Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education, Economics and Management Research (ICEEMR 2018)

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Entrepreneurship Education in College Continue Education -- The Case of Jilin Province

Yinghua Yu, Xiu’e Zhang
With the promotion of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in China is on the rise. As an important part of building lifelong education system and learning society, continue education is of special significance in the promotion of entrepreneurship education. Colleges...
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Three Questions Confronted in Review Evaluation for Universities

Yaogang Li, Yaocheng Luo, Feixiang Zhang, Jingliang Chen
The paper mainly deals with three questions confronted in review evaluation for universities: how to understand review evaluation, how to implementcarry out self-evaluation, and how to prepareface it. Scientific understanding of review evaluation is expounded in terms of evolution of evaluation models...
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Discussion on the Reform of Practical Teaching and Talent Training Mode in Local Colleges and Universities

Renbao Liu
This paper focuses on how local colleges and universities can cultivate applied and composite talents with innovative spirit and innovation ability to meet the needs of social and economic development. The methods and ways include strengthening the practical teaching links and increasing the management...
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Curriculum Construction and Enterprise Selection for Engineering Leading Talent Training in Computer Specialty

Songlin Gu, Ce Zhang, Jianan Jiang, Dianhui Chu, Jianxiong Li, Weigong Lv
The shortage of engineering leading talents with outstanding engineering innovation and practice ability facing computer top-notch industry has become an obstacle to the development of high-end industry. Aiming at the curriculum learning and enterprise practice need of engineering leading talent, we...
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Preferential Admission Policy for Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan, China

Dongyuan Deng, Yunqian Gao, Yu Yang
The paper depicted the Preferential Admission Policies (PAPs) in Yunnan, China as a theme in this research project with a purpose of better understanding on Yunnan ethnic minority EFL university students’ perceptions of PAPs after so many years of implementation in certain social and political background...
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A Study on Mediated Effects to Employability of Undergraduates in Different Groups: Job Intension and Extracurricular Activities

Hongbo Yang, Yutong Ma, Ping Hu, Guoshen He
This study explored the factors affecting the employability of college students and compared the difference on the mediator effects of job intension and extracurricular activities between normal colleges and non-normal colleges. Collecting with 3317 students in 5 representative Chinese universities,...
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The Application of Heuristic Teaching in the Circuit Theory of "Excellent Engineer Class"

Yumin Ge, Mengyuan He, Xin Liu, Huijuan Ran, Tao Wang, Xiao Yan
The "Excellent Engineer Class" aims to cultivate outstanding engineering talents for the world. The course of "Circuit Theory" is one of the most important courses in "Excellent Engineer Class". In practice of the course, the use of Heuristic Teaching can guide students to active thinking. Students'...
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Research on the Reform Orientation of Circuit Course Guided by Improvement of Professional Quality of Electrical Engineer

Qing Xie, Yumin Ge, Mengyuan He, Guishu Liang, Xiao Yan
The development of the society requires the promotion of the professional qualities of electrical engineers. It is manifested in the need for solid professional knowledge, strong engineering quality, practical ability, and innovative consciousness. Circuit course is a professional basic course that plays...
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Research on Cooperative Procurement and Warehouse Management of Enterprise Supply Chain

Jikai Huang
Collaborative management of supply chain refers to the coordination and mutual efforts made by each node in the supply chain in order to improve the overall competitiveness of the supply chain. Each node in the supply chain forms a network consortium by means of enterprise agreement or syndication. It...
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Research on the Implementation of “Separation of Management, Operation and Assessment” Policy in China

Hanwen Zhang
“Separation of management, operation and assessment” is a significant policy put forward by the Chinese government and it is also a basic component of achieving modern education governance in China. However, the implementation process is confronted with many difficulties because of lacking guidance and...
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Green Growth: A Theoretical Model Based on Schumpeterian Product Vertical Innovation Framework

Chaofan Chen, Yawen Sun
The paper constructs an endogenous growth model based on Schumpeterian approach to demonstrate the possibility and conditions of green growth. It is finding that despite the constraints of natural resources and environment, there exists an optimal growth path and along this path sustained economic growth...
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The Influence of College Students’ Autonomous Learning on English Scores

Sa Yang, Huixia Wang
The purpose of this study is to help college students develop their independent learning ability and improve their English performance. In this study, we issued questionnaires, used SPSS software to conduct statistical analysis of the survey data and proposed some suggestions about college students’...
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Exploration and Practice of Collaborative Teaching Mode for Software Engineering Course Group

Haifeng Wang, Zhansheng Yang, Yunpeng Cao
Aiming at the experimental course teaching in software engineering major course group, a collaborative teaching mode based on knowledge point sharing and management is designed. In the same teaching period, multiple course teaching are combined to achieve deep integrated study of students' many major...
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Design of Foreign Language Evaluation System for Application-Oriented Colleges Based on MOOC

Wanwan Zhang, Fang Liu
As an essential aspect of foreign language teaching, evaluation model plays an important role in the promotion of teaching quality and effect. The paper explores the evaluation model in the MOOC environment and its influence of foreign language teaching for application-oriented colleges, based on the...
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Research on the Influence of University-Enterprise Cooperation on the Employment of Engineering Talents in Financial Institutions

Guangyu Mu, Qing Xu, Mengdi Ge, Xiuli Si
University-enterprise cooperation is an important measure to deepen the reform of higher education system and an innovative mode to cultivate talents. This paper aims to explore the aspects in which university-enterprise cooperation affects the employment of engineering undergraduates. Through the empirical...
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Flipped Classroom Based on Internet plus Education and Smart Learning

Feifan Shen, Lingjian Ye, Xiushui Ma, Weihong Zhong
The effectiveness of the flipped classroom in college education is largely improved by combined with smart learning strategies recent years. However, most traditional smart learning methods focus on the use of smart devices in the learning step and ignore the in-classroom application. Meanwhile, with...
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Empirical Analysis of Pastoralists’ Sustainable Livelihood within Mineral Exploitation: A Case Study of Huogeqi Sum in Inner Mongolia

Qun Zhang
The aim of study is to evaluate the pastoralists' livelihood capital of Huogeqi sum in Inner Mongolia within mineral exploitation. We construct mineral exploitation sustainable livelihood framework to reveal the relationship between livelihood capital and livelihood strategy, basing on sociological and...
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Research of How to Cultivate the Applied Talents under School-enterprise Collaboration

Ping-ping Xiao, Yong Zhang
On the basis of the purpose of cultivating applied talents, through the relevant ideas of the depth of cooperation between school and enterprise, we investigate and analyze of the demand market for undergraduate talents, and recheck, readjust and construct the professional direction, and clearly define...
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EFL Students’ Satisfaction with the College English Education in the MOOC: An Empirical Study

Tao Nie, Jie Hu
The College English course has already become an essential part of the higher education in China. MOOC, as the most advanced teaching mode, has attracted the attention from educators. Since students are the subjects and beneficiaries of the course, it is important to research on students’ satisfaction...
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Innovation and Practice to Improve Mechanical Manufacturing Students' Cognition Practice Diversity

Yanying Wang
Cognition practice is the first professional practice course for mechanical students. The mechanical manufacturing major of Dalian university has developed a new mode of diversified cognition practice based on years of research experience: to unite the content of practice with ideas of innovation and...
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Study on MOOC’s Influence on Higher Education in China and its Countermeasures

Yuci Wang
The paper explores the countermeasures of China’s higher education to MOOC through the analysis of MOOC’s influence on the teaching mode, teachers, students, education teaching management, education ecology of China’s universities: renew education idea, strengthen the construction of teaching staff;...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Research Work of Teachers of Elementary Courses in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges and Universities

Yuci Wang
There are lots of problems in the research work of elementary courses teachers, for example professional background of elementary courses teachers is unfavorable to the application for research projects; the time and effort spending in research are influenced by overloaded teaching tasks; poor experimental...
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Research on Education Big Data Mining based on "Internet +" Environment

Jing-Wei Diao, Huan-Song Yang
With the rapid development of the "Internet +" era, the entire data in the world has been growing at a speed that has exceeded double rates every two years. Education Big Data regards as "oil" and "gold mine" of the education industry in 21st century, it can only exert its true value after being meticulously...
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Analysis of the Influence of Sports Teaching Factors on Different Types of College Students -- Unordered multi-class Logits model based on survey data of 6 universities in Hubei

Pinggui He, Jun Chen
Based on the data of 2250 questionnaires from 6 universities in Hubei Province, the problem was analyzed by using the unordered multi-class Logit model. Research shows that college students satisfaction with physical education is negatively related to their familiarity with teachers, urban students are...
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Discussion on ERP Experiment Teaching

Wei Wang
Through the ERP sand table simulation, the problem of insufficient practical ability and insufficient teamwork in the experimental teaching was solved. The actual teaching method of competition is the innovation of experimental courses, and the simulation of actual combat enables students to experience...
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Study on the Indication System of Selection and Evaluation for Key Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lu Huang
It is an important indication for the construction and development of majors to build the indication system of selection and evaluation for key majors in higher vocational colleges. This paper analyzes the development course of the evaluation for majors stretching from undergraduate education to higher...
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Constructing a Path to Improving Teaching Quality in Higher Applied Education

Gui-hua Yu, Shi-jun Zhang
The purpose of the study is to improve the teaching quality of higher occupation education, the traditional teaching mode in higher vocational colleges is difficult to adapt to the reality of development, and must restore the curriculum standard. Based on the work, to cultivate high-quality skilled talents...
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The Key Role of Measurement, Monitoring and Verification of CO₂ Emission Reduction in the CCS Project

Xiaotong Chi, Rong Kang, Yan Zhang, Migang Dong
In order to mitigate climate change, China did a lot to improve the development of CCS technology in recent years and made some great progress in this period. However, how many CO₂ emission reductions are achieved by those companies using CCS technology is hard to say. There is almost no scholar concentrating...
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The Construction of SPOC Learning Model in a Mixed Perspective

Xin Sui, Xiaomei Wang
Recent years, colleges and universities have made use of high quality MOOC resources to constantly try to reform the teaching. But MOOC lacks face-to-face communication between teachers and students, and students do not have a complete classroom experience. SPOC is private online course in which students...
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Suggestions on Teaching Reform of Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Qiang Liu, Hongxia Wang
There are many problems in the teaching of mechanical principles. For example, the content of the textbooks is outdated, the learning time is reduced, the teaching theory is out of touch with practice, the student-to-faculty ratio is small and the method of assessing students is backward. These problems...
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A Study of the Role of Negotiated Teaching in College English Teaching

Li-hua Tang
Negotiated teaching is a new mode in College English teaching. This paper expounds the forms, functions and existing problems of negotiated teaching in College English classroom, and then puts forward the role played by negotiated teaching in stimulating students' interest in classroom learning and cultivating...
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Commercial Funding and Government Funding Influencing the Innovative Behavior in Remote Areas of China -- Survey data based on the factors influencing the innovative behavior of the old revolutionary areas in Sichuan

Hongjia He, An Yang, Zhen Li, Keying Liu
This paper aims to investigate the influencing factors of innovative behavior of Rural Management organizations. Through investigating the innovation behavior of the rural management organization in the old revolutionary area of Sichuan province, authors combed the literature and analyzed the data. This...
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A Comparative Analysis and Reference of Long-term Care Patterns in Foreign Countries

Xiaoying Chen, Xiaofang Wang
In order to solve the problems of aging, disability and half-disability, most countries have established and implemented a well-established long-term care insurance system. As a country with a relatively aging population and a population pattern of ‘421’, China has set up 15 long-term care pilot programs....
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Research on Satisfaction Degree and Factors of Rural Residents on New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Shanxi Province

Xiaofang Wang, Qiang He, Xiaoying Chen, Yizhi Zhang, Cai Liu, Yun Xue, Jiahui Zhang
This research is trying to study the present situation of New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Shanxi Province. Through one on one rural resident’s answers for questionnaire and random sampling way, the research got the following results. Rural residents are satisfied with this new policy. At the...
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How to Connect Characteristics of the Future Career of Arts Students with College English Course?

Min Deng
As a special group of university students, Arts students face different careers after graduation and many of them will become actors, actresses, artists, singers and dancers, etc. However, the college English course is designed and practiced by a large number of common students, thus can’t satisfy the...
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Teaching Reform of International Students in China: From the Perspective of Promoting Political Ideology of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Shurong Zhao, Shanshan Chen, Wenxue Fan
The curriculum “Globalization and World Politics” is guided by the 2015-2017 Action Plan for International Students and aims at cultivating talents with Chinese spirits, international vision and abilities of international competition and cooperation. The curriculum intends to conduct teaching reform...
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The Construction of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model in Interpreting Teaching for English Majors

Huan Yu
In the field of interpreting teaching for English majors, the traditional teaching model has been unable to adapt to the needs of the new era and a new teaching model is urgently needed. With the rapid development of the information technology, the flipped classroom teaching model has been applied in...
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Research on Precise Marketing Strategy of Commercial Bank against the Background of Internet Finance

Xuehong Zhao, Zhaoqi Liu
The traditional marketing methods haven’t been able to satisfy the consumers’ need in the increasingly fierce marketing competition. The precise marketing realized the implementation of customer flexible management by data mining, and then improved the marketing efficiency of the company. Based on the...
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Institutional Innovation of Water Resources Management

Fang Liu, Yinghui Miao, Wang Miao
The purpose of this paper is to solve the problems in water resources management in China: backward management of water resources, lack of market management and neglect of the implementation of water-saving policy. Through the overview of water resources management systems in the United States, Britain,...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of Managing Private-owned Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital in Tianjin: A Case Study

Yizhi Zhang, Qiang He, Xiaofang Wang
Based on the actual situation of traditional Chinese medical hospital as well as the research of domestic and foreign literature, this paper discusses Tianjin’s traditional Chinese medical hospitals. With the help of SWOT analysis, on-the-spot investigation and questionnaire surveys, we try to understand...
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Fictional Turn in Translation Studies

Dong-mei Ma
Fictional turn is a very important trend in translation studies in 1990s. It refers to the move in the discipline that signaled the incorporation of fictional-theoretical parameters as a source of theorization on translation. This paper gives a brief introduction to the trend and outlines relevant literatures...
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Research on the Cultivation Method of Mechanical innovation ability for College Students in New Era

Hongxia Wang, Aihua Ren, Huan Wang, Debin Yu
The world has entered a new era which has a higher requirement for innovation ability. The innovation ability has become an increasingly decisive key factor which determines the economic prosperity for all countries in the world. Therefore, it is necessary in order to cultivate a number of high-quality...
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Teaching Model Application of Three Explorations with Three Problems in Universities

Hongtao Xue, Guoqing Geng, Haobin Jiang, Maotao Zhu
This paper presents a novel teaching model called three explorations with three problems (TETP) during the reform process of higher education. The essence of TETP is to divide classroom teaching process into three stages, different levels of problems are solved sequentially by self-exploration, group-cooperation...
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Estimation of the Non-Use Value (Existence Value) of the University’s Old Campus by Contingent Valuation Method -- A Case Study in Central and Western China

Jianjun Cao, Xueyun Xu, Yifan Gong, Xiaofang Zhang, Mengtian Li, Shurong Yang, Shuzhen Chen
The old campus of universities have a long history and thick culture. As the cultural heritage, its existence value should be given a high attention. This paper uses Contingent Valuation Method to explore the existence value of eight old campus in the central and western China, including Lanzhou University...
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Research on the Role of MOOCs in Local Universities from the Perspective of Resource Dependence

Yuxia Qiu, Qianyu Zhang, Wen Zhao
The resources of local universities in our country are relatively weak but the demand for them is relatively high. Therefore, resources have always been troubling the development of local universities. This paper studies the function and significance of the use of MOOCs in local universities from the...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Research-Based Teaching in Finance Major in Finance and Economics Universities

Hongliang Wei, Zesheng Mao, Hui Wang
Research-based teaching is a teaching model that is currently widely respected both at home and abroad. In order to cultivate the financial talents needed by the new era, the financial colleges and universities in our country have carried out research-based teaching one after another, but the current...
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Research on Training Mode for Excellent Engineer Plan in Light Chemical Engineering Specialty

Zhijun Hu, Lizheng Sha, Xuejin Zhang, Hua Chen
The “3+1” teaching mode and project binding engineering capacity training system are introduced into the “Excellent Engineer Plan” of application-oriented light chemical engineering specialty. The applied excellent engineer training concept is determined through the analysis of the nature of engineering...
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Improve Chinese Ability to Promote Development in Job Market

Liwei Fu
Chinese ability plays an important role in the job interview, career promotion and career transformation of the graduates. However, nowadays, there is a general situation of "awkward expression", "negligent expression" and "embarrassed to express", so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the employers....
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A Discussion on the Training of Literature Retrieval and Integrated Utilization Ability of Graduate Students in Local Universities

Yongchun Piao, Xue-mei Cui
literature retrieval and integrated utilization is an important guarantee for graduate students’ ability of Scientific Research and Innovation, so the ability of retrieval and integrated utilization should be cultivated throughout the postgraduate education. Based on the literature research method, this...
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The Review of Experiments on the Ultimatum Game under Competitive Conditions

Xinqing Luo, Baoshan Zhang, Fajia Chen
The ultimatum game is one of the most basic models in the field of experimental economics. When competitive factors are considered in the ultimatum game, its development from two-person players to multiplayers is an important expansion of the model. This paper systematically combs through relevant literature...
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Study on the Management System of Marketization Allocation of Marine Resources in China

Pei-xiong Chen, Yunyun Xiang, He Zhang, Yue Ning
The market-oriented allocation of sea resources is the process of allocation between sea resources and the use objects. To find a more suitable sea user through the allocation methods on specific sea areas is the direct object of the allocation of resources in China's sea area. That is of great significance...
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Exploring the Factors Affecting MOOCs Continuance Intention: The Role of Design Quality

Genfu Yang, Qian Sun
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is a rapidly growing paradigm of educational provision. The success of MOOCs depends on learners’ continued usage. Drawing upon the expectation confirmation model on information technology (ECM-IT) and combining MOOCs platform design quality, a theoretical model for...
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Research on the Novel Class Design in Meteorological Teaching

Guanlei Xu, Limin Shao, Yonglu Liu, Fengwang Lang
Meteorology is the key course in many specialties in some colleges and universities. In this field, we know that the wind is one of the most important weather elements. In addition, the types, the production mechanism and features of wind are very important for the sailors on the sea in the aspect of...
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Relationship Analysis between Body Shape and Physical Ability based on the Least Squares

Jinyan Yang, Yu Li, Qiyang Zou, Guanlei Xu
In physical teaching and physical training, the physical ability is the base and is of much importance in physical education. Teachers can adopt appropriate physical teaching and physical training scheme if they know the students’ physical ability exactly. This paper proposes a method to analyze the...
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Analysis on the Phenomenon of "Craze for Mo Yan" and Cultural Teaching in International Chinese Education

Xiang Xu
In the view of globalization, it should pay much attention to spread Chinese culture in international Chinese education while imparting language knowledge. The phenomenon of "craze for Mo Yan" has been formed in China or even overseas since Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in literature. His works have become...
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Research and Practice of Mathematical Practice Teaching System in Applied Universities

Jie Gao, Yasong Liu
Against the background of transformation, compared with higher vocational colleges, applied undergraduate colleges should further strengthen the practical teaching of mathematics curriculum in universities in order to cultivate competitive applied undergraduate talents. The purpose of this paper is to...
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The Development of New Energy Car Rental Business in China

Yuting Qian
At present, the sharing economy is booming based on the basic contradiction between the growing good living needs of our people and the uneven development of unbalanced development. As the representative of the sharing economy, the new energy vehicle sharing leasing project not only facilitates people's...
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An Empirical Research on Evaluation of Service Quality of Nursing Homes in Tianjin

Hui Deng, Jian Zhang
with the continuous improvement of urban modernization and the gradual social transformation, the problem of aging has gradually emerged and become a social livelihood problem. Therefore, nursing homes have mushroomed in recent years, showing its vitality. But their service quality varied greatly. Taking...
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Challenges of Men in Early Childhood Education -- Case Study of an American Male Early Childhood Teacher

Yan Yang
Early childhood education is recognized as a gender-atypical occupation for men, so men who choose to teach at this level are often under public suspicion and scrutiny. This paper focuses on the experiences of an American male early childhood teacher for an in-depth understanding of the nature of his...
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Research and Exploration on the Classification Management and Guidance of Local Applied Universities in the Perspective of Niche Theory

Dong-song Chen, Guang-ping Yan
Using niche theory and analytic methods in ecology, this research analyzed the developing trend in classification, management and guidance about Local Application-oriented Universities. At first, this paper analyzed top-level design, educational ecology, location, transformation development about classification...
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Force Field Analysis on the Transformation of Archival Management

Xuehua Xu
At present, the social management paradigm in China is transforming from management-oriented one into service-oriented one. Such transformation will definitely influence archival management paradigm, thus it has to adapt to external changes by adjusting its internal structure. As a management tool, the...
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Research on Archivists’ Professional Ethics Construction

Hongwei Lu
With the development and deepening of the information age, archives, as the most original carrier of information, will play a more and more important role of “information source” and “evidence source” in the development of social economy and the construction of spiritual civilization. However, there...
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Study on the Development of Chinese Sugarcane Industry from the Perspective of the Industrial Integration

Fangfang Zeng, Chaozhi Zhu, Chuanfang Zheng
Based on industrial integration theory, this study took the Chinese sugarcane industry as the research object, used AHP to construct the industry integration resource evaluation model. We selected 14 resource items that affect the integration of sugarcane industry as the evaluation index, used Delphi...
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The Enlightenment of Western Unemployment Theory on the Hard Employment of College Graduates

Xiaoqin Wu
The major unemployment theories in the West include the voluntary unemployment theory of the classical school, the involuntary unemployment theory of the Keynesian school, and the unemployment theory of the neoclassical synthesis school. At present, our college students are hard to find jobs, mainly...
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The Mobile Education Model Based on the WeChat Public Platform

Qiufeng Shang, Yuting Hu
Under the rapid development of educational informatization and mobile learning, this paper utilizes the WeChat public platform to design a radiation network teaching platform in order to expand the teaching function of practical courses. The platform can effectively realize the real-time sharing of teaching...
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Supervision of Peer-to-Peer Lending in China

Lin Wang
The development of Internet lending information intermediaries requires the guidance of the legal system. It is necessary to pass laws to define the legal status of online lending information intermediaries. Based on the analysis of the domestic P2P lending operation model and development trend, the...
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Effect of a Corpus-based Grammar Teaching Method in the Chinese EFL Environment

Xin Wang
The present study sets out to explore the effect of corpus-based grammar teaching method in the EFL context. Participants were 40 Chinese undergraduate EFL learners who were assigned to the experimental and control class through random sampling and then were taught with the corpus-based teaching method...
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Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Campus Culture Construction in Agricultural Universities and Colleges

Yuci Wang
The construction of campus culture in agricultural colleges and universities is the need to improve students' consciousness of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". It plays the role of guiding, standardizing, motivating and agglomerating the students' growth and helps to cultivate the enthusiasm and...
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Research on the Integration of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and the Construction of Campus Culture in Colleges and Universities

Yuci Wang
Chinese excellent traditional culture provides rich resources for university to construct the campus culture. What’s more, it plays a leading and guiding role in this construction. Constructing campus culture is an important way to develop Chinese traditional excellent culture. In order to carry forward...
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Discussion on the Course of College Students' Mental Health Based on Positive Psychology

Tian-lin Chen, Zhen Li, Lan Luo, Xiao-fei Xiao
To discuss the application of positive psychology in the course of college students' mental health, this paper analyzes the positive psychology into the course of college students' mental health, which is not only consistent with the characteristics of physical and mental development of college students,...
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The Building of Teaching Quality Evaluation System of Higher Vocational Education under the New Situation

Chunhong Li
With the increasingly close integration of industry and education in higher vocational colleges, the factors influencing the quality of talent cultivation in higher vocational education shows the characteristics of diversification and complexity. The deepening of teaching innovation and the continuous...
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Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process Based on Triangular Fuzzy Number

Manhong Lu, Kunping Zhu
The main purpose of this paper was to improve the analytic hierarchy process and increase its credibility. We combine the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation (FCE) with the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and use delphi method and triangular fuzzy numbers to establish the final fuzzy judgment matrix. Finally,...
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Manufacturing Supply Chain Governance under the Objective of Enterprise Ecological Innovation: Contract or Relationship?

Feng Wei, Guangcai Hao, Qichun Xiong
Enterprise eco-innovation has become the key to achieving "green manufacturing". However, the potential opportunistic behavior among manufacturing supply chain enterprises hinders the practice of eco-innovation. The key to promote eco-innovation is the effective implementation of manufacturing supply...
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Sentence and Its Relationship with Cognitive Structure -- Case in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Xi Cun, Xiang Li, Yaxi Jin
The conventional textbooks are almost organized from a linguistic approach, i.e. in accordance with the words, sentence, and text order to teach. But this kind of teaching violates the human cognitive structure of the second language learner, and will hinder their study. The current study discusses the...
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An Analysis of Lexical Style and Cultural Connotation in Students' English Writing in China

Chunqin Zhang
This paper probes lexical errors in Chinese college students’ writing based on text analysis. The lexical errors involve lexical style and lexical cultural connotation. The choice of words and expression in students’ writing is not consistent with the type of writing and students tend to ignore the cultural...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Exchange Rate Changes' Relationships between Hong Kong Dollar and Four Major Currencies

Yufeng Huang, Chi Kit Ng
In order to deeply understand the important influence factors of the exchange rate changes of Hong Kong dollar, the methods of correlation analysis, principal component analysis, multiple regression and wavelet analysis are used to analyze the topic of this paper, based on the exchange rate data for...
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The Development and Application of Computer in Drug Analysis and Analytical Chemistry Education

Yuguang Lv, Qi Shi, Chunhui Shi
With the changing and development of the time, computers have been widely used in the pharmaceutical field in China. This paper mainly analyzes and summarizes the application of computers in the field of pharmacy. For example: The processing of experimental data, the analysis of drug structures, and...
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Research on Classroom Teaching Model Based on Flipped Classroom

Chen Lu, Xianjing Shi
Because of the existence of such phenomena as ineffective learning methods, poor study habits and lack of learning interest for vocational college students, a teaching model based on flipped classroom is proposed in this paper. This model adopts multiple teaching modes before class, in class and after...
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On the Perspective of Marriage in “The Age of Innocence”

Dan Lu, Lin Li
Edith Wharton’s novels are famous for the real reproduction of the life of American upper class society at the end of the nineteenth century. As one of the best works of Wharton, "The Age of Innocence" is considered to be the most concentrated expression of the author's perspective of family and marriage,...
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Discussion on the Reform of Archives Management System in Colleges and Universities from the Theory of Life Cycle of Records

Xia Chen
This paper demonstrates how to realize the integrated management of documents in the real sense by sketching the theory of life cycle of records and the whole process management of documents and archives work in colleges and universities, so as to achieve the efficiency of document management and the...
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SWOT Analysis of the Old and New Campus of the University and Its Countermeasures

Xueyan Wang, Mengtian Li, Jianjun Cao
With the implementation of the policy of enrollment expansion, there have emerged “new” and “old” campuses in many colleges and universities. On the basis of the questionnaire surveyed in nine schools in Gansu, Shanxi, Henan and Hubei province, SWOT analysis method was used to compare the advantages...
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Risk Identification and Monitoring Model of Online P2P Lending

Jianying Xiong
The fast-growing of P2P network lending has also brought many threats to the users. Risk identification plays an important role in the supervision of P2P net loan. So the effective risk identification of P2P network lending is very important to the network financial management. The risk assessment model...
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Factor Analysis of Railway Passenger Transport Demand in Eastern China

Feina Zhu
The railway is the major artery of national economic development. At present, the demand for railway passenger transportation presents the characteristics of multi-structure, multi-level, and multi-segmented markets. To achieve the coordinated development of railway enterprises and the economy is a major...
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Sentiment Analysis of Music Criticism Based on Data Mining

Yao Liang, Hu Wang
With the development of web2.0, more and more people like to express their emotions by making comments anytime and anywhere. Music comments are an emotional expression of the listener's mood for listening to songs. On the basis of the original Hevner emotion loop, this paper proposes an optimized emotional...
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Analysis on the Mechanism of Improving Legitimization of Internet Companies -- From the Perspective of Stakeholders

Daming Huang, Guopeng Xiang, Yueyi Xiang, Xingwu Luo
How to break through multiple legitimacy constraints to gain stakeholder recognition is a problem that every startup company must solve. From the perspective of stakeholders, this paper applies case study and grounded theory, reveals the inner mechanism of legitimacy formation and evolution of Giant...
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Demand Market Matrix Analysis of High-speed Railway Tourism Development in Jilin Border Area

Haiyang Liu
The construction of high-speed railway has brought great convenience to people's travel. Its speed strengths, safety strengths, and large passenger capacity have become an important factor in promoting the development of tourism. After the opening of the high-speed railway, it has brought huge passenger...
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The Innovation of Legal Education in Hong Kong and Inspiration to Mainland China

Weiyuan Gao
As a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong retained its economic system and social system under the guidance of the "one country, two systems" policy. Therefore, as the only common law jurisdiction region in China, Hong Kong has a distinctive feature of legal education which has many differences...
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Corporate Strategy of First Automobile Work shop -- A Case Study from China

Dian Zhang
The research of the corporate strategy of First Automobile Work shop has a great value since First Automobile Work shop have roots in a unique economic and political circumstance. Directed by interpretivism philosophy, the author uses qualitative research methods mainly such as interviews and observation....
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Analysis on the Path of Moral Infiltration in Junior Middle School Subject Teaching -- Taking the S Middle School of Jinan as an example

Yu Zhao, Gongjing Gao
In recent years, with the vigorous development of education and the continuous reform of education system, great changes have taken place in the school moral education in our country. As an important way of moral education, compared with inculcation, infiltration has got much attention, but there are...
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All English Teaching Methods for Network and Distributed Computing Course of Software Engineering

Zhidong Shen, Qiang Tong
An important way of training international computer science and software engineering professionals is to adopt all English teaching mode so that students can adapt to the training mode of international professionals as soon as possible. The all English teaching mode of Chinese students is still in the...
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Reform of Mixed Classroom Teaching Mode Based on Online Open Course

Ligong Sun, Lipeng Zhou, Xinwen Niu
The combination of traditional classroom learning and online Open course learning is becoming an important direction of current university teaching reform. This paper introduces the advantages of mixed class and the existing problems. The mixed classroom construction situation in our school explained...
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Research on Quality Management System of Teaching Research Projects in the Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Decheng Yang
In view of the problems existing in the quality management of teaching research subjects in application oriented universities and the lack of emphasis on process management, this paper proposes the way to do a good job in the quality management of teaching research topics, standardize the various aspects...
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Study on the Tendency of Industrial Research in Ethnic Minority Regions of China over the Past 30 Years Based on Bibliometric Analysis

Guang Chen, Hui Wang
This paper retrieves "ethnic minority" and "industry" in the Chinese journals of China Academic Journal Network Publishing Databases to conduct bibliometric analysis from multiple dimensions such as research progress, journals distribution, research field, research institution, high frequency words and...
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Analysis on Tourism Evaluation and Cooperative Mechanism of Liaoxi Corridor

Hui Wang, Yue He
As an important passageway between northeast and north China, Liaoxi corridor which is a culturally and ethnically diverse region with rich cultural relics and profound and long history connects northeast and southwest of China. Based on the review of local tourism and comprehensive evaluation of tourism,...
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Effective Teaching Techniques in Bilingual Courses in Chinese Higher Education -- Empirical Results based on Real Learning Outcomes

Yin Yu, Yawei Zhao
for the past decade, China’s education system has put much effort in bilingual teaching in English. Most Chinese higher education institutions set up bilingual form in professional courses to improve students’ professional English skills. This paper discusses problems encountered in the implementation...
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A Study on the International Legislation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Progress and Trend

Herong Mao, Diangang Liu, Chi Gu, Ming’an Huang, Na Song
In recent decades, more and more countries have commenced to highly value the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in their societies. Great progress of legislation work has been made during the rapid spread of TCM overseas. Based on the progress of TCM legislation in different countries...
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On the Application of Dongui Bogam for the Memory of the World Register: Influences and Reflections

Diangang Liu, Chi Gu, Herong Mao, Yunhui Wu
Dongui Bogam, the Korean medical classic, has been deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture, especially traditional Chinese medical culture. Its application for the Memory of the World Register has triggered heated discussion internationally on cultural consciousness and cultural protection etc....
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Overseas Legislation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Problems and Countermeasures

Diangang Liu, Herong Mao, Chi Gu, Na Song
As TCM further goes globally in the recent decades; the overseas legislation of TCM has become a hot spot in the TCM-related research. Through a systemic study, we have found a sequence of problems during the course of TCM legislation overseas, including high standard of language for TCM practitioners,...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Comprehensive Benefits of Joint-Stock Commercial Banks

Rongping Li, Aoyun Feng
First, this thesis describes the grey relational analysis method and the evaluation model. And then it determines the evaluation index system based on the average financial indicators data of the six joint-stock commercial banks in 2011-2015. Finally it makes an empirical analysis on the comprehensive...
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Application of Objectivism in American Literature Teaching

Shaojun Duan
William Carlos Williams succeeded and earned his fame by breaking the tradition in literature, forming his own unique writing style, that is, objectivism, which made him, became an extraordinary poet in American history. Williams’ three main characteristics of objectivism include seeking for expressing...