Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education and Pedagogy (ICIEP 2020)

Universitas Borneo Tarakan proudly presents the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education and Pedagogy (ICIEP) with the theme "Togetherness for Better Education in Southeast Asia". This international conference collaboration is a continuation of 1st ICIEP which was successfully held in Tangerang on October 5, 2019 with the main host of Universitas Terbuka with the theme “Innovative Digital Technology for Quality Education 4.0”. This year, Universitas Borneo Tarakan was appointed as the main host of the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education and Pedagogy (ICIEP), in collaboration with domestic and foreign universities including Universitas Terbuka, Universitas Mulawarman, Universitas Sriwijaya, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Malaysia), Songkhla Rajabat University (Thailand), and Pangasinan State University (Philiphines). This international conference provides opportunities for researchers to present their projects and share their experiences in education and pedagogy. The conference also serves as a convenient platform to discuss the latest developments in education and pedagogy. In addition, conferences offer great opportunities to refine thinking, share concerns and receive constructive comments in a supportive environment.

This activity takes the form of a scientific seminar consisting of plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations and workshops. The target participants are practitioners in the field of natural materials both from academia (lecturers, researchers, students) as well as practitioners and industry both from within and outside the country.

The main objective of this activity is as a medium for meetings and information exchange between academics in ASEAN. Specifically, this activity aims to:

1. Encourage intellectual and professional collaboration towards education and pedagogy enhancement to shape the future generations of ASEAN countries.
2. Build a research network of academics and educators to strengthen the exchange of information on the elimination of current issues in education
3. Enrich the field of educational research and pedagogy to become a reference point towards strengthening the quality education system of the ASEAN community.
4. Present various research carried out covering the fields of education and pedagogy of ASEAN countries, to attract cross-disciplinary connections and reflect on the nature of academic and research work.

The benefits expected from this international conference are:
1. An international conference in the field of education in North Kalimantan, Indonesia.
1. The publication of papers that are presented and have been through selection / review by the Editorial Board team will be assisted to be published in proceedings published in Atlantis.
2. Press and indexed in Web of Science.
3. The increasing number of lecturers and researcher’s publications in international proceedings indexed by Web of Science.

This International Seminar has the theme: "" Togetherness for Better Education in Southeast Asia”. The sub-themes of the international conference include:
• Education Management
• Curriculum Management
• Health and Physical Education
• Information Technology in Teaching and Learning
• Islamic Education
• Moral Education Assessment
• Assessment and Evaluation
• Education Leadership
• Geography Education
• History Education
• Innovation in Teaching and Learning
• Issues and Practice in Education
• Rural Education
• Language Education
• Early Childhood Education
• Education Policy
• Science and Mathematics Education
• Sport Science
• Physical Education
• Technical and Vocational Educational