Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Economic Development and Education Management (ICEDEM 2017)

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Research on Reform of Interpretation Course for English Majors in Private Colleges and Universities

Xun Bu
Restricted by some objective factors such as faculty structure, enrollment quality and so on, private colleges and universities experience some difficulties in making breakthrough in the interpretation course for English majors, achieving satisfactory teaching results and receiving encouraging feedback...
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Executive Compensation and Earnings Management -An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Industry

Chan Lyu, Chao Zhang
Based on the management compensation contract and related theory of earnings management, this paper selects 480 listed A share manufacturing companies in Shanghai and Shanghai Stock Exchange from 2010 to 2014 as sample data, and takes executive monetary compensation and executive shareholding as proxy...
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Management of the Processes of Massification of Higher Education in the Context of Globalization

Natalia Sakharchuk
The paper examines the main characteristics and driving forces of the global process of massification of higher education in the following countries, for example, Great Britain, Sweden and Russia. The reasons for the differences in the development and results of this process in these countries are analyzed....
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Research and Practice on the Task-Driven Teaching Mode of Computer Basic Course in Vocational Education

Yanming Yang, Yanmin Li
"Task-driven" is a teaching model based on the constructivist teaching theory, which embodies the teaching concept which is guided by teaching and subjected to learning. Teaching content is contained in tasks. Students actively construct concepts, principles and methods through problem solving. This...
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How to Solve New Contradiction: Perspective of Furniture Design

Huajie Shen, Jian Qiu, Qizhao Lin, Lei Qin
The solution of New Contradictions is a research hotspot with the view of project management. In order to study the contribution of furniture design in solving New Contradictions, this article discusses the connotation and value of home, furniture and furniture design from six aspects: the basis of life,...
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First Digit Lucas, Fibonacci and Benford Number in Financial Statement

Teguh Sugiarto, Sandi Noorzaman, Ludiro Madu, Ahmad Subagyo, A.M Amiri
This study aims to explore if there is fraud in the company's financial report distribution using the number first digit Lucas, Fibonacci and Ben ford. In this study, the author uses a number model contained in the first digit of the model Lucas, Fibonacci and Ben ford, to make a distinction between...
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Research on the Mixed Teaching Reform of Higher Vocational Colleges against the Background of Work-Study Combination

Biao Zhu
This research is aimed to explore the mixed teaching reform approach for colleges under the background of work-study combination. On the basis of analyzing the problems existed in the mixed teaching of higher vocational colleges of our country, it defines the work-study combination mixed teaching connotation,...
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Research on Training and Developing Employees

Peng Cui
This paper is devoted to the issue of ongoing training and development of employees. Analysis, techniques, purposes, and evaluation needed are all covered. Additionally, the paper points out the importance of new employee orientation and lists some of the important things to cover during that process.
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The Application of the PBL Teaching Mode in the Rehabilitation Nursing of Undergraduate Education

Meng Cheng, Tianxiao Guo, Chunshan Zhao
In order to discuss the application effect of the teaching mode based on the problem-based learning (PBL) in the Rehabilitation Nursing of undergraduate education, the 2016 undergraduate nursing students in our institution were divided into PBL group (117 people) and lecture-based learning (LBL) group...
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Theoretical Review on Leaping Development of Regional Economies

Meiling Liu, Runde Lu
As a mode of economic development, leaping development has attracted close attention from the government, academia and the business community. Based on the origin, concept, condition, mechanism and influencing factors of the leaping development of regional economy, the article collected, collated and...
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Discussion on Principles of Case Teaching with Five Years' Experience

Hongwei Zhou, Jinhui Yuan
Someone consider that case teaching is a miraculous medicine to improve teaching effectiveness. However, in my opinion, it is wrong. In past five years, we have implemented case teaching repeatedly in our class. At the first attempt, the effectiveness is not good. To improve it, we begin to carefully...
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A Research on Curriculum of BTI from the Analysis of Students' Needs

Biyun Zhang
This research, in consideration of the status quo of translation education and its research in China, strives to study BTI curriculum in Yan'an University from the perspective of needs analysis, which is an efficient and indispensable step in curriculum design. To provide a greater insight into BTI curriculum...
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Consolidating the Status of the Communist Party of China under the mass line

Yingfeng Xu, Jingxian Xu
The historical materialism about the principle of the people's creators of history, is the foundation of theory about our party's mass viewpoint and mass line. Mao Zedong, as the main representative of the Communist Party of China, basing the mass viewpoint of Marxism, put forward the party's mass line...
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Research on Domestic and Foreign Inclusive Growth

Chongmei Wang
The cooperation and synergetic development is of great strategic significance for expanding the economic hinterland of Shandong and revitalizing the economy in Liaoning, which also opens up the idea for the two provinces to implement the Belt and Road construction. Based on the inclusiveness, the idea...
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Research on the Application of Group Cooperative Learning Model in the Teaching of Internal Medicine Nursing

Xueyan Chen, Beibei Miao
To study the effect of application of cooperative learning mode in practical teaching in medical nursing students. In the 2013 grade senior high school, 6 classes of nursing undergraduates were selected, and 2 classes (control group and observation group) were selected as the research objects. The control...
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Literary Creativity from the Perspective of Cultural and Creative Industries

Nina Zhang
With the rapid development of science and technology and consumption levels rising, the cultural and creative industries have increased rapidly. In the new era of the development of cultural industries which is characterized by originality on the basis of the core element of creation, creative literature...
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On the Role of Career Planning in College Students' Employment Guidance

Bo Gao
With the development of the popularization of higher education, the employment of university students has caused extensive social concerning. This paper discusses the need to strengthen the career planning education in the college employment guidance, and focusing on employment is not a graduation issue,...
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Research on the Effectiveness of College Students' "Going to the Countryside Engaged in Three Kinds of Service" Social Practice Activity under the Vision of Precise Poverty Alleviation

Xiaodong Wang
College students' "going to the countryside engaged in three kinds of service" social practice activity is an important means for the effective implementation of Chinese policy of precise poverty alleviation. At present, problems such as the deviation in the ideological understanding of activity subjects,...
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Investigation on the Basketball Teaching in Senior High Schools of Zhumadian City

Tengfei Yao, Xiaofang Liu, Zuhua Xie, Zhaolian Yuan, Jianghua Li
To understand the current situation of high school basketball teaching and propose the corresponding countermeasures are important to the sustainable development of basketball in high schools of China. To promote the development of basketball in high schools of China, the basketball teaching in the high...
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Physical Evaluation on the Students of Jiangxi Normal University Affiliated Middle School

Zuhua Xie, Huihui Li, Shaoxuan Chen, Tengfei Yao, Zhaolian Yuan
To evaluate the fitness of the students in Jiangxi Normal University Affiliated Middle School, the indices of the body shape and the body function were measured in this paper. The results show that the body shape of these students is normal, but the physical functions of them are not so good. For example,...
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Research on the Development of Badminton in Guizhou Normal College

Xiaofang Liu, Zuhua Xie, Ying Feng, Tengfei Yao, Jianghua Li
At present, badminton has been becoming one of the most popular projects in China. At the same time, more and more students in colleges and universities are interested in badminton. It can be seen that the development of badminton plays a profound significance and a huge role in promoting the physical...
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Coarticulation of Nasal Vowels in Monguor Language

Hanbin Zhang
The purpose of the study is to discuss the coarticulation of nasal vowels in Monguor language. On the base of acoustic parameter database of the Monguor speech, the study discusses the differences in the coarticulatory dispersions between the nasal vowels [ ] and [ ] and the locus equation slopes of...
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The Cultural and Creative Product Design Based on the Taoistic Culture of Changchun Taoist Abbey

Hong Peng, Zhengyang Li, Zhiqiang Liu
With the increasing diversity of spiritual and cultural needs of society in today's society, more and more cultural symbols in traditional culture have been excavated by people. Through the organic combination with modern products, they are endowed with modern cultural and creative products and new cultural...
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Understanding Intention to Spread Anti-Rumors of Natural Disasters in Social Media

Minyi Chen, Qianjin Zong, Yunqing Zhu
The purpose of this study is to investigate users' intention of spreading anti-rumors of natural disasters in social media. Adopted from Technology Acceptance Model, the theoretical model was constructed. 196 questionnaires were collected. Descriptive statistics and Structural Equation Model were employed...
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The Structure of 'The Structural Design of Shaft'

Daigen Zhu, Canyu Yang, Yuan Wang, Bin Cheng, Tingting Deng
"The structural design of shaft" is an important section in the course of Machine design, and occupies a significant position in the theory of teaching and practical application. In this paper, starting from the practical teaching experience which we have gained over the past years, the teaching skills...
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Education of Socialist Core Values Based On Hierarchical Identification

Xiaojuan Li, Jianqing Ma
Value is the most profound element in determining the nature and orientation of a culture. Socialist core values represent the nucleus of Chinese characteristic culture in the new era. The education on socialist core value purports to enhance individuals' acknowledgement. Based on such theoretical frameworks...
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Research on the Problem and Strategy of Ship Finance - Liaoning Province as an Example

Liang Xu
Ship finance is very important to the development of shipping and shipbuilding industry, and the construction of Dalian North-East Asia international shipping centre. Through investigation, survey and document research, Learning from the advanced concepts and practices at home and abroad, put forward...
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The Assimilation of English Transliterations in Chinese

Shihua Ding
Being a type of ideographic language, Chinese characters are known for its close connection between forms and meanings. Proficient Chinese users are subconsciously prone to relate the meaning of a character to its form. This kind of mentality is believed to serve as a bridge between the form and its...
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Price Pressure around Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from Shanghai A Shares

Juijung Tsai, Yangchao Wang, Yingrong Chen
In 2015, China's mergers and acquisitions (M&As) were in the ascendant, accounting for 15% of global M&A transactions and worth more than 734 billion US dollars. Over 100 individual transactions exceeded 1 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, research on M&A performance and value has become a hot topic in...
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A Comparative Study of Take-Off Technique for the Excellent Male Long Jump in Shandong and the World

Zhenxiang Tian, Degang Xu
This article takes of eight men's long jump athletes of the track team Shandong province as the research object, using the image analysis, mathematical statistics, comparative analysis and other methods, comparative analysis the parameters of the long jump take-off technology with excellent athletes...
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The Theory and Application of Blended Learning

Ning Li, Zhidong Gao, Xiaomei Qin
Blended learning as a combination of traditional and on line learning has aroused educators' great attention, but its definition, the theoretical foundation, the concrete application need to be studied further. This paper aims to make teachers and students have a better understanding about blended learning,...
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Situation Analysis of Health Club in Pingxiang City

Liling Zeng
In this paper, through literature, materials, testing and other research methods, the current status of the fitness industry in Pingxiang as the object of investigation, explore the current development of fitness Sporting Club Hotel in Pingxiang. With the improvement of people's living standard, the...
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The Teaching Research on "Water Analysis Chemistry" Combined with Production and Education

Ru Dong
Yu Lin College as local colleges, for the training of applied talents, water supply, drainage science and engineering analysis of water chemistry teaching, it is an urgent need for them to carry out the teaching reform and innovation. Based on the analysis of water chemistry curriculum as an example,...
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The Summary of Teaching Audit Assessment in Chinese General Undergraduate Universities

Ru Dong
Audit evaluation is a model of institutional evaluation in the "five - in - one" assessment system, the audit assessment is different from the conformity assessment and the level assessment. this article discusses the purpose, idea, scope, and key points of the audit evaluation and points out that the...
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Strategies of Cultivating Students' Intercultural Communication Competence in Senior High School English Teaching

Ling Ren, Lihua Cui
Components of intercultural communicative competence include attitudes, knowledge and skills, and more. In high school English teaching, the following strategies can be taken to develop students' intercultural communicative competence. First of all, teachers should pay great attention to teaching cultures....
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Research on the Development of Smart Ship Maritime Education Based on Internet +

Libo Ma
The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of smart ships on navigation in the future. The research method is to analyze the current development of smart ships, analyze the problems facing maritime education, study the requirements of new navigation technologies and new knowledge, development....
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Study on Teaching Mode of Ship Management Courses Based on Teaching Informationization

Fu Jia, Jianxiu Lian
The purpose of this paper is to promote the teaching of ship management course by using micro-classes. The method is to analyze the teaching information and development prospects, the convenience and practical features of the micro-class design, the construction of teaching information by using the micro-class...
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Study on Problem of Internal Control in Chinese Commercial Banks

Shouchun Xiong
As an important financial institution and financial intermediary, commercial Banks are more and more concerned by the society, especially the internal control of commercial Banks. In recent years, China's commercial Banks have become more and more serious cases, which has aroused wide public concern....
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Ethical Critique of Female Characters in Pierre, Or the Ambiguities

Qingjuan Nie
Female ethics is one of the key ideas that Melville attempted to convey in his novel Pierre, O, the Ambiguities. In this study, ethical literary criticism is adopted to study the female characters in the novel. It is concluded that overbearing mother Mary carries out wrong education ethics which triggers...
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How to Implement Marine Environmental Liability Insurance

Zhaohui Chen, Kunyao Li, Tawanda Chiota
For China, the implementation of marine liability insurance is not only an obligation determined by China's international treaty obligations, but also an objective requirement for the development of shipping, marine resources and other industries. In some areas, marine environmental liability insurance...
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Teaching Study of Marine Diesel Engine Based on O-PIPAS Teaching Method

Wensheng Xu
The purpose of this paper is to improve the teaching effect of marine diesel engine course by using informational teaching. The method is to analyze teaching methods, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of MOOC teaching methods, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of SPOC teaching methods,...
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Research on Bank Card Problems and Management Strategies

Hu Sun, Deyu Chen
With the rapid development of the financial industry, banks are also followed, and now the bank card business is commonplace in our daily life. On the basis of referring to the corresponding literature, this article understands the types of bank card business, understand the positive effects it has on...
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Study on the Current Situation of Transnational Merger and Acquisition of Private enterprises in China

Xingang Song
Transnational mergers and acquisitions are becoming an im-portant form of the "go out" strategy of Chinese enterprises. In the past few years, Chinese private enterprises have developed rapidly in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and have achieved greater success. The thesis aims to clarify the...
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Construction and Use of Nansha Islands Digital Science Education Software with Virtual Reality Technology

Yiquan Kong, Yifu Jin
The project of Nansha islands digital science education software promotes the dissemination of marine culture and awareness of the oceans and provides better marine cultural services to the public. We constructed the system frame of Nansha islands digital science education software (NIDSES). NIDSES designed...
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Research on Development Status Quo and Issues of "Buyer System" Cross-border E-Commerce Platforms

Wanting Dong, Lei Yao
As domestic consumers understood more about foreign commodities, more and more people became aware of the price differences home and abroad resulted from trade barrier, therefore a good development environment for domestic "buyer system" cross-border E-commerce came into being. This thesis mainly researches...
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Research on the Cross-border E-Commerce's Influence on the International Market Competitiveness of Chinese Textile Industry

Lei Yao, Sitong Liu
With the stalling performance of the development of Chinese cross-border E-commerce, a number of traditional industries are successively seeking transformation by access to the internet. Textile is one of them. As a kind of new trade mode, the astonishing development of cross-border E-commerce in recent...
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Discussion on Moral Education in the Era of Big Data

Xi Fang, Mengwen Pan
The purpose of this study is to improve the effectiveness of moral education under the background of big data era,and take high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the fundamental task of education.This paper first interprets the basic concepts of moral education in big data era, and...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Senior Life Enrichment through Education and the Elderly Education in China

Li Wang, Jianqiang Sun, Sisi Chen
"Senior life enrichment through education" as an old-age social background of the old-age concept, enriches the development of the connotation of education for the elderly. Based on the trends and characteristics of the aging population in China, defines the basic connotation of "senior life enrichment...
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The Cognitive Motivations of Fictive Motion from the Perspective of Phenomenology

Lihong Shi
This paper tries to approach the cognitive motivations from a new perspective: phenomenology. It first reviews the cognitive motivations of fictive motion proposed by Talmy, Langacker, Lakoff and Turner, Fauconnier, and Matlock, whose explanations are widely accepted in this field. Then, it expounds...
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Research on Current Situation and Development Trend of College English Education Reform

Dongdong Tang, Hongxia Wang
College English education plays an important role in the college education system. With the continuous development of the times, college English education must be reformed, which is in line with the requirements of Chinese economic, social and cultural development. The current situation and development...