Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP 2017)

Advancement in technology and modern life offer a wealth of opportunities. They also pose as challenges to society. To address these challenges, the societies need to be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and evidence-based practices. The field of psychology contribute to manage these challenges through intervention programs, both tailored for individuals as well as community in various settings.

We are pleased to introduce the proceeding of the first International Conference on Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP) in 2017. ICIAP is hosted by Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. It is a forum to foster discussion on the practice of psychology, taking on the form of applied research and clinical studies. ICIAP has encountered various challenges as it is a first iteration of the conference. Despite that, we are very proud that the first iteration of the conference has received 101 proposals from Indonesia, Australia, and the UK. Eighty-seven paper were accepted and presented in the conference on September 15-16, 2017. The proceeding includes 42 selected papers, categorized into six themes. They were Early Childhood and Development, Industrial Organization and Organizational Theory, Mental Health, Psychology and Education, and lastly, Urban and Community Development. These selected papers bring out topics that are relevant to contemporary society and offer a myriad of solutions to existing challenges.

The editors would like to thank Universitas Indonesia Vice Rector Prof. Dr. rer nat Rosari Saleh, the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Dr. Tjut Rifameutia Umar Ali, the Vice Dean Prof. Sri Hartati R. Suradijono, Ph.D. and the former Vice Dean Corina D. S. Riantoputra, Ph.D., and Universitas Indonesia Directorate of Research Product and Innovation Management for their support from the start of the conference throughout the proceeding preparation. The editors would also like to thank Dr. Lucia M. Royanto, Efriyani Djuwita, M.Si, and the rest of the conference organizing committee for their unwavering dedication and hard work in running a successful first-time conference. We would like to thank the reviewers of the papers for their time and effort in providing valuable feedback for the authors. Lastly, we would like to the thank the desk editor team for their persistent effort in assisting the proceeding preparation. It is our hope that this proceeding would encourage more research on the applied and clinical studies in psychology.

Finally, as the planning for the second ICIAP has started, it is our pleasure to extend the invitation for participation in the upcoming 2018 ICIAP. Looking forward to see you there.

Sali Rahadi Asih, M.Psi., MGPCC., Ph.D.