Proceedings of the 2015 5th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Automation Engineering

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Research on the Security Management Method of Cloud Computing Authorized User Based on Anonymous OTP

Baoli Yuan
For the information security issues of cloud computing, this paper studys the security management methods of cloud computing authorized user, analyzes the vulnerabilities of OTP and proposed security authentication scheme based on OTP authentication.This authentication enables two-way authentication...
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Nonlinear Calibration of Thermocouple Sensor Based on Least Squares Support Vector Regression

Shengbo Zhang, Qingling Dai
Calibration is an important operation in the instrumentation industry for determining the relationship between the output(s) (or response) of a measuring instrument and the value of the input(s). This paper proposes a nonlinear calibration method based on least squares support vector regression (LS-SVR)...
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The Bus Line Supporting System Based On Learning Neural Network Model Applied In GIS

Jun Song, Shengwei Quan
With the rapid increase of urban population and rapidly widening scope of the city, the newly built residential areas emerging or leading to the existing bus lines could not meet the needs of the people’s activities. The phenomenon of the traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious. [1] According...
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The design of data analysis system for user

Jiawei Shen, Yawen Dai, Zhencai Li
In communications engineering, we often encounter some problems of the data analysis and processing aspects, therefore analysis of engineering data throughout the project has become a crucial part. LabVIEW is a program development environment, it is developed by National Instruments (NI) company developed,...
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The Design for Family Harmful Gas Detection Device

Lihua Liu
The paper introduces the design for domestic harmful gas detection device. By choose the corresponding sensor, and obtains the harmful gas information; the operation amplifier amplifies the signal. The MCU employees the ADC to get the digital information and read the alarm value set by the user, and...
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Research on the Application of Computer Network Technology in University Archives Management

Liying Cui, Haiyan Zhou, Qun Li
Computer network technology has been popularized in social development, and it plays an important role in various fields. In order to adapt to and promote the development of colleges and universities, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of university archives management. It is necessary to adopt...
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The Application of Information Technology in the Library Knowledge Management

Zongying Shu
This paper provides comprehensive coverage of the theories research connected with the provision and management of electronic resources in libraries to show us with comprehensive coverage of the core topics related to electronic resource methods. Digital library is an extension of traditional library...
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Power analysis for testing two independent groups of likert-type data

Zun-xiong Liu, Hao Chen
In the one-sample location problem, it is tested whether the center of the whole is equal to a known value, otherwise whether there are significant differences between two samples is in consideration on pratical situation. In practical problems, there are many simulations where two general parameters...
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Comprehensive Laboratory Design in the Major of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument Facing to the Atmosphere and Ocean Field

Song Ye, Long Zhang
In this paper, the design of comprehensive laboratory related to the major of measurement and control technology and instrument in the Meteorology and Oceanography College of PLA University of science and technology was elaborated detailed. Combining with the characteristics of facing to the atmosphere...
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Research and implementation of remote monitoring system based on Internet of things

Zhencai Li, Yawen Dai, Jiawei Shen
Commissioned by an aquaculture company, a remote monitoring system based on Internet of things technology was studied. It takes the Mega2560 processor as the core, the WiFi wireless RF data transmission as a means, the application of computer management, display software and networking platform will...
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An Optimal Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Model

XiaoLi Zou
A generalized model for determining minimum-cost preventive maintenance schedules of a maintained reliability system is presented. Through balancing the cost of system failure during operation against the cost of planned maintenance, an optimal policy is established which minimizes the expected cost...
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Adaptive Pulse Compression of MIMO Radar Based on SIC

Ying-Hua Tian, Xiu-Kun Ren, Xiao-Ying Li
Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar is recently the focus of radar research, which transmits different waveforms to illuminate the target from different antennas simultaneously. However the cross correlation of the waveforms may lead to interference between receiving signals. In this paper, we...
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The identification and optimization of bottleneck of the production system based on TOC

Xiaobing Pei, Wei Hu
According to TOC, there is at least one constraint on any system, or it may have unlimited output. Therefore, in order to improve the output of a system, the constraint of the system must be broken down. In this paper, the production process of M company is analyzed by means of Method and Time study....
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Research Technologies of Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Xiyang Liu, Siling Feng, Xianmei Chen, Jinrong Liu, Yaochi Zhao
Projected capacitive touch screen has the advantage of wear-resistant, high transmittance, long life, low power consumption, high sensitivity, noise rejection capability and support for multi-touch .This paper studies the related technologies of projected capacitive touch screen system: full touch point...
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The Research on Integrated Communication Networks and Satellite Navigation Positioning Technology

Jie Xia, Zhongliang Deng, Li Gao
This paper mainly compares and analyses ranging technology of communication signals and navigation signals respectively, and introduces the integration of terrestrial mobile communication base station navigation and positioning technology. Also it focuses on how to achieve precisely ranging based on...
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Wideband waveform design based on spectrally constrained optimization

Shunhong Li, Tengda Pei
An improved spectrum shaping iterative algorithm is proposed in this paper in order to solve a wideband waveform design. The spectrally constrained condition is set up before an optimally initial signal is obtained by constraining the amplitude spectrum of the input initial signal. With which, an existing...
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Water Quality Online Monitoring System Integration of Three Gorges Drawdown Areas

Ye Yuan, Mingsheng Shang, Guoying Wang, Xuerui Zhang
According to the water quality monitoring need of Three Gorges Drawdown Areas on automation, systematization, we design the overall framework and develop the water quality online monitoring software [1] for water quality online monitoring system based on the Internet of things (TOT) and ArgGIS. The online...
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The Design of Sea Water Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System Based on Zigbee and Data Fusion

Yujie Chen, Peixue Liu, Feng Chen, Qianqian He
Aiming at the current mariculture problem ofbackward environmental monitoring technology, design amonitoring system base on ARM processor STM32F103ZET6 and RF chip CC2530. Using wireless sensor nodes to collecttemperature, pH value,dissolved oxygen and other informationin Sea culture zone. Through the...
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Research on Power Consumption Management of Rural Irrigation Based on Intelligent Ammeter

Meng Zhang, Man Cheng, Lei Sun, Limin Shao, Xuesong Suo
This project is based on the installation of intelligent electric ammeter, researches on power consumption management of rural irrigation. It can solve some problems in the rural irrigation power consumption management, can make a breakthrough, research results will provide theoretical and technical...
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An Algorithm of Mining Closed Frequent Itemsets

Haifeng Li
Closed frequent itemset is a perfect representation of frequent itemset. This paper tries to find an efficient solution to mine the closed frequent itemsets over databases by sampling technique. We employ the SCFI tree to record the data synopsis of the frequent itemsets, and propose an efficient algorithm...
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Research on cruise pricing strategy based on Forecast

Bin Wang
Based on the analysis of the cruise booking and price data, this paper studies the problem of the cruise pricing based on the forecast. This paper builds on the voyage each week booking GARCH, accommodation was predicted, and achieved ideal effect.
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Study on induction voltage of multi loop cable with laying area

Xin Pan, Dong Xiao, Fei Shao, Yulan Qin, Changzheng Deng
In order to reduce the induced voltage of the metal sheath of high voltage single core cable and reduce the excavation area, so as to increase the transmission efficiency and reduce the cost of the project, this paper studies the induced voltage of the cable line under the condition of the laying area....
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Estimating Pb concentration of soil in the mining tailing areas base on field spectroscopy and random forests

Jie Lv, Kangning Wang, Chonggui Li, Yuancheng Huang, Xiaoliang Shi, Ying Liu, Ningyan Hao
Heavy metal pollutions of soil is one of the serious problems in the mining tailing areas, therefore, it is significant to estimate heavy metal of soil in the mining tailing areas. This research take Jinduicheng Mo mining tailings, Huaxian, Shaanxi Province as the study area. A total number of 288 soil...
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Research on feedback control of the intelligent grid-connected photovoltaic systems based on micro-inverters

Fangmei Wang, Rui Wang, Reda Hassanien Emam Hassanien, Ming Li, Ziyang Zhang, Jin Gao
Recently, the grid-connected photovoltaics power stations are extensively installed. Nevertheless, to save the maintenance time, improve the safety performance, solve the complexities of traditional overhaul methods and eliminate restrictions further research is needed. Therefore, in this paper, a method...
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The Study of the Springback Control Algorithm Based on Improved Fast Fourier Transform

Wenjuan Liu, Qinghua Zhou, HuiZhang Zhang
This paper proposed a mould modification algorithm based on improved Fast Fourier Transform. The wavelet transform and Fourier transform are used to solve the shape transfer function of the springback closed-loop control system. Through the shape transfer function to predict the mould surface shape corresponding...
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Triggering device for the long-gap triggered vacuum switch

Kun Chen, Shixiu Chen, Jun Chen, Shen Gao, Wei Tian
This manuscript represents a triggering device applied on long-gap triggered vacuum switch. The time delay between the optical signal and the pulse current is about 100ns. From the image of the initial plasma captured by the high speed camera, the triggering device presented in this manuscript is reliable.
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The Anti-Interference Design of Secondary Power in LEO

Xinda Qi, Xiaopeng Wang, Yan Wang
In LEO (low earth orbit Laser communication) engineering, there is a demand to design a power system of high-reliability, to ensure the life of the LEO and reliable operation. The DC/DC has been widely used in the secondary power supply in LEO engineering with its high reliability, high integration and...
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iSPmA: A Novel IOT Security Event Perception Model based on Autonomic Computing

Ruijuan Zheng, Tenghao Li, Mingchuan Zhang, Qingtao Wu, Zhengchao Ma, Wangyang Wei, Chunlei Yang
According to the high dimension of security event feature and the difficulty of security event autonomic perception in the age of big data, a novel Internet of Things ( IOT , for short) security event perception model based on Autonomic Computing and Principal Component Analysis (PCA, for short) is proposed,...
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A Comprehensive Merging Scheme in Collaborative Spectrum Detection

Wei Qiu, Changhua Yao
In this paper, we propose a novel comprehensive merging scheme in collaborative spectrum detection (CSD) to achieve better throughput performance, considering the diversity of the reporting channels. Unlicenced users (UUs) with good reporting channel quality transmit quantized self observation statistics...
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Brief analysis on“HeYuanTong” Campus Mobile Phone APP Design

Shiyong Zheng, Hongyan Zhang, Lu Jiang, Biqing Li
With the enhancement of the intelligence on mobile phone, various mobile phone APPs targeted at college digital campus have also risen in response. Based on the current situation of the digital campus of Hezhou College, the development of the college campus mobile phone APP“HeYuanTong”has been taken...
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Discourse Control and Power ——Foucault's Discourse Control Principle

Dengjun Ye, Liyong Tang
Foucault's discourse include the following control principles: exclusive program of verbal taboo, the distinction between reason and madness and the truth will; Internal program of comment principle, the principle of the author, the discipline organization; The principle of the third group limited words...
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Phase interpolation technique based on high-speed SERDES chip CDR

Meidong Lin, Zhiping Wen, Lei Chen, Xuewu Li
This design combines the advantages of CDR CDR circuit two structures PID and PI-based clock data is based on the structure of semi-digital dual loop recovery system. Using TSMC-0.25 m CMOS process to achieve the PLL design, the operating frequency range of 1.6-2.7GHz, and successfully applied a SERDES...
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Electricity Market Long-term Equilibrium Modeling Based on System Dynamics under Uncertain Conditions

Daoxin Liu
Recent years, with changes in energy security, climate crisis, environmental protection and other social environment, investment and construction of the electricity market must be improved on the basis of the original design on the market to adapt to the new trend of social development. Based on a series...
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Application of Switched System to Train Dynamics Simulation

Lijuan Wan, Santong Zhang, Haifeng Wang
Switched System is an important method of analyzing the Hybrid System. CTCS-3 is a typical Hybrid System. To express the evolution of system states driven by events and time, Switched System is introduced into the analysis of CTCS-3. Meanwhile, the CTCS-3 has many operating modes. When the operating...
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Investigating the effect of changing the structural parameters of capacitive sensors on their response to the humidity of steam

Lipeng Du, Wenchao Zhang
According to basic electromagnetic theory, the response of a capacitive sensor depends on the structural parameters of the sensor and the dielectric permittivity between the plates. Here, the effect on the response of a capacitive sensor is investigated by changing its structural parameters. In the experiments,...
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Enhanced 1.54 m photoluminescence from Er/O-doped Si in photonic crystal double-heterostructure microcavity

Yue Wang, Junming An, Xiongwei Hu
Efficient enhancement of photoluminescence from Er/O-doped silicon (Si) on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer in two-dimensional (2D) airbridge symmetric slab hexagonal photonic crystal (PC) gradient double-heterostructure microcavity has been demonstrated at room temperature. A single sharp resonant peak...
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Attitude Control of Rigid-Flexible Coupling Solar Sail

Yang Zhang, Chuan Tang
The main characteristics of solar sails are their large size and the extreme flexibility which have a prominent effect on the attitude control of the solar sail. Most existing researches on dynamic analysis and the control law design of solar sails are only based on the rigid dynamic models. In this...
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An Interrupt Scheduling Mechanism of Virtual Network Interface Card for Xen-Based System

Liuzheng Lu, Runze Wan, Jinrong He
As one of typical paravirtualization hypervisors, Xen has received widespread attentions especially its scaling capability under some kinds of workload. In this paper, we focus on the problem that the most CPU resources are occupied by frequent interrupt from the NIC(Network Interface Card) and it will...
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Application of BP neural network models and mind evolutionary algorithm in predicting stock composite indexes on Shanghai Stock Exchange

Guohao Lu, Changping Xie, Yingshu Zhang, Shaomei Fang
Stock composite indexes prediction is an important issue in the financial world. A back propagation neural network (BPNN) with mind evolutionary algorithm (MEA) developed for the prediction of prices on Shanghai Stock Exchange is presented. The optimum weights and threshold values of BPNN are determined...
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A hybrid method using FAHP and TOPSIS for project selection

Xuan Li, Jiang Jiang, Su Deng
Like any other forms of decision analysis that involve multiple criteria, project selection is an unstructured, complex decision problem with lots of aspects that must be taken into consideration. A hybrid method combining fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) and the technique for preference by similarity...
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Research on The Realization and The Correction Method of Velocity Interpolation Algorithm for The Quadratic Curve

Chi Tang, Ying Li
Aiming at the problem of low efficiency and low accuracy of traditional interpolation algorithms, a new numerical control interpolation method—velocity interpolation, is presented in this paper. The realization steps of the quadratic curve in the numerical control system are described. Through the analysis...
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Kinematic modeling and validation of a 6-DOF industrial robot

Guo-Qing Sun, Guan-Bin Gao
The kinematic model of industrial robots is the transformation between the working space and the space of joints. After analysis of the kinematic methods in the area of linkage mechanisms, the kinematic model was established according to DH method for a 6-DOF industrial robot. To verify the kinematic...
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One Bayesian Network Construction Algorithm Based On Dimensionality Reduction

Shuo Quan, Pengfei Sun, Guoshi Wu, Jie Hu
Bayesian network is a common probabilistic graphical model. It often can achieve good result in expression of uncertainty for knowledge and regular as well as in data classification. Since Bayesian network construction is a relatively complex problem, we propose a Bayesian network construction dimensionality...
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Research on Dynamic Replication Routing Protocols for Opportunistic Networks

Jiayang Tian, Yifei Sun
Opportunistic network is a self-organization network using the meeting opportunity of nodes movement to achieve network communication. There is no complete path between the source node and the destination node in this kind of network. A lot of routing algorithms are proposed based on this network, which...
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Research on a Specific Harmonic Elimination Technique for Step Wave of Cascade Type H Bridge Converters

Anqi Li
With the rapid development of power electronic technology, power electronic equipments with inverter devices as the main circuit structure are widely used, producing numerous harmonics and having a harmful effect on power grids and electricity equipments. This paper uses the improved genetic algorithm...
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Mathematical Modeling for the Transmission of Ebola Virus

Anqi Li
The goal of this model is to optimize the eradication of Ebola, which has been increasingly severe since 2014, causing more than 8966 deaths. Without effective control, human society will face a serious threat. This paper primarily addresses the problem by predicting the trend of Ebola transmission using...
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Calculation of Economic Dispatch of Power System Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Abstract

Fei Xia, Zongze Xia, Xiaobo Huang, Xing Huang
For the power system economic dispatch problem, this paper takes the power system generation fuel cost as the objective function, and take into account the net loss of the power system. At the same time, it neglects the valve point effect in the process of the generation and establish power system model...
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Research on the Structure of Computer Interaction Hash Algorithm for Mining

Zhu Zhao
The association rule mining is one of the main technical data mining, the existing association rule mining algorithms based on support - confidence framework, there are many issues of double counting and traversing the database when the user adjusts the threshold. The paper maintains support for the...
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Research on the security system of power system automation network

Li Song, Peixian Cong, Dongfei Cai, Shiyu Zhang
In the light of the characteristics of electricity measurement automation system in Power Company the safe protection system is researched from the three perspectives: master station communication channel and terminal equipment As for master station the safe protection system is formulated in accordance...
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A Multi-Layer Distributed Comprehensive On-line Monitoring System for GIS

Yaming Geng, Yu Chai, Fan Zuo, Jiefeng Wan, Guodong Zhao, Meng Zhu
Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), as important equipment of power system, provides primary guarantee for its security and stability. Therefore it is significant to monitor the operating status and working performance of GIS. In this paper, a comprehensive online monitoring system of GIS with a multi-layer...
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The Application of an Improved Fuzzy Petri Net Model in Fault Diagnosis of Breakers

Qiuyao JI, Fei Mei, Fan Zuo, Yongzheng Dai, Yufeng Gu, Jianyong Zheng
Fast development of smart grid has made it essential to promote the intelligent level of electrical equipment. As circuit breakers is an important kind of control and protection equipment in power system, its on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis are significant parts of electrical equipment intelligence....
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Application of Weighted Degree of Grey Incidence of Optimized Entropy and KFCM for Fault Diagnosis of Circuit Breaker

Fan Zuo, Fei Mei, Yongzheng Dai, Yufeng Gu, Meng Zhu, Jianyong Zheng
With the development of power grid, electrical equipment is required to be more and more intelligent. In this paper, a fault diagnostic method combining weighted degree of grey incidence of optimized entropy algorithm and Kernel Fuzzy Cluster Method (KFCM) is proposed. By extracting characteristic values...
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Design and Research of wireless sensor data acquisition system based on dynamic clamping force of hydraulic power chuck

Yueming Zhang, Xunxun Chu
Hydraulic power chuck clamping force has been the main factor of the precision ultra-precision machining precision of modern CNC machine tools. To solve this problem, the designed wireless sensor system can achieve the real-time detection of chuck dynamic clamping force. The system can provide on-site...
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A Dynamic Differential Evolution Algorithm for Dynamic Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem

Yue Zhao, Wanlei Wang, Jingping Yang, Shikuan Zhou
In most real-world industries, scheduling is processed in a stochastic and dynamic environment, it is necessary to generate a schedule which is suitable for the current system states. Dynamic scheduling solves unimplemented jobs and updates an existing schedule based on the real-time information with...
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Numerical Prediction of Resistance of Planning Vessel with RANS Method

YuCheng Wang
In order to get the accurate resistance of planning vessel at high speed, we should consider the hull gesture variation during voyage. Based on CFD, coupling solves RANS and ship motion equation to capture the ship navigation attitude and resistance. The numerical calculation gets the resistance and...
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Research of Intelligent recommendation system based on the user and association rules mining for books

Wei Ji, Shi Liu, Yannan Song, Ji Qi
The increasing number of colleges and universities library books makes users' difficulty of choosing interested books becoming much higher. This paper proposed the research of Intelligent recommendation system based on the user and association rules mining for books. The model integrates the advantages...
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A Novel Visual Saliency Guided High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Algorithm

Qigejian Wang, Xinyu Zhang
This paper presents a novel visual saliency guided high resolution remote sensing image change detection (CD) algorithm. This approach is based on closed-loop process made up of the three procedures. (1) Generating the difference image as the foundation for further processing; (2) Use the modified saliency...
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A monitoring method of sensitive calls based on the Android platform software behavior

Cheng Sun, Sujuan Qin
In recent years, due to the Android system, good openness and portability features, Android mobile phone system was able to end the rapid popularization and rapid development, providing a major service on the Android platform based on the Android platform for mobile software that is Android APP. Meanwhile,...
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Average life prediction of existing residential buildings based on Logistic function model

Xuyang Meng
On the energy saving of existing buildings must be used in the preparatory work, planning is the priority among priorities, analysis of what period of residential buildings for energy saving in the economy is reasonable is an important task for the planning stage, the key to the transformation of the...
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Solar collector angle optimization for maximum air flow rate in the solar chimney

Fei Cao, Yufei Mao, Qingjun Liu, Hong Xiao, Tianyu Zhu
The solar chimney and the solar collector are two important components in solar energy engineering. Solar collector is mainly used to gather solar energy. Correspondingly, the angle at which the solar collector receives the maximum solar radiation is its core parameter. While for the solar chimney, solar...
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Numerical analysis of the CO2 displacement in the wet-heterogeneous porous media at the pore scale

Heng Zhou, Dayong Wang, Wenqiang Li
Comprehending deeply multiphase flow in saline aquifers is a precondition to solve the issues in the CO2 geological sequestration and the wettability heterogeneity is one of the main factors affecting the CO2 multiphase migration. In this paper, a Shan-Chen-type model (lattice Boltzmann method) is used...
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A Memetic Algorithm for Single-orbit Image Scheduling of Agile Satellite

Dengyi Zhang, Lei Guo
This article analyzes the complex time constraints such as time window visibility and attitude transition time of the single-orbit image scheduling problem for agile satellite, establishes a constrained optimization model and proposes a memetic algorithm to tackle this NP-hard problem. In our algorithm,...
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Research on Tobacco Logistics Delivery Costs Optimization Under the Environment of Information Technology

Wenlong Zheng, Shiqing Zhang, Linkai Zhang
In recent years, there is more and more debate about adherence and improve the system of tobacco monopoly or abolish tobacco monopoly system. With the increasing competition in the international tobacco market, it makes China's tobacco industry have received the unprecedented challenge. In the face of...
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The Application and Research of Web Log Mining in Network Resources of Ceramic Information

Fang Wan
this article does research on the application web log mining technology in network resources of ceramic information. Through the analysis and pretreatment of the raw log data, and then relevance analysis of the information in WebPages, the structure of ceramic enterprise website is optimized and the...
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Single-phase-to-ground fault line selection in distribution networks based on similarity of wavelet energy spectrum

Zhong Mingjun, Zhu Qiang, Gong Liang, Leng Fangliang
In order to solve the problems of ground fault line selection in distribution network, the article presents a fault line selection method based on the similarity of the wavelet packet energy spectrum. After extracting a certain data of transient fault zero-sequence current by the wavelet packet decomposition,...
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Model for mode control in mode-division multiplexing system

Xiaohui Shang, Li Gao, Mingying Lan
In the paper, a feasible mode control model based on Fourier Optical analysis is proposed to increase the transmission capacity of optical fiber communication. Our model combines fresnel diffraction and 4f system to implement mode control, where the phase-only spatial light modulator is employed as a...
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An Efficient Object Tracking Algorithm of Sports Video

Hongyuan Guo
This paper studies the moving object tracking technology for sports video and puts forward an optimized hybrid tracking method. First, particle filter algorithm is adopted to predict the position of moving target, and then compute comparability between object model and object on the estimated position,...
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Architecture of Data Access Based on Power Dispatch Control Cloud

Xiaoming Zhou, Lei Tao, Dapeng Li, Tao Xie
The data synchronization between all the regional dispatching system under the dispatch control center and power dispatch control cloud has been realized. The data information from each region such as real-time data, manipulate data, model data and graph data firstly is sent to the communication server...
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Research on the trend forecasting model of power communication network operation

Jian Shi, Hai-yang Wu
This paper deeply studied the performance data of the power transmission network, selected indicators parameter in the characterization of the running state of the network. By analyzing the factors that affect the time series, a trend forecasting algorithm of network performance based on time series...
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Study of Key Algorithm on Automatic Classification of Insect Images

Jian Li, Lei Zhang, BaoPing Yan
Insects, due to their diversity, are the largest group of creature on earth, many of which are yet to be discovered right now. As the photographic hardware develops and gets pervasive rapidly, insect images or pictures have become an important approach for insect researchers to conduct scientific study....
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Automatic Cutting Machine Control System Design For Liquid Steel Funnel

Jian-hua Liu, Wen-bin Ma
In order to finish the liquid steel funnel work,the laser cutting process have been used to deal with semi-finished product,which has been stretched to given size.The cutting machine control system adopt xin jie PLC and servo moto to finish the cutting system.The whole cutting process involves 3 servo...
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Research and Implementation of WebRTC Signaling via WebSocket-based for Real-time Multimedia Communications

Jian Cui, Zhuying Lin
WebRTC (Web real-time communication) achieves a peer-to-peer real-time multimedia communication on web. This paper researched and analyzed the core architecture and related technologies of WebRTC, including video input and output, multimedia transmission, the process of peer-to-peer connection establishment...
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Study on Graphic Database & Visual Query System of Ecological Development of Dianchi Lake Basin

Jie Song, Xingyuan Chen
It is rather difficult to store and manage the diverse data source of ecological development of Dianchi Lake basin through traditional RDBMS due to their various types, massive data, complex relationship as well as their dynamic changes. We established graphics database and visual query system to analyse...
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Infrasound Signal Analysis of Satellite Launch

Xin-Liang Pang, Xian-You Cheng, Yan Ma, Hui-Xing Chen, Xin Liu, Xin Li
This paper measures the infrasonic signal of a Satellite Launch event and analyzes the signal characteristics. Using four infrasonic sensors to finish the satellite launch event monitoring tests, the experimental results show that difference between the infrasonic signal of satellite launch event and...
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Diagnosis and Optimization of Interior Idle Sound Quality Based on Relative Approach

Lili Su, Hongliang Li, Chunqing Yang, Yuzhu Tian
Customers often complain a vehicle noise although the interior noise A-weighted sound pressure level has reached the same level of excellent vehicle. To solve the problem of large interior noise and messy sound of an own brand SUV, relative approach analysis is utilized, which is detected the frequency...
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Light mirror reflection and orientational irradiation automatic tracking control model

Shuying Wang, Zhanmin Yang, Yi Wang
On the basis of mirror reflection characteristics, the article analyzes the relation between the space plane that rotates about a point and reflective light change, designs mirror reflection and orientational irradiation automatic tracking control model, establishes signal conversion equation, drive...
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Multi Angle Analysis of The Existing Clustering Algorithms

Jinzhen Ping, Qian Wang, Lili Yu, XueFang Wu
Data mining clustering is a broad research field. It is used to partition the data set of clusters. Different clustering methods use different similarity definition and technology. Several popular clustering algorithms are analyzed from three different perspectives: the clustering criterion, clustering...
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Research on social media information security questions in the big data era

Xiaoxing Ma
Recent years social media swept the world, changed people's consumption behavior and lifestyle, and become a mainstream Internet applications. At the same time social media generate a lot of user data, let us be more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the structure, the personal information...
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Improved Parallel Data Mining Policy for Cloud Computing Environments

Lili Yu, Jinzhen Ping, Qian Wang, Weifeng Wang
Cloud computing is a business model. It distributes computing tasks in a large number of computer resource pool configuration. It can provide on-demand for the user computing power, storage capacity and application services capabilities. Cloud computing offers a cheap and efficient solution for storing...
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Qian Wang, Lili Yu, Jinzhen Ping
Web page requests is the common way for applications to implement human-computer interaction, but full page refreshing of the page reduces the effects of users ‘experience, increases the pressure of servers and slows down the speed of program response. Partial update pages with AJAX asynchronous transfer...
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Sentimental Analysis on Big Data – On case of Financial Document Text Mining to Predict Sub-Index Trend

Johannes K. Chiang, Chun-Cheng Chen
This research analyzed the potential emotion by sentimental analysis in large volume of financial text documents about Taiwan electronic industry to predict the stock trend. In recent researches about sentimental analysis, supervised method was proven to be able to reach high accuracy, but the training...
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Robust Adaptive Control System Research

Gangyuan Mao, Yingxian Yang
Because based on linear model, order and delay the known statistical rule, noise and other known some strict mathematical constraints (referred to as the "ideal") and design of adaptive control system under the complex outside disturbance of unmodeled dynamic characteristics and is often a lack of robustness,...
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PSO Algorithm for Block Sequencing Problem in Open Pit Mining

Wenbo Liu, Hongyi Zhang
Iron ore is the main raw material of the production in iron and steel enterprises in China. It is a non-renewable resource and with limited reserves. In this paper, in combination with the practical situation of the mine, an integer linear programming model of a strip mining block scheduling problem...
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Study on Control Strategies of Adjustable Blade Angle Control System

Xiaotao Yu, Zhipeng Li, Jian Ding
In this article, a type of adjustable blade angle control system was designed. The main role of the system was to achieve the function which made the blade angle follow with the change of the signal input. The article indicated the working principle of the adjustable blade angle control system combined...
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A novel underwater dam crack detection algorithm based on sonar images

Pengfei Shi, Xinnan Fan, Gengren Wang
As underwater environments are complex and time-varying, and the target is randomness and diversity. Underwater dam crack detection based on autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) equipped with sonar is a challenging task. In this paper, a novel crack block tree (BT) algorithm utilized in sonar images is...
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China's Forest Coverage Rate Forecasting Model Based on Gray System Theory

Zhuoshi Li, Wenqian Wang, Lizong Cao, Zhengwei Liu
In this paper,according to China in 1973-2013 in eight forest inventory published forest cover of statistical data.Using gray system theory GM (1,1) prediction model for China's forest coverage rate forecast. Then, the use of residues correction method for the prediction model is optimized to ensure...
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Design and Development of Visualization System for Marine Early Warning Products based on GIS

Aifen Zhong, Yonghua Sun, Zhenjun Cai, Cankun Yang
General marine environmental early warning data have not formed a unified standard, due to the different angles and dimensions in expression of marine environment. General formats of these data are text type, binary type, and mixed type. These data types cannot be read and processed by the GIS platform,...
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Development of the platform for Marine Early Warning Products Service based on Online ArcGIS

Yixin Huang, Yonghua Sun, Hao Wu, Cankun Yang
The Clue of this paper is the data of marine environmental early warning service platform, and our research basis includes data classification, database index table, structure design and data consistence. The normalized data which is realized by ETL is ported in automatic drawing template, and use the...
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Design and research of fishing boat accident case library base on spatial database

Yuling Xia, Yonghua Sun, Wenbin Li, Libin Qi, Cankun Yang
The paper builds a model of marine fishing vessel early-warning based on principle of Negative selection algorithm of artificial immune system and Fishing Boat Accident Case Library. Firstly, the index weight of model was calculated by using BP neural network algorithm. Then, the model of fishing vessel...
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Research and Application of Moving Tracking of Stewart Based on Multi-innovation EKF Algorithm

Sujian Sheng, Bo Yang, Pinle Qin, Xiaoqing Chen
Because of the low estimation accuracy of normal extended Kalman Filter in strong nonlinear system, an improved extended Kalman Filter (MI-EKF) is presented to solve the problem, and the filtering accuracy is greatly improved. In this paper, multi-innovation theory is applied to EKF, and the multi-innovation...
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Dynamic Analyses of Six Degree Freedom Platform Based on Improvement PID Neural Networks

Sujian Sheng, Bo Yang, Pinle Qin, Xiaoqing Chen
In this paper, traditional PID neural network (PIDNN) control theory was introduced and the characteristics and disadvantages of the algorithm was been analysis. An improvement PIDNN method based on multi-innovation theory was proposed. Then the steward tracking control system was simulated, some planning...
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Study on Effective Detection Method of Large Random Network Intrusion Signal

Jiapeng Dai
In the detection process of large random network intrusion signal, the signal detection method is key to guarantee the network security, the traditional detection method is simple, time-consuming, and the error is big, the detection precision is low. In view of this situation, a ORB wave intrusion signal...
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Control Strategy And Experimental Research of 10kV Power Quality Disturbance Integrated Device

Haifeng Huang, Wei Fu, Xiaofei Chen
A power quality disturbance integrated device is proposed which can simulate the voltage and current disturbance of the power system the output of the device include voltage sag, voltage fluctuation and flicker, voltage harmonic, current harmonic, three-phase voltage and current unbalance and so on....
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Visual saliency-based vehicle logo region detection

Yao Zhao, Fuqiang Zhou, Xinming Wang
Vehicle logo detection (VLD) is one of the crucial parts of intelligent transportation system (ITS).VLD methods are mostly based on learning progress or the relative position of vehicle logo and license plate. However, the learning progress is time-consuming, and the relative position above limits the...
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A Defense Model against SQL Injection Based on Parameterized Queries

Kuan Song, Hua Zhang
The SQL injection attack is one of the topmost threats for web applications. Most previously proposed methods for detecting SQL injection attacks suffer from false positives and false negatives. This paper describes a defense model against SQL injection based on parameterized queries. Results show that...
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Amplitude detection of weak periodic signal based on chaos and multiple autocorrelation

Yun Li, Siming Wang, Kang Li
is introduced the basic principle of weak periodic signal detection based on chaotic vibration subsystem.The shortcomings of the chaotic Duffing oscillator are presented by analyzingthe traditional detection results and detection principle based on Duffing oscillator, To make up the shortage of Duffing...
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Design of an intelligent Methane gas alarm

JingJing Yang, Xiaogang Mu
Monitoring of methane gas concentration in the mine is directly related to the safety of coal mine production and lives of the vast majority of miners. Based on the requirement of methane gas monitoring in the mine, an intelligent methane gas alarm based on ADuC812 microcontroller of Analog Device is...
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Blind Recognition of Binary Primitive BCH Codes Based on Polynomial Roots Statistic of Finite Fields

Xinran Zhang, XiaoJing Yang, Yuehua Dai
We have recently proposed a problem about blind recognition of binary primitive BCH Codes. A model was established based on the polynomial roots statistic of finite fields. The roots probabilities of BCH codes were analyzed and the recognition method for binary BCH codes based on polynomial roots statistic...
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Research of droop control strategy based on virtual impedance

Yunze Wang
In a parallelly operated system composed of multi distributed generations (DGs), traditional droop control is usually utilized for load distribution. This article introduces the basic principle which is based on the characteristics of the parallel inverters power droop, and analyzes the circulation phenomenon...
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Simulation Analysis of Ferromagnetic Resonance of Low Magnetic Flux Density-Type PT under Single-Phase Earth Fault of 10kV Power Grid

Lin Gong, Xiaorui Hu, Haibo Wang, Xiaoyong Zhang, Fei Xiang, Jinyu Wang, Bin Wang
In a neutral nongrounding power system, the excitation impedance of an electromagnetic potential transformer (PT) and a ground capacitance power transmission line of an electric power system can form a resonant circuit that causes ferroresonance and endangers the security and stability of the power system....