Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP 2017)

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Developing a New Quantitative Reasoning Test for Indonesian High School Students using the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory of Intelligence

Khairunisa Damayanti, Nurul Arbiyah
This study aimed to develop a new intelligence measurement based on the CHC theory of intelligence; specifically, a quantitative reasoning test for tapping into high school students’ interests. The test consists of two subtests: deductive quantitative reasoning (QR-VA) and inductive quantitative reasoning...
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Development of the Associative Memory Intelligence Test for High School Students Based on Cattel-Horn-Carrol Theory

Hidayati, Dewi Maulina
The objective of the study was to develop and validate the Associative Memory Test (AM Test), as a subtest of the intelligence test (Tes Inteligensi Siswa SMA, TISS), based on Cattel-Horn-Caroll (CHC) theory of intelligence. The AM Test was used as a psychological assessment tool for determining high...
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Development of an Indonesian Figural-Inductive Reasoning Test for High School Students Based on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory

Anita Dwinata Lubis, Dewi Maulina
The changing of Indonesia’s school curriculum in 2013 brought new regulations to divide students into specializations once they reach tenth grade. This study was conducted to develop a new test called Figural-Inductive Reasoning Test (FIR test) as a subtest of the new intelligence battery test, Tes Inteligensi...
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Development and Validation of a Working Memory Capacity Test for High School Students

Debby Mardiati, Dewi Maulina
The aim of this study is to develop a working memory capacity (WM) test as one of the subtests for the new intelligence test (TISS, or Tes Inteligensi Siswa SMA). The WM test would be used as a reference in consideration of selecting a specialization for high school students in Indonesia. The construction...
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The Development of Visualization Test Based on Catell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory of Intelligence for Senior High School Student in Indonesia

Andhika Prakoso, Nurul Arbiyah
Visual-spatial ability measurement for the recommendation for 10th grade high school students serves as the basis for constructing a visual-spatial test. Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory, which is currently the most comprehensive theory of intelligence, is used as the structural framework of this test. This...
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The Development of a Lexical Knowledge Test: Assessing Lexical Knowledge of Indonesian High School Students using the Cattel-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory of Intelligence

Ariestianto Waskita, Nurul Arbiyah
As the most comprehensive contemporary theory, the Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory of Intelligence (CHC) is a suitable framework for a new standard reference for senior high-school majors in Indonesia. This study attempted to construct a lexical knowledge measurement, called Tes Pengetahuan Leksikal (TPL),...
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Using a Developmental-relationship-based Approach for Improving the Joint Attention of a Child with Autism: A Single-case Design

Lia M, Boediman, Mayang Gita Mardian
This single-case study examined the effectiveness of the developmental-relationship-based approach in improving the joint attention of a child with autism. This study included one participant, a boy aged 7 years and 4 months. Two components of joint attention were measured: response to joint attention...
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Total-Task Presentation as a Technique to Develop Self-Drinking Skill: A Single-Case Study of an Autistic Child with Intellectual Impairment

Yasmine Nur Edwina, Mita Aswanti Tjakrawiralaksana
Using a pre-post intervention design, this study aims to evaluate the use of total-task presentation technique in a training program to develop the self-drinking skill of a 9-year-old male child who features autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with intellectual impairment. This study consists of three phases,...
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Effectiveness of Training on Four Key Aspects to Develop the Interaction between Mother and Children in Early Childhood

Diah Arum Witasari Humani, Rini Hildayani, Fenny Hartianti
This research aims to understand the effectiveness of training by playing on four key aspects to develop the interaction between mother and children in early childhood (children aged 3 - 6 years). The four key aspects of the mother-child interaction are affection, responsiveness, encouragement, and teaching...
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The Implementation of Resource Development and Installation (RDI) for an Adolescent with Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI)

Aisyah Ibadi, Ike Anggraika Kuntoro, Tri Iswardani
This study examines the application of Resource Development and Installation (RDI) for Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI) as applied to the case of a 16-year-old female adolescent using pre- and post-test design. NSSI, negative feelings and positive resources were assessed before and after RDI sessions...
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Increasing Compliance and Task Completion in a Child with Borderline Intellectual Functioning: An Application of the Behavior Modification Principle

Mutia Aprilia Permata Kusumah, Sri Redatin Retno Pudjiati
Behavior modification has been proven to increase the probability of desirable behavior in various settings. Although a lot of research has shown this method of intervention to be effective, few studies have been conducted with participants who have borderline intellectual functioning (BIF). The current...
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The Use of Metacognitive Strategies in Reading and their Influence on Reading Comprehension of Junior High School Students in the Upland Region of Java

Melly Latifah, Sri Hartati R. Suradijono, Lucia Retno Mursitolaksmi
Reading comprehension plays an important role in students’ academic achievement. One’s level of reading comprehension is shown to be related to the use of metacognitive strategies in the reading process. This study will identify the types of metacognitive strategies used in the reading process by 55...
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Application of a Shaping Technique to Increase On-Task Behavior Duration in Children with ADHD

Amatul Firdausa Nasa, Sri Redatin Retno Pudjiati, Mita Aswanti Tjakrawiralaksana
In general, children with ADHD have difficulty performing on-task behaviors. This relates to their difficulty of sustaining their attention for a long time. Difficulty in maintaining attention level means that children with ADHD often experience poor academic performance and academic failure. To improve...
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Teaching Self-Dressing Skill Behavior in a Child with Moderate Intellectual Disability and Low Vision with Backward Chaining Technique

Dewa Ayu Diah Tri Paramita Putri Nida, Mita Aswanti Tjakrawiralaksana
The aim of this study is to identify the effectiveness of using the backward chaining technique to teach children with moderate intellectual disability (ID) and low vision the self-dressing skill of putting on a T-shirt. Teaching these children such a skill allows them to be independent and ultimately...
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Effectiveness of a Selfhood Builder Program in Improving Selfhood for a Six-Year-Old Child

Sonia Utari Alatan, Farida Kurniawati
This research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of using a selfhood builder to improve selfhood as one component of self-esteem in children aged six. As a child’s foundation of courage to try new things, self-esteem supports children by giving them confidence to explore the environment. Because...
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The Effectiveness of Social Stories and Video Modeling in Improving Self-Care Skills in Female Adolescents with Mild Intellectual Disabilities during Menstrual Periods

Tika Dwi Ariyanti, Lucia R. M. Royanto
Individuals with intellectual disabilities have different needs related to both sexual education and sexual development. This is caused by their significant limitations in intellectual and adaptive functioning. This is especially true for a female, when these limitations raise problems caring for herself...
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Increasing Emotion regulation skills with dialectical behavior therapy skills training: A single-case study on an elementary school student with borderline intellectual functioning

Kara Andrea Handali, Linda Primana
Individuals with borderline intellectual functioning (BIF) are persons with an IQ between 70 and 85 points and characterized by their wide range of cognitive and social difficulties. During their school-age years, most of them have problems with school adjustment. Their ability to regulate emotion is...
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Development and Validation of a Social Anxiety Scale (SAS)

Erka T. Hutama, James Atyeo, Ike Anggraika Kuntoro
Although several scales have been developed to measure social anxiety, none of these scales have focused on measuring social anxiety in the college setting. This study aimed to develop a scale to measure social anxiety that can be used specifically for college students. The scale was developed based...
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Enhancing an Underachieving Middle School Student’s Motivation and Self-Regulation in Learning Mathematics with Self-Regulated Learning Program

Berlian Damenia Manuella, Frieda M. Mangunsong
Underachievement in mathematics is a phenomenon in which a student’s mathematics achievement falls below his/her learning potential. Motivation and self-regulation are two crucial factors in a student’s underachievement. By using single-subject A-B design, this study aimed to examine the effects of a...
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Psychoeducation on Reproductive Health as Self-protection from Sexual Violence for 5- to 6-year-old Children

Siska Konda A. Melontige, Frieda M. Mangunsong
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of a reproductive health psychoeducation program to enhance knowledge and ability of self-protection from sexual violence for children aged 5 - 6 years old. A total of 13 children participated in a reproductive health psychoeducation program using observational...
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Reciprocal Teaching with Buddy to Improve Metacognitive Strategies of a High School Student with Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Rizki Mustika, Lucia R. M. Royanto
Reading is a complicated activity that involves cognitive and metacognitive strategies. To understand a text, metacognitive strategies can be used. Metacognitive strategies can help individuals to regulate their knowledge, manipulate information, and reflect understanding, in order to capture the meaning...
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The Relationship between Moral Emotions of Shame, Guilt, and Moral Identity Among Undergraduate Students in Indonesia

Eva Septiana
Previous research on moral emotion and moral identity was conducted particularly on guilt in the field of sports. However, the moral emotions do not include shame and guilt, which were important in investigating the relationship between moral emotions, such as shame and guilt, and moral identity. Thus,...
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The Effectiveness of the RAP (Read, Ask, Put) Strategy to Improve Functional Reading Comprehension for Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities

Firsta A. Sukmawan, Rose Mini A. Prianto
Intellectual disability is a significant limitation in the intellectual function and adaptive behavior of a person that appears before the age of 18 years. One of the adaptive behaviors is conceptual skill, which includes functional reading. For students with mild intellectual disabilities, the main...
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The Implementation of Social Skills Training (SST) to Improve the Social Skills of an Adolescent with Peer Relationship Problems at School

Marcelina M.D. Tetono, Ike Anggraika Kuntoro, Luh S.Y. Savitri
Having a good relationship with one's peers is important for adolescents because it influences their self-perception. To establish a positive relationship with peers, good social skills are essential. Therefore, adolescents with social skill deficits require intervention. This study uses pre- and post-test...
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The relationship between perceived organizational support and employee’s turnover intention through supportive co-worker workshop in division B at Company X

Kinanti Alfisyahri, Arum Etikariena, Eka Gatari
In today’s business situation, retaining employee still be a major challenge to compete in the real market. The extent to which an employee is committed to the organization is often based on exchange relationship between organization and employee. Since employees are critical components in the organization,...
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The Relationship Of Improving Intrinsic Motivation On Turnover Intention By Using Job Crafting Workshop for Employee At Division X in a food company

Rahmadia Trisia Effendi, Arum Etikariena
This study aims to determine the relationship between intrinsic motivation and turnover intervention on employees in Division X at a food company as well as an appropriate intervention program to improve employee’s intrinsic motivation. The study was conducted on 103 employees. Turnover intention is...
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Discouraging Employee Turnover through a Coaching Optimization Program

Nurhayati F.M. Nofitri, Alice Salendu
PT X is one of the rapidly growing Business Process Outsource (BPO) companies in Indonesia that is constantly challenged by employe turnover issues. The focus of this research is to determine and implement an appropriate intervention program in order to cope with the employe turnover problem at PT X....
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Integrating an Employability Framework to Improve Occupational Self-Efficacy among Trainees of Vocational Training Institutions

Amalia Rahmandani, Harlina Nurtjahyanti, Dinie Ratri Desiningrum
Both hard skills and soft skills are important for employees to be able to compete and survive in their work. While hard skills can be achieved by further training, efforts to improve soft skills need to be more facilitated. Soft skills are important for increasing one's belief in one’s capacity, and...
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The influence of psychological empowerment on turnover intention through appreciative inquiry workshop for employee at Division X Company X

Ajeng Wilutantri, Arum Etikariena
Many previous studies have explained that high turnover rate will reduce company productivity. Turnover as counter-productive behavior for the whole component of the company. Based on the initial interviews, it was identified that employees of Division X Company X felt less competent to face internal...
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Using Group Therapy to Resolve Social Adjustment Problems of Sojourner Students at Universitas Indonesia

Fadhilah Amalia, Lathifah Hanum, Augustine Dwi Putri Sukarlan
This research was conducted to study the effect of group therapy using a cognitive behavioral approach to improve social adjustment of sojourner students at Universitas Indonesia. Social self-efficacy is known as a trait that can affect social adjustment. Some student's problems with social interaction...
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Catharsis-based Counseling and Relaxation Training as Intervention for Reducing the Symptoms of Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder: A Case Study

Fath Fatheya, S. S. Budi Hartono
Somatoform disorder is a mental illness characterized by medically unexplained physical symptoms. The diagnosis of undifferentiated somatoform disorder is based on the occurrence of one or more physical complaints that persist for at least 6 months and that cannot be fully attributed to a medical condition....
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Decreasing Anxiety in an Elderly Female Patient Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Single-case Study

C.S. Indah Gunarti, Lifina Dewi Pohan
Personal loss, financial problems, decreasing responsibilities, and chronic disease increase the anxiety levels of individuals as they mature and reach late adulthood. Kidney failure is a chronic disease that is common among the elderly. Its treatment requires the long-term adaptation and lifestyle changes...
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Systematic Desensitization for Treating Specific Phobia of Earthworms: An In Vivo Exposure Study

Martin Herdiansyah, Nathanael J. Sumampouw
Systematic desensitization was used to overcome the earthworm phobia of a 20-year-old female who is a college student majoring in Linguistics. This treatment is important because she will conduct a Real Work Lecture (K2N) related to plantation activities. Her earthworm phobia is considered to interfere...
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Using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Approach in Group Therapy to Alleviate Preoccupation with Body Weight in Universitas Indonesia Students

Rami Busyra Ikram, Ina Saraswati, Bona S. H. Hutahaean
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a mindfulness-based therapy for increasing psychological flexibility. In this study, ACT helped individuals who evaluated themselves negatively with regard to their body weight. Specifically, this preliminary study aimed to alleviate students’ preoccupation...
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Why Are There People With Psychosis And People Without? Is It All Due To Genetic And Vulnerability Factors?

Edo S. Jaya
Schizophrenia or psychotic disorder has often been assumed as a hereditary disorder. However, recently accumulated evidence has demonstrated the importance of environmental factors, particularly social factors. Two dominant theoretical frameworks explain the association between social factors and psychosis,...
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Counseling, Progressive Relaxation, and Writing a Journal to Reduce General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in an Undergraduate Student from Universitas Indonesia

Vitriyanti Sukarno Karyo, Ina Saraswati
This study describes how counseling, progressive relaxation, and writing a journal can assist a student in reducing symptoms of general anxiety disorder (GAD). The participant in this study was a 21-year-old girl who reported being anxious in several areas of her life, namely, academic, friendship, religion,...
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Behavioral Intervention to Support Smoking Cessation and Treating Insomnia in an Elderly Woman Living in a Nursing Home: A Case Study

Inez Kristanti, Adhityawarman Menaldi
Elderly people are vulnerable to health problems, yet some of them also experience difficulties adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Frequent smoking behavior is often found in the elderly population. Thus far, one of the most effective methods to help the elderly overcome the smoking habit is through a...
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Social Anxiety and Internet Addiction: CBT Intervention Module Development Based on Self-Reflection

Ayu Pradani Sugiyanto Putri, Elizabeth Kristi Poerwandari, Erida Rusli
This study presents an intervention module development based on the self-reflection of the first author, who has been experiencing social anxiety and Internet addiction. Said author has also been experiencing fear of negative evaluation and has negative beliefs about her ability to perform appropriately...
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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Reducing Stress Among Informal Caregivers Of Schizophrenia

Utami Nurhafsari Putri, Dini Rahma Bintari
Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) intervention is proven to reduce distress and improve the well-being of individuals, including caregivers. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of MBSR in reducing stress levels in informal caregivers of schizophrenia outpatients. The research method was...
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Brief Cognitive Behavior Therapy for College Students with Depression Symptoms: A Case Study

Linda Setiawati, Lifina Dewi Pohan
University life can be perceived as challenging by many students. When students are unable to cope with challenges, it is very likely that they will experience stress. Unresolved stress conditions can impact college students’ physical and psychological condition and affect their academic performance....
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A Woman with Anxiety Symptoms: Did a Diary Help to Reduce them?

Patricia Yuannita Tunrisna, Lathifah Hanum
Anxiety can disrupt functioning of individuals in everyday life, but the symptoms are sometimes not recognized. This case study is about an inferior and self-centered woman who experiences anxiety. This anxious feeling is interferes with many of her daily activities; it also makes her stutter, so she...
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Feasibility Study of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an Intervention for Mild Cognitive Impairment in Elderly Indonesians

Dharmayati Bambang Utoyo, Retha Arjadi, Agnes Utari Hanum Ayuningtias, Edo S. Jaya
In Indonesia, non-medication-based methods for the treatment of elderly individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) remain non-existent. This study aimed to test the feasibility of applying culturally sensitive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of elderly individuals with MCI....