Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Innovation 2019 (ICLI 2019)

Dear Excellencies, Distinguished Speakers, Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is my great pleasure, as the chairman of the 3rd International Conference on Learning Innovation, to welcome you all in our beloved Malang State University, to take part in this conference. This is a collaborative academic event between us, and The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), together with Jember University, Mulawarman University, dan Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. Our main concern this time, is how to make education the best in shaping our future.

Ladies and gentlemen, as innovation in education and learning, is becoming crucial in this era, the educational system used must follow accordingly. This is the time for us, as a higher education institution, to think about new challenges, due to industrial revolution 4.0. Many approaches and innovation should be suitable for the generation, the educational resources should respond the global issues too. For this all, Universitas Negeri Malang or UM, through the Institute of Education and Learning Development (LP3) has been working to meet the requirements of the modern era. The involvement of trans-discipline approaches where the disruptive technology issues will be addressed, is one example of topic in this conference. Other topics covered, will be smart pedagogy, knowledge management, disruptive models of traditional learning, and other relevant topics such as capability development models, transdisciplinary extended curriculum, IT fusion in curriculum and learning, culture and learning landscape of the disruptive era. They are like colourful lines, drawing the landscapes of education for the future. The interrelated connectivity will bring new models and approaches, in any area of thinking, our main discussion in this conference would be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce our keynote speakers from everywhere around the globe: Dr. Ananta Kusuma Seta (senior advisor to the Minister on Innovation and Competitiveness at Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia), Prof. Yutaka Arakawa (from Kyushu University, Japan), Prof. Chee Kit Looi (from National Institute of Education, Singapore), Prof Wong Suluan (From University Putra Malaysia), Dr. Alastair Creelman (from Linnaeus University, Sweden), Dr. Saida Ulfa (from Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia). We have also four invited speakers from the Indonesia Consortium for Learning and Innovation Research (ICLIR) who will share the result of disruptive methods on higher education. There will be Dr Suharti, from Universitas Negeri Malang, Prof Dr Suratno from Universitas Jember, Dr Anton Rahmadi (Universitas Mulawarman), Dr Hepsi Nindiasari (Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa), giving our invited speech around this topic.

I would like to convey further thanks to all institutions involved in this ICLI2019, both organizing and scientific committee members, and all participants, for making this conference possible and successful. We wish you all have an empowering academic activity in this conference.

Thank you very much,
Dr Surjani Wonorahardjo
Chairperson ICLI2019