Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

A Photo-electricity Target for Testing Photoelectricity Trackers

Rizhong Li, Jionghui Rao, Xuanhua Lei, Junbin Huang, Hongcan Gu
Corresponding author
Rizhong Li
photo-electricity tracking, photo-electricity target, collimator, tracking precision
The performance of Photoelectricity Trackers is usually required to be tested in the process of developing or repairing. A simple revolving photo-electricity target is realized based on a collimator, and it can be used to test the Photoelectricity Trackers’ performance. The photo-electricity target is mobile, and convenient to test lots kind of Photoelectricity Trackers. The testing results show that the orientation angle error (average square root value) of the photo-electricity target is 9.8 , and the pitch angle error is 9.1 . It is suitable for testing common Photoelectricity Trackers.
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