Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intellectuals' Global Responsibility (ICIGR 2017)

Digital Age Literacy in Elementary School

Ermawati Z. Nuroh, Vevy Liansari
Corresponding Author
Ermawati Z. Nuroh
Available Online January 2018.
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digital-age literacy, multiliteracies, elementary school
In the 21st century Literacy can no longer be defined only to read and to write. The impact of rapid development in the information, then the literacy interpreted in several points of view, ranging from basic literacy point of view, science literacy, economic literacy, technology literacy, visual literacy, information literacy, multicultural literacy, to the point of view of global awareness. This is called digital-age literacy or often called multiliteracies. The discussion of literacy widespread, also the more intense teaching literacy in schools, especially in elementary schools, as an effort to produce a literary generation that can build the nation someday. This paper is motivated by the difficulties of schools in the implementation of literacy in elementary schools. This paper will discuss the reality of digital-age literacy in elementary schools which is followed by student difficulties in improving literacy skills caused by inadequate literary practices undertaken by the teachers, the lack of literacy environments, and different parental literacy levels that impact on the lack of literary information obtained by students at their home. Finally the efforts that must be made by various parties coordinate to improve literacy in elementary schools. They are the policy makers are; government, schools, teachers and parents have their respective duties and responsibilities in accordance with their capacity. The facilitation of good literacy practices and a supportive literacy environment. All activities that can bring the desire of students to improve literacy skills in this beloved Indonesia.
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