Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Muslim Pop: Voicing Da'wa through Contemporary English Nasyid Love Song Lyrics in Southeast Asia

Maria Ulfa
Corresponding author
Maria Ulfa
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Nasyid, English Love Lyric, Poetry, Dakwah, Southeast Asia
This paper examines nasyid English love song lyrics in Southeast Asia, in particular from Malaysian nasyid group named Raihan and Indonesian Nasyid group named Snada. Both are the icons of Southeast Asian nasyid groups. In their song albums, they have some English lyrics and one of the song lyrics is about religious love theme. The English lyrics are used particularly to reach the international audience. Therefore, this research tries to examine their lyrics as English poems namely "Bonds of Love" by Raihan and "Highest Love" by Snada in order to understand, explore, and explain the meanings of the lyrics through some elements of poetry namely meaning & idea, form, speaker (point of view), listener/audience, situation, diction, language, symbol, and tone and da'wa messages by using qualitative-descriptive method, content analysis, and comparative analysis with English Poetry theory and Islamic da'wa concept. The analysis shows that both lyrics are Islamic love lyric poetry that delivers love messages and Islamic messages at the same time, namely searching and finding the true and highest love as the true path for happy life in the world and hereafter, namely to remember, pray, and love Allah. The da'wa messages of the lyrics are the action of the Muslim speakers who care and have empathy to the others especially who have problems in life and try to remind lapsed fellow Muslims or other people in general back into the faith and to call, invite, persuade, pray to Allah as the God of Islam. The da'wa are delivered through song lyric in more relax and playful medium as part of daily life of "Muslim Pop".
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