Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Contemporary Education and Society Development (ICCESD 2019)

Analysis on Text Structure

Zhimin Zhang
Corresponding Author
Zhimin Zhang
Available Online July 2019.
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Analysis; Text structure; Retention of text; Text type
Texts are multidimensional resources for the overall development of second language learners. Yet traditional text teaching only focuses on the structure of language. It explores texts at its linguistic level, leaving other potentials of texts intact. Text structure analysis approaches and interprets texts in a semantic way. It explores texts at linguistic, social, cultural and cognitive levels. This process of texts helps learners to memorize the text in the light of cognitive theory. This study may throw light on language teaching. First, teachers might try text structure analysis in the conduction of narrative text and argumentative text to help students to acquire language forms and ideas. Second, teachers might introduce text type knowledge in terms of structures and features of language when conducting different text types. This study helps students to understand and command different text genres in their later communication.
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July 2019
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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