Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Network and Computer Engineering (ICENCE 2016)

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Research on the Disposal of Space Debris

Huaihui Liu, Zhijie Sun, Tong Nie, Furong Wang, Hongpeng Pan
Since human launched the first man-made earth satellite, we have made more and more great achievements in this field. Accompanied with the rapid development, however, there are left multitudes of debris in the space. And the growth of space debris has a strong impact on the normal human space activities....
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The exit times for the diffusion risk model with constant interest

Jingmin He, Wei Zhang
This paper investigates the diffusion risk model with constant interest. The Laplace-Stieltjes transforms (LST) of some exit times of the risk process are obtained.
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Chinese Dependency Parsing Based on An Improved Model of MST

Qi Sun, Yang Xiang, Xiao Tu
In this paper, a Chinese dependency parsing method was presented based on improved Maximum Spanning Tree algorithm. Within this method, Conditional Random Field (CRF) is adopted to establish sequence labeling model. Recognizing POS of head node is employed to modify the weights of directed edges in the...
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A Scale Adaptive Hierarchical Clustered Routing Protocol for WSNs

Lipeng Lu, Jiugen Shi, Huiliang Xu
Due to technique advances, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used in both military and civil scenarios. A vast amount of data is transmitted to the base station through resource-restrained nodes, which are powered by batteries with limited energy. An energy saving routing protocol is fundamental...
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A Vehicle Path Planning Method

Yong Sun, Wenwei Li, Tiezheng Liu, Guangyun Li
Based on some assuming and definition, this paper propose a method of calculate a hidden area, and path is planned based on the hidden area and vehicle forward movements type in case of hidden area exist or not, this method is easy and practicality, it can used in people's path planning also.
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A Framework of Video Network Measurement Based on Utility Optimization

Yu Zhao, Bo Fu, Kai Cao
In recent years, the packet level measurement is widely used to evaluate the packet loss and delay performance in broadband networks. The samples of packet loss and delay are provided by probe packet in active probe, from these samples can calculate the overall performance of the communication. However,...
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The Security and Protection Strategy Study of Computer Network Information

Junyan Shi, Juanjuan Li
With the rapid development of science and technology, computer network technology has spread to all areas of production and life. However, because of the network has connectivity and openness characteristics, that resulting in network security problems are more prominent, network data theft, hacker attack,...
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Mobile Internet Preference Recommendation Based on Scene Model

Yongguo Ren, Long Pang
The current domestic online music providers, such as QQ music, KuGou music, Baidu Music, etc., most of which support keywords retrieval of users to search songs, listen online, download songs, and other functions. Few manufacturers provides functions as 'songs may conform to your taste', 'songs of similar...
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The Two Phase of the Bayes Statistical Model of Accelerated Test Censoring

Siquan Wang
In the Bayes method, the unknown parameters are given proper prior distribution, and the data are obtained. According to the Bayes theorem, the posterior distribution of the parameters is updated according to the data. In this paper we use Bayesian analysis and get the help of a priori information so...
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Research on the design of The Intelligent Transportation Cycling System based on the Internet of Things technology simulating

Xinyue Xu
Currently, China's Internet of Things (IoT) industry has developed rapidly. In order to advocate green travel and energy saving, the Intelligent Transportation Cycling System (ITCS) provides strongly favorable conditions for the development of public bicycle. This article introduces the concept of the...
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The planning and the design of The Wisdom Campus based on the Internet of Things technology

Xinyue Xu
The rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology leads the third wave of development of information industry around the world. The development of IoT technology integrates into the campus which arouses a discussion of the wisdom of the campus. Firstly, the article introduces the concept and...
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The Analysis and Research on the Internet of Things Security Issues

Xinyue Xu
Nowadays, the Internet of Things technology has become a global hot topic. With the widespread applications of the Internet of Things, security issues attract people's attention. Firstly, the article introduces the concept, three layers and functions of the Internet of Things. Secondly, the article analyze...
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Research on CBTC Function of Train Control System

Jiateng Shi
Recent years, with increasing urban population, urban traffic's pressure is increasing. Urban mass transition is in the period of rapid development. The new generation of train control system-CBTC(Communication Based Train Control)is applied to the constructions of urban mass transition. In CBTC system,...
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The Design and Application of Intelligent Network Cabling System for Building

Hong Mao
The development of Internet has changed people's life, science and technology promote the economic development. In modern building network cabling system, whole buildings or buildings at first were mainly reflected the comprehensive cabling. Integrated cabling system is mainly used for building in network...
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Intelligent Alarm System of Remote Monitoring Based on Image Processing

Xiaoyu Zhang
This paper makes discussion on reasonable application of modern image processing technology to improve remote monitoring system of intelligent alarm in the intelligent alarm remote monitoring system, it maximally realizes organic combination of civil air defense, physical protection, technical protection...
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Design and Implementation of College Students Information System Based on Internet

Guangyu Peng
This paper focuses on the characteristics of Internet and explores the influence and countermeasures of Internet on the values of our university students. The Internet as an important invention in twentieth century, is affecting everyone's life, especially have an important impact on how to deal with...
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Study on Security and Protection Strategy of Computer Network Information

Chenxiang Zhang
In this paper of computer network information security, network strategy were reviewed in this article, on the basis of all kinds of network safety measures, and the technology to carry on the analysis to Banding mechanical electronic technical computer network as an example, introduces the computer...
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Design of the seam tracking system based on wireless network environment

Guorui Wu
The automatic, intelligent and networking of welding process is the trend of the development of the welding. With improvement of welding equipment, to achieve the process of seam tracking wireless WiFi network control and data sharing, this paper employ the embedded connection between the microcontroller...
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Study on the Technology of Equipment State Monitoring and Intelligent Evaluation

Xiangcai Zhu, Jian Xu
This paper studies the key technology of the equipment monitoring and intelligent evaluation: the anomaly detection equipment status, the data are processed with Grab J; the transmission of high-definition images and video mode to realize the state matching, using radial basis function neural network...
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Discussion on applications of computer network technology in electronics and information engineering

Ruxin Tan
With the rapid development of the era, Internet information technology has found extensive applications, thus playing an important role in improving people's living standards. This paper conducts a basic analysis of applications of computer network technology in electronics and information engineering.
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Discussion on applications of Internet of Things techniques to information engineering safety supervision

Ruxin Tan
Development of the information era has made "Internet of Things" a popular phrase. Its connotation has been gradually clarified, meaning connection between things via the Internet. Nowadays, the category of "things" keeps enriching. Development of Internet of Things has bred many new-and high-technologies....
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A Dual Tabu Search Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem

Tao Wang
In this paper, vehicle routing problem as the background, the traditional tabu search algorithm is proposed based on a set of methods to build the initial solution and its integration to achieve the dual tabu search algorithm for vehicle routing problem. A new algorithm to avoid the shortcomings of the...
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Security Hidden Danger and Protection Measure of Digital Campus Network

Yunhao Zhang
With the development of science and technology progress, electronic information technology has been accepted by the public, the network information popularization, Internet plus has also become a hot topic, the campus network has become the standard configuration of daily life and study, application...
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Routing Analysis of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Based on Mobile Node Technology

Chun Wei, Ming Li, Zhigang Liu
It leads to the uncertainty of the network topology that the random mobility of nodes in mobile Ad hoc networks. In order to accurately predict network topology performance, and effectively detect ad hoc network efficiency, capacity and stability, it has proposed in ad hoc network mobile node optimization...
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Design of Coal Mine Power Supply Monitoring System

Lei Shi, Guo Jin, Jun Xu
According to the characteristics and the management pattern of coal enterprises production and supply, this paper designs a kind of mine power supply monitoring system. The system can carry out real-time monitoring, measurement, protection and control for mine power equipment, the realization of underground...
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Analysis and Simulation on the Kinematics of Robot Dexterous Hand

Guo Jin, Jiangnan Ni
"Dexterity" is an important index to measure the technical level of the robot dexterous hand, which demonstrates the ability to work in any position with the target shape. This study is based on the Shadow dexterous hand, and the mechanical structure characteristics of Shadow dexterous hand are studied....
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Research on Vehicle Dynamic Location Algorithm Based on Interactive Multi Model

Guotong Zhang, Lei Shi, Jun Xu
The vehicle positioning accuracy directly related to the dynamic model. For a single dynamic model, it is difficult to describe the state change of the vehicle movement precisely, so this paper proposes a composite model of GPS dynamic positioning system, and this paper designs a vehicle location and...
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The Short Term Load Forecasting of RBF Neural Network Power System Based on Fuzzy Control

Jiangnan Ni, Guo Jin
This paper presents a kind of power system short-term load prediction algorithm based on fuzzy control and RBF neural network, to solve the problems of th traditional RBF neural network in electric power system short-term load forecast errors. Through the example verification, this method can improve...
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Study and Application Analysis of HTML5 Core Technology Based on Mobile Browser

Cuiyu Fu
as internet application develops rapidly, application requirements of internet web becomes increasingly strict. As uses' demand improves, the standard and technology of web browser are changing continuously. HTML5 standard proposed by World Wide Web Consortium (WWWC) offers a new opportunity for internet...
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Analysis on Application of Big Data in Intelligent Tourism

Gangzhi Guo
Big data, Internet of Things and cloud computing technology develop like a raging fire. Each industry is looking for the strategy to apply big data in industrial development. Traditional tourism industry also pays attention to application of big data technology in the process of intelligent tourism transformation....
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Study on J2EE-based Software Supporting Platform Component Technology

Lili Fan
This paper studies large software component recognition mapping, component testing and component evaluation, proposes a set of development platform and key structure supporting twin-engine software, and discusses mutual relations among software functions. Besides, this paper takes e-commerce trading...
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Application of Neural Network Model Combined with Fuzzy Theory in Computer Network Security

Xiaotian Liu
With continuous development of science and technology, actual data integration and operating path also change greatly. To better improve transmission accuracy of overall data information, and guarantee optimal establishment of computer network security system, accuracy of overall system can improve fundamentally...
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On Development and Application Prospect of Mobile E-commerce

Huili Wang
In the development of wireless mobile technology, the mobile e-commerce begins to get favour from people, which better broadens the running space of our e-commerce industry, allowing for a wider range of e-commerce. Combination of mobile e-commerce and enterprise e-commerce platforms, and connection...
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Analysis on future development trend of computer science and technology

Mingyang Zhao, Xiaoni Yang
with the continuous progress of Chinese economic society, the science and technology has presented a booming developmental trend. Computer has been widely used in different domain of social life and become an indispensable part of people's social life. This article aims at briefly introducing the historical...
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Exploration of Web front-end development technology and optimization direction

Cuiyu Fu
under the background of rapid development of network technology, network field gains certain expansion. Thus, more and more people seriously depend on network in life and work. Meanwhile, most projects or jobs also enhance the degree of network dependence. It thus can be seen that network technology...
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Study on Application of Smartphone in Mobile Learning of College English under "Internet +" Background

Qian Zhang
"internet+" is an inevitable product when knowledge society era develops. It beings new mode and new idea for current economic and social development. In short, "internet+" refers to "internet + each traditional industry". It is not just simple combination, but also further improves knowledge, technology,...
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On Computer Network Security Management and Technical Measures

Enfeng Zhou
As the development level of economy and society improves and technology changes quickly, human society informatization degree also deepens continuously. A distinguishing feature of information age is gradual promotion of internet and computer. Meanwhile, internet technology and computer technology also...
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Discussion of GPON technology application in communication engineering

Zhongbo Feng
GPON technology is a new generation broadband access technology which is more efficient and convenient in actual application and has low requirement on technologies and richer overall interfaces. It is a new technology means which has great influence on communication engineering construction in line...
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Study on a Supervisory System for Military Hardware Operation in Low Light Conditions

Jun Yang, Shicong Lin
Aimed at the issue of the operation training on military hardware, designed a set of supervisory system for military hardware operation in low light conditions. Put forward an image de-noising algorithm which united mathematics morphology and modified average filtering method, put forward an image enhancement...
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A Boundary Collocation Method for Wave Propagation through Obstacle

Xueling Cao, Yang Liu, Zan Huang, Rui Li, Junjie Tong
The interaction between wave and the obstacle in water is a common problem in ocean engineering. The article use a new numerical method, Boundary Collocation Method (BCM) based on Eigenfunction Expansion Method (EEM), to solve the two-dimensional wave problems between wave and obstacle. The obstacle...
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The Feasibility Analysis of Cucumber Disease Prediction with Virtual Reality Technique

Tianchi Zhao, Peng Yuan
In order to find out the high correlative factors of the crop disease from the images, and to predict the disease process, the author analyze the digital images of cucumber leaf which collected in the process of normal and disease by computer image processing technology. By comparing the nine parameters...
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Study on fisheye image correction algorithm

Leng Xue
For serious cases fisheye lens distortion, we use fisheye images captured image get a lot of information presented fisheye correction method using Matlab image processing software, the successful implementation of correcting the image distortion. And experiments show the feasibility of the method.
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Performance Test of Future Network OpenFlow Soft Switch

Peizhang Xie, Jungui Zhou, Jingyu Wang
SDN (Software Defined Network) is the important part of Future Network, and the OpenFlow soft switch which separates the control plane from the data plane is the key instrument. While there is less research on the performance model of SDN, and also less research on experimental methods of performance...
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Fault location system of belt conveyor based on CANopen protocol

Shi-biao Shao, Ming Zong
In order to resolve these problems of the long belt conveyor that the fault is not easy to locate, the location efficiency is low, the maintenance cost is high and so on, a design scheme of the fault location system of belt conveyor based on CANopen protocol was proposed. The basic model of CANopen device...
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Temperature Prediction Model of Cement Rotary Kiln Based on MPGA-LSSVM

Hui Zhao, Yu Wang, Hongjun Wang, Youjun Yue
The burning zone temperature (BZT) in cement rotary kiln is a mostly important index which affects the quality of produced cement. In rotary kiln, the bilateral movements of air and complex chemical reactions take place. Thus, traditional modeling methods can not predict the BZT effectively. In order...
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Research of Key Technologies of Agricultural Products Traceability System

Fang Liu, Lian Xue
With the application of RFID technology in the Internet of things in agriculture, realize the agricultural products traceability safety, mainly to realize the design of Agricultural Internet of things sensing layer, network layer, application layer. Through RFID label record collection of agricultural...
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Analysis on the current study about personalized learning system within domestic research- Based on the content analysis of the research literature from 2002 to 2015

Jiachun Li, Shuguang Chen
The article uses content analysis method, using CNKI database as a search tool to retrieve the relevant papers published during the period of 2002-2015.By comparing, analyzing and integrating the research history, research types, research topics, research content and so on ,we think the further development...
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An algorithm for assembly job shop scheduling problem

XiaoQin Wan, HongSen Yan
The problem of assembly job shop scheduling (AJSS) is studied with the objective of minimizing the weighted sum of earliness and tardiness penalties. An insertion search algorithm is proposed to solve the problem. The operations of job with tardiness or earliness are shifted left or right to optimize...
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The Review About Method of Ultrasonic Detection of Concrete Damage

Guojun Liu, Zeyou Hu, Dahuan Wang
This paper points out the basic principle of ultrasonic measuring damage, expounding the development and the research status of ultrasonic detection of concrete damage. It also summarizes the development trend of the method and makes suggestions to the further study of the technology. So it is referable...
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Application of the Rain-flow Counting Method in Fatigue

Guojun Liu, Dahuan Wang, Zeyou Hu
In the statistics of stress-strain cyclic response involved with cyclic-loading, rain-flow counting method has always been thought the most reasonable way to proceed cycle counting, based on which researchers could conduct fatigue test or calculate the damage extent according to N(or S N) curve. That...
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Numerical analysis on a new pressure-type anchor cable with precast anchor head based on FLAC3d

Jian Li, Lijie Li
The prestressed anchoring technology is applied extensively to the geotechnical projects. Due to the limitations of conventional prestressed anchorage cable, such as stress concentration on the head of anchor-root and distribution nonuniformity of shear stress, a new pressure-type anchor cable with precast...
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Landscape designers development based on Personal knowledge management and collaboration

Long Yan
More complicated problems demand collaborative innovation. Accordingly, key growth factors for landscape designers' skills are personal knowledge management and collaborative abilities. So, design education occurs not only in school but also after school. Knowledge management and the collaborative ability...
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Research on college English student individual learning based on data mining model

Fengjuan Zhang
Data mining technology is generally to process, observe and analyze large-scale data by use of statistic analysis software, aiming to find the hidden rule or effective information existing in data. The application core of the data is large-scale college English student individual learning which completely...
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Research on college English teaching under DEMATEL Environment

Yuanyuan Zhang
This paper is based on the meaning of multiple DEMATEL teaching mode as the breakthrough point, by means of the analysis model, the cognitive learning model and the construction of cognitive model with behavioral learning aid to discuss the implementation strategy of college English teaching under the...
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Predicting Ridership at railway intersection Station based on Accessibility Model

Caixia Han
This paper explores a ridership forecasting method based on railway intersection site accessibility and vehicle use patterns. The accessibility model utilizes vehicle use and demographic data. In the study, we employ GIS to disaggregate population data into small raster cells. Based on the distance decay...
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The Research on Personalized Query Expansion Technology

Yi Song, Shilong Zhang, JiaNing Wang
The current information retrieval system, there are still some problems, such as incremental information collection of web crawler, index dynamic updating and compression, results sorting, audio and video retrieval, query language visualization and so on. The results returned users are most concerned...
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Split general strong nonlinear quasi-variational inequality problem

Dongxue Han, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we introduce a split general strong nonlinear quasi-variational inequality problem which is a natural extension of a split general quasi-variational inequality problem, split variational inequality problem, quasi-variational and variational inequality problems in Hilbert spaces. Using...
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On the performance of balance factors of the dichromatic balanced trees for massive data

Xiaodong Wang, Daxin Zhu
In this paper, we are interested in minimal number of red-nodes in a red-black tree. An time dynamic programming algorithm is presented first for computing , the smallest number of red internal nodes in a red-black tree on keys. We then improve the algorithm to a new time algorithm. Then the algorithm...
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Boubaker Polynomial Spectral-like Method for Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

Tinggang Zhao, Yongjun Li
In this paper, we present a spectral-like method with Boubaker polynomials to solving numerically some differential equations. The Boubaker polynomial expansion scheme (BPES) are also discussed. A transform from Boubaker polynomial to shifted Legendre orthogonal polynomials is derived. By this transform,...
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New Analytical Approximations with Error Estimates for the One-loop Soliton Solution to the Vakhnenko Equation

Yupeng Qin, Li Zou, Zhen Wang, Mingfeng He
In this paper, based on the traditional homotopy analysis method, we have successfully proposed a new analytical method, namely the piecewise perturbation method (PPM), for solving nonlinear problems. Here we introduce the idea of Newton iteration into the traditional homotopy analysis method to revise...
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Application of Genetic Algorithm in p-hub Airline Network Design Problem

YiYe Zhou, DengKai Yao, QianRui Sun, QiKe Wu
A Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) model for Non-strict Uncapacitated Multi-allocation p-hub Median Problem (NSUMApHUMP) is established. Applied genetic algorithm to the hub and spoke locations to minimize the total costs of airline network. Exact solutions of the model are obtained by encoding...
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Optimal Boundary Control for Cascaded Parabolic PDEs with Constraints

Chao He, Junmin Li
In this paper, the optimal boundary control problem in finite time horizon for linear parabolic partial differential equations cascaded through Robin boundary condition is addressed. Firstly, the well-posedness of the solution for the cascaded system is presented. Secondly, with the existence of the...
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An improved WSN localization algorithm

ZhiGuo Du, DaHui Hu
An improved localization algorithm based on wireless sensor network is proposed to improve the localization accuracy of DV-HOP algorithm in wireless sensor networks. The new algorithm uses three edge distance method to calculate the position relationship between unknown nodes and anchor nodes. MATLAB...
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Using Lexical Chain in Ontology-Based Information Extraction

Chunyu Cong, Rui Gao, Zhongying Wang, Xiao Meng
Due to the establishment of domain ontology is prior to information extraction activity, therefore it is impossible to extract the relevant information when new issue from new field is coming. These documents which include new issues become isolated text in text set. The information in these documents...
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Design of the Cognition-based Across Applications Resources Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Bingyue Liu, Yong Zhang, Hao Wang
For coping with the problems such as network coverage shrinking or network energy holes, the wireless sensor networks import kinds of functions to perform the intended business thing. Therefore, one network node with limited resources has to support many functions. At present, researchers mostly design...
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Hybrid Active-passive Fault-tolerant Control of Nonlinear NCS based on Event-triggered Communication Scheme

Jun Wang, Xiaowan Yao, Wei Li
The hybrid active-passive fault-tolerant control (FTC) problem based on discrete event-triggered communication scheme (DETCS) is studied for nonlinear NCS (NNCS) with time-varying delay and any actuator failure. A T-S fuzzy model is adopted to describe the fault model of NNCS in which the integration...
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The Study of Different Types of Kernel Density Estimators

MingE Sha, Yonggang Xie
One of the most important method of estimating and graphing the underlying density is kernel density estimation (KDE). In this paper, we present basic knowledge of KDE, and simulations were carried out which compare three bandwidth selection methods [Normal rule of thumb (NROT), Least squares cross-validation...
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Global minimization with a new filled function approach

Weixiang Wang, Youlin Shang, Mengxiang Li
This paper presents a new filled function method for global minimization problem with smooth or non-smooth box constraints. The constructed filled function contains only one parameter, which can be adjusted readily during the iterative process. The theories and the computational properties of the filled...
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Research on Task Planning Problem of Satellite-Ground Time Synchronization

Zhongshan Zhang, Weijie Sun, Jungang Yan
The task planning of satellite-ground time synchronization (SGTSTP) is a complex multi-objective ground station scheduling problem. In this paper, we establish the problem formulation and analyze the optimization objectives. Based on the complexity analysis, we design a solving framework based on decomposition,...
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Existence of Positive Periodic Solution of a Ratio-Dependent Predator- Prey System with Time Delays

Xinyi Chen
A periodic ratio-dependent predator-prey system with time delay is investigated. By using a continuation theorem based on coincidence degree theory, the sufficient conditions of the existence of periodic solution of the system are obtained, which generalizes the known result.
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Computer Simulation on Injection Molding Process of Automotive Engine Air intake Manifold Based on Moldflow

Hanwu Liu, Jiao Zhang, Yang Wang, Junming Liu
Engineering plastics with its unique performance advantages in automobile manufacture is becoming more widespread. Plastic intake manifold of the engine intake system as the most critical components of its design and manufacture great difficulty, its injection molding process is crucial to the design...
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Split General Mixed Variational Inequality Problem

Fengjiao Wang, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we introduce a split general mixed variational inequality problem which is a natural extension of a split variational inequality problem, mixed variational and variational inequality problems in Hilbert spaces.Using the resolvent operator technique, we propose an iterative algorithm for...
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Study of growth and yield of winter wheat using WOFOST model based on wireless sensor network data

Huarui Wu, Huaji Zhu, Lihong Zhang, Yisheng Miao
This study aims to research the applicability of the WOFOST model and predict winter wheat yield on a regional scale. The automatic information in study area could be achieved from the wireless sensor network (WSN) deployed in cropland. The observed results including the phenological dates, LAI and the...
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The Optimization of Chinese Air Route Network with Cooperative Coevolving PSO

Yanan Miao, Chen Hong, Jing Fang
With the rapid development of Chinese air transportation, the performance of the Chinese air route network (ARN) becomes more and more important. Since the location of air route waypoints (ARWs) is crucial for the performance of ARN, we propose an ARW optimization model in this paper. In the model, the...
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Study on Evolution Model of Internet Public Opinion Based on Complex Network

Shibao Sun, Yanan Zhang, Jingshan Zhang, Chong Zhang
In view of the complexity of Internet and the heterogeneity of individual in public opinion spreading, established the Internet public opinion evolution model based on complex network. Through experiment simulation, observed influences of order parameter and network topology on the evolution of opinion....
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A hybrid Model for the Evolution of Network Public Sentiment Based on Bass and Cellular Automata

Shibao Sun, Jingshan Zhang, Yanan Zhang, Chong Zhang
Considering netizen opinion is influenced by many factors in the spread of public opinion, combine the Bass theory and traditional cellular automata model, add external influence, degree of neighbor and external influence, a hybrid model for the evolution of online public sentiment considering the external...
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Numerical Study on Influence of Impacts from Environmental Factor on CO Concentration in Tunnel with Longitudinal ventilation

Yachao Li, Liang Yi, Shaohui Chen
The impacts from different environmental factors on CO concentration are studied based on FLUENT numerical simulation. Under different wind velocities, environmental temperatures, and super hydrostatic difference, the distribution of CO concentration inside the tunnel is analyzed. The result is that...
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Manufacturer Profit Maximum Model in a Supply Network

Zhen-feng Wang, Zhan-wu Wang, Guang-yin Xu
A supply network has been studied which consists of a supplier and a manufacturer. Considering inventory costs and shortage cost because of supply shortage, profit maximum model was established based on the uncertain market demand and variable manufacturing costs. The feasibility of the model has been...
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Development and Design of Forensic Expert System in Bridge Engineering

Li Lin, Dandan Xia, Haitao Hu, Xiangmin Zhang, Fuqiang He
Considering the complication of impact factor in the bridge engineering identification, it is regarded as an inverse problem and the neural network method is applied to avoid the difficulty caused by the uncertainty of the system. The data model and neural network simulation model of the bridge engineering...
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Airplane Recognition and Location On the Airport Based On Computer Vision

JianFeng Mu, YanYang Wang
In order to improve safety for airliner ground movement at the airport, a positioning method which can identify airliner and find the location of the airliner when the airliner taxiing at the airport based on computer vision is presented. Deep learning method is applied to recognize an airliner from...
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The Identification of the Characteristic of Running-in Surface Based on Wavelet and Fractal Dimension

Qi Han, Zhenguo Jing
The experiment of running-in was carried out on the pin-disk test machine. Then the images of surface topography were taken by OLYMPUS optical digital microscope. In order to identify these images, the arithmetic of discrete wavelet transform(DWT) and fractal box dimension which used to describe the...
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Nelder-Mead based Marriage in Honey Bees Optimization C-means (NM-MBOC) algorithm for Clustering and it's Convergence Analysis

Chenguang Yang, QiaogeLiu Li
Clustering is the method to partition unlabeled data, whitch is very important in bioinformatics. To overcome the difficult of balancing between different cluster criteria, we use multi-objective optimization to solve the problem. In this paper, we propose an Nelder-Mead based Marriage in Honey Bees...
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The Localization Algorithm Based on Improved DV-Hop Algorithm

Jun-gang Zheng, Li Chen, Xing-hua Xia
Node localization is the foundation of the wireless sensor networks.The traditional DV-Hop localization algorithm has been studied in this paper.In order to solve the problem of DV-Hop localization algorithm,an improved DV-Hop localization algorithm has been proposed. Which uses correction value reducing...
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PWM Dimming with Minimum Switching Cycle

Haishi Wang, Tianbao Wang, Hanfei Yang, Ke Li
PWM dimming is widely used to adjust the luminance of lighting emitting diode (LED) due to the advantage of no LED shimming. When the dimming ratio is relatively small, the LED current maybe unable to increase from zero to a desired level and thus the LED may be undersupplied with electricity. This paper...
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A Risk Assessment Method Based on OWGA Operator and Fuzzy DEMATEL Algorithm

Xiaohua Lin, Wenhua Jia
For the deficiency of traditional failure mode and effects analysis ( FMEA) in solving risk ranking problem for related failure modes, this paper proposed a risk assessment method based on ordered weighted geometric averaging (OWGA) operator and fuzzy decision making trial and evaluation method (DEMATEL)....
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Test Configuration for Incipient Fault Detection

Shuming Yang, Xiaoyu Wen, Xiaofei Zhang
Information sensing and test are premise and foundation of (Equipment Health Management, EHM), a reasonable sensor configuration not only provide accurate and complete fault information, but also improve fault diagnostics, fault prognostics and health state evaluation capability. To address the problem...
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Performance Enhancement in LDPC coded high-dimension MIMO-OFDM systems

Gulomjon Sangirov, Yongqing Fu, Jamshid Sangirov, Ahmad Olmasov
Currently, low-density parity check (LDPC) coded multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems becoming very important research area in wireless communication. Especially in high throughput wireless communication, due to its capacity increasing ability...
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Research on Gait Recognition Method Based on Gait Frame Difference Entropy Image

Zhanli Li, Fang Yang, Jingding Fu
To the relatively low recognition rate of gait frame difference energy image (GFDEI), this paper proposes gait frame difference entropy image (GFDEnI) to describe gait feature based on it, and then adopts improved KNN to recognize. GFDEnI describes the uncertainty of each point using Shannon entropy...
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Web Structure and Color Arrangement Analysis

Fen He
With the rapid development of the Internet, as a new discipline Web design is gradually being recognized. Web Design is creative thinking activities of a web designer that artistic planning consciously of objects or constituent elements of the page in accordance with the times, technology and experience...
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Research on Communication Security Technology in Intelligent Substation

Lei Wang, Yan Ding
With the rapid development of our country's economy, the per capita level of material life has improved significantly, the corresponding power consumption is also growing sharply, which brings a severe test to the stable operation of power grid system. As the mainstream trend of the current power grid...
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A New Algorithm for Feature Extraction of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests Signal Based on Optimal Wavelet Packet and Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Changcheng Li, Shuyun Cai, Laiwu Yin
Plant diseases and insect pests have similar symptoms, but it is difficult to distinguish between professional and technical personnel to identify plant diseases and insect pests. In order to accurate extraction of plant diseases and insect pests, physiological and pathological characteristics of signal,...
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Research on Improved PID Control Algorithm of a Kind of High Speed Vehicle

Wenguang Zhang, Junwei Lei, Zijian Lin
According to the nonlinear model of pitch channel of a hypersonic vehicle, the open-loop control is studied, and the response curve is given. On this basis, this paper makes a research on PID control, PID controller design and the introduction of the angular velocity to increase the system damping, which...
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Research on the Security Evaluation of Computer System Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Jimin Gao
Information has become an important resource for mankind. In handling these huge amount of information, computer information processing has become indispensable. At present, how to predict and evaluate computer systems security in a better way emerged as a research hot spots. In this paper, fuzzy comprehensive...
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Research on Backstepping Control of a Kind of Second Order System Without Compensation of Coupling Item

Yuliang Chen, Zijian Lin, Junwei Lei
For a class of two order systems with single input and non-minimum phase, this paper uses backstepping design method to design the controller and studies the Euler programming problem. But unlike the traditional backstepping design, this paper did not use the method of hinge compensation, but there is...
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Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm Based On Elite Group

XiaoBo Gao, YouCai Wang, GuangZhao Yang
By introduce the information entropy and the average-distance-amongst-points to analysis the population distribution in the process of evolution, and figured out the cause of the DE/best/* premature convergence is the control function of the current optimal individual to decrease the population diversity...
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Application on "6s"Management Model of Information and Communication safety Management

Fangfang Dang, Shiwen Wang, Peng Cui, Lin Mei, Lei Zhu, You Sun
With the promotion of network safety, information management and electric power industry information, information and communication safety has become an important part of power system network safety and the safety requirements of electric system information has improved constantly. Through expounding...
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Research on the Quality Comprehensive Evaluation of Computer Software Based on Grey Clustering Method

Jimin Gao
With the development of information technology, there are an increasingly demands for high-quality software. the software has been applied in various fields of national economy, and the software quality has been emphasized more and more. How to improve the quality of software products has emerged as...
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Research on PID control and Simulation with M Language of Matlab Program

Yuqiang Jin, Yuliang Chen, Zijian Lin, Junwei Lei
In this paper, we use the M language of Matlab software to study the programming and implementation of PID control for a class of simple first order systems. According to the proportional, proportional integral and full proportional integral differential control three cases , We separately conduct the...
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Simulation Realization of Sliding Mode Control for Second Order System with M Language

Yuqiang Jin, Jianhong Shi, Junwei Lei, Zijian Lin
Aiming at a class of two order systems with single input and non minimum phase, a sliding mode control method is used to design the controller. And the problem of using Matlab software M language programming is studied. Finally, the simulation results show that the design of the controller and the programming...
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Sliding Mode Control Of Pitch Channel Nonlinear Model Of A Kind Of High Speed Vehicles Without Sign Function

Guangbin Wu, Guoqiang Liang, Zijian Lin, Junwei Lei
A kind of Sliding mode controller is designed for a kind of pitch channel model of hypersonic aircrafts. The main task is to realize attack angle tracking of hypersonic aircrafts. Compared with traditional sliding mode design method, the main difference is that the sign function is not used and a kind...