Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Contemporary Education and Society Development (ICCESD 2019)

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Research on the Core Competitiveness of Jiangsu Heng Rui

Mingda Song
The competition among pharmaceutical companies in the future is the competition of the core competitiveness of enterprises. The purpose of this study is to improve the core competitiveness of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine. Through the macro-environmental analysis of Jiangsu Hengrui's core competitiveness,...
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A Study of Cohesion in Simultaneous Interpreting

Yangqiong Lin
Cohesion in simultaneous interpreting is the semantic relation between two or more elements in an interpreted text on the grammatical, lexical and phonological levels. It is an influential factor in SI for the audience’s comprehension and gratification. This thesis attempts to apply cohesion theory in...
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On the Positive Interaction Between Modern Self-media and College English Teaching

Min Deng
In the era of self-media, information is transmitted to people or specific individuals through modern electronic information technology. Yi class or Easy Class is an efficient and convenient network virtual community, which is closely related to the college students ' life. How to make full use of the...
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The Cultivation of Translators’ Terminological Competence in the Era of Globalization: a Case Study of Translating “Well-positioned Seismic Measurements” in Oilfield Review

Yali Liu
How to cultivate translators’ terminological competence in the era of globalization has become a new topic in the field of translation practice and theoretical research. In this paper, the author makes some reflections on the translation process of “Well-positioned Seismic Measurements” in Oilfield Review...
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ASEAN-China Cooperation Under the Framework of CAFTA

Luyuan Xu, Jianzhong Zhang
This paper holds that China and the three industrial cooperation frameworks under the framework of CAFTA still have the problems of single structure, low investment and weak cohesion. This paper argues that the corresponding optimization can increase the emphasis on promoting bilateral scientific industrial...
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The role of AIIB and NDB in the development of the Asian finance

Guliev Igbal, Kamalov Rustam, Rassolova Irina, Arzhaev Fedor
The article overviews a complex theme of the Asian cooperation of the financial institutions aimed at building the Asian financial system as a whole. AIIB and NDB are the core of this process and their influence on the formation of the Asian finance is researched and pinpointed in this paper. The main...
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Exploration on Construction Path of Vocational Education Informatization from the Perspective of Education Informatization 2.0

Xudong Li, Xiaoyun Wu
Vocational education informatization construction is the key approach for China to strengthen international competence, and seek connotative development and teaching reform of vocational education. This paper first analyses the overall requirements from the “Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan”...
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Brief Analysis on the Legal Personality of Artificial Intelligence—Taking Intelligent Driving Vehicles as an Example

Maoguo Chen, Hui Chen
Recently, among all worldwide research fields, Artificial Intelligence has become a hot spot and has had a lot of impact on all walks of life and has a positive impact on people's quality of life. With the aim to control the influences on the traditional legal system of personality brought by artificial...
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Political Technologies of The Power Struggle in Public Policy

Shcherbakov Alexander, Akhtyamova Evgeniya, Kashaev Nail, Imangulova Galina, Iamalova Elvira
Through the use of political technologies, it is possible to regulate and guarantee social development. As a result, existing and possible threats to social and political stability during the candidates’ election should be carefully analyzed in order to determine the most rational and effective ways...
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Study on Virtual Reality Technologies in the Teaching of Residential Interior Design

Yu Zhang, Geng Huang
The final product form of residential indoor design refers to an entity space where people can live. Although all schools have architectural training rooms, students are not familiar with many common but important decorative materials. The currently popular solutions in China include text descriptions...
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Discussion on the Problem of Relatives' Free Witness in China-Compared with Foreign Law

Yaoying Gao
The exemption of relatives' privileges is an important right stipulated in China's Criminal Procedure Law and an important system for maintaining family ethics. However, the privilege of exemption from the relatives of our country has problems such as unclear rights subject, unspecified content, contradiction...
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A Brief Discussion on Lawyers' Reasonable Charges for Professional Ethics-Taking Chongqing Pan Yabo's Lawsuit for Violation of Charges as an Example

Yaoying Gao
A lawyer is a practitioner who obtains a lawyer's practice certificate according to law, accepts a commission or designation, and provides legal services to the client. The professional ethics of lawyers is the norm of behavior that should be observed in the process of lawyers' practice. The professional...
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Red Tourism and the Revitalization and Development of the Old Revolutionary Areas in Sichuan

Fei Li, Xingjie He, Zhuoyao Tang, Xiaoqiang Xu, Chuanhao Hu, Xu Hong
Red tourism, as a form of tourism and education, has attracted much attention in recent years. The old revolutionary area is a classic destination of red tourism. Developing red tourism in the old revolutionary area has unique advantages in revitalizing the development of the old revolutionary area....
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Analysis of Classroom Teaching Behavior of Junior Middle School Mathematics Teachers in Tibetan Areas

Xiaoya Wang, Cairang Xiawu
Language behavior is the main teaching behavior in teaching, and it is also an important indicator for evaluating a class. This paper aims to optimize classroom teaching through analysis and evaluation of teachers' language behavior. Based on Flanders interactive behavior analysis system, the original...
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Analysis on the Legitimacy and Rationality of Shelter Education System

Linqing Zhai
The system of reception and education is an administrative compulsory measure especially for those who engage in prostitution and whoring. It refers to the special measures taken by the public security organs to conduct legal and moral compulsory education and organize production and labor for prostitutes...
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Current Situation and Reason Analysis of Marketing Courses Teaching Method Based on “Internet +” Background

Qiongjuan Wen, Long Jiang
This paper investigates blended teaching methods of marketing major in colleges and universities under the background of widespread use of Internet technology. The findings indicates that undergraduate students majoring in Marketing are familiar with “Internet +” teaching methods, such as MOCC, Micro-lecture...
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The Enlightenment of the Ideological and Moral Cultivation and the Legal Basis Curriculum in Colleges and Universities on the Reform of Educational Methods

Lei Zhou
The main solution of the article is how the ideological and moral cultivation and legal foundation courses in colleges, and universities should influence the reform of educational methods. In the process of growing up, contemporary college students are inevitably faced with ideological and moral problems...
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Research on the Path of Ideological and Political Construction in Higher Vocational Education in the New Era

Zhimin Yu, Xiaoliang Yang
This paper combines the new requirements of the new era, analyzes and organizes the curriculum ideological and political literature. The author analyzes the characteristics of the Internet + education, the requirements of the new era and the core requirements of the curriculum, refines the ideological...
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The Enlightenment of Chinese Education for Preschool Children on Social Development

Guorui Liu
A wealth of national spirit and moral knowledge contained in Chinese classic studies still play an instructive role for Chinese people, and it needs long-term perseverance to turn the knowledge into ethical behavior in everyday life. Therefore, the improvement of preschool children's moral quality should...
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A Study of the Legal Issues of Stepchildren Support Their Stepparents

Qiaochu Song
As long as the formation of the actual foster relationship between the stepparents and the stepchildren is fictional blood relatives, the rights and obligations are the same as those of the biological parents and children. But at present the criteria for the foster relationship between stepparents and...
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College English Grammar Teaching Guided by Constructivism Learning Theory

Qiaomei Zhao
Grammar is the most important part in English study, but a good command of it does not mean one can learn English well. Oppositely, grammar should play an active role in improving the integral development of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Therefore, we have to reform our traditional grammar...
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Cultivation and Exploration of Innovative Practical Ability of Postgraduates in Mathematics

Zhouchao Wei, Li Xiao, Junxia Wang
How to train innovative postgraduates has become a new task and challenge in contemporary postgraduate education. In view of the training of mathematical postgraduates, this paper discusses the practical experience of teaching reform in recent years, including the core curriculum reform and the formulation...
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Research on Emotional Education for Poor College Students

Xinhao Liu
This paper aims to focus on the problems in the emotional education for poor college students. Improvement strategies are put forward through the analysis of the necessity of implementing emotional education to poor college students. The existing problems can be analyzed from three aspects of educators,...
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Research on the Principles of Network Ethics Education for College Students

Yunjun Jiang, Hongzhen Lin, Li Li, Rui Ma
With the phenomenon of abnormal network ethics and data security problems rising frequently, the college students who have the closest contact with the network are being influenced increasingly. This paper studied the popularity of college students' network moral education based on current case analysis...
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A New Double-Blind System Applied at College Student Interview

Jinwei Qiao
With the development of education technique, interview section is playing more and more important role in high education. In order to make the interview more fair-minded, and keep the emotion influence or any unjust factors away, this paper proposed a new double-blind system and its usage guidance. The...
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Research on the Cultivation of Professional Applied Talents of Digital Media Technology Based on OBE Mode

Yidan Sun, Fen Liu
With the rapid development of the Internet and information, the digital media industry derived from the integration of digital media, network technology and cultural industries has developed rapidly in the world, which has caused the booming global demand of digital media technology talents. This paper...
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Research on the Professional Standards of Primary School Teachers from the Perspective of Competency

Guang Li
The Professional Standards for Primary School Teachers puts forward a clear value orientation and evaluation criteria for the cultivation of teachers' professional competence. It is of great practical value to explore the professional connotation of teachers from the perspective of competency, learn...
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Research on Brand Building of Green Agricultural Products in Guizhou Against the Backdrop of Supply-side Reform

Xiaohong Xiao, Qinghong Tian
Supply-side structural reform requires that the work should focus on improving the effective supply and high-end supply of products. It is necessary to put forward new ideas for brand building and change the way of development and building. Due to the constraints of natural conditions, the brand building...
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Research on the Reform of Teaching Methods of Tax Law Courses in Colleges and Universities

Xiaohui Sun
The teaching goal of tax law courses in colleges and universities is not only to popularize the knowledge of tax law for students, but also to train the students' practical ability of tax payment. At the present stage, most of the commonly used teaching methods emphasize theory and neglect practice,...
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Research on the Path of the Construction and Development of College Student Associations in the New Media Era

Chuhan Jiang
College student associations, as the second classroom for student growth, play an important role in college education. The arrival of new media era brings opportunities and challenges to the construction and development of student associations. In order to adapt to the current new media environment,...
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Research on Risk Prevention and Control of Educational Statistics in Big Data Era

Juan Xu
Based on the analysis of the value and risk of data in the big data era, this paper studies the risks of current education statistics in big data era, including leakage, theft and misuse, tampering, and secondary utilization of data information. The credibility of the executive branch is reduced. In...
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Innovative Exploration of Model Education in Mainland Universities in the Context of Diversity-Taking the "5A Excellence Leading Program" of Jinan University as an Example

Yudong Zeng
Jinan University, a university in mainland China, constantly improves its ideological and political education system with the characteristics and advantages of an overseas Chinese school according to the characteristics of the school and the characteristics of the educational object. The "5A Excellence...
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Characteristics of The Times of Chinese Film and Television Advertisement Creation Against the Backdrop of Media Convergence

Bin Lu, Yuan Fang, Gang Zheng
Film and television advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising in today's society, and it is also one of the most influential and effective mainstream media. Only by exploring the characteristics of the era of film and television advertising in the era of media convergence can we create film...
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The Realization of Mood through Interpersonal Metaphor in English Public Service Advertising Texts

Yanqing Fang
The public service advertisement can indicate the relationship, interaction and negotiations between the advertiser and the audience. Based on the systemic functional grammar, this paper aims to investigate the interpersonal meaning of mood system through the interpersonal metaphor. The tagged declaratives,...
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The Current Situation and Exploration of the Curriculum Implementation of "Design and Practice of Kindergarten Education Activities" for Five-year Kindergarten Teachers

Yan Chen
Starting from the characteristics of the five-year pre-school education major, the article analyzes the importance of the course "Design of Kindergarten Educational Activities" and points out the problems in the course teaching through investigation. It also puts forward suggestions for improvement in...
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Learning Promotion Method Based on Concluding and Peer-assessment of Mind Maps

Qun Chen
The current situation of college students' learning is a certain Buddhist-style. They learn individually and passively, and in poor state, weak in ability, low in quality and in weak atmosphere. To deal with it, this paper puts forward a method of learning promotion. In the process of course teaching,...
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Research on Talent Training Path in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Background of the Integrated Development of Cultural Tourism—Taking Chongqing as an Example

Lu Sun
The integrated development of cultural tourism presents specific characteristics and related problems. Based on their own positioning, higher vocational colleges should follow the tendency, respect the objective laws of the integrated development of cultural tourism, precisely position talent training...
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Governance principles of collaboration between state and indigenous peoples of Arkhangelsk Governorate-Based on archive materials

Maksim Zadorin, Mikhail Kuprikov, Nikita Kuprikov, Antonina Gorbunova, Irina Bashkina
The legislation of the Russian Empire on the governing of “inorodtsy” was quite progressive for its time due to the securing the rights of indigenous peoples to local self-government for the first time and taking the customs established in the aboriginal communities of the North, Siberia and the Far...
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Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Private Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province

Xiuli Yu
In 2015, premier Li Keqiang clearly put forward the development concept of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” in the government work report. The deepening and implementation of the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform is to cultivate a group of high-quality talents who can adapt to the...
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The Enlightenment of the Practice of Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zones in Domestic and Abroad on the Construction of Yunnan Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone

Mei Zhao, Lu Feng, Yongqian Li
Establishing cross-border economic cooperation zone is an important way for Yunnan to integrate into the national "one belt and one way" construction actively. By summing up the practice of cross-border economic cooperation zones in domestic and abroad, it will provide useful experiences and enlightenment...
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On Deconstruction of Linguistic Signs in Rhetorical Activities—Taking Advertising Slogan as an Example

Ying Yang
Deconstruction means breaking apart a fixed relation or structure and is one of the important characteristics in rhetoric. In rhetorical activities such as specific advertising slogans, deconstruction is mainly embodied in the following two aspects: one is breaking free the corresponding relation between...
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Influence of Starting Age on Second Language Acquisition

Yadi Deng, Qing Wang
Individual differences are believed to be in close connection with second language acquisition (SLA). In this paper, the key age hypothesis is used to review and analyze the learner's starting age, and the learning characteristics and learning conditions of the second language learners of young children,...
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Monetary Policy Transmission: The Linkages between Repurchase Operations and Market Interest Rates

Yang-Chao Wang, Jui-Jung Tsai, Kai-Wei Chen
With the deepening of interest rate liberalization and financial reform in China, the Central Bank frequently uses repurchase and reverse repurchase to flexibly adjust market interest rates. Under the new monetary policy framework, investigating the linkages between central bank repurchase operations...
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Analysis on Text Structure

Zhimin Zhang
Texts are multidimensional resources for the overall development of second language learners. Yet traditional text teaching only focuses on the structure of language. It explores texts at its linguistic level, leaving other potentials of texts intact. Text structure analysis approaches and interprets...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Consumer Trust in B2C E-commerce

Yang Jing, Shenggui Cai
With the development of e-commerce in China, consumers' lack of trust in online transactions has become the main obstacle to the development of business applications. Due to the openness of Internet transactions, there is a great difference between the consumer trust and the traditional consumer trust...
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Research on Quality Evaluation and Guarantee Mechanism of Graduate Students Enrollment in Local Universities

Wei Hou
In order to improve the number of postgraduate enrollment, this paper proposes a study on the quality evaluation and guarantee mechanism of postgraduate enrollment in local colleges. This paper constructs the evaluation system of postgraduate enrollment quality of local colleges from three aspects: evaluation...
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Reform and Research of SPOC Blended Teaching Models Against the Backdrop of Internet +

Guanghui Feng, Yanchun Liang, Wei Lv, Rui Ma
For the defects in the domestic MOOC teaching at the current stage, the reform scheme on the SPOC online and offline blended teaching models will be explored based on the development and changes in the learning situation of the application-oriented universities in the teaching reform course. The comprehensive...
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Research on the Influence of Differential Leadership on Employees' Work Engagement

Zhiyong Xu, Jinsong Wang
Differential leadership is a new leadership theme which has been widely concerned by scholars at home and abroad in recent years, and its usefulness and mechanism need to be discussed more deeply. Work engagement is a concept widely concerned in the field of management practice and academic research,...
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Research on the Four-Element Integrated Model of Organic Agriculture Development in Jiangxi Province

Chenchen Chi, Yuanyuan Chen, Rui Xu
The development of organic agriculture is especially important to Jiangxi, which has the demand for economic development and has obvious resource advantages and internal driving force in this industry. Although domestic scholars have done a lot of research on organic agriculture, there is a lack of research...
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Analysis of Intangible Resources of McDonald's and Its Influence by Balanced Scorecard Method

Yuhao Qian, Junshi Chen
The competition between enterprises has changed from the competition of original physical assets to intangible assets recently. In order to achieve long-term development in the fierce market competition, enterprises must strengthen the use of intangible assets management. The Balanced Scorecard is a...
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Application of Complex Adaptation System Theory in Construction of Private Higher Education Institutions

Guangliang Zhu, Meixing Lu
According to the complex adaptation system, the construction system of private higher education institutions is constructed to solve the problem of the development and construction of private higher education institutions. This paper analyzes the characteristics of complex adaptation system, and argues...
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On English Writing Assessment Under the Guidance of National Criteria

Yan Li
After years of feasible analysis and amendments, the National Criteria of Teaching Quality for Undergraduate English Majors (henceforth NC) was released last March. As a guideline for English teaching, NC will play a significant role in China’s Higher Education and greatly influence the reorientation...
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Exploration on Optimizing the Course System of Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering

Xiaopan Fan, Situ Li, Yiming Liu, Yu Shi, Yun Han, Hua Liu
By investigating the training objectives and curriculum settings of 10 postgraduate training units of agricultural engineering degree in China, this paper analyzed the problems existing in the curriculum settings of this specialty, with a view to optimizing the curriculum system from three angles: adjusting...
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Study on the Strategies of the Integration of Ideological and Political Education and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

Yufang Wang
At present, there are still some problems in the integration development of ideological and political education and innovative entrepreneurship education, such as inconsistent teaching ideas, different curriculum systems, weak teaching staff and so on. In order to solve these problems, this paper analyzes...
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Analysis and Solution of College Students' Joining the Party in the New Era

Chao Song, Ziyan Zheng, Tianqin Shang, Yun Han
This paper analyzes the problem of college students joining the Party, the issue of joining the Party activists, and the lack of ideals and beliefs at a higher level. It is proposed how the party branch can effectively guide the students in the school effectively, strengthen the study of theoretical...
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A Study on the Current Situation of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility-An empirical analysis based on the owners’ view

Huanping Zhang, Bardai Barjoyai, Low Janaka
This paper selects share listed companies from Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges as research samples, through linear regression model by SPSS, to analyze the impact of differentiation in ownership on corporate social responsibility from two aspects: welfare donation and tax avoidance motivation....
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A Study on the Realization Mechanism of CSR

Maohua Li, Zoltán Zéman, Csaba Lentner
This paper is to study how to construct a realization mechanism for European banks to help them take social responsibilities. For this purpose, this paper uses textual analysis method to study the literature for banks and CSR in Europe and then summarize the functions of banks in European economics and...
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Design of Practical Teaching System for the Core Course of Human Resources Management Specialty

Yan Liu, Maohua Li
Referring to the objectives and requirements of the teaching syllabus of the core course of human resources management specialty, this paper establishes the practical teaching system of classroom practice teaching, school experiment platform and social practice platform, extends from multi-level and...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Teachers Team in the Training of Applied Talents of Administration Major

Ting Zhang
Administration as a traditional specialty must embark on the road of application-oriented transformation, aiming at training applied talents and adapting the need for social and economic development. Creating an applied teacher team is the fundamental measure to guarantee the target of training applied...
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Research on Talent Cultivation Model of Higher Vocational School-Enterprise Cooperation Based on Cost-benefit Perspective

Juan Xu
School-enterprise cooperation, production-teaching integration is the school-running model followed by vocational education. The characteristic school-enterprise cooperation model has always been the focus of the school, enterprise and government to explore the quality of training, focusing on the sharing...
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Research on the Professional Adjustment of Professional Layout and Professional Structure--Taking Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and Technical College as an Example

Juan Xu, Shengxian Duan
Professional setting is the basic framework and foundation for teaching activities in colleges and universities, which is directly related to the functional orientation and long-term development of the school. Select the student data in the data collection platform for talent training work in 2009-2018...
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Research on the Educational Reform of Economic Mathematics for the Professional Application and Quality Training of Students Majoring in Finance and Economics in Higher Vocational Colleges

Heqiong Zhang
According to the current situation and development trend of mathematics teaching reform in higher vocational and technical education, our college takes the existing higher vocational students as the research object and takes the improvement of students' core literacy as the "dissolving agent" of discipline...
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Research on Chinese-style Corruption Prevention System Based on Mutual Trust

Yaokui Li
The function of the trust culture in preventing corruption hasn’t yet been given enough attention. This study tries to build a corruption prevention system based on mutual trust between power bodies. We introduced the theory of trust management into the field of Chinese-style anti-corruption and analyzed...
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Research on the Training Path of Cartoon Professional Talents of "Internet + Cartoon Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

Jian Dong
In recent years, China's cartoon industry has developed rapidly in the fields of Internet and new media, and it is in urgent need of high-level applied talents with innovative ability, application ability and entrepreneurial ability to master the operation links of new media cartoon industry chain based...
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Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and the Current Status of Resource Combination in New Agricultural Enterprises

Hongxin Xiao, Qiuhua Chen
Based on the survey data of 339 new agricultural enterprises, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the entrepreneurs and the selection of new combination modes of resources in the sample enterprises. The main conclusions are as follows: First, in terms of personal characteristics of entrepreneurs,...