Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Current Issues in Education (ICCIE 2018)

Guidance and Counselling in Schools

Salleh Amat
Corresponding Author
Salleh Amat
Available Online June 2019.
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guidance and counselling, counselors, counselling system
This paper discusses the need for counseling services in schools in a holistic manner in line with the current era of globalization and the industrial revolution. Guidance and counseling services are important aspects of the school system. Counseling services are not just for students who are involved in disciplinary issues, but also for the positive development of individuals. To be effective counselors in helping students, especially in this era of globalization, counselors need current knowledge in the field of counseling. In Malaysia, most school counselors have been trained in a special counseling training program. Most counselors who are providing counseling services in high school have a first degree (Bachelor’s) in the counseling field and some even specialize further with a Master’s. In line with the Malaysian Counselor's Act (Act 580), many of the school counselors have been registered with the Board of Counselors to practice professionally. Schools have also been providing counseling services to students at the primary school level. This paper discusses career planning, cross-cultural competencies, family counseling, drug abuse and crisis intervention as important aspects that must be mastered by school counselors in providing better services to students. Generally, guidance and counseling services provided in schools will promote the personal, educational, and career development of all students
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