Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Network and Computer Engineering (ICENCE 2016)

The 2016 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Network and Computer Engineering (ICENCE 2016) was held on August 13-14, 2016, and provided two days' focus on the science and technology that are the basis for electronics, network and computer engineering. The theme of the plenary session was “Electronics, Network and Computer Engineering” featuring invited speakers who further explored this topic that is so significant for mechanical engineering and industrial informatics. Concurrent sessions and a poster session covered a wide range of topics and issues, including both contributed papers and special sessions developed on specific themes, all with a central focus of electronics, network and computer engineering.

ICENCE 2016 received a total of 419 submissions. Each paper was reviewed by two reviewers. Papers were peer-reviewed with the same criteria used for regular papers. At least one reviewer, not involved in the organization of the special session, was selected by the conference chairs. Based on the outcome of the review process and recommendations of the members of the program committee, 186 papers were accepted for inclusion in the conference program.

We would like to express their sincere appreciation and thanks to all the members of the ICENCE 2016 Conference Technical Program Committee for their tremendous efforts. They are indebted to the referees for their constructive comments on the papers. Without their dedication, it was impossible to have a successful ICENCE 2016 and a high quality volume of the conference proceedings. Thanks are also given to Atlantis Press for producing this volume. Finally, we would like to thank all the authors for their contributions to this valuable volume.

We wish all attendees of ICENCE 2016 an enjoyable scientific gathering in Yinchuan, China. We look forward to seeing all of you next year at the conference.

Conference Publication Chairs
Qiang Zhou
Ran Xue