Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Economic Development and Education Management (ICEDEM 2017)

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Migration of Health Personnel: Between Human Rights and International Legal Regulation of Migration

Kiseleva Ekaterina, Belousova Anastasia
Migration of health personnel is a phenomenon that is governed by law at the intersection of the tendencies peculiar to human rights protection as a branch of public international law and to international legal regulation of migration. However, this intersection looks like not realized by the states...
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Cultural Characteristics in Idiom Translation

Fang Yu
Language is the carrier of culture and the idioms are the essence of it. In normal cultural communication, we often encounter the idioms with distinctive national cultural features and their application and translation problems. In the translation of idioms, we must take into account the customs and...
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The United Nations Juvenile Criminal Judicial Criteria: Implementation and Realization in China

Xiaozheng Lei, Qian Chen
Through phased achievements in the theory of juvenile justice system and minors' criminal law legislation and its judicial system have been established by China, it still has to overcome difficulties and establish itself. This article applies the method of comparative study, and it aims to implement...
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The Deformation and Regression of the Concept of Efficiency of Lawsuit in Criminal Justice of Minors

Xiaozheng Lei, Jie Zhou
For a long time, the applicability for juvenile criminal suspects or defendants in custody, whether to prosecute, and be sentenced to imprisonment, many case-handling organ lack for effective risk assessment, specification, which also does not have a serious, meticulous education and referral. The article...
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Experimental Research on the Monosyllabic Tones of Wudu Dialect

Hongjie Wang, Yonghong Li
This paper uses the method of experimental phonetics analysis the tones of Wudu dialect. Through recording, extracting and analysis data, we get a conclusion that there are three tones in Wudu dialect, they are Yinping (41), Yangping (13) and Shang (44). We found that Ru was all merged into Yangping....
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The Current Situation and Solving Strategies of MAYA Three-Dimensional Animation Teaching

Shuguang Guo
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the educational system in China, the way of making three-dimensional animation has been increasing, which specifically includes the film and television animation design, cartoon animation design, advertisement animation design, digital media animation...