Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET 2018)

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Lifetime Prediction for A Certain Missile Based on Field Data

Xuecheng Zhang, Xuning Sun, Qixun Liu
A statistical procedure of the lifetime prediction for a certain missile is established by the reliability analysis using the field data. First, the reliability at given time point is estimated by the Kaplan-Meier method according to samples undergoing long time storage. Second, the lifetime distribution...
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An Efficient Method of Multi-robots Topological Map Building

Na Wang, Haiyan Wang, Jixin Liu, Yi Zheng
In order to accomplish task, map building is the key technology in mobile robotic control in unknown environment. In this paper, a mathematical model of map integration is established to solve multi-robot topological map integration problem. A new method which was a combination of the classical ICP (Iterative...
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The analysis of Grooming Factor on Optimization Algorithms in All-optical Network

Su-xia Cui, Yuan Yuan
The most important thing in all optical networks is to reduce the cost of using the network in electronic processing equipment, along with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology are increasingly improved. Add-drop multiplexer (ADM) is not only the most important equipment but also the most...
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The Application Of Face Recognition Technology

Yan Zhang, Dong Xie
The emergence of face recognition technology is a rapid progress in recent years with modern achievements such as computer technology, image processing technology and pattern recognition technology. It is a new biometric identification technology. The application of this technology in urban security...
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The Face Recognition Technology in the Shanghai Disneyland

Yan Zhang, Dong Xie
Face recognition is a new biometric identification technology that has emerged in recent years with the rapid progress of modern achievements such as computer technology, image processing technology and pattern recognition technology. The applications of this technology in urban security precautions...
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Research on Information Hiding Technology based on Digital Watermarking

Xiaoxing Ma
The Internet is becoming more and more dependent on digital images and video. As a new technology to protect the information security, Information hiding provides a new direction for the research. Information hiding technology has important value for research and application in Internet hidden communication...
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Analysis of Logistics Information Real-time Monitoring Model Based on Mobile Terminals

Wenling Gao
This paper analyzes the status quo of the logistics process and mobile terminal equipment, taking the university laboratory environment as the background, mainly introduces how to use a popular wireless communication technology and intelligent operating system in the laboratory environment, to monitor...
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Application of Wavelet Denoising Method in Temperature Data Processing of Coal and Gas Outburst Simulation Test

Jie Cao
The analysis of the evolution of various parameters in the roadway during the process of outburst through the physical simulation test is the development trend of studying the mechanism of the disaster of coal and gas outburst. Because the temperature data obtained by the test carries a lot of noise,...
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Approximate Simulation for Algebraic Transition Systems

Ning Zhou, Jun Fu, Xiao-gang Wang
As the real-time systems and embedded systems are developing, behaviors of systems has become hybrid with the fusion of discrete and continuous components. Traditional labeled transition system could only describe discrete systems. In this paper, we proposed a new type of labeled transition system which...
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Comparison of Fixed Range Method and Levey-Jennings Method Used in ELISA Detection Anti-HBc

Deyi Ju, Jiandong Wang, Xiaomei Zhao
In this paper aims at using the two different methods (fixed range method and Levey-Jennings method) to study the internal quality control of qualitative ELISA detection anti-HBc and exploring the difference, applicability, effectiveness of the two methods. Method -- the author collects the internal...
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Post Evaluation System of Bridge Preventive Maintenance Based on Gray Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgment

Wei Wang
This paper attempts to establish a post evaluation system framework for the implementation effect of bridge preventive maintenance based on the gray multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. It proposes to use analytic hierarchy process to determine the index weight and introduces the gray fuzzy comprehensive...
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Weak Signal Detection Based on Chaotic Oscillators

Ran Li, De-zhi Niu, Jin Meng, Xiao Zhang, Xiao-Shuang Wang
This paper studies the implementation of weak signal detection chaotic oscillators. Also, the detection model of the system is theoretically studied and analyzed. The main mechanism of the chaotic oscillator detecting the same frequency signal and the non-frequency signal located in the difference frequency...
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Research on the optimization of DCS sound and light alarm function

Mingming Bian, Qiang Guo, Xiaona Sun, Lijian Zhang, Xiaojun Yang
In this study, a sound and light alarm function optimization scheme was put forward and successful implemented by the application of DCS sound and light alarm function. Using the function optimization scheme, the existing problems in sound and light alarm functions were deeply analyzed and well solved....
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A Multipulse Speech Coding Model via ℓ1/2-norm Minimization based Linear Prediction and Sparse Decomposition

Suiqing Xue, Gang Min, Guolei Ren
Sparse linear predictive analysis using the ℓ1-norm minimization criterion has been shown to provide a valid alternative to the traditional linear predictive approach. The sparser the resulted speech residual is, the fewer pulses needed to represent it. To find a sparse residual further, we propose to...
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Research Status and Prospect of the Quantitative Description on the Roof Fissure Zone

Bichuan Zhang, Linchao Dai, Dongling Sun, Huiming Yang
In order to quantify the damage degree of fissure zone coal seams, research findings of quantitative description of fissure zone in China were presented in the paper, different opinions and methods of research on quantitative description of fissure zones were expounded, so were the processes of development....
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Study of Ship Main Engine Dynamic Fuel Consumption Model

Dianhu Du
In this paper, a type of understudied Inland Shallow and wide ship is studied. Combined with the real ship design parameters and ship model test data, the ship dynamic fuel consumption model is established. The ship's speed and fuel consumption are quantitatively calculated and predicted, provides basic...
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New Expansions and Breakthroughs of the 21st Century AI Computing Life

Xiaonan Xiao
This talk introduces the most widely used modern life science research, and its new developments in the 21st century, discovers the formation, breakthroughs, and developments of computing life science, discusses the carrier of computing life sciences, the ramification of biological mathematics, mathematical...
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Strategy of Wireless Network Resource Management Based on Cooperative Cognition

Wuxue Jiang, Shi Wang
In recent years, the wireless network technology has made great progress, including WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, ultra wide-band, 4G and so on. In order to reduce the interference between different wireless technologies and improve the utilization of wireless resources, this paper studies the unique characteristics...
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An Warning Information System for Rice Disease Based on WebGIS

Xuan Xie, Si-qing Yang
This paper focuses on the construction and database design of the rice disease early warning information system based on WebGIS, and briefly analyzes the development software of WebGIS. On the basis of establishing database of main rice diseases, with the Internet as the system platform, using WebGIS...
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Intelligent Design of Electrical Training Room in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Internet of Things Technology

Haijun Yang, Xiandong Zhao, Baocheng Lu
According to the characteristics of higher vocational electrical training room management and the shortage of application of Internet of things technology, in a certain electric training rooms, for example, the design and construction of the intelligent management system, including application platform...
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Application of Informative Teaching Method in the Practical Training of Tooth Carving

Na Li
The design features of tooth carving lessons emphasize the combination of theory and practice. The aim of the teaching such lessons is to promote student’s professional and technical ability and ensure the comprehensive development of students on a professional foundation. However, with the deepening...
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Evaluation of Online Public Opinion Topic and Early Warning of Public Opinion

Junhong Ma
The evaluation system and grading program of online public opinion topic were proposed in the paper via the analysis of the online public opinion topic. The related analysis was made for different public opinion topics, the warning system was proposed, thus exploring new ideas for the healthy development...
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Study of network architecture for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Hai-yan Zhao, Wen-jing Yang, Feng-chen Qian, Xiao-shuang Wang, Ran Li
With the rapid development of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology in the past decade, UAS tend to play an increasingly important role in information acquisition and unmanned operations. It becomes difficult for a single drone to meet the needs of complex tasks, and the application mode of drone...
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Analysis on the risk control of ecological chain for E-commerce system in online shopping mall

Li Yang, Wenjie Zhou, Yingzhao He
With the example of online shopping mall, the risk and risk control scheme of ecological chain for E-commerce system is analyzed in the paper. The risks are estimated, analyzed and solved gradually based on the risk management theory, thus exploring the new scheme for the healthy development of online...
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Research on the impact of block chain technology on China's e-commerce

Tong Zhang, Chunbo Tan
With the continuous maturity of block chain technology, its application is being carried out in the field of e-commerce. With the properties of disintermediation,strong security, traceability, transparency and non-tampering in the transaction, block chain technology can provide a perfect solution for...
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Analysis of Expert System Investment Technology Based on Software Sector

Hui Ma
With the winning ratio, annual return rate and net profit rate as the management goals, the practicality of the RSI and MA expert systems for the software sector is analyzed. The winning rate of the RSI expert system is 54.05%, 1.35 times that of the MA expert system. The annual return rate and net profit...
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Design of Banknote Withdrawal System of Supermarket Automatic Change Machine

Haiyan Wang, Na Wang, Yunchun Jiang, Jingsong Yang
The paper mainly designs the banknote withdrawal system of supermarket automatic change machine. The system mainly includes the banknote box, banknote separation, banknote flow path, laser thickness gauge, fault separation switch, waste banknote collection box. The system mainly uses the method of fiction...
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Design and development of a pneumatic switch assembly system based on PLC control technology

Yuxiao Li, Yujian Li
In this paper, through analyzing the physical characteristics and function of the pneumatic switch, and through the simulation of drawing technology, the assembly module was designed based on PLC control system and I/O module. And its reliability has been proved by the experiment. The system obtained...
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A Smart Curtain System

Dong Xie, Youcai Jiang, Mianhao Chen
This design makes a kind of intelligent curtain system. It realizes intelligent control switch curtain and control air conditioning indoor temperature and humidity. The system consists of mechanical part and control system. The mechanical part includes stepping motor, curtain, etc. The control part consists...
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Analysis on Kinematic Model of Welding Robot Calibration for Automobile Fittings

Wei Li
According to the actual structure of the welding robot car fittings, D-H kinematics model is established, so as to analyze the robot kinematics and kinematics solution; whether it is suitable for actual robot calibration verification to find whether it is feasible to determine; through the experiment,...
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The Design of Wire Feeding Mechanism for Desktop 3D Printer

Haiyan Wang, Yunchun Jiang, Aili Song, Na Wang
3D printing technology has developed for decades in our country, desktop 3D printers are gradually used popularly. Focused on the problems of large friction and instability of the wire feeder in the desktop 3D printer of FDM technology. The mechanisms of the internal and external wire feeding are studied...
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Design of unmanned patrol ship for marine culture based on STM32

Yu-jie Chen, Pei-xue Liu, Fei Feng, Hui-wei Chen
Based on STM32F103C8T6 SCM unmanned cruise ship support rocker control and GPS navigation two modes. Through the GPS navigation system to achieve automatic cruise, you can automatically avoid obstacles, and real-time transmission of its own positioning information to the monitoring end. Unmanned ship...
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Projective synchronization control of fractional-order chaotic system

Fandi Zhang
This paper investigates projective synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems with different orders. In order to get the projective synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems with different orders, a scheme is proposed and effective controllers for synchronization are designed. Numerical...
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Study on the law of disturbed coal seam permeability

Wangang Jiang, Bo Wang
The 367 coal mining face in Fengcheng Shangzhuang coal mine was selected for the project background, the law of the mining permeability is mirrored by the law of the flow of parallel hole that drain gas from virgin coal seam following by the moving of working face. According to the surveying data, the...
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The design of the control system of pneumatic conveying for coal ash based on PLC

Mingming Bian, Lijian Zhang, Xiaona Sun, Xiaojun Yang
According to the transport characteristics of coal ash and dust, a pneumatic conveying equipment control system for coal ash is designed in this paper. The automatic control of pneumatic conveying equipment is realized. The structure of mechanical system, control system hardware, system software and...
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The Experiment Research on Giant Magnetoresistance Based on Data Analysis of SPSS

Shuhong Tang
The basic principles of GMR is introduced and the characteristics of the sensor of GMR is studied by experiment. SPSS is put to use to do data analysis. The results indicate that there is the cubic relationship between the output voltage of the sensor and the external magnetic field and between the output...
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Automatic Alarm of Tobacco Blending Accuracy Based on PLC Control System

Yanyan Cao, Ligong Cui, Qian Lv
The tobacco blending is a special process in the tobacco product line. It plays a very important role in this area because it will affect the quality of the tobacco. The instant blending accuracy of the technological requirement is higher than 85??.... This paper introduces an automatic alarm of tobacco...
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The Intelligent Design and Realization of Fire Control System of Practical Training Center in Vocational College

Haijun Yang, Xiandong Zhao, Baocheng Lu
Fire fighting is one of the key monitoring targets of campus security. To improve the maintenance and management of campus fire control facilities and fire evacuation and fire fighting action efficiency, with a training center as an example, the existing automatic fire detection alarm, fire linkage control...
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An Intelligent Drawer System

Dong Xie, Shilin Li, Qinqin Xiao, Shengxiong Wei, Yaxi Li, Jian Tong
This design adopts single chip microcontroller (STM32F103) as the minimum system. The independent keystroke and single chip are the control module of the fingerprint. Fingerprint identification module and WIFI module constitute information acquisition module. The dc motor and the lock - clasp physical...
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The IP-core Design of Controller and F/F' Transformer in High-speed and Low-cost SM4 Chip

Qian Lv, Li Li, Yan-yan Cao
The single cycle structure with a small area is difficult to encrypting high-speed SM4 streams in real time, while fully pipelined design is not available for the system's application in low-cost areas. Aiming at this, the pipeline method and the single cycle scheme are combined to build a high-speed...
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Research and Development of Trace Sample Device Control System

Na Lin, Lijian Zhang
At present it is difficult for the tradition metric equipment to adapt the modernization mass production, a new trace sample device, implements trace liquid automatic adjustment, real-time monitoring and accurate adjustment, using PLC technology and touch screen technology, servo motor technology as...
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Expression Level of Serum FGF-21 in Patients with Hypothyroidism and Correlation Analysis of Biochemical Indexes

Chunhui Li, Kexin Sun, Huiyan Wang
Objective: To explore the expression level and correlation analysis of fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF-21) and its biochemical indexes in serum of patients with hypothyroidism. Method: To collect 168 cases of patients in the Affiliated Hospital of Beihua University, 62 cases of hyperthyroidism group,...
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Evaluation of the sedative and hypnotic effects of ethanol-extract isolated from Herba Agrimoniae in mice

Chang-lei Li, Zhong-ze Lou, Xiao-qing Chen, Hui-ling Yi, Meng-jia Chen, Bao-miao Ma
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the sedative and hypnotic activities of ethanol-extract isolated from Herba Agrimoniae on the central nervous system. Herba Agrimoniae has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for treating various cancers and diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. In...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Canine Oral Health Care Situation

Na Li
Animal’s teeth may have certain kinds of lesion during their growth and development, the result of which is a variety of dental diseases. Based on this situation, the writer has managed to investigate on the district center for disease control, which included 126 oral health care cases in animals. Through...
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The research and implementation of desulfurization monitoring system

Wendong Ji, Lijian Zhang, Yuzhen Cao, Tingting Wang
With the development of economy, are the main sources of air pollution of sulfur dioxide, seriously affecting the quality of life of the people. Improve the desulphurization is an important part of today's enterprise production. The desulfurization system is complex, high to the requirement of control...
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Analysis of Contaminants in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Enterprise

Jian Guo, Chun-peng Wang
The increase in vehicle ownership has led to an increase in the number of auto repair companies. However, people have neglected the pollution caused by auto repair companies during the maintenance process. This paper analyzes the 4S shop and a class of maintenance companies and analyzes the company's...
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Flue Desulphurization Spray Device

Chunpeng Wang, Lijian Zhang, Tingting Wang
Industrial waste gas contains a lot of harmful substances, and in the process of waste gas treatment, dust removal and desulfurization are two important links. Current netease blockage of dust removal equipment, dust removal efficiency is low, because use spray desulfurization in desulfurization device...
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Research on English language teaching evaluation system based on big data technology

Weili Chu
In this paper the standard of English teaching evaluation and establishes an effective teaching evaluation system was analyzed based on big data technology. It is proved by experiment that this method has a good effect on the evaluation of English teaching effect, and has expanded the new development...
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Research on the Entrepreneurial Intention for Students Polytechnic based on Association Analysis

Yinzhen Zhong, Ye Cao, Haohang Huang, Wuxue Jiang
The entrepreneurial intention and influencing factors for students in Dongguan Vocational Colleges were analyzed with the PCA (principal component analysis) and sequence logistics model based on the survey data from eight vocational colleges in Dongguan, the basic situation, prominent problems and policy...
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The Strategy Option of Inspection and Certification Industry in China

Luogao Wang, Qiang Lu, Zhaoying Zuo, Caili Zhang, Hongjuan Yang, Yan Wang, Kai Li
Inspection and certification industry is the national quality foundation and an important part of modern service industry in China . The industry has been regarded by the State Council as one of the eight high technology service industries and eleven largest producer services. The paper is one of the...
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Analysis and Prevention of Major Coal and Gas Outburst Accident

Linchao Dai
Malignant coal and gas outbursts have occurred frequently, and it will cause a lot of casualties, enormous property losses and adverse social influence. Aiming at the Guizhou Xinhua coal mine 6•11 major coal and gas outburst accident, the main causes of the accidents were analyzed, the lessons learned...
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Analysis of “Last Mile” Delivery in Express Industry

Quanmei Gu
As the last link of logistics distribution, "the last kilometer" plays an important role in ensuring the timely and safe delivery of express delivery and improving customer satisfaction. According to the questionnaire survey data, the existence of express industry in "Last Mile" distribution situation...
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Analysis of Expert System Investment Technology Based on Banking Sector

Yun Li, Pin Wang
With the winning ratio, annual return rate and net profit rate as the management goals, the practicality of the RSI and MA expert systems for the banking sector is analyzed. The winning rate of the RSI expert system is 85.19%, 1.47 times that of the MA expert system. The annual return rate and net profit...