Proceedings of the International Conference on Diversity and Disability Inclusion in Muslim Societies (ICDDIMS 2017)

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Being a Muslim Woman in Contemporary Indonesia (Me, Islam,and Diversity)

Ayu Arman Ayu
The peak of love is rebellion, A process of liberating oneself from falsity, Toward an essential self, In finding one's natural self
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Multicultural & Diversity: Experience from Muslim Society in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Ardian Rivai Ardian Bakhtiar
Taiwan is not the Muslim country, the tolerance from native Taiwan to Muslim migrant in Kaohsiung city could be inspired to other non-Muslim country for multicultural and diversity. Author have fieldwork on eight months at Kaohsiung mosque to interpreted that the interaction from various nations, languages,...
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Implementation Of Public Facilities And Disability Treatments: A Comparison Between Indonesia And Malaysia

Fairuz Sabiq Fairuz, Meliana Damayanti Meliana
The purpose of this paper is to make a comparison between two countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, as Moslem communities, how they treat the diversity and disability inclusion in their societies. The gaps are real between both of them, Indonesia and Malaysia. Such as in part of policy, society, law, education...
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The role of social workers for children with down syndrome and their families.

Renawati Renawati, Maulana Irfan Maulana, Meilanny Budiarty Meilanny, Budhi Wibhawa Budhi, Nurlina Apsari Nurlina
The number of people with Down syndrome in Indonesia is more than 300 thousand. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder causing those who suffer from it have both physical and psychological abnormalities. In everyday life, people with Down syndrome have to deal with issues from within and outside their environment....
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The role of ulama in maintaining religious tolerance in Region of South Tangerang and Depok

Rubiyanah Rubiyanah, Deden Darajat Deden Mauli
This study aims to reveal the extent to which the role of ulama in maintaining religious tolerance and to contribute to da'wah practitioners, da'wah institutions, and social organizations all aimed at maintaining a harmonious and tolerant religious life to achieve a peaceful life both in the city area...
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The Complexity of Issues on Kinship Care for Disabled Children (A case study on Sayap Ibu Bintaro foundation)

Ellies Sukmawati Ellies, Lisma Dyawati Fuaida
Parental divorce, abandonment, and poverty cause many children separated from their biological parents, and extended family should be responsible for their care. However, the current challenges in Indonesia is that there is no regulation that regulates kinship care, making the caregivers fight themselves...
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Disability Mainstreaming Program: In Search of Disability Inclusion in Islamic Higher Education

Siti Napsiyah Siti
This paper aims to discuss the possibility of adapting Gender Mainstreaming Program years ago conducted by government, non-government organization and educational institution which has shown great achievement for women equal right. Thus, this study tries to answer the following questions: How should...
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Successful Factors Of Social Rehabilitation Of People Based On Intellectual Disability Group Through Batik Ciprat Business By Bina Grahita Social Rehabilitation Center (Bbrsbg) Kartini Temanggung Regency

Ismet Firdaus Ismet
Bina Grahita Social Rehabilitation Center (BBRSBG) Kartini in Temanggung district (under the coordination of Ministry of Social Affairs) initiated a social rehabilitation program through Social Independent Groups (KSM) in the form Batik Ciprat business in 2015. The program aimed at economic independence...
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Activity daily living (ADL) of young people with intellectual disabilities

Yustika Dewi Yustika Tri, Nurliana Apsari Nurliana Cipta, Budhi Wibhawa Budhi, Sahadi Humaedi Sahadi
Intellectual disability is one of mental disorder occured during developmental time and resulting low intellectual function compare to average people in general and also the decreasing function of adaptive behavior. Adaptive behavior is the ability to conduct daily activities such as communicating, socializing,...
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Attitudes toward homosexuality among Indonesian social work college students

Binahayati Rusyidi Binahayati, Rusyidi Kamrujjama Rusyidi Muhammad
This study investigated the associations of socio- demographic and socio-culture factors with attitudes toward homosexuality. Using convenience sampling, students were recruited from 5 social work programs at 5 (five) different universities in provinces of West Java, Yogyakarta, East Java and Maluku...
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Disability Due to Leprosy Diseases and Community Experience at Kampung Kusta Sitanala Tangerang Banten In The Context Of Urban People

Nuah Tarigan Nuah Perdamenta
Sitanala leprosy village is a spontaneously established village of "kusta" patients (leprosy or morbus hansen) from the Sitanala leprosy hospital located in Tangerang Banten. Its location not far from the airport Soekarno Hatta promising an interesting prospect for Local Government to change the location...
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The influence of inclusive policy by the general election commission to the participation rate of voters with disabilities in the 2017 simultaneous regional head elections in Indonesia

Nadya Kharima Nadya
Simultaneous Regional Head Elections (Pilkada) had been contested on February 15, 2017. The event of democracy party in 101 districts in Indonesia has a new history that is the increase of the participation rate of people with disabilities up to 257.7 percent. The high participation rate of voters with...
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Legal Counseling for Disabled Victims of Sexual Violence: Study of Assistance by Legal and Human Rights Council Leadership 'Aisyiyah Central Java Branch

Siti Kasiyati Siti, Abdullah Wahyudi Abdullah Tri, Muhammad Julijanto Muhammad, Sidik Hasan Sidik, Meiliana Damayanti Meiliana
This paper illustrates persons with disabilities as victims of sexual violence in Central Java, Indonesia. Indonesia has many Acts and regulations of Human Rights. However, in some cases there are still no justice for disability persons. In this article elaborates some cases under assistance of MHM (Law...
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Teachers' beliefs in the practice of inclusive education (case study in banda aceh).

Sansrisna Sansrisna, Nadia Sabrina Nadia
The implementation of inclusive education in Aceh remains ineffective due to deficits in teachers' beliefs about the value of its practice in classrooms. The purpose of this research was to explore teachers' beliefs in practicing inclusive education and the factors influencing them in elementary schools....
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The contribution of social support and religious history on religious conversion: a quantitative study in South Tangerang

Rochimah Imawati Rochimah
Changing in religious comprehension and behaviour called Religious Conversion. External Religious Conversion is movement from a religion which is followed by an individual to another religion, whereas internal Religious Conversion is changing in religious behaviour in the same religion to become better...
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The Role of Betawese Scholars in Multicultural Islamic Proselytism (Dakwah)

Nasichah Nasichah, Zen Zen Muhamad, Zakaria Zakaria
Abstract-Betawese (a native of Jakarta) ethnic is a multicultural community which becomes valuable asset of this nation, yet at the other side, has a potential to make a social segregation moreover when political identity has increased among people. History recorded that the transmission of Dakwah Islam...
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Promoting Reading Interest among Hospitalized Children with Cancer: Sharing Experience of Society Advancement of Children Literature's Bibliotherapy Program in a Public Hospital

Ida Farida, Lisma Dyawati Fuaida, Pungki Purnomo
This paper attempts to explore the practice of bibliotherapy program carried out by a non government organization, SACL (Society Advancement of Children Literature), in providing bibliotherapy program for children with cancer in a large public hospital at Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM). Children...
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Because everybody is special: the profile of madrasah with inclusive education in Indonesia

Achmad Syahid, Solicha Solicha
This study aims to gain a profile on madrasahs of inclusive education providers. This profile makes intelligible about the understanding an inclusive education among principals, and teachers; access to quality education provided to children with special needs; inclusive education has been implementing...
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The Profile Of Dyslexic Children

Mutiara Mardina, Nurliana Apsari Nurliana Cipta
Dyslexic research that examines the background of individuals with dyslexia is still small.. Most of them research on biographies in general individuals with dyslexia. Whereas by knowing the individual dyslexia then can exactly in providing solutions as needed. Therefore, this study aims to find out...
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Disability Inclusion and Disability Awareness in Muslim Society: An Experience of Indonesians Muslim with Disability in Performing Worship

Dini Widinarsih
Islam views that all people are equal before God. The United Nation Convention on the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) also recognizes that all persons with disabilities (PWD 1 ) are entitled without any discrimination to the equal benefit of the law, including, the equal rights of living...
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Researching the practice of inclusive education in Indonesian Pesantrens (Islamic Boarding Schools)

Mardiyanti Mardiyanti, Rasid Rasid
Negative image has been posed around Indonesian pesantrens as it close to terrorism and radicalization. In fact, Pesantren has a very limited supports from the government but keep educating people, including people with disabilities, as part of their worship to God. This article investigates practices...
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The Influence Of Self-Compassion And Coping Strategies To Subjective Well-Being Of Parents With Intellectual Disabled Children

Neneng Sumiati Tati
The presence of children with special needs, as intellectual disability, will affect various aspects of life in the family. For parents of the children with intellectual disability, responsibilities as parents and negative view of the community are a challenge. This condition certainly would affect subjective...
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The importance of social work anti-discrimination approach for the islamic preachers to disseminate social inclusion and multiculturalism in society.

Nunung Khoiriyah, Ahmad Zaky, Siti Napsiyah
Multiculturalism and social inclusion become popular terms nowadays in Indonesia since the evidence that there are so many social conflicts in society based on differences in beliefs and races. The importance of multicultural perspectives, pluralism, inclusiveness, diversity, and tolerance are key solution...
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Framing of Women with Disabilities on Online Media

Bintan Humeira, Siti Nurbaya
Media has become the dominant source of information not only for individual but also for the community in obtaining a picture of reality. In the construction process of reality, language is the main element. Language is the central instrument for telling reality. The choice of words and how the presentation...
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Management of Impression of Autism Family

Yopi Kusmiati
Management of Impression is always done almost by everyone with a variety of reasons, when someone interact with others, in order to get a good impression, positive impressions, impressive impressions, and so forth. Usually, impression management is done to improve social status, in order to gain respect...
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Legal protection of right of education for persons with disability in Indonesia and islamic law. Legal Protection of Education Right for Person with Disability in Indonesia Compared to Islamic View

Uswatul Fikriyah
Man is a creature of God Almighty who has the same position on the Earth. The Republic of Indonesia is a State of law based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 which respects and upholds the human dignity so that the protection and promotion of human rights against...
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Learning method of arabic among people with disability of blinde.

Ridwan Effendi
Problematic learning of foreign languages including Arabic language in Indonesia has two obstacles, linguistic and non linguistic. Linguistically usually includes: grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and so on. While in non linguistic usually concerned on motivation, psychological, infrastructure, and...
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The Lived Experiences of Pursuing Islamic Higher Education for People with Disabilities: (Case Study at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta)

Luh Putu Haryanthi Suta
Islamic education institutions in Indonesia are regulated under the Indonesian's Ministry of Religious Affairs. This sector contributes to approximately 30 percent of Indonesia's national educational system. While Indonesia has ratified United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities...
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Islamic kamasutra: prevention from giving birth children with disability)

Maola Mochammad
Islamic literature regulates all aspects of human life, including the sex ritual. A number of literature such as Qurrot al- Uyun, Fath al-Izar, became mandatory subject in pesantren. The books teach the Islamic intercourse with its rules and prohibitions. Like a prohibition doing sex in a certain position,...
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The Impact of Stigma on the Relation Dynamics of the People of Mental Illness and His Family

Mufliha Fahmi, Arindah Dano Arimoerti
Mental illness is one of the issues that has been increasingly considered as a serious health problem in Indonesia. The number of mental illness cases in Indonesia is quite high. However, many issues related to mental illness has not been addressed seriously such as low public awareness. This paper is...
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Empowering The Needy, Respecting Diversity: Insights From The Qur'?n

Izza Rohman
The issue of diversity and social empowerment might have often been addressed separately. However, the Qur'?n has talked about the two interlinkedly. There are many verses in the Qur'?n that suggest people to get involved in the giving and empowerment of the needy and at the same time to respect diversity....
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Family-based care for children with disabilities in South Tangerang City.

Lisma Dyawati Fuaida, Ellies Sukmawati
In Indonesia there is a paradigm shift from institution-based care to family-based care. The paradigm shift led to a new regulation that requires all institution-based systems to strengthen and develop an alternative family-based care system. There are not many institution-based care systems for supporting...
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How inclusive schools work: an experience from Lazuardi Global Islamic school.

Rahmawati Madanih
Inclusive education is increasingly popular in the last few years. It is because this system is effective for disability people for not being excluded from their environment. Len Barton (1998) defines inclusive education as the education for all children, who necessitate serious changes, both in terms...
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Awairness Raising Experience In Efforts To Improve The Welfare Of Persons With Disabilities Through The Role Of The Community-Based Rehabilitation Group In The Student Course Work Of Community Learning Programs

Arni Surwanti
Abstract-Unavailability of valid data and lack of identity cards causes PwDs to be unable to obtain services from in government programs. Health insurance programs, educational programs, vovational training program and economic empowerment programs are inaccessible to PwDs. This is what makes the welfare...
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The Role of Shadow Friends in Learning Process of Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan for Special Needs Student (Case Study in University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta)

Andriyani Asmuni Andriyani
Introduction : The problems faced by persons with disabilities are not only in primary education to senior secondary education, but also post secondary education. Formally, access to non-discriminatory education for persons with disabilities has been guaranteed by the Law. Muhammadiyah University of...
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Blessing or A Curse? Exploring the Identity and Lived Experiences of Australian, Lebanese-Muslim Women with Hearing Impairment

Ayah Wehbe
This paper explores the identity and experiences of women with hearing loss who come from an ethnic background. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight women living in Sydney who came from an Australian, Lebanese-Muslim background and experienced living with hearing loss. As the researcher...
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Implementing Inclusive Education: What are Elementary Teacher Obstacles? Case Study in East Jakarta, Indonesia

Yubaedi Siron, Rachmat Mulyono
Implementation of Inclusive Education (IE) has many obstacles for teachers in its implementation in East Jakarta. The objective of this research is to describe the difficulties experienced by elementary school teachers in regular schools to implement IE. This study involved 31 elementary school teachers...
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The Influence Of Father Involvement And Sibling Relationship Toward Social Skill Of Siblings Of Intellectual Disability

Indira Pratiwi Wulandari, Neneng Sumiati Tati
The purpose of this research to find out the influence of father involvement variable and sibling relationship. The sample amount of 108 siblings of intellectual disability in DKI-Jakarta which were taken with snowball sampling and accidental sampling. Measuring instrument for validity test used confirmatory...