Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intellectuals' Global Responsibility (ICIGR 2017)

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Capital Market Reactions on The Event Of The American Presidential Election In 2016 (Case Study Of Listed Companies In Indonesia And American Stock Exchange)

Dwi Nita Aryani, Aris Andriyani
The aim of this study is to analyze the reaction of the Indonesian and American capital markets to the events of the 2016 America presidential election. The method used in this research is event study to analyze market reaction and test t-test (paired samples t-test) to analyze difference of high low...
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Development Research:The Role of Supply Chain Management on Increasing the Company's Productivity

Hana Catur Wahyuni, Wiwik Sumarmi
Productivity is a major indicator of company development. Various efforts are done by the company in order to improve the productivity of the company, one of which is the implementation of supply chain management. In its implementation, the management of supply chain management is implemented by the...
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Economic Performance and Factors Affecting The Context Socio Economic Environmental Accounting (SEEA)

Heri Widodo
This study aims to determine the effect of Environmental Performance on Economic Performance at Pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, used Predeterminated Variable. This research type is quantitative approach, with the population 10 Pharmaceutical companies listing in Indonesia Stock Exchange. The Period...
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Phenomenon of Injustice in Profit Sharing Ratio of Indonesia Islamic Banks' Mudarabah Contract

Kumara Adji Kusuma
This paper aims to find out the phenomenon of injustice experienced by Islamic banks consumers in dealing with the profit sharing ratio of the mudarabah contract. The method opted for an exploratory study using the phenomenological approach which covers consumers of Indonesia Islamic banks. The data...
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Antecedent of Organizational Performance

Mashudi Mashudi, Tiara Nurul Hidayah
The goal of this study is to conclude and depict the impact of organizational commitment, organizational innovation, and leadership on organizational performance. The approach utilized in this research is quantitative with survey and explanation arrangement. The results of this study state that simultaneously,...
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Human Capital Integration Model With Technology Innovation In Small And Medium Enterprises (SME)

Mudji Astuti, Hana Catur Wahyun
Environmental management in the business operational process (MSMEs), give a positive influence on MSMEs sustainability in the short and long term. Green human resource management (Green HRM) is one tool that can be used to manage MSMEs workforce by involving environmental aspect.This study aims to determine...
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Determinants of Cost of Fund In Indonesia Government Banks

Nurshadrina Kartika Sari, Nanda Widaninggar
This research aims to provide empirical evidence about the contribution of asymmetric information, institutional ownership, bank size and earning management to cost of fund. This research was conducted using a population of Indonesia Government Banks period 2010 until 2016. Samples was selected based...
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The Moral Values of Psychological Stability, Successful Key of Investment (Study of the Indonesian Stock Exchange Investor Behaviors)

Sri Utami Ady
Psychological stability is needed to achieve success in investing especially for short-term investors. The moral values in behavior are believed to foster the psychological stability and this term can come from many factors. This study aims to explore the determinants of investment success in terms of...
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The Influence of Marketing and The Quality of Service to The Visitor Loyalty in Fashion Products

Atikha Sidhi Cahyana, Dadang Sukoriyono
PT. Matahari Department Store Lippo Plazza Sidoarjo, always strives to provide services and products that can satisfy loyal customers, the cause of this problem is less consistent in the implementation of service standards by employees, there are several causes that affect the quality of each service...
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Simulated Strategies to Customer Preferences in Determining The Amount of Bank Financing: Small and Medium Industries in Indonesia

Rachmad Hidayat, Muhammad Azmi Alamsyah
The present study addressed the simulation of conventional and Islamic bank financing systems. This simulation involved 20 small SMEs which were divided into 2 groups: salt farming SMEs (low-risk business) and shrimp farming SMEs (high-risk business). The three principles of experiment design applied...
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The Comparison Of Intellectual Capital Disclosure: Evidence From Pharmaceutical Company In Southest Asian Countries

Sigit Hermawan, Lia Debby Milanetty
Intellectual Capital is very important for the company, yet has not widely known and widely utilized alsoits disclosure in the financial statements. This study aimed to analyze the disclosure of intellectual capital on a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This study used qualitative...
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Segmentation Strategies of Mpu Tantular Museum

Alshaf Pebrianggara, Putri Sania Riska, As'at Rizal
Tourism is one of the biggest aspects can be overviewed through economic and socio-cultural point of view.Therefore, the tourism industry encourages the creation of employment and income improvement for the society.The purpose of research to find out market segmentation strategies for increase tourist...
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Batik Social and Cultural Legitimacy Globalization: Study Analysis and Recognition Batik Motif Jember through Jember Fashion Carnival

Sumardi Sumardi, Sri Kantun, Aryni Ayu, Mashudi Mashudi
This study aims to describe the cultural heritage of the archipelago, namely Batik as writings that contain valuable elements, morality, and aesthetics. The method used in this study is a qualitative study data collection using literary techniques, observation, and interviews with local authorities,...
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Hotel Management Strategy in Surakarta City in Supporting Eco-Tourism Concept

Dicky Sumarsono, Bani Sudardi, Warto Warto, Wakit Abdullah
This study aims to analyze and express the effort of hotel management through simplicity, treating to the genuineness of nature and environment and treating to the genuineness of art and culture. Hotel in Solo has important role in the concept of eco tourism, because hotel is facility for tourists who...
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Local Language, Bahasa Indonesia, or Foreign Language?

Aam Alamsyah
The number of local languages in Indonesia has significantly decreased due to the declining number of its speakers. In fact, local languages have long been considered as one of the identities of those living across archipelago. The present study aimed at analyzing the education stakeholders' attitudes...
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The Islamic Epistemology and its Implications for Education of Muslims in the Philippines

Abdul M. Lantong
To reform the present Islamic educational system of the Muslims in the Philippines one has to start from epistemology. The epistemology that a society adheres to shapes the kind of education and the caliber of intellectuals it has. But, until today, Muslim educators and scholars in the Philippines have...
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Islamic Religious Education Strategy Learning for Special Needs Children at Primary Education Level

Adi Subur Raharjo
This study aims to describe some learning strategy and its implementation in the learning of Islamic religious education for children with special needs, as well as supporting factors and obstacles in implementing the strategy. Research was conducted on students with special needs in primary schools...
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Cooperative, Synectics, and CTL Learning Models toward Speaking Ability Viewed from Student's Motivation

Agus Darmuki, Andayani Andayani, Joko Nurkamto, Kundharu Saddhono
The goal of Speaking Course in higher education is to develop student's ability to speak effectively. The aim of this research are: 1) to investigate the differences on students' speaking ability taught by Cooperative, Synectics, and CTL learning models, 2) to find the differences of speaking ability...
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The Power of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Learning

Akhtim Wahyuni
Teaching and learning activities involve communication between teachers and students, both verbal and nonverbal. These communications are interrelated in learning practice. The teacher ability in applying both can help improve the quality of learning in the class. It has an impact on the academic and...
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EdSA Program for Improving Creativities of Elementary School Teachers

Alfi Suciyati, Ratna Yulinda
The term 'edutainment' consists of the words 'education' and 'entertainment'. People use the term to refer to an entertaining education. Edutainment Sains Asyik or EdSA is a program aiming on enhancing creativities of elementary school teachers in creating effective and entertaining scientific learning...
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Principal Leadership Style towards Teachers' Motivation on Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Al-Munnir Abubakar, Bilyaminu Bello Inuwa, Muhammad Hamma
This study examines the relationship between principals' leadership styles applied by school and teachers' motivation in Nigerian secondary schools. The study is conceptual in nature and also the paper considers the drivers which motivate academics. The objectives of the study were to assess the effect...
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The Use of Magic and Fairy Tale Dice to Improve Students' Ability in Writing Narrative Text

Arbain Arbain, Dedi Rahman Nur
This research done at first semester students of English Department Widya Gama Mahakam Samarinda aimed at finding out whether or not magic and fairy tale dice can game improve students' ability in producing a better narrative text. The research was classroom action research. This research employed classroom...
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An Evaluation of Graduate Competency in Elementary School

Moch. Bahak Udin By Arifin, Nurdyansyah Nurdyansyah, Pandi Rais
In the Law on the National Education System in Indonesia explains about the eight national standards of education, which is position the competence of graduates as the center of the displacement of eight national standards of education. All power were intended to support the development of the standard...
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Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR): An Attractive Strategy for Teaching Reading Skill

Dian Novita
Reading is the most important activity in any language class. Here, reading is not only as a source of information and a pleasurable doings, but also as a means of consolidating and enhancing one's knowledge of the language. In relation to the teaching of reading for EFL learners, one of the teachers'...
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Video Recording to Reflect the Speaking Performance

Dian Rahma Santoso, Wahyu Taufiq
This study aims to increase the students' confidence in delivering speech by recording their speaking performance. Students in this research have problems in performing speaking confidently, they always look nervous and unprepared unless they have made good preparation they write on a long script. This...
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Teacher-Student Relationship and Its Urgencies in Indonesia: a Literature Review

Eko Hardi Ansyah, Cholichul Hadi, Seger Handoyo
The problems of teacher-student relation so far in Indonesia are still not considered. This article is a literature review which aim to describe teacher-student relationships in more depth. It relates to history, concept, measurements, internal or external influencing factors, and their impact on behavior...
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The Guided Inquiry Worksheet: Growing with Scientist in Indonesia Middle School

Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni, Rusjiono Rusijono, Siti Masitoh
The purpose of this is to develop and validate a guided inquiry worksheet to improve science process skills and understanding concepts at Indonesia middle school. Our project is based on concrete activities on material temperature and heat linked to the daily life. Actually, the worksheets learning have...
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IE Comic in Primary School

Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni, Ida Rindaningsih, Istikomah Istikomah
Using Islamic Education (IE) comic in primary school is an alternative way for teachers to deliver materials or concept of Islamic knowledge that can build students' good characters. This study aims to describe the role of IE in fulfilling students' needs to accept certain codes of behavior which give...
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Digital Age Literacy in Elementary School

Ermawati Z. Nuroh, Vevy Liansari
In the 21st century Literacy can no longer be defined only to read and to write. The impact of rapid development in the information, then the literacy interpreted in several points of view, ranging from basic literacy point of view, science literacy, economic literacy, technology literacy, visual literacy,...
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Peer Observation of Teaching: Pre-Service Teachers' Perspectives for Better Performance

Fika Megawati
Microteaching course is designed to accommodate teaching practice in response to the fact that pre-service teachers need supervision to overcome their anxiety when facing the real teaching situation in addition to handling classroom management and preparation. This study aims to explore the students'...
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Skill Analysis through Inquiry Learning Model

Fitria Wulandari, Fika Megawati
Lack of scientific attitude tends to be a problem in learning activities. It potentially hinders the effectiveness of knowledge transfer in the classroom activities. To solve the problem, inquiry learning model is proposed due to its benefits. In this study, the model was applied in the science class...
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The Effect of Using Role Playing Strategy to the Students of Science Education

Fitria Eka Wulandari
This study aims to find out the influence of using role playing as the learning strategies for science education student in understanding scientific concept. This research is a quantitative descriptive research by using one group pretest and posttes research design. The data collection technique used...
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Factors Contributing towards Studying Education Related Courses in Institutions in Kwara State, Nigeria: Implication on Teaching Profession

Habibat Abubakar Yusuf, Ismail Hussein Amzat, Khaliza Bint Saidin
In the past, students admitted to study education related courses in the institutions are full of zeal and motivation to learn and practice as a full-fledged professional teacher. Unfortunately, there is a significant reverse in the scenario as pre-service teachers are not willing to practice in recent...
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Integration of Schools and Madrassa into Pesantren in Indonesia

Istikomah Istikomah, Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni, Imam Fauji
Pesantren is an Islamic educational institution has its own specificity and different from other educational institutions, because the pesantren as the oldest institution in Indonesia. Originally this pesantren only teaches religious education, but starting the 20th century has been modernizing by integrating...
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High IQ Students' Thinking Profile in Making External Mathematical Connections Seen from Gender Difference

Karim Karim, I Ketut Budayasa, Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono
The research aims to know thinking profile of high IQ students in making external mathematical connections seen from gender difference.The research method employed was qualitative explorative research. The research subject consisted of 2 students of the senior high school in XII grade who had high IQ...
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The Implementation of School Literacy in Primary School

Kurniati Syamsu
School Literacy (Gerakan Literasi Sekolah-GLS) proclaimed by The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kementrian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan-Kemendikbud) to strengthen the movement of moral character as stated in the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 23 of 2015 received a response from elementary...
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Work-family Role Conflicts among Malaysian Female Primary School Teachers

Lawal Abdul Faragai, Lim Chong Ewe, Fahainis Bt. Mohd Yusof
The objective of this research is geared towards sharing knowledge and plan to investigate whether the female primary school teachers in Malaysia are experiencing work-family roles conflict or not. Researchers have realized that studies on female primary school teacher's work-family role conflicts experience...
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Teachers' Awareness towards 21st Century Teaching and Its Implementation (Administrators' Perspective)

Lim Chong Ewe, Faizahani binti Ab Rahman, Lawal Abdul Faragai
There has been many theories and approaches that has been suggested and implemented by teachers around the globe to ensure the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. In recent years, Malaysia, along with other countries around the globe, has shifted the nation's educational policies and...
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The Effect of Games and Self-Confidence For Very Young Learner' Cognitive Ability

Luluk Iffatur Rocmah
This study is an experimental research, which aims to find out the effect of games and self-confidence for very young learner's cognitive ability in comprehending geometrical shapes at age 5-6 years. The games are geometrical puzzle and picture cards game, while self-confidence consists of high self-confidence...
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Modernization of Islamic Education according to Abdullah Nashih Ulwan

Muchammad Qolbir Rohman
This article illustrates the mind of Abdullah Nashih Ulwan and an implementation in developing the secular education system, by offering a system of education based on Al-Quran and Sunnah. This research is literature study. Because it is created to solve problems that rely on critical analysis that is...
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Arabic Error Analysis

Muhammad Yudo Agresi Akbari
This study aims to determine the Errors that often done by students in communicating with Arabic language and analyze it. This is especially important in Arabic Language Education, because a person's knowledge of language Errors and knowing the correction is very useful. The purpose of the correction...
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Investigating Pre-service Teachers' Oral Performance Anxiety in Islamic and Asian Civiizations Content

Mimi Rita @ Aishah binti Tajuddin, Aizan bin Yaacob, Faizahani Ab. Rahman
Oral performance skills are important for the pre-service teachers as part of the professional requirement for their job specifications as future educators. Thus, in presentation skill, the pre-service teachers might encounter oral performance anxiety which has positive and negative impacts on the pre-service...
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Application of Graduate Profile with Empowering Leadership Training at University

Natalia Hartono, Andry M. Panjaitan, Siagian Sidarta
One of the University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) graduate profile is a leader equipped with a vision of transformation. UPH uses the disciplinary method as part of the training to fulfill the graduate profile. The training method has changed but there was no evaluation conducted to analyze the new method....
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Family Social Support and Learning Achievement of Student with Special Needs in Junior High School Inclusive Class

Ni'matuzahroh Ni'matuzahroh, Riskha Dianita Anggraeni
What is expected from student with special needs in inclusive school differs from other student with special needs. They are expected to be able to adapt with their own ability. This will affect their learning outcome. Family social support is one of the factors affecting the learning outcome of Student...
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Class Program Differences in Student's Scientific Literacy

Noly Shofiyah, Amar Abdillah
Currently, scientific literacy became one of the learning outcomes of science education. Through scientific literacy skills, students can overcame any problems of science. This study aimed to describe the student's scientific literacy skills based on program classes. Two groups were identified, namely...
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Integration of Islamic Values in Elementary School

Nurdyansyah Nurdyansyah, Moch. Bahak Udin By Arifin
the ideal education should to develop (tarbiyah) potential (fitrah) students become precious human. During this time the reality of Islamic education trapped in problem of secularization dichotomy and sacralization education. Religion is define as something that take care of worship which set aside of...
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Social Welfare for Disabled Communities

Prantasi Harmi Tjahjanti, Wiwik Sumarmi, Edi Widodo
In order to social welfare for disabled community should be started from the environment of disability since childhood. Increasing social welfare for disability society among others must be understood together that people with disabilities require recognition of their existence as individuals and social...
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Science and Islamic Spirituality

Rahmad Salahuddin
This study aims to discusses the relation between science and Islamic spirituality in Hegel's dialectics approach, a logical thinking that places something in dialectics between thesis, antithesis and sythesis. In relation with science and Islamic spirituality, places the spirit of Islam on science is...
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The Relationship of Outdoor Management Development and Organizational Mission

Rita Ambarwati, Gogor Arif Handiwibowo
The method of Outdoor Management Development (OMD) is a trend that is mostly done by an organization for self-development of members and form a pattern of relationships among its members as the output of activities. OMDs own activities aimed at new students have several objectives to be achieved.On the...
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The Synergy of School and Madrasah Diniyah in Implementing Full Day School

Riyono Riyono
This study aims to describe the synergy pattern built between schools and madrasah diniyah in applying full day school. Schools and madrasahs are two different entities in the education system in Indonesia. Yet, in the end, it can be synergized in the form of full day school. This research includes qualitative...