Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Engineering, Information Science & Application Technology (ICCIA 2017)

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A Novel 2.45GHz Compact Wideband Micro strip Antenna

Hanchun Chen, Xinglong Guo
In order to solve the contradiction of bandwidth narrowing and gain reduction caused by miniaturization of micro strip patch antenna,this paper designs a novel miniaturized wideband micro strip antenna by combining slotting on radiation patch with slotting on ground plate. The miniaturization of the...
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Dynamic response sensitivity of an offshore wind turbine for multiple load condition

Youliang Cheng, Zhanpu Xue, Yuekun Wang, Ning Zhang
In this paper, a comprehensive study is performed on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbine for multiple load condition. The aim is to evaluate to what extent the multiple loading affects the wind turbine for running. Based on consistent flexible multi-body models calibrated to multiple loading...
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Modeling and Control of wind magnetic Suspension Yaw Motor

Dengpeng Guo, Xiaoguang Chu, Bin Cai, Ying Kong, Naizhe Wang, Xuetao Yi
The magnetic levitation technique is introduced into the wind yaw system to reduce the yaw power. Permanent magnet in the nacelle and stator winding in tower are designed to suspend the nacelle. And the wind yaw structure including the disc motor rotor and variable speed gear is proposed to drive suspension...
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Design and Implementation of Indoor and Outdoor Security Patrol Mobile Robot

Yu Wang
The purpose of this study is to design a mobile robot prototype solution that can independently perform indoor and outdoor safety inspections. First, according to our project objectives, the hardware platform of mobile robot is designed. Then, the software design and implementation of the patrol robot...
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A Network Datagram and Big Data Based Research on Method of User Profile

Jiabin Li, Zhi Xue
Big data analysis technology is getting more and more popular among various enterprises, government departments and other institutions. With the help of huge amount of data, network users' behaviour in cyber space can be vividly described. This paper first introduces the status of research on user profile,...
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A New CMM Based Method of Camera Calibration and Distortion Compensation

Shugui Liu, Zhenhua Han, Sen Wang, Guoxiong Zhang
To improve the accuracy of vision measuring system, high-precision camera calibration and distortion compensation are essential. A new CMM based method of camera calibration and distortion compensation, and a new index for evaluating the residual distortion after compensation are presented in this paper....
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Numerical Simulation of Pintle Thrust Adjustable Solid Rocket Motor

Guancheng Pan, Xiong Chen, Xiaobing Ye
Numerical simulation of the flow field inside pintle controlled solid rocket motor was performed. The effects to nozzle performance with different pintle contour shapes and pintle position were investigated. The results showed that the influence of these factors to pintle nozzle efficiency was evident....
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Application of Fuzzy PID Control in Motor Test

Shuai Zhang
According to the disadvantage of the traditional PID control, a fuzzy adaptive PID controller is established on the basis of the traditional PID controller. This dissertation proposes the application of the fuzzy PID controller in motor test systems. Then it discusses the design of fuzzy PID controller...
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A Review on Optimal Operation of Power System Including Wind Farms

Lanpei Yang, Kewen Wang
In order to comprehensively generalize the research status quo, achievements as well as deficiencies on the optimal operation of power system including wind farms, this paper introduced the optimal operation models for power system including wind farms, according to the difference of optimization objective,...
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A Path Planning Method for Substation Laser Inspection Robot Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Yan Deng, Hongyu Hu, Xiaolu Tian, Jiake Liu, Mingyang Liu, Yafei Wang
In order to shorten the inspection path and time-consuming, improve the intelligence degree of the laser inspection robot and apply to the large-scale TSP in the substation, the paper proposes a path planning method based on the improved ant colony algorithm, the navigation method, the walking characteristics,...
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Improved FastSLAM based on EnKF proposal distribution for AUV

Jing Wang, Zhenye Liu
A new Fast simultaneous localization and mapping (FastSLAM) algorithm based on ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) is proposed in order to solve the problem of particles degeneration, which is an avoidless drawback in standard FastSLAM. This will decrease the estimated accuracy of autonomous underwater vehicle...
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Research on Subsidence Intervention of Planet Rover Based on Wheel Soil-bin Test

Dawei Han, Liangliang Ding, Dianfu Liu, Xiaoqing Yang, Wenbo Feng
It may encounter many unexpected events when the rover moving on the surface of the planet. Subsidence is fatal for the impact of mobile performance. It's very important to research on subsidence prediction and intervention measures when encountering unpredictable excessive subsidence. This paper linearized...
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Design of a Self-powered Current Measuring Sensor

Changfu Xu, Shuo Zhang, Tao Tao, Chengbo Hu, Jiayuan Xu, Xin Zhou, Yu Hong
Current measurement is one of the most important work in online monitoring of the electric system. Self-powered and intelligence are key areas of the current measuring sensor. In this paper, a self-powered current measuring sensor was designed, which realizes synchronous measurement and power supply...
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The Microblog Public Opinion Analysis Based on the SVM and the LDA Model Combining

Weilin Xu, Zong Zhu, Li Gao, Jinling Liu
In view of the LDA model, the superiority of long text clustering to Microblog about the use of the user and time to build a long text. According to implied rich semantic information in text and traditional text clustering makes because of the high dimension calculation results inaccurate faults, the...
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Development and Application of Self-learning Model for HSM

Ce Wang, Ziying Liu, Lijie Dong, Changli Zhang, Fengqin Wang
In recent years, based on maturity of AGC technology, the accuracy of Thickness Control has been improved greatly. The poor profile control is the major factor which restricts the dimensional accuracy. The mathematical model of plate shape-setup is the basis for realizing the process control of strip...
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A Data Acquisition and Processing Method for Logistics AGV Obstacle Detection LiDAR

Tianxiang Yuan, Jie Zhu, Huizhi Gao
In the semi-structured logistics warehouse AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) to achieve environmental awareness is the key to its own obstacle avoidance. In order to realize the purpose of logistics AGV, the paper first analyzes the working principle of LiDAR, and then designs and realizes the data acquisition...
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Virtual Laboratory of Robot Kinematics Based on Qt and Ogre3D

Fei Ma, Zhiyuan Sun, Ruiqing Jia
This paper describes the design of a virtual laboratory based on the Qt and Ogre3D to meet the experimental requirements in the Robot Kinematics. In this paper, a six-degree-of-freedom industrial robot kinematics virtual experiment is created by virtual laboratory platform based on the Qt and Ogre3D...
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Parameter Heterogeneity Based on Virtual Capacitor Control for Suppression of the Oscillation of Radial DC Microgrid with CPLs

Sennian Huang, Jingyi Liu
The coupling between constant power loads (CPLs) is an important cause of system oscillation in a radial DC microgrid. First this paper deduced the equivalent circuit of a single-source dual-CPL (SSDC) system. Then, by Rouse-Hurwitz stability criterion one of the essential requirments of SSDC system...
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Evaluation Model of Power Supply Capacity for Distribution Networks Based on MILP

Ziyang Ke, Longjun Wang
The existing power supply capability evaluation methods is difficult to evaluate the distribution networks in both normal and N-1 fault states comprehensively, which creates an obstacle to the use of the evaluation results. In this paper, an evaluation model of TSC for distribution networks based on...
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A New Algorithm for Solving Ill-conditioned Linear System with an Auto- Parameter

Tianyu He, Jinshan Wang, Zonghao Tian
A new simple and effective method for solving ill-conditioned linear systems is presented in this paper. This method tried mainly not to decrease the error caused in direct solving, instead, it tries to transfer this error to a medium variable. At the same time, a parameter is introduced. In order to...
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Design of A Method of Resisting Random Broadband Electromagnetic Interference based on Cognitive Radio and Its Application

Naji Ma, Yi Wang, Zhikai Wang, Jikun Guo, Fugang Liu, Feng Xu
There exist many kinds of electromagnetic interference sources in a small and enclosing underground coal mine work area, which could lead to that the instable phenomenon of the wireless monitoring and communication systems constantly occur. Focused on the randomness of occurrence and duration of electromagnetic...
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Optimal Capacitor Switching Method Based On Minimum Spinning Tree Theory in Distribution Systems

Ruxiang Zhao, Ting Xu, Dezhou Wang
According to the radial structure operation characteristics of distribution systems, this paper proposes a new method based on minimum spanning trees for capacitor optimal switching. Firstly, taking the minimal active power loss as objective function and not considering the capacity constraints of capacitors...
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Monitoring System of Saturation Line Based on Mixed Programming

Pengrui Qiu, Xiping Yuan, Shu Gan, Jianming Zhang, Min Yang
After the impoundment of the reservoir, in the role of the water head, there will be seepage in the dam, which will produce the seepage of the dam, the dam cross section and intersection called saturation line. Saturation line is the lifeline of the safety of tailings dam, saturation line height is directly...
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Application Research on Convolution Neural Network for Bridge Crack Detection

Jinghang Cen, Jiankang Zhao, Xuan Xia, Chuanqi Liu
The bridge crack detection still relies on human visual measurement nowadays, which means low efficiency and high cost. In view to this situation, the convolution neural network(CNN) was introduced into bridge crack detection to improve the efficiency and reduce the error caused by manual work. In this...
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The design of structure and simulation analysis of thermal effect on small fiber optic gyroscope in inclinometer while drilling

Fan Xu, Jianhui Zhao, Fan Li, He Xu
A new quasi-elliptical cylindrical (QEC) fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) for petroleum logging is proposed for the special condition of the borehole diameter limitation in inclinometer while drilling (IWD). Due to the thermally induced nonreciprocal phase shift in fiber coil, the three-dimensional (3-D)...
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Outfit Recommendation System Based on Deep Learning

Ying Huang, Tao Huang
In this paper, we propose an outfit recommendation system based on deep learning. Our goal is to use the system not only to judge an outfit if it is good or not but also to recommend good outfit to users when it is given a pool of cloth items. Our proposed model includes two parts: one is feature extractor...
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The Application Research on Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detection for Transformer

Yanpeng Li, Tianzheng Wang, Jichong Liang, Zhumao Lu, Yongxin Liu, Dongdong Yang, Lu Bai, Liqiang Ma
As an effective discharged detection technology, the ultrasonic partial discharge detection can discover the potential defects of power equipment in operation, which has been applied in the fault diagnosis to the GIS, transformer, cable connector and the high voltage switchgear, etc. But in the practical...
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Simulation research on hypersonic vehicle based on fuzzy adaptive control

Zhouli Zhu, Wei Chen, Wei Zhou, Qun Li
Aiming at the control problem of hypersonic vehicle, the traditional linear control method fails to meet the expected control index, thus this paper establishes the control model of the aircraft. This paper applies the fuzzy control structure to the traditional PID controller, and through fuzzy control...
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Optimal Configuration of Fault Indicator Based On Bacterial Foraging Algorithm in Distribution Network

Shuai Wang, Lisheng Li, Tao Kong, Kai Zhang, Zhijiang Lu
Fault indicator (FI) plays a crucial rule in enhancing service reliability in distribution network. This device is helpful to quickly find the fault location. To realize the economic configuration of fault indicator, this paper proposes an objective function with the consideration of equipment investment...
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Staging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Deep Feature in Contrast-Enhanced MR Images

Qiyao Wang, Dashun Que
Clinical stage of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is of great significance for prognosis. Texture fea-tures of HCC in Contrast-enhanced MR images have been effective for predictions of staging. However, texture features are low-level features, which are usually insufficient to capture the com-plicated...
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Realization of Solid Plane Cutting System and Reconstruction of Medical 3D Image Based on MC Algorithm

Fei Liu, Dashun Que
The three-dimensional reconstruction of medical image is based on the two-dimensional image collection on the imaging device. The reconstructed algorithm can be used to reconstruct and synthesize the three-dimensional images of the lesion or human organ. With the continuous development of medical image...
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Space Network Modeling and Simulating in Space-Ground Integrated Networks

Qi Guo, Ruxin Zhi, Beishan Wang, Bo Sun
Space-Ground Integrated Networks (SGIN) are systems that extend from terrestrial network to space network, to build a network covering ground and space. This paper firstly introduces the development of SGIN, and analyzes three architectures of SGIN based on existing systems. Afterwards, we focus on space...
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Research on Harmonic Problem of Micro-grid with Distributed Grid Connected Inverter

Xiangzheng Zhao, Dongmei Zhao
With the grid connected inverter is widely used in the new energy power generation, which is represented by wind energy and photovoltaic power generation, the resonance problem caused by the grid connected inverter becomes more and more a threat to the safe and stable operation of power system. This...
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Study on new non gas source negative pressure adsorption structure Key Laboratory for Control Theory & Applications in Complicated Systems

Lei Shao, Hongyu Li, Hongli Liu, Ji Li, Xiaoqi Chen
In order to overcome the disadvantages of the existing negative pressure adsorption methods, a new structure of non-gas source negative pressure adsorption is proposed. On the basis of this structure, a physical prototype was made. According to the motion model of the prototype, the stability condition...
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Design of Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination Control System Based on LADRC

Hongli Liu, Shijia Liu, Lei Shao, Ji Li, Xiaoqi Chen
According to the complexity of parameters in reverse osmosis desalination system, coupling, nonlinear, time-varying, hysteresis and other characteristics, this paper uses linear active disturbance rejection control (LADRC) to control the temperature and pressure, (because temperature and pressure make...
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Reactive power optimization based on improved bacteria foraging optimization algorithm

Ying Aa, Yuanjie Gao, Hui Sun, Jiwei Zhu, Lizhi Cao
Bacteria foraging optimization algorithm have the disadvantages of falling into optimal local optimum easily, and the speed of convergence become to decline obvious in later optimization, this paper established a  mathematical model based on minimize the loss of the power network and maintain a good...
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Finger Vein Recognition Using 2DGabor Combined With OECA

Guangdong Liu, Xiaohui Qiu
An improved Entropy Component Ananysis algorithm is proposed in this paper,which named as Optimized Entropy Component Analysis. The OECA algoptithm which is based on the Optimized Kernel Entropy Component Analysis algorithm develops a different data transformation method. The data transformation reveals...
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Research on Photovoltaic Array Characteristics with Partial Shadow

Zhonghua Yun, Lijuan Zhu, Zhifeng Jiang, Liqiang Yan
In order to study the working characteristics of PV system under different working conditions, in this paper we analyze and simulate the model based on the mathematical model of photovoltaic cells and the output characteristics of PV arrays under different illumination and temperature. We also study...
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Research of Dispatching Method in Elevator Group Control System Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Yufeng Dai, Yun Du
Elevator group control system (EGCS) is a complex optimization system to with multi- objective, stochastic and nonlinear characteristics. It is hard to describe EGCS with exact mathematic model and to increase the capability of the system with traditional control method. The fuzzy control technology...
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Evaluation of Elevator Safety Based on Gray Relational Analysis

Xiao Hu, Sixian Ding, Yongming Huang, Hang Zhang
In this paper, a new elevator operation reliability evaluation model based on the combination of Gray Relational Analysis (GRA) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is proposed. In order to further overcome the shortage of indicators of equal rights and the lack of expert assignment via the original...
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Overview of Improved Droop Control Methods of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Interlinking Converter

Yajie Guo, Yingjun Guo, Hexu Sun, Jianlin Xi, Yuqian Hao
The hybrid AC/DC microgrid can combine the advantages of AC microgrid and DC microgrid, and it can reduce the loss caused by multi-stage power conversion, so it has become a hotspot in recent years. And the interlinking converter (ILC) between the AC subgrid and DC subgrid can ensure the balance of power...
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Research and Practice of the E-seal/E-lock system based on mobile internet

Xia Jiang, Shu Meng, Qingli Li
With the development of mobile internet and the smartphone, E-seal and E-lock using NFC or BLE technologies become a good choice to prevent the goods stolen or transferred so as to make the logistics safer. This paper introduces a new E-seal/E-lock system based on mobile internet in detail, including...
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Research and Application of Smart Hanger Based on Airbag Inflation Model and Multi-object Collaborative Optimization Algorithm

Yihong Zhang, Xi Jin, Zhijie Wang
This paper presents a smart hanger based on airbag inflation and muti-object collaborative optimization algorithm for intelligent garment inspecting system. To fully extend the garment to a proper position, one fuzzy Self-adaptive PID method is given to control the pneumatic motor by comparing the feedback...
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Analysis of Influence of Directional Coupler on Power Calibration Results

Shenxiang Gao, Guiwei Long, Cui Bao
The influence of the directional coupler on the power calibration results is analyzed synthetically. The calculation method of the coupling parameters and the calculation formula of the equivalent reflection coefficient are given. The coupling parameters of the coupler and the uncertainty of the introduction...
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Research on dynamic receding binary algorithm based on variable slot

Hongli Tai, Huan Zhang
This article starts with the anti-collision algorithm of RFID tag. Because of, the recognition rate, recognition speed and channel utilization of the commonly used binary anti-collision algorithm, dynamic frame, slot ALOHA algorithm and dynamic binary tree search algorithm are low, this paper introduces...
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Security Workflow Model for Database Storage

Hui Yuan, Lei Zheng, Xiangli Peng
The security workflow is proposed according to the transactional workflow discussed in this paper. When it comes to the security workflow, it is necessary to consider the compensation of the attack. In this paper, the recovery properties is introduced in security database workflow: non-vital property,...
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Analysis on the Sensitivity of Factors Influencing Natural Gas Power Generation in China

Gaojun Liu, Long Jiang, Lei Du, Yue Guo, Qing Li
It is to guide the natural gas power generation capacity reaching 110 million kw in 2020 according to "Natural gas development "thirteen five" plan", and the natural gas power generation installed ratio from 4.33% in 2015 rises to 5.5% in 2020. Benefiting from the gas and electricity reform policy, the...
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Design and Implementation of a GPS Signal Simulator and Storage-and-Forward Machine

Hong Lin, Wenfei Gong
Currently, the ubiquitous application of navigation receivers prompts the development of signal simulators which can be used to test the performances of such receivers in various conditions. But tradition simulators cannot really restore the satellites' circulating conditions, which is not persuasive...
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Research on Optimization Strategy of New Energy Grid Scheduling

Feihong Wu, Gengyin Li, Yao Wang, Chen Zhao
In recent years, the development and construction of new energy in China has gradually increased. The generating capacity of solar energy, wind energy etc. new energy power generation has increased year by year. A large number of parallel operation of new energy become the power grid dispatching automation...
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Application and Prospect of Softswitch in Power Communication System

Xiaobei Wang, Jinxiang Cheng, Shiwen Chen, Peng Chen, Jinzhi Guo
With the power system to achieve "plant network separation", soft switching technology in the application of power plants more and more attention. At present, part of the power grid, transmission network equipment, fiber optic cable prices cheaper, more and more wide transmission bandwidth. For power...
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Application of Intelligent Technology of Electrical Apparatus in Distribution Network Automation

Jie Yang, Tao Xia, Yu Ye, Weiping Li, Jianmin Huang, Yong Tan, Ken Chen, Changdong Zhu, Xibing Guan, Jing Hua
In the context of the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, the electrical industry has also made rapid development, towards the intelligent direction, which also effectively promoted China's national economic development, and for people's...
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A novel design method of a simple ALU based on PROTEUS

Binbin Chen
Nowadays, computer has becoming necessary to everyone, so the designs of the computer's parts are vital, in which ALU matters. There may be a lot of tradition methods on designing an ALU by different tools now, but these methods are mostly complex and uneasy-understanding to most beginners. In this paper,...
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A self-adaptive Contrast Enhancement Method Based on Gradient and Intensity Histogram for Remote Sensing Images

Tieqiao Chen, Jiahang Liu, Xiuqin Su, Jia Liu, Feng Zhu, Yihao Wang
This paper proposes an efficient method to modify gradient and intensity histograms (GIH) for contrast enhancement, which plays an important role in remote sensing image processing and information extraction. First, a self-adaptive algorithm is used to flatten the shape of GIH of input image according...
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Research on Vague soft clustering algorithm based on MapReduce

Wei Wang, Junsheng Wu, Zhixiang Zhu
Aiming at the problems that traditional clustering algorithm based on Vague soft sets is difficult to deal with massive data, a parallel Vague soft clustering algorithm based on MapReduce is proposed. The algorithm calculate the similarity measure between Vague soft sets based on Map function and Reduce...
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Facial Expression Recognition Based on Convolution Neural Network

Yue Duan, Linli Zhou, Yue Wu
With the popularity of computer technology in people's daily life, facial expression recognition in the human-computer interaction, home entertainment, public safety and even medical applications in the field more and more widely. In recent decades, the rapid development of deep learning areas has brought...
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Cloud Server Software Design of Street Light Management System

Junxiao Yang, Yulin Qi, Na Li, Yang Li
By studying the management status and power consumption status of street light system, put forward a management way which can save energy again based on energy-saving lights, and have designed cloud server software that can apply to the street light management system. Cell phone management terminal can...
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A Novel Sampling Strategy for Active Learning over Evolving Stream Data

Xuxu Zhang, Zhi Cao, Li Peng, Siqi Ren
In classification tasks, data labeling is an expensive and time-consuming process, hence, active learning which query labels for a small representative portion of data, is becoming increasingly important. However, few works consider the challenges from data steam setting because most of the active learning...
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An Automated Vehicle License Plate Identification System Based on LabVIEW

Fuhai Huang
In this paper, an automated vehicle license plate identification system is implemented based on LabVIEW. The process includes three parts: vehicle license plate localization, characters segmentation and characters recognition. We used color feature to detect license plate location, and then segmentation...
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Satellite Image target Detection Method Based on Multi Agent and Depth Neural Network and Fuzzy Clustering Camera

Lei Liu, Linli Zhou, Huifang Bao
Remote sensing images are valuable in civil and military applications. In this paper, we propose a remote sensing image target detection method based on a multi-agent system and the deep neural network. The proposed method extracts and fuses the intensity, texture, edges, and the structures in collaboration...
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Weighted Ensemble with Dynamical Chunk Size for Imbalanced Data Streams in Nonstationary Environment

Nini Liu, Wen Zhu, Bo Liao, Siqi Ren
In recent years, learning from data stream has been more and more popular because of its extensive applications. However, most algorithms assume there are no concept drift in one chunk, as the performance of evaluation is sensitive to the chunk size. In this paper, we propose a new approach (WEDC) by...
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Infrared Small Target Detection Using Modified Order Morphology and Weighted Local Entropy

Xiaocui Zhang, Jiannan Chi, Jingyao Hu, Linna Liu, Yongyue Xing
Infrared images in the sky scence often contain different complexity noises, which affect the validity of target detection algorithm and result in high false alarm rate. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a method based on weighted order morphology, which utilizes the improved open operation...
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A Regional Security Situation Model Based on Space Analysis Technology

Yafei Chen, Huan Zhang, Xiaoyang Luo, Mengsi Wang
Based on the data of GF-2 remote sensing images and GIS, this paper mainly constructs the model of regional security situation. Through the data preprocessing with the remote sensing image processing software, on the basis of the extraction of the information of vegetation, road, and water and housing...
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Research on the Earliest Deadline First Network Control System Dynamic Scheduling

Yue Wu, Linli Zhou, Yue Duan
Networked control system is a subject of integrated computer technology, automatic control, communication technology and optimization theory, the effects of network scheduling on the property of network control system is a hot issue in the research of international academic circles in recent years. This...
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Research Overview of Big Data in the Field of Equipment Support

Jinli Che, Liwei Tang, Shijie Deng
The arrival of the era of big data has a profound impact on the development of the society and world economy, changing people's work, life and way of thinking. With the continuous maturity of big data technology, its application in the military field will become inevitable. This paper mainly expounds...
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Rule-Based Change Impact Analysis Method in Software Development

Yiheng Wang, Jun Zhang, Yujing Fu
There are many stages in software development in which there are many changes. A rule-based change impact analysis method for software lifecycle objects was designed from the perspective of the whole software development process. The main ideas are as follows. Firstly, five types of entity dependency...
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Research and Application of Malicious Code Detecting Platform in Intranet

Xiaojun Zhang, Yong Sun, Xuefan He
Intranet and extranet information interactions are increased constantly aiming at IP network equipment interconnection, which become actual conditions of more and more complex uncertain systems. A malicious code behavior detecting platform is designed and realized by combining with the characteristics...
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An Improved K-modes Clustering Algorithm Based on Intra-cluster and Inter-cluster Dissimilarity Measure

Hongfang Zhou, Yihui Zhang, Yibin Liu
Categorical data clustering has attracted much attentions recently because most practical data contains categorical attributes. The k-modes algorithm, as the extension of the k-means algorithm, is one of the most widely used clustering algorithms for categorical data. In this paper, we firstly analyzed...
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Aircraft Trajectory Uncertainties Optimization Based On Interval Analysis Method

Yao Zhu, Zhiping Qiu, Xianjia Chen, Xinrong Liu
Aircraft trajectory planning under wind effect is a critical issue to save fuel consumption and to reduce flight time. However, wind as a kind of natural phenomenon has great uncertainties, which increases the difficulty of trajectory optimization. This paper proposes a aircraft trajectory optimization...
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Simple Salience-Driven Bag of Visual Words Models for Remote Sensing Scene Classification

Lipeng Ji, Xiaohui Hu, Beijia Hu, Mingye Wang
In order to improve the accuracy of remote sensing scene classification, this paper proposes to integrate visual saliency into bag of words model. In this paper, the color histogram (CH), Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) and local binary pattern (LBP) methods are used to extract the features...
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The Simple Analysis of the Application of Data Mining in Mathematical Modeling

Jirong Lv, Shihu Wang, Haicui Lv
The 21th century has been a high informative era, and computer science and artificial intelligence have quickly developed and penetrated into all walks of life day by day. Same, database technology also has been widely applied, and varieties of database system also get deep exploration. However, faced...
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The Application Discussion of Big Data Technology in Intelligent Transportation

Yan Hou
At present, the related data information with GPS positioning, road condition, traffic operation and video surveillance is gradually increasing in the construction process of intelligent transportation around all the cities of our country, and the produced data amount every day nearly has reached PB...
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Research on Verification for STPA-Based Avionic System Software Safety

Yuan Sun, Jingguo Tang, Haifeng Yang
Software safety problems resulting from relevant faults are increasingly highlighted as systems become more and more complex. Thus, the static verification method is inapplicable to complex system. This paper adopts System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) to identify hazards in system, and obtain software-relevant...
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Vegetation Coverage Monitoring in Mu-us Sandy Land Based on Multiscale Remote Sensing Data-A Case Study of Yanchi County, Ningxia

Zhen Bian, Wanxue You, Dian Yu, Kebin Zhang, Limeng Meng, Jin Chang
Due to the sparse and irregular distribution of vegetation in desertification area, the Low inversion precision of vegetation coverage and its change using single satellite remote sensing data become the bottleneck of further exploration of ecological evolution in this region. In order to improve the...
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The Design of the General Concentrator

Lige He, Na Li, Yulin Qi, Junxiao Yang
In the single-phase grounding fault location system for distribution network based on the phase method, the concentrator bears the main task of the centralized transmission data, and it is an important part of online fault location system. This paper designed a general concentrator. The concentrator...
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Design of FIR Low-pass Filter Based on MATLAB

Weiwei Tian, Zixuan Ni
With the rapid development of the global electronic market, the filter has been greatly promoted. And the development of digital technology also create a good technical foundation for the filter. This paper introduces the basic concepts of digital filters, the brief introduction of MATLAB Software, and...
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A New On-line Monitoring Method for Urban Refuse Based on Ultrasonic Principle

Jingxuan Li
Combined with the status quo and present problems of urban refuse, this paper proposes a new on-line monitoring method for urban refuse based on ultrasonic principle. Aiming at the low efficiency of urban refuse collection at present, we make a method to realize monitoring on-line by a low cost. This...
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Design of step counting system of multi-function

Biqing Li, Zhao Li, Jinfeng Qin
This design is mainly based on single chip as a step counting system control core, the overall system contains two modules: the transmitter end and the receiver. The transmitter comprised of a regulating circuit and a wireless communication module, the receiver can be divided into four small modules,...
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An Urban Smart Growth Evaluation Method

Mingxuan Lu
As the world is rapidly urbanizing, the smart growth theory is widely applied into the urban development and is becoming a more and more important issue. The paper provides a method to evaluate the degree of the urban smart growth, which could give some instructions of making plans for urban development....
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Design of 2-Vote-2 Safety Control System Based on FPGA for Railway Train Operation

Beibei Wang, Cairong Zhang, Yuguang Wang
In the railway system, the speed of trains is increasing continuously. In order to improve safety and reliability of signals, a 2-Vote-2 safety system based on single FPGA chip and multiple IP soft cores is designed. The control system embeds two MC8051 IP cores and a 2-Vote-2 module which is consisted...
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Research on the Application of Nagios in Earthquake Information Network System

Gang Li, Lei Liu, Zhisen Si, Lixia Zhou, Jing Li
With the continuous development of network technology, the networked seismic surveillance instruments and application services systems are used more and more in seismological industry. It has become an important task to monitor and manage those systems and instruments effectively, and to send failure...
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Discussion on the application of VR, AR and MR technology in landscape architecture

Hongbin Lee, Sheng Lu
In the process of digital propulsion, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technology have been developed rapidly. However, there are no systematic research results in two aspects, which are how to applicate the technique in landscape design and whether the technology makes the landscape...
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Research on Innovative Design of Bathroom Furniture Based on Olfactory Experience

Kaiqin Feng, Ming Chen, Jianhua Lyu
This paper, starting from the background of the olfactory experience, analyzes the necessity of the innovative design of the olfactory experience in the bathroom furniture, expounds the concept of the olfactory sensation and olfactory experience, and summarizes the relationship between the olfactory...
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Differential Privacy on Spatio-Temporal Data

Yi Li, Bo Ning, Mei Bai, Yawen Zheng, Yu Wang
In this paper, we consider the location and time factor together, and we give different location and time to add the corresponding score coefficient to distinguish between the sensitivity of location and time. We will be under strict differential privacy model study of spatio-temporal data. We propose...
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Research Framework of "Internet plus Dispatchable Loads" Integrated Dispatching Platform

Yanning Huang
In order to fully tap the regulating potential of dispatchable loads (DLs) and to bring DLs into the normal dispatch and operation of the electric power system, research on the "Internet plus dispatchable loads" integrated dispatching platform is needed to provide access interface for the power grid...
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The Research of SUV Dynamic Rollover Warning System based on Hardware-in-the-loop

Lixin Song, Wenhao Zhang
This paper presents a control system based on rollover warning for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). To get accurate information of vehicle rollover timely, a four degree of freedom model is established, the dynamic rollover warning algorithm is studied and the hardware systems about the algorithm are realized....
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MPPR: A heuristic routing algorithm in dynamic HyperD labeling model

Yu Wang, Bo Ning, Xin Zhou, Yawen Zheng, Yi Li
Hypercube network is one of the most important multiprocessing mechanisms in parallel computing. At present, many network topologies are proposed by using hypercube characteristics. Such as Peer-to-Peer networks. The MPPR algorithm proposes in this paper is an improvement for the routing algorithm of...
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Adaptive Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Matching Pyramid Decomposition

Linlin Zhao
Image enhancement technology is targeted to highlight the overall and local useful information characteristics of the images, expand the differences between different feature points in the image, rich image information to meet the application needs of different environments. The current image enhancement...
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Distributed LT Codes on Multi-hop Networks

Yan Zhang, Jianhua Chen, Meng Tang, Xin Jin
Distributed LT codes on binary erasure channels (BECs) have been widely investigated, but the number of sources was usually limited within ten. In the practical cases we often need to transmit information blocks from scores of sources to a common destination through one or more relays, which encourages...
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Study and Application of Advanced PLC Control Strategy

Baoxiang Yang
Along with unceasing economic development and the progress of science and technology, PLC, as a common control system, is used more and more widely. Additively, as one of the commonest mainstream control systems, PLC's superior anti-jamming capability and multifunctional development way will get better...
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Graph Structure Based Anomaly Behavior Detection

Kai Wang, Danwei Chen
The analysis of malicious user behavior patterns in social networks has important implications for detecting malicious pages, fraudsters, and financial frauds.Traditional anomaly detection technology general based on classification algorithm using content feature and user behavior feature, but these...
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Quality Analysis Method for Hot Strip Rolling Based on Data Mining Technology

Zhen Hou, Hai Gao, Chen Chen
The hot rolling of strip steel is a continuous, multi-staged, complex production process, and there are about one hundred of control parameters which are directly related to the quality of strip steel products in this complicated process. Researches have shown that, according to the industrial characteristics...
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A Revised Deep Belief Network for Predicting the Slurry Concentration of a Cutter Suction Dredger

Changyun Wei, Fusheng Ni, Jinbao Yang
In order to predict the slurry concentration of a Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD), a revised Deep Belief Network (DBN) that contains two classifier models is proposed in this work. The two classifier models (i.e., a constant step model and a probability sampling model) are used to process the original data...
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Research and Implementation of Index Real-time Updating Based on Lucene

Nana Zhang, Yisong Wang, Kun Zhu
Before establishing the index, it is necessary to delete all the index files that created previously in the index library and then re-establish the index, which is time-consuming. For this problem, this paper proposed an index real-time updating method,and implemented that showed the content of the document...
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Face Recognition Based On Gabor Local Feature and Convolutional Neural Network

Weimeng Qin, Lie Wang, Wen Luo
Since the distribution of kernel function of Gabor transform and the Two-Dimensional receptive field profiles of mammalian simple cells in the primary visual cortex is very similar, and has the direction selectivity and good spatial locality, so the acquisition of spatial scale information of multiple...
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Deployment Scheme of Video Conferencing MCU Based on OpenStack

Haifeng Han, Jianxin Song
The multipoint control unit (MCU) is a very important component of the video conferencing system. In the current video conferencing system, the hardware performance of MCU equipment has more demand with the different requirements of video conferencing type. At the same time, with the physical location...
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Research and Application on Face Recognition Algorithm Based on FWLD Method and Deep Belief Nets

Yihong Zhang, Xiang Li, Zhijie Wang
Aiming at the problem of insufficient feature extraction and sensitive to noise for traditional face recognition algorithms, a face recognition algorithm based on improved Weber local descriptor and deep belief nets is proposed. First analyze the shortcomings of Weber local descriptor, and based on the...
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A kind of Supporting Structure of the Thromboelastography

He Xu, Fan Li, Jianhui Zhao, Fan Xu
According to the measurement principle of thrombus elasticity, a kind of supporting structure for the thromboelastography is designed. A kind of magnetic suspension support structure combined with active magnetic bearings and passive magnetic bearings is proposed. The radial suspension of the magnetic...
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Research on EKF-Based Localization Method of Tracked Mobile Robot

Junsuo Qu, Qipeng Zhang, Leichao Hou, Ruijun Zhang, Kaiming Ting
To estimate the position and heading angle of mobile robot precisely, an measurement variable estimation model was proposed to adapt any angle. Fusing the predictive value of odometry and measurement data of multiple sensors by the Extended Kalman Filtering (EKF) for reducing the accumulative error by...
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Research on the Current Situation of the Radioactive Material Safe Transport Management

Yingjun Huang, Xudong Liao, Bo Li, Miao Lou, Tao Chen
The domestic and overseas current situation of the radioactive material safe transport management was analyzed by researching the IAEA's radioactive material safe transport document and the development of the radioactive material safe transport management and the laws, regulations and national standard...
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Analysis on the erosion and side exchange of pipeline in the whole life cycle

Xinzhuo Zhang, Ting Xiong, Mengda Zhang, Zhenping Li
The erosion is one of the main reasons of material destruction and equipment failure. This paper presents a numerical study of horizontal pipe erosion by the approach of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Take the typical structure of horizontal pipe as the research object, using the standard - turbulence...