Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Semantic Errors in the Translation about Actions to Defend Islam in 2016 into English

Danti Pudjiati, Elisa Fadilah
Corresponding author
Danti Pudjiati
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Semantic errors, Instagram machine translation, actions to defend Islam
As defending Islam actions in 2016 were the greatest historical moment in Jakarta with a significant impact on Muslims in Indonesia, one of Islamic organizations, HizbutTahrir Indonesia (HTI), recorded these actions through Instagram in Indonesian which can be read as well in English through the newest InstagramMachine Translation (IMT) of 10.3.2 version. These translated captions produced by IMT are interested to be studied because no research has discussed about it yet. Therefore, this study was conducted with two purposes, firstly, to find out semantic errors of referential, grammatical, and contextual meaning of translated captions. Another purpose was to determine whether or not people have advantages to use IMT for understanding the captions in English. The data were HTI's translated captions relating with three defending Islam actions in the late 2016 that were analyzed qualitatively through comparing both captions between the source language and target language in order to describe errors based on semantic aspects theory. The research result showed successively that three kinds of semantic errors, namely grammatical, contextual, and referential meaning were significantly there. All these errors proved that IMT cannot translate the captions accurately from Indonesian into English. In conclusion, IMT is not able to translate successfully and this implies that human translation is more reliable than IMT. Therefore, it is suggested that Instagram creator should evaluate and improve the quality of inn-app text translation feature, for example by applying the service of correctionbutton.
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