Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Gelumpai Script: The Relevance of Value Solidarity in Palembang Society

Mayang Indah, Hermanu Joebagio Joebagio, Suryo Ediyono
Corresponding author
Mayang Indah
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Gelumpai script; Islam; collective memories; kaganga; kromo inggil; solidarity
Gelumpai script is stored in Balaputradewa Museum with inventory code 07.57. Gelumpai script was found in Baturaja Palembang huluan area. Gelumpaimanuscript produced during the Sultanate of Palembang around the 16th-18th century AD. The Gelumpai manuscript shows the cultural system of the unique Palembang community in huluan area, it was written using the ka-ga-nga letters (Aksara Ulu/Rencong/ Surat Ulu/Ulu letter) that developed in Palembang, kromo inggil language (highest level in Javanese language) and it contained about praise to Prophet Muhammad. Literature study was used in this study. The researcher presented Gelumpai script as collective memories of Palembang community which contained social solidarity value of early Palembang society in the past.
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