Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intellectuals' Global Responsibility (ICIGR 2017)

1st International Conference on Intellectuals’ Global Responsibility (ICIGR 2017) is a forum for intellectuals from all areas of expertise to share their views, thoughts, experiences, and ways forward in reaching out for social welfare and justice based on the progressive way of living. The development of human knowledge is not merely for the sake of knowledge itself but to make the life we live insightful and enlightened. Intellectuals as a broad concept covers scholars, academicians, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and experts in any discipline of knowledge and should have a critical concern for this issue. Their knowledge is a real power, bringing responsibility that they must undertake with full dedication. The ICIGR, in this context, gathers the intellectuals who have critical thought and responsibility to make a better sphere for society to partake in the journey of making the world better and more civilized.

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