Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education, Economics and Management Research (ICEEMR 2018)

General Chairs

  • Prof. C.J. Chen

    Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Dalian University, China

  • Prof. J. Yang

    Shandong University of Science and Technology, China

Program Chairs

  • Dr. Jerry Liu

    Financial training Institute, Singapore Management University

  • Prof. M.R. Chen

    Vice President of Information Science and Technology College, Hainan

Technical Committee Members

  • Prof. Jve Guo

    College of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University

  • Prof. Lee Pui Muu

    School of Business, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

  • Prof. Wan Kamal Mujani

    Department of Arabic Studies&Islamic Civilization, Faculty of Islamic Studies, The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

  • Prof. David Pitt

    Macquarie University, Australia

  • Prof. Dong-Seong Kim

    Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea

  • Prof. Erwin Schoitsch

    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria

  • Prof. Farhat Anwar

    International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

  • Dr. Durgesh Samadhiya

    National Applied Research Laboratories and National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

  • Dr. Jerry Liu

    Financial Training Institute, Singapore Management University

  • Prof. Jing Yang

    Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, China

  • Prof. Karen Luz Teves

    School of Education, Central Philippines State University, Philippines

  • Prof. M. Villari

    University of Messina, Italy

  • Prof. Maurice Odine

    Florida A&M University, USA

  • Prof. Pawan Kumar

    SLIET Longowal, India

  • Prof. Regis Chireshe

    College of Education, University of South Africa, South Africa

  • Prof. S. S. Keshavrao

    Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, India

  • Prof. Ting Hou

    Dalian Maritime University, China

  • Prof. Weiping Hu

    Guangxi Normal University, China

  • Prof. Xiaonan Xiao

    Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, China

  • Dr. Xinsheng Fang

    South China University of Technology, China

  • Dr. Y.L. Wang

    Curator of the Library, Tianjin University of Technology, China

  • Prof. Yuanguai Lin

    Vice director of office of Academic Affairs, Hainan Tropical Ocean University, China

  • Prof. Yubin Han

    School of Economics and Management, University of Jinan, China

  • Prof. Desheng Zhou

    Xi'an Shiyou University, China