Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education and Pedagogy (ICIEP 2020)

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Constructing Microlearning Design for Mathematics Learning in School

Agusmanto JB Hutauruk, Adi S Situmorang, Parlindungan Sitorus
Learning at this time should be upgraded according to technological and cultural development. E-learning by utilizing learning technology must also be adapted in mathematics learning. Microlearning as a learning method can be used in mathematics learning in school. Microlearning design must first be...
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Development of Biology Learning Comic Based on The Tidung Tribe’s Gasab Philosophy

(an Ethnoecological Perspective of Yadu Usuk Folklore Study)

Alfi Suciyati, Fadhlan Muchlas Abrori
Environmental attitude needs to be instilled in every student. One of the effective ways is to integrate it into the local culture. Every folklore in the culture of the tribes in Indonesia always has a message or advice in it. The Tidung tribe is one of the tribes that has folklore in which advice to...
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Analysis of Science Process Skills for Senior High School Students in Banjarmasin

Arief Ertha Kusuma, Rusmansyah
Science teachers who know the level of students ‘science process skills will easily design good learning in order to improve students’ knowledge and skills. This study aims to describe the level of science process skills of high school students in Banjarmasin City. The science process skill level of...
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Supporting and Engaging Border Area Teachers in Online Learning

A Case Study in North Kalimantan, Indonesia

Arifin, Woro Kusmaryani
During the corona pandemic, online learning is perceived as a way to continue teaching and learning activities. This technique, although agreed upon, is controversial. Teachers’ readiness is required to teach with the ability to use effective and efficient learning technology. The facts in the field...
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The Use of Cartoon Film Media in Narrative Writing Skills for Elementary School Students

Asih Riyanti, Burhan Nurgiyantoro, Maman Suryaman
This study was to describe the use of cartoon film media with character education to improve narrative writing skills and describe the constraints in implementing learning narrative writing materials and methods. This study used a classroom action research design consisting of two cycles. Each stage...
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Small Group Teaching and Learning: Method and Effect to Student’ Learning Achievement

Degi Alrinda Agustina, Farid Helmi Setyawan, Sofyan Susanto
Building relationships in the classroom is a part of a teacher’s duty and career. By making healthy relationships from teacher to learner or learner to learner is an effective way to prevent a pedagogical problem, social conflict, and some different behavior. There are so many strategies are available...
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Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

A Case of Tarakan Vocational High School Students in Indonesian Language Learning

Achmad Dicky Romadhan, Dwi Cahyono Aji
This research aimed to investigate the implementation of online learning intensely during the Covid-19 Pandemic in one vocational high school in Tarakan, North Kalimantan, Indonesia. This research focused on teachers’ and students’ implementation of online language learning. This research was descriptive...
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The Effect of the Collaborative Online Learning Model on Students’ Learning Process and Performance in an Open University

Dewi Padmo, Suciati Sastro, Ketut Budiastra
The use of collaborative online learning models is expected to develop teamwork and student participation, which is a part of ‘non-cognitive skills’ that are needed for self-development. The quasi-experimental research on the collaborative online learning model aimed to analyze its effect on students’...
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Teaching Writing Skill on Bahasa Indonesia Through Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication (SCMC): A Case of Borneo University Student on non-Language Department Learner

Dwi Cahyono Aji
This paper aims to reveal the effectiveness of within the teaching Bahasa Indonesia writing skills. This analysis used a quasi-experimental design. The population consisted of non-linguistic students from the Borneo Tarakaan University, two classes were randomly selected as a sample, agrotechnology class...
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Eka Widyawati
This study aims to analyze student teacher candidate pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in designing learning. This research was conducted on seventh-semester students who had taken microteaching courses in the Mathematics Education Department. The research design used is descriptive research with an...
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Implementation of Educational Management Principles to Improve Teachers’ Performance SMKN 6 Bone South Sulawesi

Ermi Sola, Baharuddin, Muh Idris
The research aims at studying the implementation of management principles toward the improvement of performance. This study is descriptive qualitative research with phenomenology and a symbolic interaction approach. The data collected from the principal, teachers, and staff through observation, questionnaires,...
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The Narrative Structure Analysis of Tidung Oral Story on Alan Dundes at Tarakan City, North Kalimantan (Folklore Study)

Eva Apriani
This research is a narrative structure of Tidung Oral Story on Alan Dundes at Tarakan City, North Kalimantan. The problem research focuses on the structure of motifeme in folklore entitled The Origin of Mount Srilaki, Betawol, Si Gumban, Putri Kumalasari, and Buluh Perindu folklore studies. The theory...
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Drawing Your Opinion: An Activity of Visualizing Student Opinions in Comics Form Regarding Waste Problems in Coastal Areas

Fadhlan Muchlas Abrori, Dwiriani Puspitajati
The purpose of this research is to develop a comic strip as the final form of a learning project. Comics were developed by students to express their opinions and points of view regarding the problem of waste in coastal areas. The model used in the learning process is an Issue-Based Instructional learning...
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Understanding of the Students of Mathematics Education in Solving Linear Algebra Problems

Knowledge of the Students of Mathematics Education in Solving Linear Algebra Problems

Ferryansyah, Lisa Novita Sari
This study aims to describe the instrumental understanding and relational understanding of Mathematics Education students in solving linear algebra problems. This research was conducted in the Department of Mathematics Education, FKIP, University of Borneo Tarakan. The research subjects were students...
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The Backchannels on English as a Foreign Language Teaching

Classroom Discourse Analysis of Lecturer and Students’ Interaction of Borneo University Tarakan

Fitriawati, Bibit Suhatmady
This study aimed to investigate; the types of backchannels and why the research participants in this study used backchannels in their classroom interaction. A case study involving a female lecturer and a female selected student met the criteria. The data were gathered from the research participants in...
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Matriculation: A Program to Increase the Initial Ability of Mathematics Education Student

Ika Noviantari
The initial abilities of students differ from one student to another, one of which can be caused by differences in school origins. Some students come from high schools majoring in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Social Studies, computers, agriculture, and even culinary. The difference in students’...
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Transcendence, Liberation, and Humanization in Novel Mantra Pejinak Ular

(Literary Criticism Learning Material)

Inung Setyami, Faruk, Fadlil Munawwar Manshur
This study aims to determine the repertoire in the novel Mantra Pejinak Ular which is used as the background of creation so that the author’s foreground can be revealed. This study’s object is associated with the foundation of creation, which includes social norms, historical norms, and the entire culture...
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Mathematical Literacy of Vocational School Students in North Kalimantan

Jero B. Darmayasa, Hariaty Hamid, Irianto Aras
This study aims to describe the mathematical literacy skills of the food crops and horticulture agribusiness students at Bulungan Regency. This case study research focuses on mathematical literacy with the key informants are 5 students of the Agribusiness expertise program who are currently studying...
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The Development of Montessori-Based Javanese Script Learning Model

Joko Sukoyo, Esti Sudi Utami, Endang Kurniati
The emerging problems dealing with learning Javanese script are conventional learning methods applied by teachers, lack of innovative learning, and less motivated learners to learn Javanese script. One of the solutions for the problem is developing a Montessori based learning model. It has several strengths...
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Implementation of Cycle Learning Based on Dayak Kenyah Uma’lasan Culture in North Kalimantan

Kadek Dewi Wahyuni Andari, Samriati, Suyadi, Agustinus Toding Bua
This research’s aim is to determine the implementation of Learning Cycle based on culture and to observe the learning outcomes of students in terms of three aspects (affective, psychomotor, and cognitive) at SDN 002 West Tanjung Palas. The focus of this research is the application of learning (Learning...
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The Reliability of the Indonesian Pedagogy of Science Teaching Test (POSTT)

Listiani, William W. Cobern, Brandy A-S Pleasants, Betty AJ Adams
The development of an instrument typically requires a reliability study. For formative assessment instruments, however, reliability is less of a concern unless a formative instrument gets used as a research tool or for summative purposes. When that happens, the formative instrument needs to be evaluated...
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Proportional Reasoning in Mathematics: What and How is the Process?

Maharani Izzatin
Reasoning is one of the abilities that need to be developed in mathematics. Mathematical reasoning can be interpreted as the basis for constructing mathematical knowledge. One of the reasoning in mathematics is proportional reasoning. Proportional reasoning involves understanding the multiplicative relationship...
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The Effectiveness of Natural Approach on Language Learning in Higher Education

Mohammad Amiruddin, Ukhti Raudhatul Jannah
This study aims to describe the effectiveness of the natural approach in language learning in higher education. This study is an experimental research using a quantitative approach. A sample is decided using a random sampling technique. The subjects of this study are 36 students of A-class as the control...
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Student Readiness to Accomplish Practical Assignments in Online Learning

Mukti Amini
This study aims to analyze the implementation of practical assignments in online learning by students. This research method is a survey through an instrument in the form of a questionnaire with 30 questions developed based on theory. Respondents in this study were 550 students of the Early Childhood...
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Inclusive Education and Social Justice for All Indonesians

Novia Wahyu Wardhani, Muhammad Fauzi Fitri Andika
Indonesia has 4 objectives stipulated in the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, one of which is to educate the nation’s life. The Pancasila ideology also mandates social justice for all Indonesians. These two points are manifested in many programs. One of them is through inclusive education....
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Development of Mathematics Learning Devices for Students of Borneo Tarakan University

R Nurmala
This study aims to produce a feasible, practical, and effective online mathematics learning tool for students at the University of Borneo Tarakan. This research is a development research using the 4-D development model developed by Thiagarajan, Semmel & Semmel which has been modified so that it contains...
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Double Negation and Negative Concord in English Language

Pangkuh Ajisoko, Arfha Rizky Firdausya, Sherly Natalina, Khaerawaty Darwis
Double negation and negative concord statements content negative markers and express exceptions or unusual occurrences. The purpose of this article is to investigate the process of interpretation for hearers to be able to interpret sentences into either negative concord or double negation sentences....
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Forming Children Character from View Person Centered and Al-Qur’an

Siti Rahmi, Urotul Aliyah, Nurul Fadilah
The child’s religious’s mental, and moral development is not a process that can occur quickly and be forced. Still, it must be gradual, reasonable, healthy, and following the growth, abilities, and nature of the age that is being passed. Here, parents must be able to capture the positive trends of child...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning in Blended Learning Environment on Students’ Learning Achievement: A True-Experimental Study

The combined blended learning with other teaching strategies has become a considerable concern for educators around the world nowadays. The characteristics of such a blend that can be retrieved at any time, in any place, multi-users, and all its simplicity have made it a very appropriate pedagogical...
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Application of Psychodrama and Role Play in Improving Big Five Factors of Personality School Counselors

Riski Sovayunanto, Siti Rahmi
Personality as an affective cognitive management system. Then, personality was also a characteristic or characteristic of a set of psychological traits in an individual, such as feelings, emotions, ways of thinking, and behaviors that distinguish between one another that was relatively durable, enduring...
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Language acquisition 3-Year-Old Children Through Visual Audio Learning Media During Covid-19 Pandemics

Rita Kumala Sari
This research was a descriptive qualitative study describing language acquisition in children aged 2 years and 8 months. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the use of audio-visual learning media in language acquisition for children aged 2.8 years in the form of vocabulary and sentences...
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Online Lectures Using the WhatsApp Application: Advantages and Obstacles

Roby Zulkarnain Noer, Rani Febriyanti
The purpose of this study was to describe the perceptions of pre-service teachers about online learning through the WhatsApp application. Descriptive qualitative methods were used by using a questionnaire and interview instruments. The questionnaire was given to 74 Elementary School Teacher Education...
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The Students’ English Achievement on the Program of Lecturer Teaching in School at Junior High School in Tarakan

Romlah Ulfaika, Pangkuh Ajisoko
The Lecturer Teaching in school is a program for lecturers initiated by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. The purposes are to help the lecturers designing appropriate teaching instruction. Another point is a tool for the teachers in schools to renew their teaching skills and...
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Teaching Learning Chemistry Education: A Reflective Thinking for in Service Teacher

Sandra Sukmaning Adji, Rahayu Dwi Riyanti
Reflective practice in higher education has recently become a concern in distance learning. Through reflection activities in service, teachers are expected to make a respond to the matters, activities, or knowledge they have just learned. The purposes of this study were to 1) develop a learning prototype...
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The Analysis of Eighth Grader’s Mathematical Literacy Ability in Solving HOTS Questions at SMPN 3 Tarakan

Setia Widia Rahayu
This research is a qualitative descriptive study that aims to describe students’ mathematical literacy skills of class VIII SMPN 3 Tarakan in solving HOTS questions. The subject in this study was a class VII student. This study used a test instrument which was the HOTS problem, semi-structured interview...
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Effects of Spatial Learning and Characteristics on Completing Spatial Tasks

Shinta Wulandari
The purpose of this study is to describe the effects of students’ spatial abilities and the characteristics of students’ spatial ability in completing geometry tasks through learning interventions that emphasize spatial activity. This study employs a one-group pretest-posttest design. The research subjects...
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Students Collaboration Skills in Science Learning

Silfia Ilma, Mimien Henie Irawati Al-Muhdhar, Fatchur Rohman, Murni Saptasari
Collaboration skills are skills that students must possess to face the challenges of the 21st century. Collaboration skills do not only play a role in learning but are indispensable for solving life problems. The purpose of this study was to identify the collaboration skills of high school students in...
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Development of Digital Literation Model to Improve Health Food Knowledge of Early Children Indonesia

Siti Aisyah, Anita Chandra Dewi, Dian Novita
This study aims to describe and examine more deeply about digital literacy to increase knowledge of healthy food for early childhood in Pamulang District, South Tangerang and North Semarang District. This research is a development research conducted in 3 stages. The first year is the development of the...
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Analysis of Verb Classes Used on The Observation Result Report (Morphology Study)

Siti Fathonah
This research was a qualitative descriptive study conducted by MTs Negeri Tarakan. This study focuses on analyzing the verb word class, which is obtained from the observation report text of class VII 1 Mts Negeri Tarakan. This study’s data sources are primary and secondary data with informants such as...
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The Virtual Learning Media in Indonesia Language Class during Pandemic

Siti Sulistyani Pamuji
The covid-19 pandemic drives education to be shifted from face-to-face to online learning. This condition initiated research, which aim was to find out how the Indonesia Language class was held and students’ response. This type of research uses qualitative research conducted at the University of Borneo...
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Identification of Pedagogic Competency of Pre-Service Teachers: A Case Study in the Primary School Teacher Education Study Program, University of Borneo Tarakan

Sucahyo Mas’an Al wahid, Fadhlan Muchlas Abrori, Kartini
This study aims to identify the pre-service teacher’s pedagogical competencies at the Elementary School Teacher Education study program, University of Borneo Tarakan. This research is an exploratory case study research. The aspects studied in this study consisted of 6 aspects of pedagogic competence....
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Estimation of Test Item Parameters with Polytomous Item Response Using Partial Credit Model (PCM)

Suciati, Sudji Munadi, Sugiman
Assessment activities would provide useful information if instruments developed and used have good quality. One of the standards for a quality test instrument is having acceptable item parameters. This research aims to analyze the quality of the test instrument in terms of the item parameters’ quality...
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The Influence of Schedule Salat Towards the Students’ Discipline of Doing Salat of SMP 4 Student in Pandemic Time

In this pandemic time, all students study from home. All things dealing with academic and nonacademic tasks are managed by the student. This study aimed to know the students’ discipline of doing salat by giving schedule salat sent to them each week. This is a survey qualitative study. The data collection...
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Teachers’ Influence in the Use of Syllabic Method to Improve Reading Skill at Class I-B Students SDN 009 Tarakan

This study aimed to investigate teachers’ influence in using the syllable method in grade I-B students at SDN 009 Tarakan. This research used classroom action research in 2 cycles with designs or stages ranging from planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The subjects were 28 students...
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Grammatical Errors Analysis in the Thesis Abstracts Made by the Students of Borneo University Tarakan

Syarifa Rafiqa, Nofvia De Vega
This research aimed to identify and describe the common types of grammatical errors and the sources of errors made by the students in thesis abstracts. The research design in this research was descriptive qualitative, the respondent was a student of Borneo University Tarakan who graduated in 2016 and...
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Education in Denmark: Best Practices for Indonesia

Muhammad Thobroni, Ida Zulaeha, Hari Bakti Mardikantoro, Tommi Yuniawan
The quality of the population of a nation is influenced by many things, including: education, health and the level of economic income. Compared to developed countries, the level of education is very good and quality because it is supported by adequate educational facilities and infrastructure. In the...
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Perception of Early Childhood Education Teachers about Teaching Environmental Education

Titi Chandrawati
Environmental literacy skills are also very important characters that should be learned by people since their early age. It is believed that some knowledge if learned by people since they are in early ages, the knowledge can become habit and it will stay in the people mind and heart for a long time....
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High School Student Career Plans: Concepts and Reality

Tri Cahyono
The pointing according to study interest is one of the characteristics of education at the high school level. One of the goals of this majors is to place students in fields that match their interests and talents. By tracing the interests and talents of students, they can reach peak competencies, namely...
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Understanding Concepts of Multiplication Number for Slow Learner Student Through Meaningful Learning at Inclusion School

Ukhti Raudhatul Jannah, Hasan Basri, Ainur Rofiq Hafsi, Yanti Linarsih, Mila Rifa Utami
This study was to describe the multiplication of numbers through meaningful learning for disabled students in inclusion school. This is based on the results of preliminary observations at Primary School Sumedangan 2 Pamekasan as one of the inclusions school, the fact is that in sixth grade there are...
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Investigation of the Successful Implementation of E-Learning in Senior Vocational High School during the Pandemic Period of Covid-19

A Case Study in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan

The perpose of this research is to examine the writing on E-Learning basically. It distinguishes significant elements that influence the accomplishment of E-Learning, fosters a reasonable structure that coordinates basic E-Learning elements and segment factors, and overhauls and changes the theoretical...
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The Effect of Socratics Questioning Method in Improving Students’ Speaking Skill and Critical Thinking in English as a Foreign Language Learning

Woro Kusmaryani
The purpose of this paper is to look at how the Socratic questioning method can be used in EFL teaching and learning. This paper not only describes the method’s beliefs and practices, but also assesses its efficacy in improving speaking ability and critical thinking. As the research design, convergent...