Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Linguistics and Culture (ICLC-2 2021)

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The Similarity of Indonesian and British Women’s Views on Marriage in the Novels Alisjahbana’s Layar Terkembang and Austen’s Pride And Prejudice

Abbas Abbas
This article discusses the views of women related to marriage and household from two different nations, namely Indonesia and Britain. Tuti is an Indonesian woman in the novel Layar Terkembang by Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana and Elizabeth Bennet is a typical British woman in the novel Pride and Prejudice...
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Applying Blended Learning as an Effective Model for EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension

Abidin Pammu, Hamzah A. Machmoed, Ani Dyah Astuty, Sitti Sahraeny
As an alternative solution to resolve various reading comprehension problems in the EFL context, it is necessary to implement a blended learning model which combines both online and face to face teaching modes. This study seeks to investigate the effectiveness of the blended learning model on students’...
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Minangkabau’s Women in Kaba Sabai Nan Aluih: Ragam Orang

Aimifrina Aimifrina, Tammasse Tammasse
The purpose of this study is to explain Minangkabau’s women in Kaba Sabai Nan Aluih seen from ragam orang in Minangkabau culture. Ragam orang is a personal human judgment that departs from the teachings of Minangkabau philosophy. There are four categories of ragam orang which are orang, takah orang,...
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The Development of Storytelling Learning Using BAHARI DONG Method at AL-YA’LU Superior Elementary School, Malang City, East Java

Endang Supadminingsih, Nurhayati Nurhayati
Fairy tale was a literary work that entertained children and provided positive benefits for them. Almost every child was very happy to listen to the parents or teachers who were telling stories. However, very few students were ready to tell a story when they asked with the excuse of being embarrassed...
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Toraja Oral Literature Gelong Sangpulo Dua: Structural Analysis

Eva Kadang, Akin Duli
The purpose of this research was to describe the intrinsic elements contained in Gelong Sangpulo Dua. This study applies a qualitative descriptive method. The data in this study are the intrinsic elements of Gelong Tallang, Gelong Tabang, Gelong Tondok, and Gelong Tedong, while the data source is the...
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Javanese Nick Name System

I Dewa Putu Wijana
This paper aims at describing nick names used in the Javanese community. The research is focused on types of relationships between the nick names and the real names or the physical, mental, and behavioural characteristics of the person they refer to, various referents and their possible relations with...
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Strengthening Local Wisdom Through Stories Ajisaka and Naga Linglung’s Odyssey in Java

Rahayu Nur Istiana, Ani Rakhmawati, Nugraheni Eko Wardani
Folklore is one of the cultural products of the Indonesian people which is believed to be able to provide positive values to strengthen local wisdom. The purpose of this study is to describe and explain the story of the adventures of Ajisaka and Naga Linglung, the characters, and their relationship as...
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Children and Their Rights in Heal The World, Love Will Prevail and Atouna El Toufoule Songs

Nasrum Nasrum, Dahlan Dahlan, Asriani Ningsih
This research discussed the rights of children and the cause of unfulfilled children rights in the songs Heal the world by Michael Jackson, Love will prevail by Maher Zein and Atouna El toefoule by Remi Bandali. This research aims to find out the actual rights of children and the cause of unfulfilled...
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The Inner Conflict of the Main Character in Athirah Novel by Alberthiene Endah: Overview of Literary Psychology

Rahmi Bin Musaad, Samasurijal Samasurijal, Nirwana Rasyid, Musayyedah Musayyedah, Ratnawati Ratnawati
This study aims to describe: The form of the main character’s inner conflict in the novel Athirah by Albertiene Endah and the attitude of the main character in dealing with his inner conflict. The data source of this research is the novel Athirah by Albertiene Endah with a number of 404 pages, which...
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The Hyponymy of Word Containing Palakependhem Concept in Javanese

Sri Nardiati
This research is important because it refers to food substitutes for (traditional) Javanese. However, the name and concept of palakependhem is almost forgotten by its speakers. In fact, the term palakependhem is not yet included in the Javanese Dictionary (Bausastra Jawa). The aim of this study is to...
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Utilization of Cultural Heritage Complex of the Tomb of the Kings of Hadat Banggae as a Tourist Destination Object in Majene Regency West Sulawesi

Khadijah Thahir Muda, Yusriana Yusriana, Nur Ihsan D.
The Tomb Complex of the Kings of Hadat Banggae (hereinafter will be written KM Raja-raja Hadat Banggae) is believed to be a burial complex for kings and members of the Hadat council of the kingdom of Banggae. The Hadat Banggae Council emerged during the reign of Daeng Tamilanto (Mara’dia Banggae II or...
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The Influence of Students’ Perceptions About Reading Gardens and Reading Interest on Reading Habits of Elementary School Students

Muh. Faisal
Reading habits that had a close relationship with reading interest and the existence of a reading garden were very important things to be developed in students. This study aimed to determine the effect of students’ perceptions about reading gardens and reading interest on reading habits in Elementary...
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Authentic Assessment in Language Skills Learning

Sukma Sukma, Asriani Abbas, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Kaharuddin Kaharuddin
The 2013 curriculum affirms that formal learning must be student-centred, conducted with a scientific approach, and apply authentic assessment using the principle of assessment of learning that can assess the readiness, process, and learning outcomes of learners as a whole. Authentic assessment as an...
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Makassar Language Empowerment on the Use of Indonesian Language in Non-Formal Communication

Asriani Abbas
Ethnic Makassar includes multilingualism, namely using Makassar language as an intra-ethnic language and Indonesian as an inter-ethnic language. As a local language, the Makassar language functions as a local identity that integrates with Indonesian in non-formal communication. Furthermore, Indonesian...
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Implicit Messages in Memes During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Juanda Juanda
The purpose of this study is to try to get the message contained in memes during the covid-19 pandemic. The method used is the descriptive method, which describes the messages contained in memes during the covid-19 pandemic. Data sources are taken from online sources such as
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Dialogic Speech in Marriage Proposal of Konjonese

Harlinah Sahib, Fathu Rahman
This research is entitled Dialogic Speech in Marriage Proposal of Konjonese. The objectives of this research are 1). To describe the procedure of marriage proposal of Konjonese. 2).To disclose the features of the dialogic speech in the marriage proposal. The qualitative method was used in obtaining the...
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Umpungeng Megalith Complex, Proto-Historic Settlement in the Highlands of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Muhammad Nur, Akin Duli, Yusriana Yusriana, Khadijah Thahir Muda, Muhlis Hadrawi
This research discusses the Umpungeng megalith complex, a historical proto-settlement in the highlands of Soppeng Regency, South Sulawesi. The importance of this megalith complex is the authenticity and completeness of its monuments, and still the use of a number of ritual mediums for the spiritual purposes...
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The Interference of Makassarese Language into Indonesian Language by Mobile Vegetable Traders Towards Buyers in Makassar City: A Socio-Morphological Study

Nurhayati Nurhayati
This study is entitled the Interference of Makassarese language into the Indonesian language by Mobile Vegetable Traders towards Buyers in Makassar City: A Socio-Morphological Study. This study aims to describe: (1) the forms of morphological interference of Makassarese language into the Indonesian language...
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Folk Songs in Regional of North Sulawesi as a Message of Peace to the Community

Rosijanih Arbie, Takko Bandung
Delivery of messages in the information age is currently rife in the community, especially in North Sulawesi which is mediated by mobile phones utilizing SMS (short message service). The vocabulary is shortened arbitrarily so that sometimes it breaks the language structure and confuses the recipient....
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Increasing Speaking Skills Through the Drama Method in Class IV Students of SD Unggulan Putra Kaili Permata Bangsa

Iriyanti Iriyanti, Muhammad Darwis
That aims to improve speaking skills through the drama method in fifth-grade students of SD Unggulan Putra Kaili Permata Bangsa. This research is a classroom. The subjects of this study were class IV students in the 2020/2021 academic year as many as 16 students consisting of 9 boys and 7 girls. Preliminary...