Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intellectuals' Global Responsibility (ICIGR 2017)

Arabic Error Analysis

Muhammad Yudo Agresi Akbari
Corresponding Author
Muhammad Yudo Agresi Akbari
Available Online January 2018.
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analysis, language errors, arabic
This study aims to determine the Errors that often done by students in communicating with Arabic language and analyze it. This is especially important in Arabic Language Education, because a person's knowledge of language Errors and knowing the correction is very useful. The purpose of the correction is essentially so that everyone can stay away from it and not fall in the same mistake. Correction is the best way for Arabic speakers in the learning process. It is not only intended to know the speakers fault by simply noting their mistakes while speaking or writing, but rather towards improvement and effectiveness in the use of Language. The methods used in this study are tests, interviews and questionnaires. The results of this study indicate that the error is often done by the speaker is in the case idafah, al-shifat wa al-maushuf, al-fi'lu al-madhi, al-manshubat min al-af'al, with lam ta'lil, 'athf, tadhmir, tarkib al-jumlah, al-mustastnayat, al-asma' al-khamsah, al-ismu al-mamnu' min al-sharfi, kaana wa akhawatuha, ismu al-tafdhil, al-mubtada' wa al-khabar. the mistake is caused because of several things: 1). Weakness in understanding 2). Lack of practice especially in writing and insya', as for the solution on offer is 1). Using variations of teaching methods, 2) Streamlining assignments and evaluations, 3). Giving motivation to learn to improve activity in learning.
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