Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Study on the eco-control model of sustainable landscape design

Leichang Huang, Chen Chen
Corresponding author
Leichang Huang
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Eco-control; Model; Sustainable landscape; Landscape design; Technology system.
Control can make things develop following the planning direction, and keep the change of deviation from target in the permitted limits. Ecological control eco-control combines ecology with cybernetics, which researches on the process of information transfer, transformation, treatment for the ecosystem and the rules of adapting and control the ecosystem. Sustainable landscapes means contributing to human well-being and at the same time are in harmony with the natural environment. For this way, the situation, problems and development trends of modern landscape design were analyzed; the eco-control and sustainable landscape were discussed. The eco-control model for sustainable landscape design(SLD) was made with a”1+1+2+3+1” construction, which means one process, one goal, two dimensions, three scales and one verification. One process refers to a complete landscape design process control of "full-life-cycle”, one goal is a goal of sustainability, two dimensions mean control of theory and practice, three scales include macro meso and micro, one verification is the evaluation system of post-design.
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