capital superstructure gives flexibility...
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Developing Interactive Multimedia for Macramé Learning for Grade VIII Students of SMPN 1 Ngemplak

Martono Nurasa Arief, Nurasa Arief Herdiyono, Martono Martono
This research and development study aimed to develop a model of interactive multimedia for macramé learning for Grade VIII students of SMPN 1 Ngemplak to satisfy their needs in macramé learning. The research procedure was as follows. The first was a preliminary study through observations, interviews,...
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Revitalizing Reyog Kendang Tulungagung in the Globalization Age

Hendri Utari Anggita, Utari Anggita Shanti, Zulfi Hendri, Akbar Andrian Syah
Reyog Kendang Tulungagung is a local performing art that becomes the icon of Tulungagung regency. Despite its status as the icon of Tulungagung, the government and society continue the effort to preserve the existence of this art. There are various attempts done to preserve Reyog Kendang Tulungagung...
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Museum as a Source of Learning Art Appreciation

Pamadhi Hendra, Hendra Laente, Hadjar Pamadhi, Kholif Luqman Maulana
The museum presents artifacts with cultural nuances. This artifact can give students an aesthetic experience. This paper contains the concept of using the museum as a learning resource for students through appreciation activities that cover, see, taste, and express. Student appreciation activities will...
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Learning Strategies of Ornamental Fine Arts with Manuscript Ilumination: Saintificial Correlation and Approach Study

Retnowati Kholif Luqman, Kholif Luqman Maulana, Trie Hartiti Retnowati, Hendra Laente
Cultural arts education provides space for the optimal development of the intelligence of students. In the pedagogical dimension, cultural arts education has the nature of multilingual, multidimensional and multicultural, which can build one's character to be able to communicate in tolerance, wisdom,...
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Improving the Quality of Expression of Bedana Dance Movement through Musical Examination Exercise in SMP Students

Kusnadi Rosarina, Rosarina Wisaptriseli, Kusnadi Kusnadi
Motion and music are one unit that must be in dance. In the process of learning cultural arts, especially dance, sensitivity is needed to the accompaniment and meaning of the dance movements. Wiraga, Wirasa, and Wirama are one unit that must be mastered by students in learning the art of dance culture....
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On Kecimol and Nyongkolan’s Values Transformation

Sumaryadi M. Okta Dwi Sastra F.M., M. Okta Dwi Sastra F.M. Marijo, Sumaryadi Sumaryadi
Sasak tribe has various customs and traditions such as Nyongkolan, a religious wedding ceremony. In the last few years, there has been a shift of change in the meaning of Nyongkolan tradition because the musical accompaniment was modified. This study will examine the philosophical value of gendang Beleq...
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The Functional Changes of Jepin Arts in Banjarnegara

Kusnadi Sri Nugraheni, Sri Nugraheni Puspaningrum, Kusnadi Kusnadi, Rosarina Wisaptriseli
This research aim is to describe about the functional changes of Jepin arts in the Banjarnegara. This research uses qualitative approach. The subjects of research are Jepin arts’s artist and the community leaders who take charge of this art. The data collection is done by observing, document studying...
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Eco Art Education through the Indigenous Wisdom Concept of Tri Hita Karana

Kasiyan Kadek, Kadek Hariana, Kasiyan Kasiyan
The study aimed to analyze the reflection of the indigenous wisdom concept of Tri Hita Karana on the community of Balinese Hinduism community in Central Sulawesi in the developmental process of Eco Art education. The method was a qualitative type with an ethnographic approach that attempted to describe...
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The Opportunity Spaces in JamJaneng Cultures as the Basis of Creating Works do Janeng Mas Dance

Kusnadi Ani, Ani Pujiasih, Kusnadi Kusnadi
Jam Janeng is one of the arts which was originally created as an instrument for the spread of Islam in Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. In a dance creation, there are several elements which underlying one of them is tempo. Tempo is a measure of dance movements in the form of time to complete a dance...
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An Epistemological Study of Rejang Tribe’s Kejei Dance in Bengkulu Province

Pamadhi Sari Romundang, Sari Romundang Wulan, Hadjar Pamadhi
Kejei is a Rejang tribal sacred dance that is performed during the community's great festivity. This dance is estimated to appear in the year 1947, under the era of the leadership of the tribe of Rejang Ajai. Because of its traditional nature, Kejei dance not only prioritizes the beauty of motion, but...
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Learning of Hands Saperarian Motion with Demonstration Method to Class V SD Muhammadiyah 5 Palembang

Handayani Yesi Anggraini, Yesi Anggraini Sutiyono, Utami Handayani
Learning of Basic Hand Dance with Demonstration Method to Class V Students of Muhammadiyah 5 Elementary School in Palembang. The problem in this study is the fifth-grade student of Muhammadiyah Elementary School 5 Palembang. The method used is descriptive qualitative. The method used for this study was...
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Jaranan Senterewe Turangga Wijaya in Sleman: A Study of Text and Context

Sumaryono Uli Rizky, Uli Rizky Nareswari, Sumaryono Sumaryono
Jaranan Senterewe art is a form of popular dance. This paper seeks to examine Jaranan Senterewe Turangga Wijaya in textual and contextual studies. These two studies are inseparable because each of them has an interrelated structure. This study uses a qualitative method along with an ethno-coreology approach....
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Educational Values of the Character in Variety of Movement in “Klana Topeng Condroradono Dance”

Nurbaiti, Nurbaiti Nurbaiti
The research main purpose is to describe the educations value of the character in Klana Topeng Condroradono dance which is originally made by KRT Sunartomo and reinterpreted by Kuswarsantyo. Description made by looking at a variety of dance movement that is in Klana mask dance Condroradono. This research...
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Symbolical Meaning of Langen Puspitosari Dance in Building Students Character in Suryokencono Arts Association

Sayuti El Riza, El Riza Animayong, Suminto A Sayuti
The study aimed to find out and explain the symbolical meaning in Langen Puspitosari dance in building students character who are studying in Suryokencono Arts Association. The research used qualitative research and supported by semiotic analysis method. Data sources were informants, documents relating...
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The Existence of Kuda Kepang Turonggo Lestari Mudo’s Art in Purbalingga Regency

Kuswarsantyo Anung Awalia Nur, Anung Awalia Nur Imanda, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
This research about traditional art that’s Kuda Kepang because it’s very phenomenal, in Purbalingga. It’s very attractive, so the aims to describe the existence of Kuda Kepang Turonggo Lestari Mudo’s Art. The approach method used descriptive-qualitative research. The subjects of this research are the...
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Existence of The Bungo Offering Dance in Welcoming Guests at Bungo Regency Jambi Province

Kuswarsantyo Puput, Puput Anjaswari, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
The research is aimed to describe the existence of the Bungo offering Dance in welcoming guests in Bungo regency, the province of Jambi. The particular research used a qualitative approach. The object of this research was the existence of the Bungo Offering Dance in welcoming guests in Bungo regency,...
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Local Wisdom Values of Batik Semen Gede Sawat Gruda and its Relevance to Character Education

Sunarya Yunia, Yunia Fitrianto, I Ketut Sunarya
Semen Gede Sawat Gruda is one of batik motifs originated from the palace of Yogyakarta sultanate. The sawat batik motif of Yogyakarta style possesses the meaning of prayer and hope that the person wearing it is blessed with protection in life. This is a qualitative research with semiotic approach. The...
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Symbolic Meaning of Tandang Mendet Dance in Ngayu-ayu Ceremony in Nusa Tenggara Barat

Kuswarsantyo Ummi Risti Ayuni, Ummi Risti Ayuni Rahman, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo, Binarti Dwi Astuti
Tandang Mendet is a sacred dance that must be performed in Ngayu-ayu ceremony in Sembalun village, Lombok Timur regency, NTB in the month of Rajab. This study aims to describe the symbolic meaning of Tandang Mendet dance in Ngayu-ayu ceremony in Sembalun village, Lombok Timur regency. It used qualitative...
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Cultural Study of Sugriwa Subali Relief as Identity of Kiskendo Cave in Kulon Progo

Pamadhi Binarti Dwi, Binarti Dwi Astuti, Hadjar Pamadhi, Ummi Risti Ayuni Rahman
Sugriwa Subali relief is a dead form from story of the existence of Kiskendo cave that is full of cultures and histories. Lack of understanding about culture and history consisted in Sugriwa Subali story relief is caused by the society who still considers Kiskendo cave as a secret place. Therefore, the...
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The Dance of Condong Legong Keraton in Yogyakarta: Transfer the Character Education to Children

Kuswarsantyo Ni Luh Enita, Ni Luh Enita Maharani, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
Legong Keraton is a Balinese traditional classical dance. This dance is danced by three dancers; one of them becomes a female servant (Condong) for the king and queen. Yogyakarta is a place where the dance of Condong Legong Keraton develops. The dance of Condong Legong Keraton in Yogyakarta is danced...
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Educational Values in Choreography Analysis of Rentak Bulian Dance in Riau Province

Wiharsih Annisa, Annisa Satriati, Rumi Wiharsih
The study entitled Educational Values in Choreography Analysis of Rentak Bulian Dance in Rengat Barat District, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau Province. The research type was qualitative research using ethnochoreology approach. Ethnocoreology was used to reveal Rentak Bulian dance in two domains; text...
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The Model Learning of Vocalista Angels Children Choir in District of Klaten and Its Relevance to Character Education for Children

Astusi Tanesya Hotris, Tanesya Hotris Samosir, Kun Setyaning Astusi
The objectives of the research were to analyze, to find, and to describe the learning model of Vocalista Angels children choir in district of Klaten and its relevance to character education for children. This research uses qualitative research type with study case as the research approach. This research...
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Local Wisdom Values in Kawung Batik and Its Relevance to Moral Education

Pamadhi Nimas Ayu, Nimas Ayu Pramesti, Hajar Pamadhi, Anom Garbo
Kawung Batik has local wisdom values in describing its motives whereas each of them can be found in the "Batik Language". The position of values of local wisdom, roles and functions is elaborated as follows: (1) for the conservation and preservation of natural resources, (2) the development of human...
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Multimedia Feasibility of Kondan Dance Interactive Learning for Junior High School Students

Wiharsih. Putri, Putri Rahmawati, Rumi Wiharsih.
The study aimed to determine the feasibility of interactive learning ofKondan dance for junior high schools andwas validated by media experts, material experts, teachers and students. In the process of product development, conducted through several stages: alpha test, revise, beta test and final revision....
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An Axiological Study of Tumpal Batik Motif and Its Relevance to the Character Education

Pamadhi Nurul Ridha, Nurul Ridha Utami, Hadjar Pamadhi
Triangle is one of the geometry forms that has developed in various fields such as in the field of architecture, even in the field of fashion such as fabric motifs. Batik is one of the Indonesian cultures originating from Javanese culture. Batik has motifs based on the triangle geometry. One of them...
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Commodification of Nini Thowong Art in Bantul Regency

Sutiyono Ulivia, Ulivia Ulivia, Sutiyono Sutiyono
This study aimed to analyze the commodification of Nini Thowong art in Bantul regency; Candran hamlet and Grudo hamlet, and analyze the background factors of Nini Thowong commodification. The research was qualitative descriptive with ethnography approach. The methods were observation, interview, documentation...
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The Meaning of Symbols and Moral Values in Equipment of Mappaccing Tradition of Bugis Race

Sutiyono Faridah, Faridah Faridah, Sutiyono Sutiyono
The study aimed to describe the meaning of symbols in equipments of Mappaccing tradition and moral values ​​of Islamic teachings in equipments of Mappaccing tradition. This research was a qualitative research and supported by ethnographic. The data sources were; first, oral sources i.e. participative...
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The Relevance of Kebagh Dance Moral Values in Improving Besemah Society Local Wisdom

Kuswarsantyo Serly, Serly Safitri, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
This study is aimed to find and identify the moral values of Kebagh dance in improving Besemah society local wisdom. This research applied qualitative method which supported by ethnography research. The sources of data were interviewing the informants and written sources from books, documents, researchers,...
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Relevance of Character Education Values in Rampak Dance: The Work of Untung Muljono towards Character Development of Children Age 5-8 Years

Kuswarsantyo Yuni, Yuni Nawatri, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
Character education is an alternative that can help students to reinforce themself in humanity. Rampak dance is one dance that can be used as media to transfer the moral values to children.However, most kids that learned Rampak dance by Muljono do not absorb the values that contained in Rampak dance....
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The Social Ethics Values in Dancing Motions of Kejei Dance on Rejang Ethnic Marriage Tradition in Curup Rejang Lebong Bengkulu

Sumaryadi Erin Kartika, Erin Kartika Trizilia, Sumaryadi Sumaryadi
The particular study aimed to interpretasion the social ethics values ​​in dancing motions of Kejei dance. The research type was qualitative research with ethnographic approach. The research was conducted in Curup, Rejang Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province. The informants of the research were Rejang customary...
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The Opportunity Space in Kinanti Sekar Rahina’s Mitoni Dance: A Study of Sacrality Accyology in the Mitoni Ceremony

Pamadhi Galuh Krispadmi Wahyu, Galuh Krispadmi Wahyu Anggraheni, Hadjar Pamadhi
The mitoni dance by Kinanti Sekar Rahina develops from the mitoni procession. The mitoni is a part of the community’s belief in the Javanese traditional and culture. This dance is a self-reflection of the creator as an expression of gratitude and efforts to maintain the balance of the cosmos. This is...
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The Changing Motive and Function of Tapis Inuh in Lampung

Dewinta Widhi, Dewinta Widhi Hantari
Tapis Inuh came from Batubrak Paksi Pak Sekalabrak Lampung Barat which is a cultural work of Sai Batin (Coastal) community. For motif embroidery tapis Inuh is the ship of life, marine animals (ancient squid), and samang handak (Hanoman in Hinduism). In the aspect of the function of tapis changed from...
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Traditional Batik as Education Media of 21st Century Art in Shaping Creativity

Sunarya Dian Puji, Dian Puji Raharjo, I Ketut Sunarya
This study aims to determine the existence of traditional batik as a medium of the 21st century art education in shaping creativity. The results of this study are important to know as an alternative process of art education in preparing students face the challenges of the 21st century. This research...
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Reinterpretation of Traditional Dance through Contemporary Dance

Wahyuni Ni Nyoman, Ni Nyoman Seriati, Trie Wahyuni
Surakarta is one of the cultural cities in Central Java that plays a role in the development of both traditional and contemporary art. Many artists are involved in traditional arts and develop traditional arts. They are from both from academics and non-academics artists. One of them is contemporary artist...
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Virtual Teacher Determinant on Special Needs Children Accomplishment in Learning Batik

Sunarya Tity Sari, Tity Sari Handayani, I Ketut Sunarya
The aim of this research is to specify the most dominant competence of a virtual teacher among pedagogic competence, personality competence, professional competence, and social competence on the accomplishment of special needs children at Tumbuh primary school Yogyakarta. This is a quantitative research....
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Nyadran Ceremony as an Introduction to Art in Kulonprogo Regency

Enis Niken, Enis Niken Herawati
Yogyakarta Special Region as a tourist destination that has long been known to the public, has the potential to reach various regions in five districts. Kulonprogo is one of the districts in the west end that will be prepared as a place for the establishment of an international airport. Kulonprogo with...
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Effectiveness of the Application of Mind Maps in Learning Illustration in Elementary Schools

Girindraswari Bambang, Bambang Prihadi, Nawung Asmoro Girindraswari, Trie Hartiti Retnowati, Wrin Probo Tyas
One of the problems in giving drawing lesson to children is how to help them develop ideas, because each child drawing is a personal expression. Teachers, therefore, should help him generate ideas for himself. The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of mind mapping as a method included...
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Esthetics of Lakon Ketoprak in Java Philosophy

Sumaryadi, Sumaryadi Sumaryadi
This study aims to describe the content of aesthetic values of Ketoprak in Javanese philosophy. The material object is the Ketoprak Senapati Pinilih by Bondan Nusantara and its formal object is a philosophy of beauty or aesthetics. This study uses a qualitative method. Ketoprak act is an integral part...
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Experiential Learning and Differential Instructional in Dance Creation Learning for Teacher Education Students

Kusnadi, Kusnadi Kusnadi
Learning models for teacher education for students of the Department of Dance Education, Yogyakarta State University. The study was conducted with qualitative methods with observation and interview data collection techniques. Research students who are taking the dance creation courses. The results of...
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Educational Value Implementation of Yogyakarta Classic Dance Style: The Character for Children's Media for Facing the Globalization Challenge

Kuswarsantyo, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
Article 3 of Law Number 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System states that: "National education functions to develop capabilities and manifestations of national character and civilization that are dignified in order to educate the nation's life, which aims to develop students' potential...
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The Influence of Dance Education Values "Nawung Sekar" to the Development of Emotions and Dance Learning Achievement of SLBN Pembina Yogyakarta

Renowati Nurvita, Nurvita Setyarini, Tri Hartiti Renowati
This study aims to determine the influence of Dance Education Values "Nawung Sekar" to the Development of Emotions and Achievements Learning Dancing Students SLB N Pembina Yogyakarta. The approach in this study is quantitative. Subjects in this study consisted of female students with mental retardation....
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The Values of Taksu in Pendet Dance at Saraswati Balinese Dance Studio Yogyakarta

Kasiyan Ni Luh Putu Wiardani, Ni Luh Putu Wiardani Astuti, Kasiyan Kasiyan
This research aims to know the learning process and examination of Pendet dance with taksu values in Saraswati Balinese dance studio in Yoguakarta. This research used qualitative research with ethnographic approach by Spradley. The primary data source is the studio's activity and the results of interview....
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Femininity in Painting of Dyan Anggraini and its Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming

Suardana R Angga Bagus, R Angga Bagus Kusnanto, I Wayan Suardana
This research focuses on the exploitation of Dyan Anggraini as being a mother, an artist, and an employee and the creative process and representation femininity of Dyan Anggraini in her paintings. This study is a qualitative research of critical discourse analysis. Critical discourse analysis is used...
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Inheriting the Values of Mask Puppet Dance-Drama in Malang, Indonesia

Wida Rahayuningtyas, Jazuli Jazuli, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Totok Sumaryanto
Mask Puppet in Malang is a mask puppet show that describes some characters in Panji story from Java Island. Just a few of youth generations understand, this case threats the existence. This work aimed to study the inheritance of the values of Mask Puppet Dance-Drama in Malang, Indonesia. This research...