Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET 2018)

The 2018 8th International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET 2018) was held in Qingdao, China on March, 25-26, 2018. The conference provides a platform to discuss application of science and engineering in industrial production. The participants of the conference were from all over the world, both from academia and from industry. Its success is reflected in the papers received, with participants coming from several countries, allowing a real multinational multicultural exchange of experiences and ideas.

In recent years, the integration of new technologies such as materials sciences, information technology, biotechnology, new energy technology and new materials technology, is triggering a new round of technology innovation and industrial revolution. This is bringing new development chances for human society. In the future decades, the new revolutions will continue to interact with human society in the development of science and technology. The improvement and innovation of the engineering science technology will become the important engine pushing the development of the human society. And the vision of creating a beautiful future for human beings is also an important motivation for engineering science technology development. Scientists, experts and professionals in the engineering technique fields are undertaking this important mission and working hard for the goals.

Coordinating with the 2018 International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET 2018), we published the proceedings. The book has been divided into four chapters, which covered manufacturing technology, chemistry, physics, information science, computer technology, bio-science and medicine, management science, Engineering technology education, etc. To ensure the quality of the proceedings, each paper submitted to the conference was peer reviewed at least by two experts from all over the world, and then revised by the authors carefully. The final proceedings include 53 papers selected from 185 submitted papers. Here we would like to give our sincere thanks to those who have made great efforts and supported us during the publication of the book.

The Editors
Yipeng Su
Yimin Su
Peilong Xu