Proceedings of the International Conference for Democracy and National Resilience 2022 (ICDNR 2022)

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Dona Budi Kharisma, Waluyo Waluyo, Gayatri Dyah Suprobowati
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Telemedicine in Indonesia: Perspective of Ethic, Discipline and Law

Irma Dewayanti, Sunny Ummul Firdaus
Today, science and information communication technology in the era of globalization are developing rapidly. The existence of information technology makes the world more easily connected regardless of distance and time. As one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is trying to catch...
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Hate Speaking and Hoax as Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Era

Najwa Syifa Radzakani, Yudho Taruno Muryanto, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
Indonesia as a democratic country must open up the widest possible opportunities in an effort to realize the freedom of expression, especially in the current digital era it is felt that there are still many deviations in the name of freedom of expression, even in this case there are still regulations...
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Legal Basis Governing About Bad Stocks and Tokens in Indonesia

Billy Brillyan Dwi Saputra, Fatimah Azzahra, Andri Putranto
The digital stock market and cryptocurrencies are becoming an invention that is considered to be the new face of the world economy. Especially during the pandemic, which makes people have a lot of free time at home, encouraging them to learn new things, such as how to invest. This has led to an increase...
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The Urgency of Freedom of Speech in the Digital Era Against the Information and Electronic Transaction Law

Tasyah Meyliza, Jamal Wiwoho
With globalization evolving and global technological improvements today, we are becoming acquainted with a medium called social media. Social media is where individuals can communicate, interact, even publish and express themselves freely. It is no exception as a new vessel for social media users to...
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Handling Hate Speech Cases on Social Media in the Perspective of the ITE Law

Nimas Ayu Dyah Kirani, Gayatri Dyah Suprobowati
As a social being, man faces social interactions naturally during his lifetime. The role of human beings in social interaction is limited to the rights of every other human being. Therefore, in enforcing social order, several guidelines contain boundaries in behavior and activities that involve the public...
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The Difference Between Freedom of Speech and Outrageous Opinion Based on Netizens’ Behavior

Farrely Jacynda Sukma Putri, Deny Tri Ardyanto
Democracy in Indonesia gives the people the right to take part either through representatives or directly in decision-making that will affect their lives in society and the state. One of them is to argue, the right to express an opinion is one of the basic rights for citizens that must be respected by...
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The Right to Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age

Alfina Faradisa Karin, Moch. Syafrudin Dwi Sapto Laxamanahady, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
Human Rights have now been universally accepted as a moral, political, and legal framework and as a guideline for building a world that is peaceful and free from fear and oppression, and unfair treatment. Equality of rights and equal treatment for all Indonesian citizens. Freedom of expression is a right...
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Freedom of Expression and the Need for Digital Literacy in Today’s Digital Age

Az-Zhara Zeta Nugraha, Andina Elok Puri Maharani
This paper discusses the freedom of expression that must be supported by increasing literacy to face the digital era. Freedom of expression is an individual right guaranteed by the constitution. Differences in literacy levels will affect differences in individual control in the process of interpreting...
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Digitalization as an Effort to Increase National Resilience in the Economy

Danis Elina Tantri, Moch. Syafrudin Dwi Sapto Laxamanahady, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
Global developments lead to the use of technology in all departments, including business departments that need to use digital technology in all aspects and business activities. Indonesia is one of the countries that is rapidly adapting in the field of economic digitization. The purpose of this journal...
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Digital Acceleration in Sorting Out Fact and Hoaxes to Achieve Democratic Freedom

Bretna Shiwe Benaya Uneputty, Muhamad Alief Hidayat, Fausta Nanda S. Arkananta
The current development of globalization makes all experts have the determination to continue to improve it to be better from day to day, whatever it is. Every day we know what is called social media. Social media is defined as a platform to interact, and communicate, we can also express ourselves and...
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Freedom of Expression and the Press as a Part of Democracy Society in Indonesia

Zalfa Hania Alya, Andina Elok Puri Maharani
This paper discusses freedom of expression and freedom of the press which are part of the life of a democratic society in Indonesia. This freedom is guaranteed in the Indonesian constitution. The focus of this paper is on analyzing the urgency of freedom of expression and freedom of the press and the...
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Democracy, Freedom of Speech in the Digital Era: Social Media Wise

Siwi Widiyanti, Erna Yuliandari
The existence of the law has regulated the follow-up to cybercrime or cybercrime in the hate speech category through the laws in the Criminal Code and the ITE Law. Not enough to solve the problem, the law actually creates a negative stigma in the form of restrictions on freedom of expression. The purpose...
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Modernization and Technological Developments that have an Impact on Freedom of Expression in Today’s Digital Age

Sinta Amelia Febrianasari, Sunny Ummul Firdaus, Farhan Fathurrahman
Indonesia as a democratic country must open the widest possible opportunities to realize the freedom of expression, especially in the current digital era, it is felt that there are many deviations in the name of freedom of opinion, even in this case there are rules that limit freedom of opinion so as...
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The Role of the Press in Democracy

Rosita Tryas Fitriana, Muhamad Alief Hidayat, Sunny Ummul Firdaus
One of the freedoms possessed by every individual is freedom of expression and opinion. Democracy provides opportunities for everyone to take part in enjoying the freedoms they have proportionally, considering that one individual’s opportunities are limited by the opportunities of others. Data innovation...
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The Rights and Restrictions of Freedom of Speech in Social Media and the Digital Era

Elnajj Keysha Nabila, Andina Elok Puri Maharani
Human rights are things in the form of rights that are owned and obtained by everyone as a human being that cannot be contested or confiscated by anyone because doing so is a violation of rights and a major insult to justice, such as freedom of speech, freedom of organization, and guarantees for the...
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The Essence of Free Speech and Individual Expression in the Digital Era

Haliffara Naufal Yusianto, Muhamad Alief Hidayat, Yunita Susmartianingsih
Entitlement is one of the most inseparable things in human beings. In the right to contain the various elements of protection, one’s will and interests. Social media is one of the things that are affecting people’s lives today. Through social media people can readily come up with all the opinions they...
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The Impact of Modernization in Education, Economics, Social and Cultural Sectors on the Existence of Democracy

Aristri Rahma Magistra, Sunny Ummul Firdaus, Purwono Sungkono Raharjo
Modernization provides various changes in the fields of education, economy, society, and culture. The impacts that arise can endanger the existence of democracy in the community. Thus, writing this article aims to explain the influence of modernization on the democracy that has lived in society. This...
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Government Involvement Upon Freedom of Expression in Mass Media in the Era of Digital Globalization

Aulia Hasanatu Fial, Muhamad Alief Hidayat, Sunny Ummul Firdaus, Abi Novyanto
People’s sovereignty is something absolute in a democracy. This power allows the people to participate directly or indirectly in the government of a state. It should be noted that there are various ways in which the people can exercise their sovereignty, such as through political representatives elected...
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Cybercrime Prevention Based on Democracy in Indonesia

Purisa Cristiwi Winatalia, Muhammad Zildjian Laxamana, Sunny Ummul Firdaus
Massive usage of the internet indicates it’s impact on community democracy. The negative side of digital democracy is the spread of messages or posts containing hate speech from and for a group or individual. This becomes an obstacle in building quality digital democracy, especially because the animus...
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Indonesia’s National Resilience in the Era of Digital Democracy

Refano Putra Wira Dhika, Waluyo, Winarno Budyatmojo
In the digital era, cyberspace in the general election process and strengthening democracy is important to create a democratic atmosphere that is conducive, and orderly and provides benefits to the community. Related to the problems of democracy in cyberspace which include the spread of hoax news, the...
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Description of Trauma Cases in the ER at UNS Hospital Conducted VER Examination 2017–2021 to Realize Legal and Social Justice

Ansyella Berlanda Effendy, Adji Suwandono, Hari Wujoso
Introduction: Diversity of trauma cases that occur in society. Descriptive research is needed regarding the results of the analysis and prevalence of trauma cases in the emergency room of UNS Hospital which is carried out by ver examination. The results of this study are expected to provide basic data...
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Description of Clinical Forensic Cases Examined in UNS Hospital Period 2017–2021 for Supporting Law and Order Enforcement

Aufa Adila Yasmin Fitri, Adji Suwandono, Novianto Adi Nugroho
Introduction: The high crime rate in Surakarta and its surroundings has led to the need for legal protection. Forensic medicine, including clinical forensics, plays a role in solving cases related to the human body. The results of this study are expected to be used as reference material related to clinical...
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Demographical Description of Victims Undergoing Clinical Visum Examinations in UNS Hospital Period 2017–2021 as a Consideration for Determining Health Policy

Danika Juwitasari, Adji Suwandono, Wahyu Dwi Atmoko
Differences in the demographic characteristics of victims who underwent a clinical visum. It is necessary to conduct a descriptive study related to the demographic description of victims with clinical visum, which has been carried out at UNS Hospital for the past 4 years. The result of this study is...
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The Role of Blockchain in Strengthening Indonesia’s Economic Stability

Pujiyono Pujiyono, Moch Najib Imanullah, Hernawan Hadi, Sendari Waskita
The development of technology introduces people to the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and the blockchain. The blockchain became popular in 2009 and growing rapidly because the use of the Blockchain tends to be profitable in the business and government systems....
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Optimization of the Corruption Court in Minimizing State Losses Due to Corruption

Ismunarno Ismunarno, Hartiwiningsih Hartiwiningsih, Isharyanto Isharyanto
The research aims to answer: (i) the arguments of the judiciary for corruption have not been able to minimize state losses due to corruption, and (ii) ideal efforts to optimize the judiciary for criminal acts of corruption to minimize state losses due to corruption. Penalties for perpetrators of corruption...
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Strengthening the Use of Artificial Intelligence Through Sustainable Economic Law Development in the Digital Era

Diana Lukitasari, Hartiwiningsih Hartiwiningsih, Jamal Wiwoho
Artificial Intelligence (AI) development is a necessity that tends not to be avoided in the middle of globalization. Therefore, Indonesia needs not to turn off the technology but to protect it by law. Strengthening the economic law can be carried out through a legal reform such as determining a corporate...
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Implementation of Psychological Rehabilitation for Child Performers of Crime of Sexual Violence

Subekti Subekti, Hartiwiningsih Hartiwiningsih, I. Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani
This study aims to examine the implementation of psychological rehabilitation for child perpetrators of criminal acts of sexual violence and to analyze the obstacles in the implementation of rehabilitation for criminal acts of sexual violence. This research is normative or doctrinal legal research that...
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Legal Liability of Indonesia Private Company to Third Parties: A Lesson Learned from India

Kukuh Tejomurti, Maria Madalina, Umi Khaerah Pati, Anang Setiyawan
The development of business in Indonesia is increasingly advanced, making the Indonesian government strive to take advantage of the potential possessed by its people in the business sector by making it easier for people struggling in Micro and Small Enterprises. This article examines the legal liability...
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Civil Liability Regime for Artificial Intelligence in Indonesia: Become a Future Legal Subject?

Anugrah Muhtarom Pratama, Dona Budi Kharisma
On the one hand, the development of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) today has had such a significant impact on the lives of modern society that its emergence began to use widely. However on the other hand, AI existence raises the problem of liability if there is a loss during its use. Determining accountability...
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Forgiveness as a Psychological Effort for Victims of Crime of Sexual Harassment

Gayatri Dyah Suprobowati
The purpose of this study was to determine the strengthening of understanding about forgiveness as an alternative approach in psychological rehabilitation efforts for victims of sexual harassment crimes given that the impact of the crime of sexual harassment on victims psychologically, victims can experience...
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Protection of Women Against Incidents of Sexual Violence in War Areas from an International Humanitarian Perspective

Allyanisa Maulidyta, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
The journal entitled “Women's Protection for Sexual Violence in War Areas in an International Humanitarian Perspective” describes the problem of cases of sexual violence against women that keep repeating itself every year in various countries, especially countries of conflict or war. Moreover, these...
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Fulfillment of Rights Protection for Children with Disabilities Who Experience Physical Violence

Abdusyahid Naufal, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
The journal entitled “Fulfillment of The Protection of Rights in Children with Disabilities Who Experience Physical Violence” describes the problem of physical violence against children with disabilities that continue to experience repetition every year. Moreover, this case of violence is more done by...
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Parson’s Cybernetics: An Analysis of the Cyber Market of Drug Abuse Among Teenagers

(Legal Reforms on Drug Abuse)

Zufar Maulana, Sunny Ummul Firdaus, Ridhollah Purwa Jati, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
The article titled “Parson's Cybernetics: An Analysis of the Cyber Market of Drug Abuse among Teenagers” outlines the high involvement of children in the modus operandi of drug syndicates. The involvement of children certainly has its implications considering that narcotics transactions occupy one...
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Optimization of Balanced Nutrition Consumption Equality Through the Nu-CL (Nutritional Child Lunch) Program to Obtain Indonesian Children Zero Hunger and Malnutrition as the Actualization of Sustainable Development Goal 2030

Drifarrosa Aisy Aufanuha Machfudz, Muhamad Alief Hidayat
The fulfillment of the right of alimentation for children, especially the fulfillment of children’s balanced nutrition consumption, will vary in each family. This fulfillment will of course be adjusted to the social conditions and financial capabilities of the parents. This is the subject of a serious...
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Optimization of Land Utilization Through Integrated Organic Agriculture Program for Disabilities with Productive Age as the Embodiment of National Food Security

Muhamad Alief Hidayat, Yohanes Suwanto
The increasing number of people with disabilities who are productive is certainly an important thing to pay attention to. This is due to the distinction between people with disabilities in obtaining jobs, especially in rural areas. So there needs to be a breakthrough to encourage people with disabilities...