Proceedings of the International Conference On Law, Economics, and Health (ICLEH 2022)

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Edi Pranoto, Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum, Widyorini Indrasti Wardani, Rohmad Pujiyanto
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Regulation of Copyright Law Protection Over Video Work for Creators Based on Law Number 28 of 2014 About Copyright

A. A. Sagung Ngurah Indradewi, I. Gede Surya Adi Pranata
According to the contents of Article 40 verse (1) letter r in Act Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright, it is explained various types of works that are protected by copyright, however in the article, it mentions about video games that are defined unclearly, therefore that there is norm vagueness as...
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The Urgency of Digital Services in Realizing Law Conscious Villages

Yenny Aman Serah, Resmaya Agnesia Mutiara Sirait, Klara Dawi, Rahmad Satria, Setyo Utomo
Community legal consciousness is closely related to the achievement of village consciousness indicators. Realizing a law-conscious village is an effort that encourages people to act or behave according to the law that can be supported by digital-based service media. This study aims to provide the availability...
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Use of “Similar” Criteria in the Legal Protection of Trademarks of Services

R. Murjiyanto, Invida Dewi Amrih Suci, Devi Andani, Erna Sri Wibawati
The study aim is to discover the “similar” criteria that have been used to determine the occurrence of trademark infringement of traded goods or services, as well as the efforts that can be made in the event of a loss due to infringement between various trademarks or services. The Trademark Law establishes...
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The Legal Balance of Debtors and Creditors as Objects of Fiduciary Guarantee in Party Execution Post-constitutional Court Decision No. 18/PUU-XVII/2019

Agus Murianto
This study aims to analyze the criminal threats that creditors will obtain and third parties as executors of the execution of the object of fiduciary security after the Constitutional Court Decision Number 18/PUU-XVII/2019. This case has been decided in Gorontalo District Court Decision Number 45.Pdt.G/2019/PN....
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The Role of Notary in Sale and Purchase Binding Agreement (PPJB) System in Law Number 11 Year 2020 Regarding Job Creation

Winoto Joyokusumo
The purpose of this research is to describe and analyze the role of Notary in Sale and Purchase Binding Agreement System in Law Number 11 Year 2020 regarding Job Creation. The method used in this legal research normative method, where most of the literature mentions normative research in principle as...
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Reposition of the Author”s in Copyrights Law Enforcement in Indonesia Post Act No. 28, 2014

C. Kastowo
Copyright includes economic rights and moral rights as a state appreciation for creative subjects. Copyright has a civil law and a criminal law dimension. Copyright infringement is one form of tolerating individual rights and crime. Copyright infringement in Indonesia is a very high number, but law enforcement...
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Legal Analysis of the Job Creation Act in Supporting Economic Recovery in the Employment Sector Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

Irham Rahman, Totol Minto Leksono, Divi Kusumaningrum
The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred 3 years ago had a bad impact on the world economy, including Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries that is able to survive the difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government together with the House...
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Information Technology-Based Co-financing Services and Its Implications for the Basic Concepts of Fintech Lending Risk Mitigation

Tina Amelia
The Financial Services Authority (OJK) issued POJK Number 10/POJK.05/2022 concerning Information Technology-Based Co-Financing Services (POJK LPBBTI) as a fintech lending which is an improvement from POJK Number 77/POJK.01/2016 concerning Money-Lending Services Based on Information Technology (POJK 77/2016)...
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Civil Liability for Default of Electronic Contracts in Fintech Lending Agreements

Megawati Barthos
Fintech Lending in Indonesian regulations, known as Information Technology-Based Co-Financing Services is experiencing rapid development due to the use of information technology in the funding system. These developments do not necessarily have a positive impact but also a negative one, such as causing...
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Hospital Liability as a Corporation in Medical Malpractice

Sri Setiawati, Pratiwi Ayu Sri Daulat
The basic idea behind compulsory representation must be a direct or financial link between the offending physician and the co-responsible. The responsible subject depends on the person who actually gives work to, dismisses, pays, and supervises the doctor concerned. In this case, the responsible subject...
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Strengthening Regulations for Micro and Small Business (MSB) as a Post-covid-19 Government Innovation

Restuadi Putra, Gentur Cahyo Setiano, Ariella Gitta Sari
The Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred in the last few years has had a significant impact on the Indonesian economy, especially in the sector Micro and Small Business (MSB) which is experiencing difficulties in developing business activities. The government through Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job...
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Revitalization of Strengthening Economic Institutions and MSMEs in MSME Sector

Gusti Yosi Andri, Djuariah Endang Sutrisno, Fatina Rizka Sahlia
The role and contribution of MSME in the economy in Indonesia is quite significant. One of them contributes to absorption and the spread of labor. The Covid-19 pandemic, which hit Indonesia, has an impact on the number of MSME actors, went out of business. Currently, MSME passions started to fluctuate...
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Online Auction Policy on Benefit-Based Goods and Services

Raditya Sri Krisnha Wardana, Siti Mariyam
This study aims to examine and analyze the implementation of online auction policies on benefit-based goods and services. The research method uses a normative juridical approach, the data sources used are secondary data in the form of primary legal materials, research specifications: analytical descriptive,...
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Contract Law and Its Development (Form, Principles and Substance)

Sri Purwaningsih, Agnes Maria Janni Widyawati
This study aims to explore the development of contracts as legal products that frame the relationship of the parties who transact their interests in the field of property law. To achieve this goal, doctrinal legal research is carried out with a statutory approach, using primary legal materials and secondary...
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The Model and Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Sharia Banking

Suparnyo, Wahyu Edy Amrulloh, Wahtudi
A company has major obligations and responsibilities to owners and/or stakeholders, because they are those who give a mandate of economy to a company. Besides, a company must remain caring and responsive to legal, social, political, and environmental demand of the stakeholders. Therefore, a company has...
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Recovery Hotel Industry Luxury Hotels in Semarang: Big Data Analysis

Rianmahardika Sahid Budiharseno, Min Joon Kim, Berlin My Anggelita Pramesthi Cahyaningtyas, Daffa Faadhilah Suntari Putra, Fadhel Husein
COVID-19 has significantly affected Semarang and other cities in Indonesia. Following increased vaccination rates, the local government and the central government in Jakarta created a campaign to assure locals and encourage them holiday in Semarang. Due to the pandemic, travelers were more inclined to...
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Electronic Land Certificate Versus Analog Land Certificate in Proof of Ownership Certainty

Liliana Tediosaputro, Retno Mawarini Sukarningsih
Regulation of the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 of 2021 concerning Electronic Certificates to replace analog certificates. Various interpretations of electronic certificates which have characteristics that are not in the...
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The Regional Head Commits Corruption Again in the Different Term

Mahfudz Ali, Totok Tumangkar
Corruption is a crime against humanity. The impact is not only in the economic sector, but also destroys the entire structure of state life, even more devastatingly destroying the mentality of the nation’s children. No state institution is immune from the virus of corruption. Regional heads who should...
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Covid-19 Virus Control as Recovery the Economy and Minimizing Criminality

Umi Enggarsasi, Nur Khalimatus Sa’diyah
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on people who are in low-middle social and economic conditions. People feel their economy is decreasing, including the inability to fulfill their basic daily needs. To be able to meet these basic needs, many people choose shortcuts, namely by committing...
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Preventing Illegal Online Loan Crimes

Arif Awaludin, Rusito Rusito, Doni Adi Supriyo
Online illegal loan crimes have colored reports of crimes that occurred during the covid-19 pandemic. Advances in internet technology support the realization of this type of crime. Various existing regulations have been made but this crime still dominates. This is a part of financial crime. What is the...
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Formulating Restorative Justice Regulation in the Criminal Justice System in Indonesia

Mulyono Aprilliandi
The concept of restorative justice focuses on the conditions for creating justice and balance for the perpetrators of criminal acts and the victims themselves. Restorative justice focuses on turning punishment into a process of dialogue and mediation to agree on a more just and balanced settlement of...
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Corporate Criminal Liability Telecommunication Company Against Consumer Personal Information Data Leakage in Indonesia

Sumartini Dewi, Sri Wulandari
In the digital era like today, personal data has its own urgency to get protection for its security. The number of cases of personal information data leakage, shows that current personal information data could be a “commodity” to be traded. It is possible that cases of personal information data leakage...
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Analysis of Learning Theory in Diversion Policy in the Case of Children in Conflict with the Law

Aniek Periani, Elly Kristiani Purwendah, Iskatrinah Iskatrinah
Restorative Juvenile Justice starts from the assumption that responses or reaction to child’s juvenile delinquency behavior will not be effective without the basic principle of justice principle being that each party can receive fair and balanced of attention, being actively involved during judicial...
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Law of Obligation: State Losses Recovery to Prevent Corruption Based on Public Procurement Contract

Taufik Hidayat Lubis, Faisal Faisal, Atikah Rahmi
In order to achieve recovery of state financial losses resulting from the implementation of the public procurement contract, the efficiency of the contract is needed as a medium for resolving state losses which can be maximized when the contract is able to provide protection for the injured party, namely...
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Legal Protection of Children Against Victims and Bullying Performers in the Digitalization Era

Mahmuda Pancawisma Febriharini, Benny Bambang Irawan
This study aims to determine the legal protection of children against victims and perpetrators of bullying in the era of digitalization. Children are the future assets of the nation and the future generations of the nation, so children have the right to live, grow, and develop. Bullying is an important...
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Perspective of Legal Protection to Consumers in Online Purchase Agreements (E-Commerce)

Purwanto, Bambang Teguh Handoyo
Perspective Paper of Legal Protection to Consumers in Online Sales and Purchase Agreements (E-Commerce) with the formulation of the problem How is legal protection for consumers in online buying and selling agreements through E-Commerce, How are the responsibilities of the parties in online buying and...
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Legal Liability for Banking Criminal Actions that are not Members of the Justice Board of Commissioners

Ponadi Ponadi
This study discusses the formulation of the elements of Article 49 paragraph (1) of Law Number 10 of 1998 concerning Amendments to Law Number 7 of 1992 concerning Banking, which reads that Members of the Board of Commissioners, Directors, or Bank Employees who intentionally create or cause false records...
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The Urgency of Legal Protection of Children’s Rights Post-divorce in Caring for Mothers Who Undergoing Criminals in Correctional Institutions

Sulaiman Sulaiman
This research aims to protect children’s rights and must be upheld by everyone. The legal protection of children’s rights in the care of their mothers is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as the basic principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child...
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Reformulation of Criminal Law Policy in the Process of Resolving Desertion Cases for Indonesia National Military that Gets Justice

Amalia Galih Wangi, Edy Lisdiyono
Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 34 of 2004 explains that the Army is a citizen who is prepared and armed for the tasks of national defense to face military threats and armed threats, but in terms of law enforcement as The military’s legal object is obliged to comply with the applicable law in...
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Power of Proof Electronic Document Evidence in the Court

Siti Mariyam, Zabidin
This study aims to examine and analyze the strength of evidence of electronic document evidence in court. This study uses a normative juridical approach, with secondary data sources consisting of primary legal materials in the form of laws and regulations including the ITE Law, Criminal Procedure Code,...
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The Formal Criminal Law Renewal: Due Process of Law in Pre-trial for Legal Assurance

Arista Candra Irawati
Law No. 8 of 1981 concerning the Criminal Procedure Code regulates criminal procedural law nationally based on the nation’s philosophy of life and the State’s basis to protect human rights. Pre-trial institutions are a form of codified horizontal supervision regulated in Articles 77 to 83 of the Criminal...
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Criminal Law Study on Sperm Trading as a Part of Human Organ in Vitro Fertilization Process for Infertile Couple

Trini Handayani, Henny Nuraeny
Reproduction is a process of continuing the lineage. This process involves a couple where the ovum owned by the wife is fertilized by the sperm of the husband, thus forming a zygote. In reality, not all couples have the privilege to produce zygote, thus called infertile, so that there are several means...
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Criminal Politics Criminal Actions of Information and Electronic Transactions (Within the Framework of Criminal Law Reform)

Bambang Joyo Supeno, Krismiyarsi Krismiyarsi
Information and electronic transactions crimes have a comprehensive impact on individuals, society and the state. Law Number 11 of 2008 as amended by Law Number 19 of 2016 has not been able to prevent and overcome criminal acts of information and electronic transactions, and cannot be used as a deterrent...
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Harmonization of the Legal Age in the Context of Private Law as a Means of Achieving Legal Certainty and Justice in Indonesia

Diana Tantri Cahyaningsih, Adi Sulistyono, Hari Purwadi
There is no uniformity or parameter in laws and regulations in Indonesia regarding a person who is considered legally capable or authorized to carry out legal actions, causing confusion for citizens in carrying out their obligations and obtaining their rights as citizens. It is to determine the person’s...
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Legal Implications of Targeted Killing Using Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles (UCAVs) or Drones in Anti-terrorism War

Muhammad Syaiful, Kholilur Rahman
The development of modern war has advanced swiftly, especially in using modern guided missiles and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) or drones that could help precise artillery fire. The use of guided missiles or drones is indeed effective in minimizing military casualties. Nevertheless, on the...
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Legal Position of the Animal Quarantine Act in the Imported Cattle Trade

Dwi Tatak Subagiyo
Lack of public understanding and awareness of the role of animal quarantine can cause various obstacles in the implementation of supervision of the export and import of animals and their products within the territory of Indonesia, including the many violations of quarantine measures by the community,...
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The Problems of Political Parties and Elections Draw the Character of Pancasila Legislative Members

Dani Durahman, Eni Dasuki Suhardini, Diliya Mariam Rinjani, Sonyi Sonyi
Political parties have been regarded as the pillars of democracy. It means that political parties are the pillars or backs of democracy. Thus, political parties are present as instruments capable of scanning all kinds of people’s aspirations to be later championed into public policies by the state. However,...
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Conceptualization of Policy Regulatory Review in the Principle of the State of Democratic Law

Andryan Andryan, Zainuddin Zainuddin, Benito Ashie Kodiyat
The state of Indonesia is a country of laws. Consequently, all acts of state power must always adhere to the law, in realizing a democracy based on a law or a democratic state of law. State administrative officials have the authority to make policy regulations based on the authority of freedom of action...
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Reconstruction of Land Registration Arrangements in Order Towards Legal Certainty

Raden Yoseph Gembong Rahmadi
The background of this research is about Article 19 paragraph (2) C of Law Number 5 of 1960 concerning Basic Agrarian Regulations which have not been able to guarantee legal certainty, the article uses a negative publication system, so that the use of the publication system results in giving opportunity...
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Legal Renewal to Fulfill the Protection of Women’s Right in Human Right Perspective

Femmy Silaswaty Faried, Hanuring Ayu, Dyah Ayu Sekar Arum Prameswari
This study reveals the phenomenon of women’s rights in the context of human rights. So that the issue studied is how to reform the law in providing fulfillment of the protection of women’s rights in the context of human rights by looking at how the laws and regulations containing human rights have provided...
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Execution of Fiduciary Guarantee After the Decision of the Constitutional Court No. 18/puu-xvii/2019 in the Semarang State Court

Darmawan Tri Budi Utomol, Mieke Anggaraeni Dewi, Icha Pratiwi
Fiduciary guarantees were born because of the community’s need for guarantee institutions other than mortgages and pawns, in pawn guarantees the object of collateral is contradicted by the provisions of Article 1152 of the Civil Code. That the object of the guarantee is in the power of the creditor (inbezitseling)....
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Environmental Degradation in Sustainable Urban Development

Mohammad Solekhan, Agus Widodo
Urban development can change the face of the living environment that is different from the original. For this reason, there must be careful planning by making good and healthy spatial planning by looking at the environmental conditions around it. Urban development that does not see spatial planning can...
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Parents’ Responsibility for Children’s Rights After Divorce

Budi Prasetyo, Kunarto Kunarto, Mig Irianto Legowo
The responsibility of parents towards children’s rights even though they are divorced remains attached until the child reaches adulthood and is able to be independent. The responsibility is attached to the male parent or father. Many divorce cases end up in the Religious Courts, but the Decisions of...
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The Concept of Civil Law in the Renewal of the Law of People, Family, and Marriage in the Frame of Pancasila (Perspectives of Islamic Law)

Yulies Tiena Marsiani, Markus Suryoutomo
In the framework of national law development, an effort to reform civil law is needed that is directed and integrated, especially in the field of law of people, families and marriages within the framework of Pancasila in order to support development in various fields in accordance with development demands,...
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The Concept of Norms of Unlawful Acts in the Renewal of Civil Law Based on Pancasila

Markus Surtoutomo, Yulies Tiena Masriani
After independence, the Republic of Indonesia passed the 1945 Constitution, the enactment of this transitional rule was the basis for the continued validity of the existing laws and regulations at the time the Constitution was enacted. Thus the legal vacuum in society can be avoided. Based on the Transitional...
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The Power of Pancasila Democracy in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dini Ramdania, Dani Durahman, Asep Dahlan Koswara
The COVID-19 pandemic that attacked the country of origin of China turned out to have also reached Indonesia, where on Monday, March 2, 2020, at that time President Jokowi announced that there were two confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with the first case in the DKI Jakarta area. Which then quickly...
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Equitable Assisted Reproductive Technology Service Regulation Reform

Krismono Irwanto
Assisted reproductive technology services are a form of reproductive health services for the community that have developed at this time. One form of implementation of this service is in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is a solution for married couples to get children, but the process of implementing IVF...
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Administrative Law Enforcement in Environmental Protection and Management

Yasminingrum, Widiati Dwi Winarni
Environmental protection and management aim to maintain the function of environmental sustainability for the benefit of society in realizing justice. One of the demands of law enforcement is none other than justice with legal certainty. Administrative law enforcement is the front line in environmental...
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Responsibility of the Board of Directors in Decision Making of the Company Based on the Doctrine of Business Judgement Rule

Sigit Irianto, Widyarini Indriasti Wardani
The business judgment rule doctrine is a reflection of the independence and discretion in making business decisions by the board of directors. This decision-making must be based on good faith and the interests of the company, but this must be proven because it often causes losses to the company. The...
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The Legal Responsibility of Officials Making Commitments in the Procurement of Government Goods and Services After the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 25/Puu-Xiv/2016

L. Sheha
This writing aims to examine the legal responsibility of commitment-making officials in the procurement of government goods and services after the decision of Constitutional Court Number 25/PUU-XIV/2016. Criminal acts of corruption in the procurement of goods and services have often interpreted the abuse...
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Harmonization in Determining Actions of State Civil Services (Asn) Who Qualify as Maladministration with Criminal Acts of Corruption

Sunarto, Rini Retno Winarni
This paper aims to determine the boundaries between the actions of the agency or the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) or government officials (bestuurhandelingen) that harm state finances of quality as maladministration or constitute a criminal act of corruption. Constitutional Court Decision No. 25/PUU-XIV/2016...
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Analysis of the Legal Basis for the Exploration of West Lampung Traditional Culture Based on Local Wisdom

B. Erlina, Zinab Ompu Jainah, Intan Nurina Seftiniara, Melisa Safitri, Pika Sari
In its development, the existence of traditional culture based on local wisdom has decreased several times. This is evidenced by the many traditional cultural values by describing local wisdom that have not been carried out anymore, even preservation in maintaining the local wisdom has been neglected...
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Analysis of Local Government Policy Regarding Requirements for Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate in Public Places (Case Study: Jambi City)

Hartati Hartati, Sukamto Satoto
The number of cases of Corona Virus Diseases 2019 (Covid-19) in Indonesia demands a government policy in a certain legal product as an effort to suppress the rate of increase in the spread of Covid-19. One of the policies implements is to arrange vaccinations organized by the government to all Indonesian...
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Legal Politics of Community Participation in Handling the Impact of Covid 19 Through Jogo Tonggo

Edi Pranoto, M. Riyanto
The Covid-19 virus has become a non-natural disaster that paralyzes almost all aspects of life. The Indonesian government has declared the Covid-19 outbreak a National Disaster. So the President formed a Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 and asked officers to act quickly in dealing...
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Village Government Strategy in Implementation of Village Fund in Accountability and Transparent (Case Study in Sepakung Village)

Widayanti, I. Ervina Dwi
The purpose of this study was to determine the strategy of the village government of Sepakung, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency in the implementation of accountability and transparent village fund management in accordance with Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages. This study uses a normative...
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Traditional Medicine and Consumer Legal Protection

Sri Retno Widyorini, Sri Hartati
Consumer protection law is a legal effort to protect consumers as a concrete effort by the state to protect the community, as a manifestation of the conception of the rule of law in providing welfare, including welfare in the health sector. One of the efforts to maintain health is to take medicine. Drugs...
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The Ideal Role of the Land Office Bandar Lampung in Realizing the Legal Certificate of Lost Certificates

Sri Zanariyah, Rendy Renaldy, Heru Setiyono, Sigit Apriyanto
The issuance of a lost replacement certificate by the Bandar Lampung City Land Office ideally provides legal certainty that the land on which the replacement certificate is issued legally belongs to the applicant. Legal evidence can be justified before the law that the applicant legally owns the certificate....
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Brand Registration in the Context of Legal Protection Micro Small Medium Business Products in Indonesia

W. L. Aniek Tyaswati, Setiyowati Setiyowati
MSMEs continue to play an important role in improving the Indonesian economy, both in terms of the number of businesses, in terms of job creation, as well as in terms of national economic growth as measured by gross domestic product. The business sector can never escape Intellectual Property. Every business...
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Legal Politics Regarding the Application of International Treaties in Indonesia

Eva Arief, Heri Purnomo
Philosophically, international relations have become one of the objectives mandated in the opening of the fourth paragraph of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, namely “to participate in carrying out world order based on independence, eternal peace and social justice.“ This country aims...
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Application of the Principle of Restorative Justice in Case Settlement at the Prosecution Level

Kastubi Kastubi, Agus Wibowo
Restorative justice is a process of resolving criminal cases that can be completed at the prosecution stage. Issues, problems or disputes that arise as a result of a crime or violation by bringing together victims, perpetrators and other stakeholders in an informal, democratic forum to find positive...
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The Model of Local Wisdom as an Effort to Realize Food Security in the Regulation of the Warehouse Receipt System

Sri Mulyani, Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum
The Legal Policy in Law Number 18 of 2012 concerning Food mandates that food administration is carried out to meet basic human needs that provide benefits in a fair, equitable, and sustainable manner based on food sovereignty, food independence, and national food security. Food security through agricultural...
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Responsibility and Authority of a Pharmacist in Running a Digital Pharmaceutical at Pharmacies

Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum, Sri Mulyani
Digitization of the pharmaceutical field or often referred to as E Pharmacy is currently starting to develop in the community. The existence of digital pharmacy allows patients to know the prescription given by the doctor and even know the type of medicine they are taking, including the instructions...
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Hospital Responsibilities for Patients’ Rights in Health Services

Mashari Mashari, Sarsintorini Putra
This study analyzes patients’ rights in health services in hospitals that have not yet realized legal certainty. The hospital’s position as a health service facility is strategically improving Indonesia’s people’s health status. The problem of this research is related to legal protection and hospital...
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Strengthening Pancasila as Nation Identity Through Education and Culture to Realize Indonesian Union Towards a Golden Indonesia

Hadi Karyono, Acmad Fauzi, Saryono Saryono
The Indonesian nation is a nation with a single diversity, meaning that even though we are of different ethnic groups, we are still one Indonesia. Various factors from internal and external in the dynamics of the life of the nation and state affect the binding capacity of the Indonesian nation, other...
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The Constitution-Based Death Crime and Pancasila Values

Abdul Kholiq, Juhari Juhari
The death penalty is not a new form of punishment, but it is a crime that has existed for hundreds of years, this is not only in Indonesia but also in various countries in the world. In Indonesia itself, it can be seen that during the time the kingdoms had implemented the death penalty, while in other...
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Notary Legal Protection Related to Notary Summons in the Notary Audit Process Post the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 16/Pu-Xviii/2020

Kurniawan Budi Santoso
This study aims to ensure every citizen’s certainty, order, and legal protection. In providing legal certainty, order, and legal protection, authentic written evidence is needed regarding acts, agreements, stipulations, and legal events made before or by an authorized official. One of the authorized...
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The Constitutional Court Proceeds with Constitutional Questions Appeals Through Judicial Review

Nanik Prasetyoningsih
The constitutional question has been raised in Germany, South Korea, Turkey, and the United States, with varying results and settings. The purpose of the constitutional question itself, namely the existence of a unified interpretation of a law, will provide more certainty in its implementation and increase...
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The Implementation of Fisheries Resources Management in Law Number 23 of 2014 on Local Government of East Java Province

Rosita Candrakirana, Pramidazzura Alifa Rifqi, Mohammad Farrell Naufal Ramadhani
The enactment of law Number 23 of 2014 amending the law Number 32 of 2004 results in several consequences for the provincial and district/municipal government. One of them is the policy on fisheries resources management delegated to the provincial government causing the shift of authority and institution...
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Increase Involvement Capacity Women’s Right to Vote and Be Chosen for Fair and Equal Elections

Ridho Pakina
Women have a strategic role in the process of holding elections. Baik as an election organizer, election participant and voting public. The current condition of women’s representation is still dominated by the spirit of procedural fullness, the achievement of women’s representation in the membership...
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The Review of Legal Politics of Increasing Value Added Tax (VAT) Rates in the National Economic Recovery

Sudiyana Sudiyana, Sunarya Raharja
The aims of this research is to examine the legal politics of increasing Value Added Tax (VAT) rates in the recovery of the national economy affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic. This research uses a descriptive normative juridical and uses a statutory and conceptual approach that comes from primary...
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Excess of Natural Resources Exploitation on Health and Environment by Foreign Investors

Edy Lisdiyono
Highly abundant natural resources owned by the State of Indonesia, both at sea and on land, should be able to improve people's lives and welfare as stipulated in the provisions of Article 33 paragraph (3) of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, but the facts are different. Many natural...
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Legal Protection for Consumers Related to Property Product Advertisements Before Construction Based on the Consumer Protection Act

Kuswarini Kuswarini, Rubiyanto Rubiyanto
Indonesia currently does not have a special law regarding advertising, so Law Number 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection or what is currently called UUPK is a regulation that contains many articles that regulate advertising. The problems studied are What are the Forms of Legal Protection for Consumers...
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Legal Aspects of the Export Prohibition of Raw Nickel Related to Increasing Hilirization in Indonesia

Hudi Karno Sabowo, Bambang Siswanto
In the last few decades, the results of mining natural resources sent abroad (exports) are mostly still in the form of semi-finished or raw materials and without any processing. This export action describes the fact that mineral materials in Indonesia lack added value which has a direct multiplier effect...
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Economic Development in Indonesia’s Creative Economy Development

Hendra Wijaya, Edi Pranoto
Economic development is way to meet human needs by utilizing existing resources so that they can produce effective and efficient use values. However, the use of human resources does not mean that it can be done arbitrarily and without considering the consequences. Therefore, it is very important for...